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  1. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Round 2)

    I'm definitely paying the piper right now for watching that late one.
  2. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Round 2)

    The LSU Possums beat the Florida Owls!
  3. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Round 2)

    How in the hell am I supposed to stay quiet and not wake the wife and kid!?!??!?!
  4. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Round 2)

    Waiting on us to lose this due to infield confusion on a ground ball....
  5. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Round 2)

    This is far too intense. And the latest Florida pitcher is pitching lights out. FRICK!
  6. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Round 2)

    Well, that bottom of the first inning went much worse than I expected. Then it went much better than I expected.
  7. I can't wait for this!!!!! SEC Storied to Feature Warren Morris Home Run The next installment in ESPN Films' SEC Storied series, “The Walk Off,” premieres on Thursday, June 30, at 8 p.m. CT on SEC Network. The film looks at former LSU baseball player Warren Morris' championship-winning home run in the 1996 College World Series. Twenty years ago he became the only man ever to hit a walk off home run to end the College World Series—and it was his only home run of the season. Warren Morris, just recovering from a broken bone in his right hand, could barely swing a bat. Still, legendary LSU coach Skip Bertman inserted him into the lineup in the title game of the college world series against the University of Miami.
  8. LSU vs. Tennessee (SECT, Round 1)

    What a thrilling Tuesday night!
  9. Mike VI has cancer!

    Seems like we have barely had time to enjoy this majestic big fella. Hopefully he does live comfortably while he is still our roaring representative. "As for timeframes, it is estimated that without treatment Mike VI could live 1-2 months; with treatment, perhaps 1-2 years."
  10. OK, well you are in rare form this time then. Noted and retracted.
  11. Why do you always do this? This place is what it is. A very small community oriented forum. There will rarely be lots of replies. Want instant feedback or gratification then go to droppings, facebook, or twitter. otherwise, enjoy this place and accept it as it is. A community of people who all care a great deal about one another, yourself included, and post as frequently as they can.