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  1. Well congrats to you guys for being the beneficiaries of yet another Gus Malzahn coaching collapse. I credit your players for not quitting after the 1st quarter and your coaches for adjusting to the 3 or 4 plays we ran over and over again. Maybe now Auburn can finally get rid of this pathetic high school coach.
  2. Hey ladies and gents, just thought I'd stop by and say hello and War Eagle. Wife and I just welcomed our 2nd son on Monday so we'll understandably miss being in Baton Rouge for the 1st time since we moved to Louisiana. I'm kinda bummed about that part, but will definitely be glued to the TV Saturday afternoon. Here's to a good game
  3. That's a backwards pass in the clip @LSUDad. Completely different and it was from a standard OL set too.
  4. Good stuff, but I'm pretty sure this excerpt is wrong. Cannot declare in college ball, must physically change jersey numbers. TE on the other end of the line is eligible.
  5. So a&m didn't even wait til October to implode... a&m football wrapped up, all in one game hope they fumble the next coaching hire
  6. Congrats on the win y'all! Didn't see much of the game, but D. Williams looks like a different dude.
  7. Was coming to post the same.
  8. Thx guys and gals! Fam and I are currently on vacay in Destin. Sad for all those that lost so much. Hoping the flooding doesn't affect my now hometown of Leesville, LA too badly while we're away.
  9. Ok thanks. I was just going off the reactions from Twitter where everyone made it seem like new news.
  10. Didn't work @Hatchertiger. I'm on a PC using chrome.
  11. So @Hatchertiger how do you embed tweets? TIA
  12. I do expect us to be much improved on offense this season and the defense to be on par with last season. As usual tho, we've got a tough schedule but it does set up pretty good with a tough early test against Clempsun week 2 and a steady ramp up in SEC competition. Front line talent is legit across the board, but we are thin at a few spots like safety and d-tackle. Been bit hard by the injury bug last few years, too. I wanna see how we perform Week 2 b4 I get excited.
  13. only reason I can think of is to let the swelling go down, but it's complete speculation on my part. No idea if it's a new injury or related to his previous shoulder problem.
  14. Christ! You media types stop picking Auburn! <Insert witty facepalm gif of your choice>
  15. No idea how to embed a tweet, but Shea reported that Coach O said he doesn't expect Arden Key to play against BYU. Said he will visit doctor next week for more info. Link