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  2. May God bless you and your family during this difficult time and grant you victory in the coming struggle.
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  4. Orgeron hopes to land graduate transfer CB Shea Dixon - 53 minutes ago 3 (Photo: Stanford Daily) With LSU looking to add cornerback depth to the roster for the upcoming season, the Tigers are now planning to play host to Stanford graduate transfer Terrence Alexander, who will make a visit to campus next month, multiple sources confirmed with the Geaux247 staff. Following the team's first practice of spring camp a week ago, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron met with the media and shared his take on who the Tigers could add this offseason. LSU only signed 23 recruits in December and February, giving them the chance to use the two scholarships on either a transfer or current walk-on, or stash them to use next December as part of the 2019 recruiting class, which is made up of current high school juniors. With two spots available, at least one - it seems - will go to a graduate transfer cornerback, with Alexander the likely target. "We have a graduate transfer in mind," Orgeron said. "We feel like we have our top candidate. More than likely, we’re going to sign one. We have to get him on an official visit, get to meet him and stuff and (he’ll) compete." Alexander is a Louisiana native who signed with the Cardinal in the 2014 class, leaving John Curtis ranked as the No. 28 cornerback in the country on 247Sports and a Top 20 prospect in Louisiana's 2014 class, where he ranked ahead of LSU signees like D.J. Chark, Russell Gage and Donnie Alexander, all seniors on last year's roster. With Greedy Williams expected to start at one cornerback spot, Jontre Kirklin and Kary Vincent appear to be the top names competing for the other starting cornerback job, though the addition of Alexander, and the arrival of four-star defensive back signee Kelvin Joseph this summer, could shake things up in the secondary. The Tigers also moved former wide receiver Mannie Netherly to cornerback, and Kristian Fulton - who sat out last season but still participated in practices - still in the fold, though his exact status for the future is uncertain. "I envision (a graduate transfer cornerback) playing and giving him a chance to start," Orgeron said. "Obviously we have Kelvin Joseph coming in and we’re going to give him a chance to start at cornerback also. When it comes down to the season, we’re going to be fine. (LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda) is going to find out what those guys can do best, might play different coverages with those guys." The New Orleans native tested well coming out of high school, clocking a 4.45 40-yard dash and recording a 38.3" vertical jump. He was a part of three state title teams at John Curtis, enrolling at Stanford in 2014 and appearing in 13 games as a true freshman. He had 13 tackles and one interception on the year. Alexander's sophomore season saw him play in 14 games with 30 tackles, and in his junior season he played a reserve role in 13 games, also seeing time on kick returns. Alexander's senior season was cut short with an injury, though he recorded a pair of tackles and a pass breakup in the season opener against Rice.
  5. Went back and looked, Greedy had 4 DB's ranked higher than him in his class. He was the lowest rated DB in the class. The highest rated RB in that class, Devin White. So, the lowest rated CB and the highest rated RB from that class may be the first two Tigers taken in next years draft? One after switching positions, to the other side of the ball? Maybe the staff knows a little more than the paid scouts?
  6. Richard Sherman calls Bills CB Tre'Davious White 'a beast' By Kyle Silagyi | Buffalo Bills’ cornerback Tre’Davious White was nothing short of spectacular in his rookie season. The former LSU defensive back, who was selected with the 27th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, started all 16 games for the Bills in 2017, recording 69 tackles, 18 pass deflections, and four interceptions. White was a lockdown cornerback in 2017. According to Pro Football Focus, opposing quarterbacks had a passer rating of just 68.2 when targeting White. The 23-year-old established himself as one of the best young cornerbacks in the league last season, and players from around the league are starting to take notice. On Sunday afternoon, PFF sent out a tweet celebrating White’s catch percentage of 50.6-percent, the third lowest percentage among rookie cornerbacks since 2006. Four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman replied with three simple words: “He’s a beast!” This is high praise coming from Sherman, who is undoubtedly one of the best cornerbacks in the league. The 29-year-old has recorded 367 tackles and 99 pass deflections over his seven-year career. This isn’t the first time that White has earned praise from an elite cornerback. Back in February, Arizona Cardinals’ defensive back Patrick Peterson stated that White has the potential to be in the “next great wave of DBs.” If his rookie season is any indication, White will be one of the best cornerbacks in the league in no time.
