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  2. Saw Cannona few weeks back, TAF get together. Moving slow, but still had his humor.
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  4. It definitely was a business to Key.
  5. J.J. Watt offers to pay for funerals of all Santa Fe High School shooting victims.
  6. Tomorrow Lee will have around 700 high school players from this upcoming season. Picture taking time for his magazine. I plan to be there.
  7. FOX Sports Analyst Calls Alabama Football Fans 'Dumbest in the Country' Alabama now has another accomplishment it can add to its ever-growing trophy case: the No. 1 ranking for dumbest fanbase in America. According to’s Clay Travis, success doesn’t just breed also breeds idiots: The Alabama Crimson Tide fan base is the dumbest in the country and there isn’t a close second. Alabama’s fan base stupidity is not a function of a small minority of bad apples ruining it for the rest of the fans, nope, it’s the majority of the fan base that gives Alabama fans a bad name. Let’s be clear about this, Harvey Updyke was not an outlier. When news broke that authorities had arrested a man for poisoning the trees at Auburn, millions of Alabama fans secretly thought to themselves, “God, I hope it’s not Uncle Ray." Whatever the case, Clay certainly has a lot of anger towards the Tide fanbase.
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  9. I went by a Jacksonville board to see what they think about Leonard after a season, and there was an article they were talking about that said Leonard was not that instrumental in Jacksonville's turnaround last year, rather it was the defense that came on. Here are a couple of fan assessments of the article: I've watched the Jacksonville board a bit last year, and the reaction to Fournette has been interesting. He's good, they know he's good. But, he didn't break many really long runs like he did at LSU. Certainly the average defense in the NFL is better than college. But when you consider the defense was keying on Leonard all the time, and he carried the ball a lot, he was their workhorse. They will count of DJ Chark to make a difference in the passing game this year, and hopefully take some pressure off of Leonard, get that eighth guy out of the box by making them respect the passing game. THen there is always the Jacksonville dig, is Blake Bortles at QB good enough to make anyone respect their passing game? Most fans over there think not. I hope he develops into a better QB with experience, some guys have done that like Jim Plunkett after he was revived in Oakland and won a Super Bowl. I hope they don't use him up like Houston did to Earl Campbell, who was highly highly productive for 5 years as the bellcow, then his career suddenly ended, he was used up. I also wonder about Leonard, will he learn anything about running in the NFL with a season under his belt? Can an NFL running back learn about the game after his rookie year, or is a back fully developed by the time he hits the NFL, its all physical and instincts, and he is as good as he's going to get (which is damn good!)?
  10. And FINALLY!! It's JOE OFFICIAL!! @Joe_Burrow10: Excited to be playing in Death Valley next season. Ready to get to work. BOOM!!!
  11. I have never wanted you to be right any more than this post! I think the turmoil with the rumors of Canada leaving pretty much killed our chances with any elite QB last year. This was probably the best solution we could have hoped for.
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  13. I was rolling through youtube this morning and I ran across this list of top 10 country hits, and I remembered this topic. Looks like we got a lot of them, missed Johnny Cash. Some interesting back stories.
  14. I hope you get your bet in for Who Will Walk Meghan Markle Down the Aisle? Prince Charles +1200
  15. Barf
  16. Like my father before me, I will work the landLike my brother above me, who took a rebel stand
  17. "Slive, 77, announced he was beginning treatment for a recurrence of prostate cancer shortly before he retired as SEC commissioner in July 2015. He said he had been first diagnosed with the disease in the late 1990s. He had been working as a consultant to the SEC since his retirement."
  18. Greedy didn't see the field until the first game of last season. I went back to see who played the most as DB's. Here is the list from most tackles to least. John Battle Delpit Donte Jackson Greedy Williams KT 2 Eric Monroe thats it, mainly 6 players to speak of.
  20. Former Troy quarterback Brandon Silvers will attend the New Orleans Saints' rookie minicamp with an opportunity to try out for the team, he announced Monday on Twitter. Silvers, a Gulf Shores High School graduate, went unselected in this past weekend's NFL draft. He had first been ticketed to attend Philadelphia Eagles mini-camp before settling on the Saints. Silvers (6-foot-2, 224 pounds) was a four-year starter for the Trojans, ending his college career with 10,677 yards and 71 touchdowns passing. He led Troy to a share of the 2017 Sun Belt Conference regular-season championship, and played in the Reese's Senior Bowl this past January. Change of plans! Headed to Nola for the @Saints Rookie mini camp in 2 weeks! Grateful for the opportunity for the team I grew up rooting for! -- Brandon Silvers (@B_Silvers1) April 30, 2018 There are two levels of undrafted free agents in the NFL, those who sign contracts with the team and those invited to try out first. Signees typically stay on the roster at least until after the full training camp begins over the summer, while tryout players may or may not stick after the first round of spring mini-camp workouts. Silvers is a client of first-year agent Alexa Stabler, the daughter of former Alabama and NFL quarterback Ken Stabler. Three other Stabler clients are joining NFL teams as undrafted free agents or attending tryout camps: Troy running back Jordan Chunn (Dallas Cowboys), Jacksonville State running back Roc Thomas (Minnesota Vikings) and Jacksonville State offensive lineman Justin Lea (New York Jets). Former Alabama punter JK Scott, a fifth-round pick of the Green Bay Packers, is also a Stabler client.
  21. Thanks for the update!
  22. No but this is all decked out in Purple and Gold!
  23. K.J. Malone retires from football:
  25. I think for players with little to no game time experience, it's difficult to separate from the pack in practice alone. At least in a positive way. If you're fumbling, throwing INTs, missing wide open targets, can't get in and out of the huddle, etc. it's easy to separate yourself down the depth chart. But if everyone is doing most of what's expected in practice and each have different things they have to work on, it gets cloudy. I think that's even more true of young players, which Brennan and Narcisse most certainly are. Sometimes these guy have to get the live reps and see who can play under the bright lights. The challenge with that is once you pick the guy and put him out there, you don't want to have a short leash unless he completely wets the bed. So you end up giving a guy leeway until he costs you a game or two. I'd like to think Ensminger being a former QB would be good at evaluating QBs, but we'll see.
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  27. while it may be a "rule" can still be worn, i would like to see it not, out of respect. that goes for all that fall under that rule.
  28. i have two pairs of all session ticket books for the sect, plus one parking pass. things have come up with the oklahoma house, and the business, that I can't go. If anyone is interested, please dm me, or if you have my number, text. i would rather sell at face to lsu fans before putting on stub hub and having to jack up the cost to cover the fees.
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