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  1. Done deal. Announced by LSU.
  2. To be clear, even though I thought it already was, I was *not* in any way referring to you.
  3. Good luck finding your chat room.
  4. Damn dog haters around here.
  5. I hate Auburn less than nootch does.
  6. That's it' Black and white version of the site coming just for you young man!
  7. Sorry guys, a certain person here has always had complete lack of appreciation of such efforts over time. It's as if they don't even realize the fact that this very site opened doors to countless friendships for them.
  8. I may as well just shut this down for good. No respect for any effort that's gone into this place over the years.
  9. Sure would be nice to see extra forum content, a positive for Tigalaya, result from this. Rather than people utilizing their mutual Tigalaya connection to all go elsewhere and chat it up.
  10. ..... or something like that. I'm thinking of volunteering to be a part of the The Last Great Race and if at some point accepted making an annual solo winter pilgrimage to work the Iditarod. I think I'll have to pass on this opportunity though: " Sign up for dog handling only if you can easily and safely run 4 city blocks in powdery snow while holding on to a dog in the team. You must be able to keep pace with an energetic and excited dog team. This job is not easy. " Today, Mitch Seavey age 57 won the Iditarod 2017. He set the record for the fastest time. It's his third win, first since 2013. He blew away his son Dallas' record finish from last year by several hours. The two Seavey's have won every year since 2012. Oh, Hi All!
  11. I like it, speeds up the boredom!
  12. However, the article did not need to cite the ethnicity of the coaches.
  13. @watson18 Should be fixed now. Did a software update. Will take the site a while to be re-indexed for View New Content.