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    • You get a promotion lately? 
    • Hayden Rettig from California was the #3 ranked pro style QB in the nation his Sr. year.  Didn't work out here, nor at Rutgers when he went there. Then there is Brennan in this year's class.
    • 1. That was back in the Studwara era, and there were NO real competitors to JJ, except Lee.  Everyone expected JJ to QB his Sr. year, but he got in the trouble.  There was never any reason for JJ to leave, he thought he had the job.  And after Lee tossed the 2 picks against Bama, he did have the job, just as expected. 2. I had to think about the comment about who kicked the Marine, but it came back to me.  I remember you said as you looked at the video of the bar fight, I think you thought a DB had kicked the guy, not JJ.  The DB was never arrested, never even mentioned in any official report as I recall.  But that ancient history is one I don't spend time thinking about.  I think it was a DB, not sure.  Edited: if it was a DB, did he end up leaving the program later for fighting? I'm not going to go so far as to call BH a quitter.  He's looking at his situation, and he obviously would rather play at a smaller school and try to impress the scouts and get a tryout with a good showing, instead of take his chance against 5 other scholly QB's in a new system, when Etling has the inside track having played a solid season, not flashy, but solid.  BH was not solid last year.  He's doing what's best for himself in his opinion, and LSU will be fine without him with all the other candidates they have.  He's not leaving us high and dry.  It happens a lot in college ball, especially at the QB spot.
    • I have about 30 acres cleared that my uncle and cousin use to grow hay or whatever. (They were deer hunting when they took this picture)  This area is shaped like a T and this is from a corner of the top of the T. Behind the tree line the land drops about 15-20 feet to a creek that cuts through the land. Where the T has the perpendicular intersection we have a quick grade up about another 10 feet. Right now I am thinking about building at that point so I can maintain a good view of the bottom land from a second story deck. My pond is on the other side of the creek where water springs up.  I will clear off some acreage near the house and and put in a RV storage and storage units that I can let my son own and manage. The rest of the land can stay in a natural state, it has been that way for the about 100 years this piece of property has been in the family. My family owns the land on two sides of mine so we all have plenty of room to roam.    Not trying to interrupt on your thread; you just have me thinking once I saw your photos. I like what you are doing and I became a bit wistful.
    • For all of the crap that Jordan Jefferson took, I don't remember him being a quitter. That kid got the worst rap, but of course I'm one of those people that doesn't believe he kicked the Marine
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