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  2. Anything on Narcisse? I didn't realize he was such a physical specimen. Looks like he could play linebacker.
  3. Purple Drank!
  4. hahahahahaha *catches breath* hahahahahaha
  5. the spring game got called with 2:54 left in the first half. lightening. rest of game moved to indoor facility with press only. i only saw a couple of reports, but in general, they were quite positive about canada. looked like a few former players there. some for love of the ole war skule, others to promote their brand.
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  7. Got some links now. LSU is also hosting Randy Moss' son, Thaddeus Moss, this weekend. Moss is a 6-3 240 TE who announced he is transferring from NC State. He has previous ties to Matt Canada, who recruited him at NC State and Pittsburgh.
  8. is also reporting the commits, but I can't seem to line the article with my phone.
  9. That was one hell of a team Daddy Dale had back then.
  10. Geaux247 Sports is reporting that LSU has picked up three commits this morning from Rome HS in Rome, Georgia. The three are as follows: -- Adam Anderson. 4*, 6-5 225 OLB. Flipped his commitment from UGA to LSU. -- Jamarcus Chatman. 3*, 6-3 261 SDE. He had been heavily recruited by Miami. -- Jaquon Griffin. 3*, 6-0 265 DT/NG. LSU now has 16 commits for the 2018 class so far, with about 12 or 13 of those being on the defensive side of the ball. And this is the second recruiting "trifecta" from the same high school in this class so far, the other being the thee commits from Evangel in Shreveport. Dennis "Meatball" Johnson evidently had a big hand in recruiting these three Georgia kids as he is now ranked as the #2 recruiter in the nation by 247 Sports. Welcome aboard to all three of these kids and GEAUX TIGERS!!
  11. at least today off. plus newman was warm but not used. i haven't gone through to look and see who went how long.
  12. Have a great day!
  13. Matt Canada. But then again, Canada made Nathan Peterman a draft pick after he couldn't win the starting job at Tenn. Oh, the guy he couldn't beat out for the job, is in this years draft also. And will get drafted after Peterman. That guy would be Joshua Dobbs.
  14. rubber game on sunday at noon!
  15. bottom of the ninth mahan - 2-1 ground out to coomes at first. cottam - 2-0 base hit to ri..... NO! woooo.... deichmann with a laser throw! ground out to right! marshall - 3-2 juuust outside... thought they got a strike, but a walk and on first zeke lewis to run for marshall wilson ph for carson (a lh hitter) - 1-0 ground out to kramer at short. tigers win 4-3!
  16. top of the ninth deichmann - infield hit to second to lead off. coomes - hits into a fielder's choice, safe at first, deichmann out at second. one out one on watson - bunt's his way on, coomes to second. runners at first and second with one out. beaujo - 1-2 down swinging. two out two on smith - fly to center, two stranded. going to the bottomof the ninth lsu 4 ky 3
  17. bottom of the eighth pompey - stand up double off the cf wall to lead off white - fly to watson in cf, pompey to third. tying run 90 feet away reks - ground out to coomes at first, runner held. becker - deuces wiiiiiiild.... fly out to watson in center. no damage going to the ninth lsu 4 ky 3
  18. Thanks y'all. It was a good day!
  19. top of the eighth beaujo - 3-2 ground right into firstbaseman's glove. smith - 0-2 base hit to right. one out one on papierski - base hit to short. smith to short duplantis - base hit to right, smith scores, pap to ? blair didn't say. 4-3 lsu (edit: pap on second) meeting on the mound robertson - 1-2 foul out to first. two out two on freeman - loooong fly to the lf wall. almost but it wasn't a hand grenade middle of the eighth lsu 4 ky 3
  20. bottom of the seventh marshall - walked on a 3-1 carson - out on strikes and marshall caught stealing. two down heady - fly to missed who/where/count. but three gone going to the eighth lsu 3 ky 3
  21. top of the seventh robertson - 2-2 long fly to the lf track. almost but no cigar. freeman - 1-2 base hit to shallow left. one out one on deichmann - 1-2 down swinging. two out one on coomes - 2-1 base hit to right. two out two on at first and second watson - down on strikes. two stranded. time to streeeetch lsu 3 ky 3
  22. bottom of the sixth white - stand up double to the lf corner reks - 2-2 in the dirt and down on strikes. one out one on becker - another strike em out throw em out. two down one on mahan - intentionally walked. two out two on zack hess in to pitch for lange cottam - ground out to third. i think. i was in a discussion of strippers named "krystal". don't judge. going to the seventh, still tied lsu 3 ky 3
  23. top of the sixth beaujo - 1-0 base hit off the shortstop. e6. lead off on reports that tempsf alling fast smith - bunts his way on, but lead runner down. one out one on papierski - 2-2 down on strikes. on on with two out duplantis - down swinging. middle of the sixth still tied lsu 3 ky 3
  24. bottom of the fifth tiger pen stirring carson - fly out to center heady - 2-2 pop up to second pompey- 2-1 down on called strikes. up and down! going to the sixth lsu 3 ky 3
  25. Who was his OC when he transferred and resurrected his career? Going on to be a 3rd round draft pick after being left for dead by most fans / analysts. Matt Canada.
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