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  3. Deceks, CONGRATULATIONS to your son, to you, your wife and your daughter. Something that fantastic does not happen without total support from a great family! I am sure you son is proud of his accomplishment, and your entire family can be proud of how you stood together! That's as good as it gets!
  4. OK, bought 875 rounds today to go along with a few hundred shot shells. Ced is going to Houston later this week to shoot skeet with an uncle who is a state champion class skeet shooter. Then they will turn to a M1 for a bit of history. After that it will be a play day with his AR-15, S&W .38 special, and my old Mark 2 Bull Barrel with a fresh brick of .22's I will slip in some tannerite to keep them amused. They are going to introduce Ced's new Canadian BIL, who has never fired a gun in his life, to a Texas State of Mind.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hahaha you beat me to it
  7. http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&ATCLID=211655291 Andrew Stevens gets called up to the show! Playing today at 3:05CT
  8. Andrew Stevenson called up to the Nats Great to see a former Our Lady of Fatima Warrior, St Thomas More Cougar and LSU Tiger living his dream https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/nationals-andrew-stevenson-officially-called-up/
  9. I see a 9 or 10 win season. Hope I am not being too optimistic. Canada's offense has plenty of toys to play with thanks to Les Miles (and Orgeron to some extent for last recruiting class). I look for the offense to still be solidly founded on the running game but with a lot more diversity in play calling and both confidence and competence in the passing game. Aranda's defense I think will be hungry. With Washington, Smith, and others leaving and the depth concerns at linebacker, I hope we have some players that will wow us. This team might more resemble the Saints with a solid, diverse offense that overcomes a defense with holes in it. We need excitement to spark in the minds of recruits for 2018 and beyond that LSU is the place for them to be.
  10. here ya go to get you ready LSU/GoT perfect lol
  11. Actual headline from oxfart paper.
  12. Bregman hits #9. Link has video, down and in... hammered to the power ally in left center https://sports.yahoo.com/bregmans-solo-homer-012144346.html
  13. Interesting, long read... not sure at this point what comes of it. https://t.co/8rvgXVmXvk
  14. I found the 2003 SEC championship on DVD, gonna watch it tomorrow.
  15. Al Capone was done in by tax evasion. Just sayin'.
  16. Last week
  17. I agree they were probably looking for a reason to get him out of there, but it isn't going to work. They are hammered The reason they were looking for another reason to can him is because the one very good reason they already had meant they would have to admit to all of the cheating and violations they have committed. Now they can paint it all As it was just Hugh freeze. But you can bet that now that they have access to phone records, it's about to get real bad real soon.
  18. Good point. I'll allow it ;p
  19. Hmmm, the number to an escort service on your company issued phone....Adios! Never embarrass your boss. Ever. That's what the throwaway phone was phone. Frankly I think there were those in the OM administration who wanted to find a smoking gun in order to sacrifice Freeze to keep the NCAA at bay. Well the Nutt lawsuit triggered it.
  20. I'm sure there are people out there who might help them slip and fall a little bit.
  21. I merged the two threads to keep your thread as the source thread. No idea why it did that. Sorry if that offended you.
  22. There may not be sufficient evidence to charge them with crimes. However, since they posted their incredulous video to social media, there's no reason not to expose their identities to the World.
  23. Yea, seems like it'd take a heckuva lot more than just a visit to campus to get someone to commit there...
  24. Interesting, why does it show Hatch starting the thread and two edited posts ahead of the initial post?
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