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  1. Honestly Jones was probably the worst power 5 coach out there. It sucks that I have to say that about another LSU grad but I can't think of a p5 coach worse than him. The move should have been made last year because if you cant make the NCAA tournament with the number 1 recruit, you're never going to be able to recruit any player that skilled again.
  2. Lockett had the worst and most uncomfortable rooms. Pain in the ass to get out of them unless u get lucky with one having an exit to the stairs.
  3. Let's be honest, orgeron will "keep the cupboard full" at worst and maybe shock us and get to 11-2 or 10-3 at best. I'm in the camp that he isn't elite to win a 'ship but he's not bad enough for us to fall off the map.
  4. Orgeron must have learned nothing from Les miles. Buh bye.
  5. Orgeron didn't build the o line or put us into the qb situation we are in. The question lsu has to answer is whether or not with orgeron they can land a coordinator that can fix those problems or if an outsider could without losing a really good defense. I think we're stuck in a spot where lsu won't tolerate a rebuild either.
  6. I thought the 4th down calling the runner down and not a fumble was a big call not to go in our favor. It would have been 6 points had they ruled it a fumble and it would have stood on review I think rather than have been overturned.
  7. That's actually not a terrible spot for it. They aren't really displacing anyone since there aren't any that tailgate inside of it.
  8. Donte Jackson needs to have a good game. Saban won't design a game plan around beating tre white. Jamal Adams can't drop any ints that come his way either. I'd also like to see us drop Arden key into coverage once or twice to keep them honest since he's generally got a green light to kill QBs on passing downs.
  9. 2/3 of the game will be a night game anyway with the snail's pace of CBS games.
  10. Miss St vs BYU North Carolina vs Miami Northwestern vs Michigan St Nebraska vs Indiana Pittsburgh vs Virginia West Virginia vs Texas Tech Ole Miss vs Arkansas Arizona St vs Colorado Stanford vs Notre Dame USC vs Arizona
  11. I'm shocked that UF decided on this. Truly shocked, because UF has had the strictest schedule in the nation over the last 25 years. They don't play away games unless they have to, and they don't play less than 7 at Gainesville. They limit away games to @FSU and @Jacksonville vs. Georgia as well. Foley [censored] up by not getting this played on Sunday or Monday.
  12. The more I think about this, the more it's clear LSU gains the most by waiting and UF loses more by waiting. If LSU is good and wins the next 4, we have incentive to play the game to maybe win the SEC west. UF will never turn down trading a home game with LSU when compared to Presbyterian. If we are on a winning streak it will be a must see game in a week that every other game sucks. There's no chance we get to a point UF will turn down the game against us unless they are at risk for not making a bowl(highly unlikely) or they want the tiebreaker over UT by having a 6-1 vs 6-2 record. If LSU sucks, there's absolutely no reason to trade South Alabama at home for UF on the road. We could legitimately lose to any of the SEC teams left on the schedule and we will need that win over South Alabama for bowl eligibility. There's no reason to risk our bowl game to give UF a nice home game and a boatload of money. So by waiting longer UF will be pressured to either give up something or eventually get stuck with Presbyterian. Their season ticket holders won't be happy if that happens. That's why LSU should wait. The earlier we commit to buying out South Alabama, the more we risk. If we get past the UGA/UF game that takes a lot more options off the table for the SEC that still don't really benefit us anyway. Oh, and if UF loses that UGA game it takes the pressure of Tennessee breathing down the SEC's neck to get it made up since they won't have to worry about a backdoor technicality anymore.
  13. BYU – Michigan St Maryland vs Penn St Virginia Tech – North Carolina Notre Dame – North Carolina St Tennessee vs Texas A&M Vanderbilt – Kentucky Florida St vs Miami Auburn – Miss St Iowa – Minnesota Colorado – USC
  14. I like alleva fighting the stubbornness with more stubbornness. Saying this game has 0% chance puts the pressure back on the SEC to figure out a way. I don't think there's no chance but LSU should wait until November 13th to decide if we want/need the game. If not well sucks to be a uf season ticket holder this year. If so great it means we've won out to make it worth it.
  15. One interesting thought someone put out was moving UF/UGA a week so that we play UF before Alabama on 10/29 on our bye. Not the best scenario but more tolerable to go that route instead of having UF in November with 3 straight on the road. If the game isn't played period we're essentially eliminated from SEC west contention. Tennessee would be too if they lose two games which is entirely possible since their west opponents are Alabama and Texas AM. Otherwise if they do buyout South Alabama the Texas AM game should be moved to Saturday instead of Thursday to not force LSU to play on short rest for two away games.