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  1. FIFY
  2. Lord I apologize in advance....
  3. Old thread alert.... So... How was the trip? Headed to GNP, albeit briefly, in late June. Then back to Banff.
  4. Why the need to use a proxy when posting here?
  5. Is that you Sherlock?
  6. 2,500 to 3,000 yards. 20+ touchdowns. Less than ten interceptions. 55% or higher completion percentage. Basically he would double his career totals to date. And those are pretty much the usual stats for a UNC Qb in that system.
  7. That's a good system for pretty much ANY quarterback to be in. He'll likely win the starting role there as they have zero starting experience on the roster. I bet he has a great season. Excellent decision for him in my opinion. He was not going to start here and had zero chance to impress anyone.
  8. Done deal. Announced by LSU.
  9. To be clear, even though I thought it already was, I was *not* in any way referring to you.
  10. Good luck finding your chat room.
  11. Damn dog haters around here.
  12. I hate Auburn less than nootch does.
  13. That's it' Black and white version of the site coming just for you young man!
  14. Sorry guys, a certain person here has always had complete lack of appreciation of such efforts over time. It's as if they don't even realize the fact that this very site opened doors to countless friendships for them.
  15. I may as well just shut this down for good. No respect for any effort that's gone into this place over the years.