  7. This time last year, everyone knew Greedy was going to be a star. Ok, so Greedy took a Red Shirt, may only play this year, and will be able to come out for the NFL after this year. Greedy, that three star Rivals guy that sat his first year. Came on as a Red-Shirt Freshman. Might be a first rounder if he has a year like last year. NFL Scouts will keep an eye on him this year. I understand what you are saying, but like I said, I'll hold judgement on the position after the Spring Game. Donte Jackson played WR, both left and right CB positions along with the nickel and safety positions. Heck, Jack Hunt caught the pass for the Bluegrass Mi, wait, never mind. Ok, having fun with that one. Netherly played QB in high school, so did a number of other Tigers before getting to LSU. One year the baseball team had what something like 5 or 6 players that were high school QB'. Yes, O and Raymond should have filled the position better. Remember the 5 for 5, Tony Brown was the big DB we missed out on, how could that be, his sister ran track at LSU. He just finished his Sr year,only start he had this year, SR day game against Mercer college. At times last year we had depth problems at LB and along the DL. Gonna be interesting looking at a shortage of CB's. Or maybe, we'll play the games with just enough players at the positions.
  8. You mean like the transfers of the DL and WR? You know the two that transferred. The DL that most can't block and the transferred WR, and what number is he wearing again? For a WR, they just give out that number to anyone. Probably wasn't good or was unhappy were he was?
  9. All that is known. But this is dbu. I'm not saying we don't have anyone to play CB. I'm saying, as a matter of fact, we have 3 guys that were given ships because they were cbs. The others were recruited to play safety or wide receiver. Any transfer is someone who either wasn't good enough for an lsu scholly prior, or is transferring because he's not happy with something wherever he's coming from. I'm excited about the DL, and quite frankly, the front 7. But no matter what shade of lipstick you put on the pig, our db situation is still a pig...due to recruiting failure.
  10. Hugs, EQ! Y'all are in my prayers.
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  12. Praying for healing, peace and strength+
  13. Kevin Joseph will be playing the CB position. Neatherly is one that has moved from WR To DB. Some talk the Jenkins kid out of Jena, will be playing the CB position. The DL will help the DB's this year, getting to the QB. Once a thin position on the team, this moves to a major strength. Early draft reports from next year have our LB White and DB Gready Williams as guys to watch this year. Gready sat his first year, then came on strong. Led the SEC with 6 Ints this year. Devin White, some are saying, he may end up being the best LB to come out of LSU. Let's see how these two do this year. I know, LSU is looking into DB transfers, that can play right away. I want to see a little more of this position during the Spring Game.
  14. A couple of the Draft books are out(Lindys and PRO NFL), haven't had time to look into them, in depth. Quick glance, Guice and Key will be off the board early, followed by Chark. The next one, Jackson, but one mock has KT2 going in the 2nd or 3 due to his size, and Jackson in the 3rd or 4th. Like I said, most every mock has the first three, then it's a movement. Some has Clapp as high as the 3rd, some later. Pocic went in the 2nd last year, Seattle drafted 11 players, none done better that Ethan, played in all 16 games, starting 11, and that's playing two positions on their line. Not many came close to what Tre White did last year, starter from day one, the Bills have a CB, that could hold down that position for years . Fournette is the other Tiger making his mark. Beckwith made his mark also in his NFL first year. Some are saying, the steal of last years draft, 4th round, stepped in after the second game, a guy that can play all three LB positions. In Lindys magazine, they look at the last 5 years drafts for each team, best and worst picks. The Falcons best and worst of 5 years, involves two Tigers. Best, Debo Jones, worst, Jalen Collins. Bills best of the last 5 years of drafting, Tre White. The Dolphins has Jarvis Landy as their best, but a guy that has moved on. On a side note, they list diamonds in the rough, players that teams picked in later rounds that too many passed over. One Tiger made that list, Jalen Mills. A 7th rounder, drafted two years ago, with 46 DB's taken before him. A guy that got a SuperBowl ring this year. Mills has always been that guy, he was the lowest rated player in his signing class at LSU. Said by every service that he wasn't even the best DB on his high school team. That went to an Echols kid that signed with UTx, finished his playing days atvZona St.
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  16. The failure on cornerback recruiting this year needs to be a big lesson to O. Surtain had been committed to us for 2 years, did not commit in the early signing period, why? Bama was talking to him, you gotta know how attractive that is to some kids. We end up with 2 scholly to give, why not take Goodrich. One in the hand is worth two in the bush. I'm not sure what you tell these top kids that want to hold out till the signing day. To me, it looks like they are not really committed. With Donte leaving pretty much for sure, I thought Tolliver should have come back for his Sr. year, but we'll see where he goes. I read Tolliver did not like school, and I'm sure there are many who feel the same way. The coaches should know better than us fans which way those guys lean as Jr.s. It seems clear to me we should have taken Goodrich, in the early signing period if we could get him there. Now we're looking for a graduate transfer, but will he be as good as a Goodrich, and then he'll just be here for one year. Let's hope the lesson gets learned.
