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  1. Cool in theory but I bet the line will be the stuff of nightmares, especially if there's only one in the entire stadium.
  2. Thanks y'all!
  3. I could also see UNC underperforming, but I am legally obligated as the spouse of a UNC alum to pick them winning it all.
  4. Final Four are Villanova, Gonzaga, Louisville, and UNC. I could see Duke going pretty far but felt silly having my championship game as Duke vs UNC.
  5. Happy belated to a great guy.
  6. I'm only getting better looking as I get older. Muscles getting bigger and stronger. Can eat Krispy Kreme and Chick-fil-A for every meal and actually lose belly fat. A full head of hair so thick you can't even run a comb through it. Just kidding. Sometimes I sleep the wrong way and my back is shot for a week.
  7. I've wondered what it's like to play for a team in these circumstances. You're having a historically bad season and everyone knows the coach and all his people will be fired after the last game. How do you get motivated for games? What are the practices like?
  8. I saw on Twitter that one commit was given a lot of money, then went to Bama and ratted on Ole Miss. If true... come on, man.
  9. Foothills/eastern mountains of NC.
  10. Moore deserves a lot of respect for his actions in Vietnam, but I've always been impressed by those relatively few career military men who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Just born at the right (or wrong) time.
  11. The basement was especially bad in the summer months when students would be piled up in the hallway waiting for the class ahead of them to let out. So hot and damp.
  12. Good. Middleton is gross.
  13. Speaking of James Brown, my favorite music/dance combo of his:
  14. Might be the heir to James Brown
  15. Would eat there every time I'd visit my brother in Fort Worth.