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  1. The Les Miles....um, Coach Eaux Sheaux

    Yes.... I saw his hire of DP as an effort to shut down that "leak". lol
  2. The Les Miles....um, Coach Eaux Sheaux

    I have been listening to the entire show. My takeaways are the same. Pass to setup the run. Kickoff strategy is to kick it through the endzone. Less stringent practices. More time in film study and such. He says its a great feeling to know that he has the support of so many people. Lots of callers and other people have been telling him how proud they are to have a Cajun as the head coach of LSU.
  3. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Or precious "cargo".
  4. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Hatcher, There are a couple very special jets with LSU on the tails. The owners and pilots perform amazing work all around the country. It very well may be one of those.
  5. Try multiple browsers. Let us know the results.
  6. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Screw dat. I like to go fishing. And often.
  7. Remembering the good times

    And Greg and AZTiger03 (from TOS) ran crazily around the box seats in the suite we were sitting in!
  8. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Oh I know. But I was still first here.
  9. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Actually, I was the first one here, pal.
  10. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Jon Gruden is in Louisiana today....... Don't ruin this, you who are about to quote me and chime in!
  11. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Ooooooooooh Yeaaaahhhhh! Rich Rod! He was our savior in waiting years ago!
  12. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Based on Florida State and Oklahoma wins?
  13. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I strongly disagree here. In fact, to the extent that a proven coach currently winning at a high level is the only viable option.
  14. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Don't care. I want him. Thus he's a candidate for the LSU job. Understand?