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  1. All I know is "J is for Justice".
  2. You know the other place is down right now...
  3. Sounds like you have the same thing Jim McMahon has. :DD
  4. I consider all the talk horseshit until he actually transfers .
  5. It's Teddy, and the latest report from Scarborough is that he is not coming.
  6. Join Date: 20-October 10
  7. I've always supported Miles, but where was the lovefest after the Tennessee game? Not enough people supported him vocally amidst the vitriol. Internet fans are too wishy washy.
  8. for not having a thread about the Saints' performance last night in the dome. Despite being down to 1 CB on the entire roster, they absolutely shut down Pittsburgh offensively, and made great halftime adjustments on offense to neutralize Pitt's awesome pass rush. That atmosphere seemed as good as any in all of football. Kudos to SP and the men for pulling out a great one. At halftime, it was by far the most exciting 6-3 game I'd ever watched
  9. If trends continue, the crowd will be rocking until Jefferson leads a 3 and out drive
  10. 3-1, with a loss to Petrineaux.
  11. What is this... south?