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  1. Had a great time! The weather was all over the place (70s one day, snowing the next), but fun nonetheless. Only place we ventured outside of Denver was Golden. A bit touristy, but very pretty. Golden was a taste of the landscape of the West which I really want to see more of. Pictures to come.
  2. Regarding the attitude of the Florida football team: Young men are very impressionable and generally willing to be led. You can usually tell when a good man is leading them because they emulate it (or at least are forced to conform while they're on the team). Likewise, if they're led by someone who is not a good person, you can usually tell pretty easily.
  3. !!!!!!!
  4. Coors Field, UC-Denver, Capitol Hill to the southeast. That area.
  5. Better than their all orange alternates.
  6. I'm going to Denver in a couple weeks. I'll have two or three days with nothing to do while my wife is at a work conference. My only plans thus far are to tour the Broncos stadium and the US Mint, visit many breweries, and try to link up with some old USMC buddies. Wife and I will probably visit the zoo and find somewhere to hike. Anything else I need to see while I'm there? Any restaurants I must eat at?
  7. I really only follow NC State because my brother-in-law is an alum, but with Syracuse beating Clemson, the Wolfpack now leads the ACC at 4-0. They may or may not beat Our Lady of South Bend next week, but it seems likely that one of the biggest games of the week after that will be when Clemson goes to Raleigh. Which just feels weird.
  8. I listened to a YouTube video of the first 20 minutes of police radio traffic. I was very impressed by how calm dispatch and officers were. You know it's a bad situation when a supervisor comes on and basically says, "Everyone stop giving locations of the wounded, we need to deal with the shooter first." This incident is going to be studied for many years in law enforcement training. I'm also very puzzled that there's still no known motive (at least publicly).
  9. Tom Petty is one of the best. There's a very long documentary on Netflix about his career that's worth watching.
  10. I watched the beginning, went to do some fall family stuff outdoors, then came back in later and saw we had come back. And like Nootch said, it was very exciting to see our guys attack the Auburn QB like wild men instead of going prevent D and letting them complete short passes all the way down the field in the last minute. I'm jealous of those of you who were there.