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  1. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

  2. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

    Upvote x1000. Panthers fans love him in the way Saints fans loved Shockey. "He may be an a**hole, but he's our a**hole." What's funny is that I could've seen myself pulling for the Panthers for this one game because I know a lot of good people who root for them. But the way Cam has acted for as long as I've been watching him is a deal breaker. People say he wears his emotions on his sleeve but what they should say is that he has a total lack of sportsmanship. And that reflects on the character of the man. Decent people don't gloat so shamelessly when they win. So I will always root for his failure. And I think regarding NFL teams, the quarterback is the main face of the organization. And as silly as this is, a lot of fans tend to emulate how that face acts. Many Panthers fans up here have been real buttholes all year, even when the terrible Falcons beat them and the terrible Saints took them to the wire twice. And now they're 0-2 in the big game.  
  3. The Daily Weather Report

    It's been steadily snowing here since yesterday but should stop by tonight. What's nice is that it's been light, fluffy snow, so it's really easy to clean off the vehicles in the mornings. And the low on Saturday keeps changing between 1 and 3.
  4. What is Your Favorite Game in Tiger Stadium?

    This was my favorite game as well.
  5. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

    A few thoughts: I don't think the Carolina offense has ever faced a defense like that. Cam was running for his life all night. And it's easy to say this now, but I had my suspicions about the Panthers when the Saints almost beat them twice. It's very weird that Cam didn't go for that fumble. It looks worse in slow motion, but maybe he just thought it was an incomplete pass? Who knows. I'm glad to see Peyton win one more and I hope he retires and goes out on top. I think he would be a shadow of his former self if he comes back and might actually get benched again like he did this year. Life is going to be pretty sweet for me seeing all the sad Panthers fans up here who have been so insufferable all year.
  6. Happy birthday Fishhead!!

    Happy birthday!
  7. The Official Bitch and Moan Topic

    Or just gasoline and a match.
  8. The Official Bitch and Moan Topic

    We had a mouse in the house. I caught it one night with the standard trap, and I thought that was the end of it. A couple days later I went to grab a pan that we rarely use from under the oven and I found where it had been living.  
  9. Johnny Trainwreck

      Wow, way to step up, valet.
  10. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    100% chance I would walk between them to get some milk, even if I didn't need any.
  11. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    Modern country doesn't really do it for me, but I've grown to like Luke Bryan's stuff.    
  12. The Daily Weather Report

    It's outrageous that they wouldn't let us eat lunch on the patio.  
  13. King Cake Season