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  1. Trevino once commented about "pressure" at the US Open and replied, "that's not pressure, .... pressure is playing a $100 nassau when you only have $5 in your pocket" I would rank this list entirely different than the article's author, but most of the top names are all there. I guess it all depends on the criteria used to define "greatness" ...... Tiger Woods certainly wouldn't be at the top of my list , mebbe a little further down.
  2. Belated Happy Birthday, houtiger ! Cheers!
  3. using the business phone to call escort services is Rookie 101 .....
  4. I think Chark is going to have a monster year .... kid is a pure football player
  5. Diggin' on some Sumatra dark roast lately ..... whole bean, yum. Rich with a deep flavor profile.
  6. C-Mac is a bad man in his sport ..... but this ain't his sport. I'll say Mayweather in 5, TKO ......
  7. Gracias, senor
  8. Sitting on the deck, drinking ice cold Coronas, and smoking some Burnt Ends ..... and they are beginning to "get right" serving those with an Asian lime slaw, sliced homegrown tomatoes in olive oil, and leftover wedding cake from my baby girl's wedding Cheers!
  9. Man, I'll bet that's an intense adrenaline rush ....
  10. I have camped many times at Blackrock MSP, and ravaged the Dillard House on many occasions. They serve the food family style, in large bowls on the table, with fresh farm-to-table vegetables of the season. scrumptious...... In my youth, during the mid-seventies I frequently backpacked with chums in the Smokies and Western NC. And the first place we'd stop after two weeks of freeze dried food and no deodorant would be The DH. We'd put a severe hurtin' on that place every season. We're talking T-Rex style carnage ..... I still stop there once in a blue moon, and it's as good as ever when the fresh tomatoes are in season ..... it's their 100 year anniversary this year, so I can say for certain I'll be there again this season
  11. Prayers lifted ....
  12. 1. Classic Empire 2. Gromley 3. Practical Joke
  13. Thanks for the recommendations, Hatch and Dad. I went to Mothers for dinner and had the seafood platter and a couple of Abitas ..... I just instinctively trust any restaurant that has a bottle of Crystal hot sauce on every table Made the "mistake" of getting the bread pudding for desert ..... whereupon I promptly went into a coma for the next 7 hours .... man, what a meal!
  14. I'll be in NO fotbthe upcoming Incompas Trade Show , April 3-5 ..... any recommendations for dinner spots near the Hilton Riverside, Harrah's area? Also looking for a good place to watch the NCAA finals on that Monday ? Thanks in advance if anyone has any good recs ...
  15. So disappointing .... I feel cheated since Foster had a decent chance of scoring the all time low on the Wonderlic. kid is dumber than a box of hammers ......