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  1. Today
  2. Anything on Narcisse? I didn't realize he was such a physical specimen. Looks like he could play linebacker.
  3. Purple Drank!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Got some links now. LSU is also hosting Randy Moss' son, Thaddeus Moss, this weekend. Moss is a 6-3 240 TE who announced he is transferring from NC State. He has previous ties to Matt Canada, who recruited him at NC State and Pittsburgh.
  6. That was one hell of a team Daddy Dale had back then.
  7. at least today off. plus newman was warm but not used. i haven't gone through to look and see who went how long.
  8. Have a great day!
  9. Matt Canada. But then again, Canada made Nathan Peterman a draft pick after he couldn't win the starting job at Tenn. Oh, the guy he couldn't beat out for the job, is in this years draft also. And will get drafted after Peterman. That guy would be Joshua Dobbs.
  10. Last week
  11. midget's team lost 8-4 last night. but i got to BE THERE!!!! short kid went 1 for 1 (3 for 6 on the season) single and a walk. swiped 2 bags, scored a run, and was gunned down trying to take 3rd. brought him in late on the mound and he was able to get the only batter he faced (weak fly ball) to finally stop the bleeding in an inning that had got away from them. in a few weeks i'll be home again for 2 games. not sure what happened to this kid this season, but he has really taken on a vocal leadership role on this team. he's played with an edge and a chip on his shoulder, but never voiced it. always just had that scowl and let his play speak for itself. but now, he's out there talking it up at 2B, making sure everyone knows where the play is, talking to his pitcher, barking direction to OF, etc. it's rather impressive actually. except when he goes to the mound. then it's all business. during his warmup pitches, i told him something (don't remember what), and he just shot a glare my way that made it quite clear to shut my mouth and he was in charge now. during that batter, he missed on a few changeups. he looked at me and i just gave him our signal for his two-seamer. he nodded, but never let that grimace leave his face. blew one by him, then the next one was popped up for the out.
  12. saw earlier that he left 3 notes: 1 to his 4yo daughter, 1 to his fiancee, and 1 to his 'prison lover'. he also soaped the floor so he wouldn't be able to get good footing and not complete the act as well as stuffing stuff under the door to make it more difficult to open by guards. Family insisting this is due to football concussion brain injury; have donated his brain to Boston University(?) for study, but coroner hasn't released the brain yet tho the body has been released to family.
  13. With the Spring Game coming up in a couple days. I want to address a topic. Special Teams. Now so many coaches are on the sidelines, on staff in college now. I've talked with a couple folks who have a worry about a Special Teams coach, or lack thereof. Many times, you have a coach wearing more than one hat. Passing Game Coordinator, Run Game Coordinator, Asst. Head Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, etc. Some might remember Larry Porter, he was Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs/Special Teams coach. Looks like he had it all. But to add, Mickey Joseph has been a Special Teams Coordinator at two colleges along with WR Coach and Asst. Head Coach RB's Coach Tommie Robinson has been a Special Teams coach 3 years in the NFL, with the Dallas Cowboys. From his Bio: 1998-00 Dallas Cowboys (offensive assistant/wide receivers/special teams). Some could say, it's been a while since Robinson coached Special Teams. But we had a guy calling plays at LSU, for the first time, in a college game, in 18 years. Steve Ensminger. An they set a number of offensive records.
  14. didn't you just get back from there? take a few pics this time.
  15. Sally Barker finished as runner-up in 2014, The Voice UK. She backed up Robert Plant and Bob Dylan when she was young, married and had kids, her husband died when she was 42. She had a regular job and raised her kids for 20 years, then showed up to see if she can start singing again. I like her, and her voice.
  16. Fact or fiction? LSU has had more defensive backs taken in the last 10 NFL drafts than any other college team. That's a fact. The Tigers have had 15 DBs drafted in that time period, including four first-rounders. Fact or fiction? Along with Ohio State, LSU has had more wide receivers chosen in the last NFL 10 drafts than any other school. That's a fact. The Tigers and Buckeyes have had 10 wide receiver selections each, including three first-rounders for LSU. It's an amazing accomplishment, considering the Tigers' passing game has rarely been viewed as anything resembling dangerous. Fact or fiction? LSU is one of six schools with the second-most quarterbacks picked in the last 10 NFL drafts. A mind-boggling fact. USC leads the way with four, but LSU's three selections (JaMarcus Russell No. 1 overall in 2007, Matt Flynn in round 7 in 2008, Zach Mettenberger in round 6 in 2014) ties Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford and Texas A&M. Ted Miller of, a former co-worker of mine once upon a time at the Mobile (Ala.) Register, did some extensive research examining the last 10 NFL Drafts. His first discovery was no secret - the SEC has had 459 players selected since the 2007 NFL Draft, 119 more than the Atlantic Coast Conference which ranks second. Miller also found that LSU and USC have had the most players in that period with 62 each, followed by Alabama with 58 and Ohio State with 57. But Miller took his research deeper. He broke down position by position which schools had the most players drafted since 2007. Besides having the most defensive backs drafted and tying for first with the most wide receivers and most defensive tackles (6), LSU was second with most running backs (8) and tied for second with most defensive ends (8). Here's the position-by-position leaders in the last 10 drafts: Quarterback: USC 4 Runners-up: LSU, Arkansas, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas A&M (tied with three each) Running back: Alabama 10 Runner-up: LSU 8 Wide receiver: LSU, Ohio State 10 each Runner-up: USC 9 Tight end: Miami, Stanford 5 each Runners-up: Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, USC (tied with four each) Offensive tackle: Oklahoma 6 Runners-up: Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Iowa, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech (tied with five each) Offensive guard: Arizona State, Iowa 5 each Runners-up: Georgia, Tennessee (tied with four each) Center: USC 4 Runners-up: Alabama, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, Wisconsin (tied with three each) Defensive tackle: LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Penn State 6 each Runners-up: Clemson, Florida State, Michigan, Texas (tied with five each) Defensive end: Florida 9 Runners-up: LSU, Clemson, Missouri (tied with eight each) Linebacker: Ohio State, USC 11 each Runners-up: Georgia, 10; Florida State, Oklahoma, Penn State (tied with nine each) Defensive back: LSU 15 Runner-up: Alabama, 13
  17. yep. they know how she got out of her kennel. she figured that one out loooong ago, but they forgot. but they did not understand how she figured out how to open up multiple kinds of kibble bins. i came home with her after picking her up and was trying to tell greenie the story, but was laughing so much it took forever. and he was laughing. she just sat there looking innocent.
  18. Been a while since I made a Jambalaya, been doing so many Pastalayas. For Easter Sunday, I made a big pot, Chicken, Smoked Sausage and Andouille. When it was all said and done. I got back an empty pot. All enjoyed
  19. Steal is right. People dont understand the LSU items that can be bought in those silent auctions.
  20. Oh Dekes - that is terrible! I am so sorry.
  21. jesus christ, i forgot how great my bed felt. had to pull a little over 26 hours before i got to it, but it was freaking worth it. waiting on kids to wake up to figure out what today holds. 6 days left before i have to head back.
  22. Only thing that rose in ATL.
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