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  1. My house would not be noticed. Tack on a new one for me.
  2. He making close to what O makes. How many years dose O have on his contract?
  3. They investigated cleared him & paying him his buy out.
  4. I believe Kansas was also paying him not to coach. This has gotten out Control.
  5. This was ugly. The way we kick field goals we should always go for it on on 4th
  6. [poop] [poop] [poop]
  7. You r assuming he is going to fail.
  8. That is assuming the hire doesn’t work out. Me I did not like the hire but l will be cheering for that Cajun to be the most successful coach we’ve had
  9. You don’t make assumptions? Herman was never coming. You have a lot more dumb [poop] A D has done to bitch about than Herman
  10. We were not winning a bidding war with Texas. Herman wanted Texas. There were a lot of other coaches that could’ve at least been interviewed, no need to dewel it
  11. Geaux Tigers! Kick arse!!
  12. He gets over it again & again. He has the ability to enjoy his self until the next one. He does not keep looking for [poop] to bitch about.
  13. My grandson suffers disappointment but he gets over it by the next day.
  14. Nutriaitch, no ofence, you have been a negatiger since CEO was hired. It does look like you are hoping for failure.
  15. Ask Notre Dame