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  1. What Happened According to Fishhead

    It seems as if you are fighting Miles' job at LSU and I can't blame you for wanting to. In the process you're stating your case to convince to keep him. Except folks here are not the ones to convince. Besides, it's all done anyway. He gone. :/
  2. Fish, you will want to use this link:   http://www.tigalaya.com/discover/unread/  
  3.   Yes, same thing. you just have to configure your stream. Just like you had to with VNC.
  4. You should think about my perspective dealing with running a site I don't have time to manage.
  5. Had an issue with the site this morning. Vendor suggested upgrading to resolve. Upgraded the software. Have more issues. Vendor site is currently down for maintenance. Two hours later, I am out of time and desire to fool with this further for now. What you see is what you get. Have at it, enjoy.......
  6. I'm ready for Third & Chavis

  7. I'm ready for Third & Chavis

    You're in luck. Third and Chavis is available all game long, no mater the score.
  8. With so much happening, there's not much discussion of the wTf game. Personally, I am anxious to get out Tiger Stadium and watch my Tigers close out the season against third & Chavis. Just what the doctor ordered! A traitor returns to tiger Stadium and we know all his tricks and weaknesses!
  9. So much going on.... But I just want to remind all of you, as if there weren't enough reasons, why you should hate Ole Piss more than any other SEC team. They have been vile and rude to LSU for the entire lifetimes of every member reading this. They allow this to be played at the game: https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CUXWs9eWwAEDGDJ.mp4 Then they put up this billboard in Nola after they won: http://theadvocate.com/sports/lsu/14072668-93/ole-miss-billboard-takes-shot   Everything about that university is pure filth. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ole-frat-bros-donkey-statue-assault-article-1.2410526 [poop]-eating pieces of crap.    
  10. Of course they do, but being competitive in the SEC and winning the SEC is the primary objective. If you are good enough to do that, then you're likely still winning those out of conference games anyway.
  11. He said he is not going to consider retirement.
  12. LSU Basketball 2015

    His passing game was on point again. Including leading a fast break and dishing out the assist via a pretty awesome bounce pass in traffic. He ran the floor well, was energetic on defense, and played a pretty flawless short game inside on offense.
  13. LSU Basketball 2015

    Quite a few "Wow, did that just really happen?" moments