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    TO HELL OLE PISS!!!!!!!!
  2. HEY OM

    Annual rants are not my thing. My hatred of Ole Piss is an integral part of my daily life.
  3. HEY OM

    It took me a while, but I feel as though I've found a way to properly convey my sentiments about that university....
  4. R.I.P Mike VI

    This is from May of last year, but well worth the watch. Gives you even more of an appreciation for Mike VI
  5. I also have a free reserved parking pass for some lucky fans.
  6. Where? Not seeing it on LSU's site. PS: If truly the case then I have three great tickets for FREE to some lucky Tiger fans.....
  7. LSU is lagging here. They should have had an email ready to go for season ticket holders as well as information in a press release on how this will be handled.
  8. So now South Alabama will thing we are dodging them.
  9. Yes, I certainly do. Please get the gofundme page setup. On a related note, to help make sure this happened, we land in San Francisco on the morning of Saturday, November 19.
  10. R.I.P Mike VI

    Passed by there a few minutes ago. Hard to put into words how it makes one feel seeing the things left by people.
  11. No, but I can say to avoid the Town & Country Resort at all costs.
  12. Since Alaska, I have been to San Diego for a business trip. We took a family trip to Oregon & Washington last week. Thanksgiving week we're San Francisco bound. Between Christmas and New Year's we are going to do a family trip to San Diego. During Mardi Gras we're off to see a mouse in Orlando. And we're currently planning to go back to Alaska next summer! Work to live, not live to work!
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