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    • I have arthritis in my right shoulder due to overuse in my younger days as a QB and then later in life coaching baseball and pitching 10 million pitches over several years in batting practice.  Nothing can be done until there is too much impingement from the arthritis, until then doc says "If you have to strain hard to do something, don't do it."  WTF? I take lots of Aleve etc. when in flares up. Can't really throwing anything though.
    •   i just got a shoulder, ankle, and knee   shoulder is by far the worst. got some spurs in there a pretty bad impingement. but they can't really do anything about it.  said it will most likely eventually tear either the rotator, labrum, or both. and at that point i'll need surgery. but even then, the odds of ever being "right" again is slim.  and similar to you, doc said i shouldn't have the range and strength i have now. but he figures the reason i have that range and strength (years and years of playing ball year round) is also what caused my problems.  but im at the point now that throwing a ball any harder than a soft toss back to my son when he's pitching is absolutely excruciating. 
    • depends. i have had full tears that took months to heal. one was a major ligament in the wrist that took three pins and a long stretch in a full cast before even braces and rehab.  that was a looooong summer and fall. on the other hand, i ripped the bicep tendon completely off the bone (after the rotator cuff mri and a month before surgery).  i was hurting but still doing everything, and both the dr and i were surprised when he found out how much more damage i had done to my arm waiting for surgery. and having just compressed nerves in my elbow caused more problems than some small tears. the body is a funny thing.       btw, between the two of us, i think there is experience with f'ed up joints for every part of the body.
    • thank you.  i have a vid i need to upload to youtube and post.  if it's any good.  i haven't watched yet.  
    • Very thorough breakdown and analysis of Canada's "conceptual" offensive philosophy:
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