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  1. ... one can only wish you were around to read this. Forever LSU.
  2. I don't even know who Nunez is, but then again I hardly follow LSU athletics like I once did.
  3. Will Wade hire - so far - is his only saving grace.
  4. He took a timeout with a few seconds left. Just so he could savor the breakaway slam dunk that LSU just had and to express his "happiness" towards the USL bench. The USL coach had to be held back. Coach Wade later said he would have taken another timeout had he had one left. To do it again.
  5. How are things with ole Tigalaya now? Any issues I need to be aware of? Hope the new server is functioning well for all of you!
  6. Y'all are all welcome. Truthfully there was a time when I did forums all day every day. Now I don't do them at all. Just about every one of you here, I know how to get ahold of you offline so it's great. Which means I know how great this group on here is. So I was happy to spend the time necessary to get this little slice of purple and gold home back into working order for everyone here.
  7. Tapatalk is now a thing of the past. No consideration at all will be made for it. The site is being re-indexed today. View New Content may not be accurate in the meantime. Search results won't be either. GEAUX TIGERS!
  8. Don't break it again. At the state park now. Won't fix it.
  9. You are a failure as usual.
  10. Did a software upgrade now
  11. Did a reboot last night. Running a database repair now.
  12. hmmmmm
  13. He's putting in a realy nice system for the program. Lots of attention to detail and discipline. I enjoyed this last month: "it’s a two-hour audial assault on the ears: whistles blowing, coaches screaming, shoes squeaking, and balloons popping. Before each practice, managers tape 10 balloons to the wall of the practice facility, one for each turnover Wade permits his team for the entire practice. Every turnover results in a popped balloon. When the balloons run out, players run sprints. Players are talking, too. They’d better: After every practice, Wade compiles “talk rankings,” which rates players from best to worst on how much they communicated in practice that day. The top three are safe. The rest – you guessed it – run."
  14. I'm pulling for Deceks. That's the safe play.