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  1. It's still morning so I can say: Good morning everyone
  2. Sorry for your loss. You are right, tell those you love how you feel, coz you never know when it will be too late. A love for a friend is quite differently than a love for your mate, but none the less it hurts the same when we lose one.
  3. Awesome video! :LSU:
  4. :smiley-laughing001:
  5. I got my picks in.
  6. I hope Santa brings me a bottle of that for Christmas!
  7. It will be well worth it in the end.
  8. WOW, amazing! Thanks for sharing this. With all the fear, these men still stepped up to the plate. Truly heros!!
  9. I hope he makes it. Everyone should have a second chance.
  10. Laughed so much I peed my pants. :sarcasm: GEAUX TIGERS !!
  11. Sorry for your loss Dat, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. All you tailgaters have a drink for me! I hope you all have an awesome time. I'll be watching from home on the tube. Someone needs to carry a sign in the stadium that says, "Happy Birthday Belle" in purple and gold. I'll be watching for it. HA. Enjoy.
  12. Beautiful pictures as always. I always look forward to them. Thanks Jeff.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, have a blessed day with your family and loved ones. I am most thankful today that my son and my Dad are feeling much better. We are skipping the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I'm not sure Dad could handle the dressing yet. I asked what he thought he could eat, so we are having prime rib and homemade french fries. His request so I will fill it. Ha Enjoy your day!
  14. She should be in the "pot" when we play GA for the SEC Championship