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  1. Ahh, the hundredth return of the crotchety old man.
  2. Our site was doing weird [poop] yesterday. Contacted the host. They said the hard drive was full. Checked, not the case, was at 82%. They insisted. I freed up space and got it down to 57%. Problems persisted. They were all derrrrr contact the software vendor. I did that and they told me "not us, it's your host". Fast forward half a day until midnight... It was the host for sure. They had pushed a new server based setting to their clients which broke our site. I reverted back to the previous setting and ranted to them. Then i had to repair our database and reinstall all core files to the site. It was fun, let me tell you. Things like that, all the time spend from time to time, really make me wish y'all would go out and recruit like hell to bring newcomers to the site. That's a good way to thank me. I enjoy seeing a wide array of viewpoints. But the site I maintain is the same ole same ole every day.
  3. FIFY
  4. Lord I apologize in advance....
  5. Old thread alert.... So... How was the trip? Headed to GNP, albeit briefly, in late June. Then back to Banff.
  6. Why the need to use a proxy when posting here?
  7. Is that you Sherlock?
  8. 2,500 to 3,000 yards. 20+ touchdowns. Less than ten interceptions. 55% or higher completion percentage. Basically he would double his career totals to date. And those are pretty much the usual stats for a UNC Qb in that system.
  9. That's a good system for pretty much ANY quarterback to be in. He'll likely win the starting role there as they have zero starting experience on the roster. I bet he has a great season. Excellent decision for him in my opinion. He was not going to start here and had zero chance to impress anyone.
  10. Done deal. Announced by LSU.
  11. To be clear, even though I thought it already was, I was *not* in any way referring to you.
  12. Good luck finding your chat room.
  13. Damn dog haters around here.