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  2. Thanks everyone. Although lots of work, it was quite enjoyable!
  3. I won't believe the supposed turn to north until it happens. Keeps edging further and further west.
  4. It will be a while till I can get to it. Unless you want admin access to give it a go?
  5. Some of you may have already ready this on Facebook, but I want to share here too. "Editor's Note: Hi all, My name is Greg Graham. I'm the one who has been maintaining and posting to the MACNA 2017 Facebook over the past year. I founded Bayou Reefkeeping in March of 2011 with the intent of bringing MACNA to Louisiana. Together with Adam Clayton and Eric Owens, we were ultimately able to make that become a reality! The three of us have had countless others along the way work tirelessly with us whenever requested, no questions asked. I cannot even begin to thank everyone for their time and diligent efforts to make our MACNA a huge success. So I will simply tell all of them who are reading: JOB WELL DONE! I had a saltwater aquarium in my college apartment many years ago and it was inspired by my mom who always kept aquariums at home. They were a part of daily life growing up. Some years after college, I decided to setup a reef tank. In 2004 I met with a bunch of local hobbyists and they were just beaming as they talked about going to a MACNA a couple years prior in Dallas. With their help, I soon was well on my way to setting up my first reef tank in late 2004/early 2005. Some of my first fish are still thriving in my tanks today in fact! What's equally impressive is my wife tolerating my extreme obsession with marine aquariums all these years while taking care of those fish in my pieces of the reef in our living room. For many years after that 2004 conversation with local hobbyists, I would always think about those smiles as those guys told their stories about that MACNA trip to Dallas. I couldn't help but wish we had something like that in New Orleans. Oh what a great time it would be. Ultimately it led me to forming our club. The mere thought of forming a reef club always fascinated my dad. Especially when I told him it was a non-profit organization. He's asked me many questions over the years about the hobby. Meanwhile my mom has quietly watched her son enjoy aquariums just as she always has. By far the most rewarding part of MACNA for me was something I had not even anticipated ahead of time. It was spending a couple of hours with my amazingly supportive wife while showing my "Momma and Daddy" around at MACNA on Saturday!"
  6. I'm sure it's been obvious that I all but disappeared from here over the past few years. Wait, it was obvious..... right? Hello? Anyone even know who I am? Along with a couple of friends, I have been working on a large scale conference for the marine aquarium hobby. It's been quite the demandig process. Everything from getting 501c3 non-profit status based on educational purposed for our businesss to day to day business dealing with the thousands of soon to be conferenc eattendees. Working with hotel, convention center, and other event facilities... Endless WORK. On August 25-27 though it all came together and the 2017 edition of MACNA - Marine Aquarium Conference of North America - came to fruition! Here are some videos of our conference:
  7. Look closely..... Did a major software upgrade today. First in forever. WIll take weeks for me to touch the site back up.
  9. So it was all circumstantial. Not one shred of actual evidence.
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