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  1. LSU Baseball @ Tulane (4/25/16)

    Just a few thoughts... Turchin isn't "horrible". It was actually a nice atmosphere. There were several humorous moments throughout the game. Who ever is in charge of their video monitor and sound effects is freakin' hysterical. Fraley's shot to the left field foul pole was most certainly a homerun... making the score 3-4. The Wave fans were excited and understandably so. However, like I told Okie, I would like to point out they beat a team of Freshman and Sophomores. Not much else to say... we have Ole Miss coming up this weekend.
  2. Happy Birthday Okie!!

    Have a great one!
  3. LSU @ Mississippi State Sat 9/12/15 8:15pm ESPN

    Some fun tidbits from yesterday's game... Our guys were practicing one handed grabs in practice. MSU's Hamilton is fast. When attending a game at Davis Wade with a five-year-old ear plugs are a nice addition. The 8:15 start time wasn't bad. Stuck in a parking lot with nothing moving until 1:30am was. 2007 no contraflow but leaving wasn't bad because all the cowbells left. 2013 no contraflow and stuck in the parking lot for 30 mins. 2015 no contraflow and stuck in the parking lot for over an hour. Waiting 45 mins to use the restroom was also ridonkulous. So thankful my little girl made it. In other words, tailgaiting at MSU needs a lot of improvement.
  4. 2015 Tigalaya Man Crush

    but... But.... But! I love his accent!!! Kickers still need some representation... I'll take Domangue.
  5. 2015 Tigalaya Man Crush

    Just a little late but my crush is the comedian with the foot... Colby Delahoussaye.... give the kickers some love!
  6. LSU @ Mississippi State Sat 9/12/15 8:15pm ESPN

    It looks like we will have excellent football weather tomorrow evening in Starkvegas... high of 78 and low of 52. The clanga clanga tribe is surprisingly optimistic about their chances. Maybe they did not watch the same game against USM that I saw on tv. I have a new goal in life, to get a picture with the ranting and raving State fan!! I will be on campus around 11am tomorrow and would love to see anyone making the trip! GEAUX TIGERS!!!
  7. SEC Tailgates

    Meridian is hosting Tiger fans before two away games this season. Plenty of hotels, transportation provided to downtown restaurants and bars, and live music!!
  8. Happy Birthday Fishhead!

    Late on here but I sent you a text with birthday wishes. Hope you had a great day!
  9. NSD 2015: List of Signees

    I got smart a few years back and scheduled a big test for my students on NSD so I could get updates...
  10. Happy Birthday Okie!!!

    Happy happy birthday! Love love love you!
  11. National Championship Trophy

    Maybe this one will not be so easily broken...
  12. He probably has the arm span of a pterodactyl.
  13. How tall is Houston's catcher?? Geez!