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  1. College Football Pick 'Em Contest - Week 1

    My first thought is that USC vs. Alabama could be a good one, but I could also see Bama winning by 40 points. The Lane Kiffen thing could be fun to see, but the best outcome is that the earth opens up under the field and swallows both teams whole. UNC and Georgia also looks to be good. I will confess that UNC has become my adopted team, as my wife graduated from there. So I'm not totally unbiased. But they seem to be frequently overlooked. Had they not inexplicably lost to South Carolina in the first game last year, they would've met Clemson for the ACC championship with both teams undefeated. They nearly beat Clemson in that game and could've held their own in the playoffs. Larry Fedora has turned that ship around.
  2. Skunks

    I'm also interested in this answer. There's one at work that I smell every night around 2 to 3 am.
  3. College Football Pick 'Em Contest - Week 1

    I had independently thought to move it to the Pot too. Okie just got to it first. It's good to have it pinned at the top forum, making it the top thing on the site. This is the first time I'm really thinking about college football again this year. There are some fun matchups in week one.
  4. Home Brew Beer

    Just had this thought last night with the smell of homemade pizza dough. Reminds me of homebrewed beer.
  5. For this evenings meal

    My family is in town from Louisiana to meet the new baby. A coworker gave us some venison steaks and we all ate that tonight. It wasn't entirely selfless on his part -- November is coming soon and he needs to clear out his freezer so he can justify hunting some more deer.
  6. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    It bugs me when things like inevitably become political. Trump came for whatever reason, the president is coming, and now I'm sure Hillary will come too. All the president can do is sign off on federal government money and equipment. Presidential candidates can't do anything. Louisianans have things pretty well under control and don't need politicians patting them on the head and pretending to care about them. But I understand it's the way things are. They have to come. Hopefully they don't suck up too many resources while they're here.
  7. Swift donates $1 Million Dollars to LA

    I imagine Shaq's contributions are close to 100% behind the scenes.
  8. Comite River Diversion Canal Project

    The Hayride is a little too longwinded sometimes, but they are the best around at covering local Louisiana politics.
  9. A Brief Announcement

    Everyone's healthy! I like her pretty good. Don't think I'll send her back.
  10. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    A friend's dad had a chainsaw stolen from his truck. Most people are good people, but some aren't.
  11. Jim Hawthorne and Wife Missing

    It makes me very proud to be from south Louisiana. Natural disasters come and people load up in their boats and trucks and go door to door.
  12. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    My family in Baton Rouge all seem to be in places that will just miss getting flooded. Part of my parents' neighborhood is flooded but not their street. Plenty of friends with water in their houses. If I didn't have a four-day-old baby I would probably be coming down to help people. My mom said this is much worse than the 1983 flood where she, my dad, and my brother had to be rescued by boat from their house on Joor Rd.
  13. A Brief Announcement

    Vera Grey [Emcee] August 10, 2016, 9:46 PM ET 6 lbs, 6 oz 19 inches