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  1. Careful with the cold meds Careful with the cold meds
  2. Chablis needs to go after we play them
  3. U can always a pick em
  4. Great game yesterday. Getting ready to go again today. Geaux Tigers!!
  5. I will be there in seat 11 row 11 section F. This will be my first SEC tournament game, GEAUX TIGER!!
  6. Looking forward to seeing a game. Geaux Tiger!!
  7. Some people can stay focused for period of time but do not have the consistency to continue the long haul. He just dose not have the power to stay with it.
  8. Now that is a hitting below the belt.
  9. Boundzy I believe we jinxed you. It was a hell of a game, Congrats Dad.
  10. Me too.
  11. Boundzy, great job. Congrats
  12. Clemson 31-Bama 20
  13. That catch by Dupree was amazing.
  14. He is