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  2. Peterson. Maybe he or Gilbert go first. I'd rather Peterson and save Gilbert in the pen
  3. What about the one who was suspended for a game?
  4. That was a mess.
  5. Today
  6. They're 20-32 and play in the SWAC, FWIW
  7. Ugh their website roster doesn't give bat/throw info. look at the combined/total #'s for bb & so/k .... 309 bb 306 k
  8. Those ERAs are sexy as hell! SELU is the team to be nervous about, but if they give us reason to be nervous, just trot Reynolds out there and watch the magic lol
  9. I haven't had a chance to go through their roster for R/L batters but here's a snap-shot of season stats for batting and pitching:
  10. Well they had a higher RPI, SOS, and non conference record...and again, took 2 of 3 from LSU. So that's why they're a 3. They were always gonna be a 3, tbh In fact, they had the #1 RPI in non conference.
  11. All I know is they got swept & run-ruled 16-0 Saturday by Arky
  12. decent draw, but not a wonderful one. i havent had time to look at all of them yet, will check it out later if i can. but i do like our chances from what i've seen
  13. I bet CPM surprises us all
  14. Now that the pairings are out, I can't imagine we throw Poche against Texas Southern. This is a team with a 20-32 record or something like that.
  15. Wally Pontiff, Jr. award went to #8 2B Cole 'Drank' Freeman! Skip Bertman award went to #3 SS Kramer Robertson! Congratulations!
  16. Clempsum are not hot. That big sucking sound we hear n New Denver is Clempsum baseball
  17. Not a bad matchup for us, in the regional or Super Regional. Are we going to throw one of our top two on Friday, or should we throw the third starter? Seems more like an argument of keeping your rotation intact versus going with what you think will get you 3-0.
  18. baton rouge regional 1. lsu 4. texas southern 3. se louisiana 2. rice
  19. will put up all brackets when listed online. don't feel like typing.
  20. I don't see Clempsum coming out of their regional. They SUCKED to end the, 3-4 weeks of suckage.
  21. agree. i can't argue that.
  22. I wish, in retrospect, we had played UF yesterday. Arky is hot, particularly at the plate. But I think beating UF would've been so much sweeter, probably gets us a 3 seed, and if we lost, oh well, we're a 5 seed.
  23. DH, click Hatcher's link above. That's where you'll find the numbers.
  24. Pretty equal, but they took two of three from us.
  25. I know it doesn't really matter, but was Florida's resume more impressive?
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