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  1. Coaches are paid to make decisions. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. We didn't reach the CWS Finals because CPM consistently made bad decisions.
  2. We got a pretty good performance from our Wholestaff. I think we get the Gators Wholestaff tomorrow night. We obviously need to return the favor.
  3. Good post.
  4. He was going to have to pitch Wholestaff in one of the first two games. I don't have a problem with it being game one. That gives Poche one more days rest.
  5. I won't be rooting for them either. But if they beat TCU, then I say bring it on.
  6. My cardiologist can relax. That 9th inning was tough. Any preference for who we play? Part of me wants the Gators because of my 50 year intense hatred of them. But part of me says be careful what you ask for.
  7. I retired in 1986. They moved it to Amarillo for a while because of a meningitis outbreak at Lackland.
  8. When I joined the Air Force many years ago I went through basic training & tech school in Amarillo. My first assignment was outside of Lubbock. I was not a happy camper.
  9. How about getting some hits & driving in some runs instead of worrying about your hair?
  10. I guess his fragile ego won't allow him to be in contact with the "common" man for that extended a period of time.
  11. My cardiologist is relieved.
  12. I don't hate OU. I hate the Gators.
  13. So would I. But there's no way I can root for the Gators.
  14. Boomer Sooner.