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  1. Ok thanks. I was just going off the reactions from Twitter where everyone made it seem like new news.
  2. Didn't work @Hatchertiger. I'm on a PC using chrome.
  3. So @Hatchertiger how do you embed tweets? TIA
  4. I do expect us to be much improved on offense this season and the defense to be on par with last season. As usual tho, we've got a tough schedule but it does set up pretty good with a tough early test against Clempsun week 2 and a steady ramp up in SEC competition. Front line talent is legit across the board, but we are thin at a few spots like safety and d-tackle. Been bit hard by the injury bug last few years, too. I wanna see how we perform Week 2 b4 I get excited.
  5. only reason I can think of is to let the swelling go down, but it's complete speculation on my part. No idea if it's a new injury or related to his previous shoulder problem.
  6. Christ! You media types stop picking Auburn! <Insert witty facepalm gif of your choice>
  7. No idea how to embed a tweet, but Shea reported that Coach O said he doesn't expect Arden Key to play against BYU. Said he will visit doctor next week for more info. Link
  8. Damn it's quiet around here. I know practices were shut off to media, but surely some insiders et al are getting behind the iron curtain, no? I'm starting to think Coach O is building Decepticons or something outta those players.
  9. Hey, a new guy! What say you....Blockbuster or Movie Gallery??
  10. Familiar with Jacoby's skill set, hell we were recruiting him as a both sides the ball ATH too.
  11. Wow, that is saying something. I figure it was Delpit that was making the big waves.
  12. So they moved Jacoby Stevens to WR. Coach O cited need for more depth at WR. Guess Delpit got his spot on lock tho.
  13. I'm interested in the RB position depth AFTER Guice. I remember Darrell Williams from the recruiting trail, but don't remember him doing a heckuva lot since. Secondly, Miles always rotated RBs throughout the game (maybe with the exception of Buga), but do ya'll think Canada & co. will ride Guice or rotate more?
  14. DC is all about DC. Not surprised in the least guys. Dude bad mouthed the hell outta his alma mater on the recruiting trail while at FSU. Undermined Gus and now O. Bridges being blown the eff up.
  15. Rumblings of that for a few weeks sure, also rumblings that all 3 of Bryant's finalist schools were considering Felton in an off the field capacity. My guess is that it's in wait and see mode... In other news, I find it crazy how the NCAA can retroact something of the sort. Further evidence that the NCAA doesn't play by the same rules as the rest of the world. BTW, most of these new recruiting rule changes reek of Meyer & Harbaugh trying to level the field against the SEC.