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  1. I like it, speeds up the boredom!
  2. However, the article did not need to cite the ethnicity of the coaches.
  3. @watson18 Should be fixed now. Did a software update. Will take the site a while to be re-indexed for View New Content.
  4. The first post i this topic. Sadly, Chelsea's no longer exists. :/
  5. Well, in his defense he is kinda short.
  6. This is reminding me of Doctor Who. The new Doctor is always difficult to accept but eventually he becomes normal to you. OK, who am I kidding, in this case that's the most dis-interesting man in the world!
  8. Some solid Tigalayan birthdays in December!
  9. Yes, there will, and we'll be at the parade!
  10. That second and two play from the twenty-three yard line. All those shifts. Wow!
  11. I appreciate the information. This though about made me fall out of my chair laughing!
  12. After listening to his press conference, I'm completely sold on the guy. Looking forward to our new offense!