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  1. Ok. I will be sure to go back to my "spotless life".
  2. That didn't go as planned.
  3. Well if all the Mett threads deteriorate to beekcake shots... Sorry Okie.
  4. You missed my point entirely, but I will still answer this. Who on this forum said this or even alluded to it? You are disputing a statement that nobody made? Your assumption is here. and here. Is this difficult to understand? Who on here has suggested you should agree with anyone?
  5. You made some valid points until this. You should stick to discussing the player, and not the people discussing the player. Glad for your personal story of redemption, but who the hell said you cornered the market? Mighty arrogant assumption on your part. Like I said before, stick to discussing the player and his actions, and leave the personal judgments of posters on the forum out of it.
  6. And apparently there is now a source "close to TM" that disputes he wants to return.
  7. Policy makes sense. Not in favor of his return. If he does, I will support him as I do every LSU athlete.
  8. Nootch is right. A rule is a rule, and we have lauded Miles for this. If two strikes gets a suspension and 3 gets you off the team, that should be that. If an exception is made here, it sends the wrong msg to the locker room. In fact, the very opposite is sent. "If you are a really special player, there is always a chance..." I will be surprised if it is allowed.
  9. Circle jerks can be fun but also quite boring. Legitimate discussion requires at least two sides, and while I disagree with Steve's, I respect his right to have it, and am appreciative of the exercise. I thought this was what discussion forums were for?
  10. Yes, it could be or it could blow up in our faces. Will either TM or LSU be applauded when he fails a drug test next year and is summarily dismissed? Would that potentially help or hurt our team in preparations for the next season? How about on the Friday before the bama game? If that happens I suppose we kick him off, and make him wait two years to rejoin the team? What could be wrong with that? Preposterous! Why does LSU have a PR department? And they are not glossing over a discretion in order to look good, but considering how foolish they might look by letting him back on the team, is a consideration. I guarantee they are "considering" that right now. And also "considering" what would happen to the school and the team should TM fail again. Doing what's "right for the player" is to be expected, but doing what is right for the university should always come first. LSU has more at stake than one player, regardless of how beloved or penitent.
  11. Bad idea. Too controversial, too much bad publicity for LSU, and ultimately circumvents the consequence that he justly paid. A poor msg would be sent to the rest of the team. Even for TM, this is probably one of the worse moves he could make.
  12. I agree with this also. I would be unpleasantly surprised if this happened.
  13. As am I. You accuse everyone disagreeing you as being dismissive, when you yourself have been exactly that. In regards to TM, I made two points. One of which you contradicted yourself at least twice, and another in which you repeatedly ignored. So I will make it one more time since you are being so persistent in kicking this topic around. If you know TM was a "poison" in the locker room based upon his flaunting of the team rules, why will you not use the exact same tag for Ware and Simon? They were suspended for the exact same thing and are still on the team, I assume busily "poisoning" it. Is your contention merely that they were just influenced by TM, and therefor not responsible for their own actions? You might also consider Baker as well, who last year was quietly suspended for one game. LSU never told you what that was for, did they? I have brought this point up repeatedly, and you have ignored it each time. I am an equal opportunity person. If I am going to condemn one person for something, they are all going to get the same treatment, because it is about the behavior and not the individual. Why is this different with you? See what I did there? The point is, you have been very heavy-handed in your labels and condemnation of TM, but not been across the board with other players. It's a bit of a crusade. Everybody here has agreed that TM needed to be gone because he broke the rules, and everyone here has acknowledged he made his own choices - therefor he is responsible. If we take note of how phucked up his life has been, it is not an attempt to mitigate and excuse his behavior, it is an attempt to understand how someone that seems to be(by all accounts, including Miles) a pretty good person, can make such a bad choice. Ultimately he will have to straighten up - which point everyone also agrees. The fact that nobody else agrees that his behavior amounted to "poison", especially in light of the team's performance does not make us apologists. You should have let this go a long time ago.
  14. Too many other ways to get news. In order to make $ in print/internet media, you have to be controversial. Their paychecks don't have the words "stupid [censored]" on it. All spends the same to them. I just refuse to pay them.