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  2. Peterson. Maybe he or Gilbert go first. I'd rather Peterson and save Gilbert in the pen
  3. That was a mess.
  4. Today
  5. They're 20-32 and play in the SWAC, FWIW
  6. Wally Pontiff, Jr. award went to #8 2B Cole 'Drank' Freeman! Skip Bertman award went to #3 SS Kramer Robertson! Congratulations!
  7. Land of the free because of the brave. Thank you to all of you who did or still serve our country
  8. To say he lived a full life, would be an understatement. From the death of his Dad, his Mom sending him and his brother away. His marriage to Cher. The loss of his brother in 71. His Mom lived to 98. Liver transplant. RIP Gregg. I attended a Wedding two weeks ago, the Bride and her Dad danced to Melissa, yep, she was named Melissa.
  9. Yesterday
  10. the ladies will be in okc when i will probably be in louisiana working. but i'm glad they will be here!
  11. Agreed ridiculous but it was
  12. Last week
  13. Laffin at dat chit, bra!
  14. Great Castles both the Brit one and the Irish one; on Netflix or Amazon. I've enjoyed them.
  15. My neice is a police officer in the Phoenix PD. I think about her safety every day. The Casino and the police did what they had to do here. I just don't think this issue is important at all unless Lanard makes casino visits a habit. He got popped with a fake ID. He needs to have a serious talking to about the optics of connecting betting to the game he plays and he needs to listen responsibly to that talk. Other than that, this ranks no higher in my book than someone getting busted at a bar with a fake ID (unless I am the owner of the bar, lol).
  16. yes, yes they do.
  17. Congrats ODB! When you are a sports star and make headlines on FORBES... $$$$$!
  18. Landry's seafood at the Woodlands Mall.
  19. i am going but need to get my ticket - planned to do that yesterday and i got blocked at work and forgot to do it at home last nite
  20. and he didn't do a bad job last night either CPM limited him to 5 innings, assuming to use him from bullpen if needed later in Tourney
  21. We are not in the lead for this guy, but Grimes is doing work.
  22. Seahawks' Pocic looks 'very comfortable' at right tackle By MICHAEL-SHAWN DUGAR, SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF Updated 6:40 pm, Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Photo: GRANT HINDSLEY, SEATTLEPI.COM Rookie tackle Ethan Pocic stretches at Seahawks rookie minicamp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton on Friday, May 12, 2017. Ethan Pocic didn't waste any time preparing for his role with the Seattle Seahawks. His new playbook arrived days after being selected with the 58th overall pick in the draft and the LSU offensive lineman immediately dove into it. "This past night, big time," Pocic said Friday after the first day of rookie minicamp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton. "Just learning it. And then the other part is doing it. I feel like that's the whole other half to it, once you learn it, can you do it right?" The 6-foot-6, 317-pounder did something right during the three-day minicamp, coach Pete Carroll noticing his knowledge of the system after just one day. "He's already studied his tail off to get here. You can tell," Carroll said. "He's a bright football player. Really tuned in. Just all of the right signals in the first day and a half that he's been here as far as being ready to apply himself. He had a great experience at LSU. He's played a ton of football and it shows." Pocic said his playbook contained only "basic" information, and though much of it is different than what he learned in college, "a lot of the basic stuff, you can carry it over." "There's a lot of calls, a lot of different defenses," Pocic said. "Probably the same calls compared to college, but with different names. A lot more descriptive, too. Getting the calls down was big." Pocic spent time during the pre-draft process working out with former Seahawks offensive lineman and 16-year NFL veteran Kevin Mawae, now an assistant with the Chicago Bears. Mawae, also a former LSU center, worked out Pocic and others while in Baton Rogue. When he officially joined the Bears in September, Mawae continued to train Pocic, whose hometown of Lemont is a suburb of Chicago. "He's taught me a lot," Pocic said. "He's real big on little things, tools and stuff. He was really crafty, so just working on the little things with him."
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