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  1. Congrats, all ..... it was a physical game, as all in this series. Chark made a game impacting play and your D adjusted well,in the 2nd half .....good luck the rest of the season
  2. really nice, Okie. Going through a project like this one is always a labor of love, .... and it it always worth it in the end. Best wishes....
  3. New

    Welcome, Gomer !
  4. like they say, 'Nootch ..... "life is not at all like a bowl of cherries, it is more like a bowl of jalapeños ..... what you do today might burn your ass tomorrow" nice to see that we can all count on some things to remain the same !
  5. Just an outsider's viewpoint for perspective ...... LSU football, young though they may be, has the talent to compete with every team in the nation with the exception of bammer. So if the players aren't giving the effort or producing on the field, it's not because of a lack of talent. I felt strongly that Alleva should've been replaced prior to the decision to release Miles. Even though it was apparent to many that Miles had slipped, he was still a damn fine coach that I would accept in a heartbeat. But the issue was a lack of continuity under Alleva's leadership, and in my opinion that isn't going to change as long as Alleva remains. Sometimes you just gotta' make a change ..... and this is one of those times for the LSU program. Good luck to all of my LSU friends ..... I've been there.
  6. Missus Caddy's made from scratch Key Lime Cheesecake ... it was so good I might try to sneak a slice for breakfast tomorrow
  7. You're so right about Miles, houtiger .... good man and one helluva good coach. Now I really wish I were going to be there Saturday to see the game and watch Les honored... dude's legendary Regarding Saturday, it would not surprise me to see Kerryon Johnson achieve 200 yards rushing. He's getting healthy, finally ..... and he is that good, IMO. Also keep an eye on a kid named Hastings in the slot .... gets there with a quickness and has no fear over the middle. But I also remember witnessing Kenny Irons bust for 200+ in the 2005 game in a very physical loss in BR .... very tough place to win, even when you play well.That's the year that irons called his "two bills" shot getting off the bus .... won the battle but lost the war. So it won't matter how good a game KJ has ... if AU loses. If Auburn has one decisive edge, it is in kicker Danny Carlson ... he struggled during the first 2 games, but has been in complete control of his leg since then and is "money" from 50 yards-in. So that will be my prediction .... Auburn 18 - LSU 17, on a 4th quarter Carlson FG from outside the 30 yard line.
  8. Wish I could be there ... should be a grand spectacle ... WDE! I suspect this one comes down to LSU's defense versus the AU offense, .... and specifically the LSU defensive front against the Auburn OL. If LSU 's defense can hold the Auburn offense to 17 pts or less, I believe LSU will win the game. Coach O will need Arden Key to step up and play difference maker ..... all,of which is entirely possible. We'll see on travels to those going to the game....
  9. 1. The offensive struggles didn't surprise me, .... but Aranda's struggles on the defensive side of the ball have shocked me. It's a young team that needs to quickly mature. 2. I've always said, O is a helluva coach but not necessarily a good administrator. Big jobs at big programs require excellence at both.
  10. IMO, the decision to go for 2pts was the correct one, however, to allow the Tennessee coaching staff to see the play formation (before calling a timeout) and then for GT to continue on with the same offensive playcall in the same formation was a critical mistake that I'll bet CPJ would like to do over. GT should have altered the formation .....
  11. Good to see you keeping your wit, 'Nootch ...... but you folks be safe in the aftermath. Prayers lifted .....
  12. looks like the Ne'er-do-wells are already up to their shenanigans ...... forewarned is forearmed .... "Scammers are now using the Hurricane Harvey disaster to trick people in clicking on links, both on Facebook, Twitter and phishing emails trying to solicit charitable giving for the flood victims. Here are some examples: Facebook pages dedicated to victim relief contain links to scam websites. Tweets are going out with links to charitable websites soliciting donations, but in reality included spam links or links that lead to a malware infection. Phishing emails dropping in a user's inbox asking for donations to #HurricaneHarvey Relief Fund. Previous disasters have been similarly exploited, and the bad guys are going at it again will all guns blazing. Be wary of anything online covering the Hurricane Harvey disaster in the following weeks."
  13. Prayers lifted for all affected ...... keep your powder dry, folks!
  14. Thanks!
  15. I'm in the market for a good 4 cup, or 6 cup press .... glass or stainless .... any recommendations?
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