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  1. Congrats! .... what a nice surprise and supporting a good cause
  2. 12 F degrees when I left for work this morning ..... about 2" of packed snow and ice on the N. Atlanta roadways ... thank goodness for all-wheel drive and goose down jackets
  3. Mmmm ... yea, ... Bo Scarborough is dumber than a bag of hammers ......low class? ... more like low IQ
  4. I mostly agree with you, houtiger .... although I am not convinced Saban doesn't have other workarounds that involved bending the roster rules to his favor, particularly when it involves "medical hardships" and the "Bryant scholarships" for legacy recruits. bama has consistently abused the medical hardship rules, and hiding behind the HIPPA curtain to get it done. They use this loophole twice as often as any other SEC program .... and they use it for a reason, IMO - it gives Saban an advantage.
  5. Happy Holidays everyone!
  6. Love me some cornbread, and particularly with pinto beans. I use Herb's technique in a cast iron skillet, traditional stone ground meal and fresh buttermilk. Nothing much better served piping hot!
  7. Agreed. Schiano will sue for defamation, the evidence will support his case, and the matter will be quietly settled by UT out of court. The UT fans have caused harm to both Schiano and to their beloved program based entirely on social media rumors. There's this little thing called a Non-Disclosure and Privacy agreement ...... and UT broke it, perhaps unintentionally, but broke it nonetheless. This is what happens when you hire a babe-in-the-woods AD, right?
  8. I imagine "Points Production" stacked against schedule strength would be the telling figure between the two ...... but, it's difficult to equate the stats to the coaching change since O inherited Mile's talent ... just my dos centavos
  9. Agreed ... my guess is they're looking for a loyal steward to get them through a few lean years until the sanctions have run their course, not unlike the role Mike Shula played at bama. Then they can break the bank for the coach and staff they really want, perhaps at a time when when there are fewer HC openings (less competition) in the conference. Good move for him, good move for Ole Miss
  10. lol ..... now that right there is funny, watson
  11. Chizik was at Auburn for 4 seasons, 2009-12, with 2010 being his best year, and 2012 being one of the worst years of football I've ever witnessed (loss of personnel at multiple key positions following the 2011 season). 2009 finished 8-5 2010 finished 14-0 (Newton and Tre Mason) 2011 finished 8-5 2012 finished 3-9, with a converted WR as quarterback Respectfully, Chizik is certainly more qualified today than Orgeron was at the time of his hiring, and I mean no disrespect at all for CEO, because as most of you know I have consistently been a fan of his throughout his career, including his tenure at LSU My thought is that UT could hire Miles or Chizik, get recruiting and the coaching staff back on an SEC-level, then slowly groom his eventual replacement with a younger talent. It sure beats the heck out of what they've been doing lately with Dooley/Jones ..... just my dos centavos
  12. Nooch ... I know you hate everything Auburn, but the truth is that Chizik is a pretty good coach and a helluva recruiter. Look at the job he did at UNC during his stint their as DC, and look where they are now (hint: right back where they were before he was there.) Additionally, there are VERY FEW head coaches that could have kept that Auburn team focused during their march to the Natty. Only two times have I seen a sustained media assault on a program that exceeded that which Chizik and that team successfully endured. One was the Sandusky scandal at Penn State, and the other was the SMU Pony Express scandal ... both of which were based on evidence that the school was involved with the scandal. Not the case at Auburn since the university was never involved in the scandal ($1 to M$U) Chizik won 30 games in his first 3 seasons .... Cam only led one of those seasons. UT needs a proven coach that has successfully recruited IN THE SEC .... Miles and Chizik can certainly claim that, IMHO
  13. lol ..... looks like he drank a little too much of the special Kool-Aid that Herb was referencing
  14. Say what you want about Les Miles or Gene Chizik, but both are proven coaches at big time programs that are currently sitting on the sidelines awaiting legitimate opportunities. Either one has better credentials than any of the names Tennessee has been legitimately considering ...... Miles would actually be perfect for the A&M job, IMHO .....
  15. No surprise here ..... he pulled out at the 11th hour for the LSU job too, didn't he? .... I am convinced such feints are fundamental negotiating ploys designed to extends Jimbo's contract during a period where he has lost quite a bit of leverage due to a poor record .....