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  1. OBJ3 in Germany

  2. The Random [Poop] About Politics Topic

    Cruz....Trump..... Have to give Trump credit, he's amazing when it comes to staging. He shows up right as Cruz ends his speech. Earlier in the day, Cruz was doing a rally in Cleveland. Right as Cruz starts to mention Trump, THIS happens: MUST WATCH! Complete video is below. The plane part starts around 11:45 mark...
  3. NASCAR news

    Christmas in July is real!
  4. Attack on BR Police and EBRSO Deputies

    Irate and Helpless. That's how I feel about these things. Things have gone too far. The point of no return has been passed. It's spiraled out of control. Today's instant information society has played a huge role here. Especially social media. One might even (easily) argue that social media could be the main contributing factor to where we are today as a society. Social media evolved as a medium of bringing people together. Especially friends and family. It quickly started bringing strangers together and allowed an easy medium for new friendships to form. Quite beautiful really. But...... It's also allowed for those with evil intentions to come together as well and spread their vitriol to the masses. Inflicting harm with words, pictures, videos, etc with simple mouse clicks. The world needs to get back to being social with one another in person. Not via some damned form of "media". In regards to yesterday, this one video sums up everything that's wrong:
  5. Those are antlers, not horns. Damn city slicker.
  6. There's really no way to describe it to anyone who hasn't been. Today's camera technology helps a little to convey the beauty but the vastness of it all in person is overwhelming. At one tour place during our trip I saw a young man with an Alabama shirt on. I walked over and extended my hand saying I suppose it's safe to be nice to yuo here in Alaska. As I pointed to my LSU shirt. He laughed and shook my hand. Talked for a few minutes, he's been in the Air Force for a few years and is currently stationed there. His family was all in to visit. Nice man and very well-spoken. When we did a trip to Knik Glacier on our anniversary, we were told about an Air Force plane that had crashed onto the glacier back in 1952. The crash site was initially located but they unable to find it again when they went back due to delays with bad weather conditions.The wreckage was located in 2012 many miles away from the original location. All summer this year, portions have been slowly falling off the edge of the glacier as it's been slowly pushed all these years. Crew is also being recovered..... One of them finally returned home a few months ago, after 63 years. Thank you for your service, CO.
  7. One can only try. We travel a lot. Little man has been to around 35 states now at age 3. People tell us why bother, he won't remember any of it. Well gee golly Mommy and Daddy certainly are making some great memories seeing him experience all these places! Along those lines..... After trying every other year via the LSU ticket office we have finally been awarded tickets for Auburn. Three of 'em. Hope they end up being decent seats, still waiting to find out.
  8. One happy little boy:
  9. She's welcome to geaux with us next year. We'll all go on your dime though.
  10. Do it! GEAUX! Don't hesitate!
  11. Crazy people! He did get a few small toy cars and trucks which he treasured greatly since we were only able to bring a small few toys in our luggage.
  12. He had a great time. Would you believe me if I told you his favorite activity throughout the trip was throwing rocks into water?
  13. The handsome one was.