  17. Agree, I was trying to give coach some semblance of an excuse for not landing Goodrich... who wanted in.
  18. I don't hold out much hope that Fulton wins an appeal against the NCAA. The rule looks clear. I don't agree with the rule, I think it is too severe, loss of one year is plenty of penalty, but the rule is clear. If the NCAA wants people to take drug testing seriously, they will make Fulton an example. DON'T do that, give a fake sample.
  19. This is what gets me. Coach has used the term "hope and pray" with regards to this team. I understand Fulton MIGHT win the appeal, but looks like coach was hoping and praying when he told Goodrich...a great CB prospect who is now at Clemson... to stand by. Sure, he thought he had Surtain wrapped up, but damn, we didn't even have a full class, and he KNEW about the Fulton situation. We have 3 guys on the team that were offered scholarships to play CB. Hope and pray...
  20. That was quick. I understand the Cardinal's move. After two knee injuries, TM was just not the star player he was when he was a rookie. For the Texans, the gamble is that total healing of those injuries takes a couple of years, and he can return to something closer to his original form. Arizona paid TM well for a couple of years, although he was underpaid his first couple of years in the league. I'd say overall, it worked out fairly in AZ. If he took care of his money, even now he could retire and live a nice middle class lifestyle with the income from his nestegg. Maybe not what he hoped for, but still not a bad deal.
  21. May God grant you strength through this hard time. Sending you Prayers, love and healing hugs.
  22. Former Tiger and Zona Cardinals’ safety Tyrann Mathieu reached agreement on a one-year deal with the Houston Texans.
  23. Former Punter Donnie Jones, wins his only SuperBowl, also has a NC in college has elected to retire. Brad Wing was let go, could Wing end up taking Jones old job?
  24. Will probably be taking a long break from forum and pbp. this is hubs bday weekend and family coming in Saturday and leaving sunday afternoon, then we leave for MDA in Houston on Wednesday 3/21 for pre-admin testing etc with admission as inpatient on 3/30 (his late mom's bday). Heavy duty chemo for first few days inpatient with Stem Cell Transplant happening on 04/05. first half of April gonna be rough for him (and me too stress wise). He'll be inpatient approx. 30 days total then upon discharge we have to stay (somewhere =S) within 30 minutes of MDA for 100 days... Already know MDA doesn't have SECN and the wifi can be a bit crappy so I'll be lucky to stream on my ipad on watchespn, can't remember if they have ESPNU/News/2/whatever though they do have main espn channel. Already found at various hotels we've stayed in that only main espn available and the free wifi at hotels is REALLY crappy (unless you pay for higher bandwidth and at this point I'm not paying for anything I don't absolutely have to.) I'll check in here when I can. me and daughters will update the caringbridge and the youcaring websites (as well as sharing on our fb's) as this process continues. Keep us in your prayers.
  25. very glad justice was served
  26. Top 9th 2-4 LSU Bain to Pitch 1-1/w-l 1s 7.2ip 6h 1 r/er 4bb 11k / Slaughter to 1B for Cabrera Vierling - single to RF (2-2 BSFBF); lead off on (CPM shoulda challenged just because) Samples - Ks (0-2 SFS); 1 out 1 on 1B Cornelius - Ks (0-2 SFS); 2 out 1 on 1B Brumfield - GO6-3 (3-2 BFBSBF) great play by Hughes at SS and great stretch by Slaughter at 1B to receive take a riiiiiiiide on the #BainTrain Bain gets the Save TIGERS WIN TIGERS WIN
  27. Bottom 8th 2-3 LSU RHP Ball now pitching 1-0/1-l 3s 10.1ip 6h 2r 0er 0bb 7k 2-2b Reid: single to LCF (3-2 BSBB); lead off on Cabrera: BoB (3-2 BBSFBFB); 0 out runners 1b & 2B Hughes: CPM calls time to t/t 'Hal Ewwwes', maybe gonna lay one down?; (I don't like the house of the rising sun pattern on the field =S I figure I'll do 'color' too since nobody here); GODP6-3 (1-1 BF) Reid to 3B; 2 out 1 RISP Watson: double down the LF line!!!! RBI (0-1 S); 2 out 1 on 2B 2-4 LSU Broussard: BoB (3-1 BBFBB); 2 out 2 on 1B & 2B pow wow on the mound Twannie: GO4-3 (0-2 SF); side retired 1R 2H 0E 2LoB
  28. Top 8th 2-3 LSU Bush pitching 17pc 4bf 1bb Sikkema/PH Berler - Ks (3-2 BBSBSS); 1 away Bond - FO8 (2-2 BBSF); 2 away Hanna - PO4 (0-0); side retired whew 0R 0H 0E 0LoB
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