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  2. My cousin runs Nottaway Plantation now, handles wedding, parties, etc. Between my relatives, the Landrys and Ourso's, they have a bunch of that area around there.
  3. Ha should've specified. The one in the middle (Great johnny cash song, btw)
  4. If He brings you to it, He'll bring you through it. Prayers sent +
  5. I am so sorry. How long was it before they found her? Please be careful on the road and you and your family are in my prayers.
  6. My Itailian great grandparents settled in Bayou Goula. My grandfather worked in the fields at Nottaway when he was young. My dad let the land that the family had go to a Sheriff's sale because no one wanted to pay the taxes.
  7. On Tuesday I got a call that my stepmom was found unconscious and life-flighted to Lafayette thinking she had a stroke. Then she was life=flighted to Baton Rouge when they realized she had an aneurysm. Blood covered all 4 quadrants of the brain and it didn't look good. They did surgery and she has been in ICU at Our Lady of the Lake. I got a call yesterday that they are not hopeful and will most likely have to take her off the machines. So I am headed to BR today to go say goodbye. I am also recovering from hand surgery and technically am not supposed to drive that far but my doctor approved it and gave me some tips to do to keep hand from swelling. So asking for prayers for my step mom and my step-sister/brother that they can let go and do the right thing for Judy. And also for me that I will get there safely with no problems with my hand. Thanks all!
  8. My cousin let me know her husband was on this episode with Troy Landry, he's a landry also, Camille Landry. Camille and his family have been Sugar Cane Farmers for years. His wife Rhonda is my first cousin. They live in the Bayou Goula area. When they were in the cane planting season, once the land was tilled/turned over, get a good rain. Walking over the cane fields, you would find everything from Arrow Heads (This is the Home of the Bayou Goula Indians), to items from the Civil War. I have it recorded, starting to watch now.
  9. Tell him to put his cap on straight
  10. Last week
  11. I'm curious about this one. Living in Houston and watching this extensively covered every night for a months on end on the local news, there is no doubt that a massive fraud occurred. The stock was selling at $100 a share, and 6 months later it was worth $1 a share, and the govt. had not gotten involved. It collapsed all on its own, and the primary witness was Sharron Watkins, an internal Enron finance executive who went to Ken Lay, then chairman, and described what she thought was the fraud. Andrew Fastow was the CFO, and he pled guilty to securities fraud and agreed to testify against Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, both convicted. Many lives were ruined here in Houston, the Enron pension fund held mostly Enron stock and peoples pensions were wiped out. Skilling is still in jail, although his sentence was reduced from 24 years to 14 years and he will get out in 2019. There was a securities fraud, and a bunch of executives were convicted and served time. That seems like justice to me. I have not heard of one person who pled guilty, or was convicted, that was not in fact guilty of securities fraud and/or insider trading. All that is not to say that the justice dept. doesn't go after people sometimes. Notably in the Vietnam war era, certain people in the anti Vietnam War movement found themselves with charges filed against them that they thought were political persecution for opposing the government. Heck, Daniel Ellsberg who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press had his case dropped because the Nixon dirty tricks team broke into his psychiatrists office to see his medical records. Those same guys burglarized the Watergate and led to Nixon's downfall.
  12. Just a little more, my grandmother always used Mello Joy coffee, which is being made again in Lafayette.
  13. Last summer I read Licensed to Lie by Sidney Powell. It is non-fiction, about corruption in the Justice Department during the Enron scandal. It reads like a John Grisham novel, but everything in it really happened. Some of the names in the book are the same names that you hear about on a daily basis. The author is Sidney Powell, she is a tough as nails attorney. Right now, she is ranked #1 in the WSJ, on ebooks. Her book sold out on Amazon. Did see someone trying to sell a copy for sale on Amazon for $1500. She is appalled by this, you can buy directly from her site.
  14. I still have one of those. I keep it for when the elec. goes out, or if my elec. pot breaks. When I use it, I'm amazed how good the coffee comes out. But, it's a slow process. My grandmother always made coffee in a pot like that. She would drip it through, pour the coffee out, then drip it through the same grounds again! She always had good strong coffee, served in "little cups", and always with real cream. Off topic, but, in the winter just before going to bed, grand mother made a "hot toddie", a half class of milk that had been warmed, a jigger of peach brandy (or other brandy), and a teaspoon of sugar, stir well. She claimed she slept very well!
  15. Good morning, having a nice cup of coffee and reflecting on the past 6 months. It’s been crazy, a lot of ups and downs. My father in law has been very ill. He is battling side effects from radiation he had 20 years ago. He needs a colostomy, his bladder removed and plastic surgery where a “tumor has grown through and coming out his body”. Managed healthcare has left him at home and in pain for almost two months waiting for surgery in September. This week, we got good news, surgery is scheduled for July 30th. The surgery will take all day, involves three separate surgeons. please keep him in your prayers.
  16. You don't need to show it while driving, only when stopped.
  17. And here I thought states were trying to disconnect drivers from their cell phones.
  18. Fun stuff, says he wants a goal line carry before he leaves lsu
  19. Bettah know a freshman...
  20. My new man crush selection
  21. Those diver and rescue workers are incredible. I agree with you never want to go into a cave that doesn’t have a clear way in or out
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