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  1. Letter from Tre'Davious White

    We have a pretty good track record of who wears #18. All good men.
  2. Joe McKnight - Shot and Killed in Terrytown

    Yeah, I doubt this is over.
  3. Joe McKnight - Shot and Killed in Terrytown

    This is just me trying to come up with a plausible scenario for his release: The public has been relying on media reports and eyewitnesses so far. First reports are always inaccurate in some way. Multiple people can see the same event and describe it completely differently. Some people also just lie to cops and the media for any number of reasons. So the media is working with that incomplete information in getting the initial stories out. The sheriff's office said that the incident was the culmination of a road rage incident. The shooter fired all of the rounds while he was seated in his vehicle. In Louisiana, your vehicle is legally an extension of your home. If someone is trying to get into your vehicle to harm you or someone else, deadly force is legal just the same as if they were breaking into your home.
  4. 2016 Pick'em - Week 14

    Washington Western Kentucky Navy Chokelahoma ULL West Virginia Alabama Idaho Clemson Wisconsin
  5. LSU has a coach. Announcement at 12 CDST

    Wait, so you're not a fan of the hire?
  6. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    I'm just as tired after having her for 8 hours than I am after working a 12 hour night shift.
  7. Coffee - Educate Me

    Also it's not that bitter. Just a little bitter. The milk gives it a light creamy taste that doesn't taste as over the top as half and half. Go order one!
  8. Coffee - Educate Me

    I'm not an expert and have never made it (only ordered it). But I like it because it just has a different taste. Bitter but palatable because of the foamy milk. And the caffeine is much higher so it gives a jolt that would require drinking multiple cups of coffee.
  9. Coffee - Educate Me

    Be careful, Greg. Once you have the ability to make cappuccino every morning you will never want to go back to drip.
  10. Happy birthday NSMom!

    Happy birthday!
  11. 2016 Pick'em - Week 14

    ALL PICKS ARE DUE BY 8:00 PM CST ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2. Colorado vs Washington * Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky Temple at Navy Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Louisiana-Lafayette at Louisiana-Monroe Baylor at West Virginia Alabama vs Florida * Georgia State at Idaho Clemson vs Virginia Tech * Wisconsin vs Penn State * * neutral site
  12. 2016 Pick'em - Week 13

    Overall standings: 80 - Goodlifetiger 77 - dachsie 75 - TigerEmcee 73 - PaducahMichael 71 - Boundzy 70 - Herb 69 - Deceks7 68 - OkieTigerTK 67 - ValleyTiger 64 - LSUDad 51 - NorthshoreMom
  13. 2016 Pick'em - Week 13

    Week 13 results: 6 - Goodlifetiger 6 - PaducahMichael 5 - Deceks7 4 - LSUDad 3 - Boundzy 3 - OkieTigerTK 2 - dachsie 2 - Herb 2 - TigerEmcee 0 - NorthshoreMom 0 - ValleyTiger
  14. 2016 Pick'em - Week 13

    I've been playing this for a few years now and I think is the worst week I have ever had.