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  1. 2017 QB Myles Brennan

    Heard his high school coach on local radio in the morning yesterday. Per him this has everything to do with LSU's offer to the Bama qb commit. The coach described it as a punch to the back of the (Brennan's) head.
  2. 2017 QB Myles Brennan

    He had high praise for Coach Miles. Makes me wonder if he is wanting to see where, if anywhere, CLM ends up next season too. Along those lines, could Miles end up competing for him and several other LSU commits. Especially if Miles goes to a place like Baylor.
  3. Coffee - Educate Me

    Thanks for all the information everyone. I decided to go with that $5,000 one Okie recommended. Then I realized I'm not filthy rich like her and went with a Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista.
  4. Coffee - Educate Me

    Nespresso looks nice but seems it's another contraption to get locked into buying capsules/cartridges of coffee made for the unit.
  5. Coffee - Educate Me

    I'll just visit you daily and save thousands.
  6. Coffee - Educate Me

  7. Coffee - Educate Me

    What's a type that I can just toss all the ingredients into and have it make it all up perfectly for me?
  8. Coffee - Educate Me

    Here's what I know. I can make a pot of coffee in my Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker. I can make a cup of coffee using my Kurig Some people make some pretty fancy smancy coffee concoctions. I've had mocha's, about it. I'm sure I am missing out on plenty of things. Would love to be able to make a mocha at home. And learn what's needed to make some of those crappacheeno things I have heard about. Did I spell that right? What's a cool "coffee" machine to make all sorts of tasty coffee beverages?
  9. Sec Coaches I'll take O Over Right Now

    Just would hate to be in the same position again. Ahhh well, Coach O screwed that game up but I like him.
  10. Sec Coaches I'll take O Over Right Now

    I like Miles, a lot.
  11. Congrats Tulane!

    You haven't experienced their uppity fans at games vs LSU.
  12. FSU vs Bastards from Gainesville

    WHOA! I forgot about that one! Vandy just won 45-34! Things are happening today to open doors for LSU in the Sugar Bowl!
  13. FSU vs Bastards from Gainesville

    Yes, loving every minute of it. I especially enjoyed the goal line stand FSU made against FU early in the game.
  14. Congrats Tulane!

    ok thx bye
  15. As a long time avid LSU basketball fan (well, used to be until it was sent to [poop] by Alleva), I am saddened to see LSU football get the same treatment as basketball. Just go ahead and hire the good ole home grown boy that is comfortable and feels good. It will work out just fine. We can only hope it will go as well as it has with Johnny Jones. Or...... we win a shitload of games with Coach O and his crew. Maybe even a couple championships. Then in a few years we learn of sanctions and have to forfeit games and said championships. That's where I am at right now. Very much apathetic otherwise and have been for quite some time. Hell many of you know me and how passionate I have always been about LSU football. And some of you know my past basketball passion. I mean come on, I started a LSU site from scratch even! But now I just casually follow it all. And keep my distance. Making it all about enjoying time with friends and family in the process of watching LSU and enjoying game days. What irritated me today about the announcement was when Joe said this was never going to be a bidding war. Well hell, the ONE candidate he actually legitimately went after (debatable) he gets his panties in a wad when the coach actually starts to want to negotiate the salary and leverage other options. Joe folded and didn't do jack [poop] to play his cards to get the guy to come to LSU. No, he went the comfortable route instead. And then gloated about it in front of everyone! How f'd up is that t be proud of not being willing to perform some of your most basic duties as an athletic director!??!?! F that guy!