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  1. Miles and Cameron Fired

    I heard Ensminger, but Craig would be a better choice I'd think.
  2. Just a matter of time

    How much is his buyout? I thought I heard $10M. These coaching contracts, gah. Assuming you have to buy the next coach out of his existing contract and pay him let's say $6M a year, could be looking at a ~$25M decision. Not that it'll save him, just saying that's the landscape of cfb. Which assistants would yall as fans consider keeping? Just curious
  3. Toomer's Corner Oak Tree Set on Fire after LSU Game

    Likely an updyke
  4. no you were clear, i just wanted to clarify that i didn't know whether he's an lsu fan or not and describe what is seen in the video
  5. idk if he was an lsu fan or not, could very well have been an updyke. he did stand around for a second admiring his work until a girl comes over and confronts him, she chases him off the screen grabbing him, i heard he was later tackled by a few guys
  6. Full handle of bourbon last night needed to get through that game and looking back my posts, ehh. What is it about LSU-Auburn that invokes craziness? BTW, some assclown lit the toilet paper in one of the new Toomers oaks on fire last night. The entire tree was ablaze. Police have him.
  7. Somethings not right here, that would be advantageous for the offense which is the exact opposite of the intent of the 10-second runoff rule in the 1st place (which ya'll pointed out didn't apply). It must go back to the previous play where #83 caught the ball in bounds, clock running, on 4th down before the illegal shift. ETA: Ref actually announced that the game clock would start on his signal, too. So like ya'll said Etling knew what he was doing. Nah, let's say Etling & co had got the snap off, LSU actually commits 2 more fouls. #83 doesn't get set and he's on the LOS covering up #89 (I think) who goes downfield. Dupre not getting out of bounds on the 3rd down play killed that drive.
  8. I understand where you're coming from, but for the qb amd center to snap the ball perfectly before that 1 sec runs offs at the ready for play signal is asking a lot in that hectic situation. I think both teams play their hearts out, in typical AU-LSU fashion, and again it came down to craziness.
  9. Ok. So basically it's impossible to get a play off with 1 sec remaining if you have to be set for 1 sec before the snap in that sitch.
  10. Penalty on the offense under 2 mins, why was that not 10 sec runoff?? #SECrefs
  11. Greg, hope you and you're dad had a good experience no matter the outcome, you only get many together.
  12. Typical AU-LSU fashion, old school kinda game.
  13. Hey guys and gals! Safe travels to anyone making the trip. Here's to a good game.
  14. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #4

    USC vs Utah California vs Arizona St South Carolina vs Kentucky Georgia vs Ole Miss Florida vs Tennessee Arkansas vs Texas A&M West Virginia vs BYU Louisiana – Lafayette vs Tulane Wisconsin vs Michigan St Stanford vs UCLA
  15. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #3

    Florida St vs Louisville Oregon vs Nebraska Alabama vs Ole Miss East Carolina vs South Carolina Texas A&M vs Auburn Michigan St vs Notre Dame Georgia vs Missouri Ohio St vs Oklahoma Duke vs Northwestern UCLA vs BYU