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  1. DC is all about DC. Not surprised in the least guys. Dude bad mouthed the hell outta his alma mater on the recruiting trail while at FSU. Undermined Gus and now O. Bridges being blown the eff up.
  2. Rumblings of that for a few weeks sure, also rumblings that all 3 of Bryant's finalist schools were considering Felton in an off the field capacity. My guess is that it's in wait and see mode... In other news, I find it crazy how the NCAA can retroact something of the sort. Further evidence that the NCAA doesn't play by the same rules as the rest of the world. BTW, most of these new recruiting rule changes reek of Meyer & Harbaugh trying to level the field against the SEC.
  3. It's between the lines
  4. I think I got a handle on LSU's next RB coach. Damnit...
  5. Not surprised that Craig is leaving LSU, but surprised O canned him. One reason Craig left Auburn was to help him move up the coaching ladder. I imagine it hurt his ego that he didn't get the interim OC job, and it was said that he campaigned for the OC gig after O was official. He was basically told then to start looking. Craig's biggest strength is recruiting, most Auburn ppl tell ya his player development isn't where it should be. He was also heavily involved in the embarrassment that was Duke Williams.
  6. Good grab for yall with Taylor, excellent job on him considering how late in the game LSU got on him. Solid player. Bryant was my biggest concern and a real surprise to most Auburn folks. Bigger positional need for us.
  7. I get the Saban shadow angle and the connections with Jimbo. He's also been a gypsy lately so he needs to prove he can stick around somewhere. I'm just saying he's a turd through and through and would want nothing more than to position himself to take the reins from $aban. Dabo gets the 1st call tho, btw.
  8. I HIGHLY doubt Pruitt will leave Bama in a lateral move. Dude has too much Bama in him.
  9. Ensminger basically called the 2008 Iron Bowl again against Saban with the same results. I understand why Ensminger got the nod over Craig for playcalling duties experience wise, BUT I cant help but think that Craig would have added at least a little more imagination to the offense.
  10. Navy West Virginia Auburn Appalachian State Vanderbilt Stanford Texas State UTEP Washington Colorado State
  11. You're absolutely correct sir. I had a whole paragraph typed about turnovers, but decided to delete it and lump it with the painfully obvious. The non-offensive td streak for the turds HAS to end at some point this season. As all of you know, the BAMA PRIVILEGE is very real. Just get ready bc jerseys are going to be damn near ripped off the DL and WRs...
  12. Oh, the signs should be something to behold this week...
  13. Tell ya'll what, LSU matches up really well against this uat team. The keys to the game IMO (beyond the obvious) are the LSU linebackers and special teams. If Beckwith & crew can remain clean/shed blocks to reach the outside zone runs & help out in the WR screen game, it's going to be a hard night for Hurts. uat hasn't played a team that can stop the run and eliminate the top getting busted off the coverage. Force Hurts to throw the intermediate passes and I think LSU creates INTs this way. Also, if LSU can generate an impact play in the return game on special teams it'll be huge. Ensminger should dial up a homerun play after any momentum swing b/c Pruitt has a tendency to be more aggressive than Kirby was in years past.
  14. Notre Dame at NavyAir Force at ArmyWisconsin at NorthwesternVirginia at Wake ForestFlorida at ArkansasOklahoma State at Kansas StatePittsburgh at MiamiFlorida State at NC StateIowa at Penn StateGeorgia at Kentucky
  15. Virginia Tech – Pittsburgh Kentucky vs Missouri West Virginia – Oklahoma St Georgia – Florida Baylor – Texas Miami (Fl) – Notre Dame SMU – Tulane Nebraska – Wisconsin Auburn – Ole Miss Clemson – Florida St