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  1. What's scary is the fact that I was able to do it. And I rely on my 13 year old grand daughter as my IT consultant. Basically copy & paste using the insert other media link.
  2. Why does he have to wait until next week to see a doctor?
  3. I wonder if Dr. Baker has given any thought to taking Harvey for a spin around an empty Tiger Stadium just to get a feel for the place? Probably not.
  4. Huge paws. And I don't want to hug him.
  5. The PGA Tour is implementing a new drug policy starting in October. In addition to peeing in the bottle, players will be subject to blood tests. New policy mirrors the policy of the Olympics with regards to banned substances. Players testing positive will be identified via a Tour news release. I wonder if Dustin Johnson's publicist it working on a statement?
  6. Got you. I'm only commenting on the one play I saw the video link on. As I wrote earlier, I didn't see a foul on the play. I guess a HC is free to send film to NFL HQ. If the NFL brass thinks an official missed a call I would imagine there's a system in place to let him know.
  7. I don't understand the response. Who isn't an NFL official & why would he do what?
  8. Are they NFL officials? Looked like a good hit to me.
  9. 31 yards on 9 carries against 2nd & 3rd stringers and he says the NFL is slow and easy. I like his confidence but he needs to be smarter in what he says to the press. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20311316/jacksonville-jaguars-rb-leonard-fournette-says-debut-was-really-easy
  10. I'm concerned about the depth of the OL and our WR's. Combine those two and can the QB be effective in the passing game?
  11. I got the opportunity to meet Coach years ago when he coached at the Air Force Academy. We still chat occasionally via email. He's most deserving of this award. He's a hell of a coach, but better yet, he's a hell of a man.
  12. He's now Tiger bait. We're in deep Tiger doo doo.
  13. I would probably rank Gary #5 on my all time greatest list. Although small in stature, he had the game to take it to the big boys. He might be the best bunker player I've ever seen. He was born & raised in South Africa and had to travel extensively world wide to compete on the various tours. And he's the most well conditioned golfer ever. Hell he's got be close to 80 if he isn't already. I wouldn't mess with him.