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  1. Jamarcus back to the NFL?

    I'll spare you the difficulty in scouring the web for Lorenzen's extensive NFL career stats. Instead, here's a complete recap of his career:   New York Giants Lorenzen was not selected in the 2004 NFL Draft and signed as undrafted free agent with the New York Giants.[10] In the 2006 preseason, Lorenzen led his team to victory by engineering a game-winning drive against the Baltimore Ravens. Following that performance and an impressive training camp he was officially named the Giants backup quarterback three weeks later. Lorenzen made his first appearance on the field in a Giants uniform on December 30, 2006. During this game, he was used for one play, a quarterback sneak to make a first down on a third-and-one. Lorenzen made his second appearance on Sunday, January 7, 2007, in the Giants wild card loss against the Philadelphia Eagles. On the Giants opening drive, he lined up at quarterback on a third-and-one and got the first down, "shifting the pile" in the process, on the way to a Giants touchdown. He also entered the game in the third quarter but the Giants called timeout and Manning took over at quarterback. Lorenzen's first significant regular season appearance occurred on September 9, 2007, when he took over for the injured Manning in the fourth quarter of the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys.[11] Lorenzen made both his first regular season pass and rush, but failed to earn a first down. He did not see further action in the 2007 season, because Manning's injury did not cost him any further playing time. Lorenzen was released by the Giants on June 23, 2008.[12] Indianapolis Colts On July 24, 2008, Lorenzen was signed by the Indianapolis Colts. He was waived during the final cuts for the 53-man roster.
  2. Jamarcus back to the NFL?

    A couple things. He wrote the letters last year. And watch the video...... he's.... um.... not in shape.
  3. Johnny Trainwreck

    I rather just remember him for what he truly is: LSU's bitch!
  4. Johnny Trainwreck

  5. Former Saint Will Smith killed

    " The statement directly contradicts that of the Smith family attorney Peter Thomson, who said earlier Wednesday at his own press conference that a gun in Smith's car remained in console up until he was shot to death in the wake of a three-car accident on April 9.  "  
  6. I guess his wife wasn't attractive enoough. Photo below:  
  7. LSU Baseball vs. Vanderbilt (Game 1)

    You are hereby required to go to every remaining game.
  8. LSU Baseball @ Auburn (Game 2)

    Yeah butt,  on tv. Well, nm.
  9. New Louisiana Sales Taxes

    For some this was a primary source of income. It's lucrative for those who mastered it. Effectively their jobs were ended thanks to this nonsense.
  10. LSU Baseball @ Auburn (Game 2)

    Maybe but I asked since she has been complaining about the new voice of the Tigers throughout many of the game threads so far this season.
  11. LSU Baseball @ Auburn (Game 2)

    Just curious, why listen to all the games instead of watch them?
  12. Tim Quarterman going Pro

    The talent is there. Not sure about the work ethic though. The thing about this season though is just about the entire team was inconsistent.
  13. LSU Baseball @ Texas A&M (Game 1)

    Just tuned in. Looks like a [poop] show.
  14. Retirement

    David Letterman: