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  1. I'm on your side since I'm of the opinion that 8-4 mind as well be 0-12 since neither record gets you into the playoffs. The season was over the minute we lost to Troy. I want whoever in place that will get us a 10-2 or 11-1 record to get into the playoffs. I don't think Ensminger gets us there; he keeps us at 7-5/8-4/9-3. I was just saying an 8-4 record next year is the same as a 9-3 record this year just due to the schedule difficulty increase. I don't blame some fans if they feel differently; it's understandable that some fans would see the situation differently where O was able to right the ship so to speak and not let a team that was floundering finish poorly. The reason I worded it like that is because I can already hear the excuses that will come around this time next year; young QB/new OC/tough schedule, whatever, the same excuses we've heard for 6 years. Except that other teams have had no problem with young QB's, new OCs or even head coaches, or tough schedules. If it doesn't work next year, I'm fine with Aranda becoming head coach like it appears is slated to occur. Alleva hedging with naming Aranda coach in waiting was probably the only good move he has made. I think the traits that make him successful as a coordinator would translate well into becoming a head coach.
  2. I'm looking at the schedule and my head says 7-5 or 8-4 would be expected results. Nothing different than the last 6 years or so. I don't think Ensminger drastically changes anything. If you're a fan that finds above .500 seasons as reasonable, you're probably happy with the Ensminger hire since it won't drastically change where we are. If you're a fan that sees 9-3 or less as a failure because it's not a championship of any kind, it's an awful hire because it doesn't move us anywhere closer to 10-2 or better. After the 2011 season, I want moves to be made to get us to 10-2+ to be in contention for a championship. So if we go 8-4 again there's no reason to keep O around because he's not moving us towards the end goal of a championship.
  3. I know y'all are Saints fans, but Kyle Williams is the real life Jon Snow. Exiled from Louisiana to the frozen north in Buffalo to scratch and claw for 12 years to finally make the playoffs, y'all gotta be Bills fans for one year.
  4. There's a lot to be happy about with this win. I think the biggest thing is simply that the team didn't give up. When I first saw the introductions with Auburn having SR, SR, SR, SR, SO at the offensive line I thought we would really struggle. Especially when I then saw FR, FR, JR, JR, FR for LSU's offensive line. Etling didn't have anywhere near a perfect game but he made the big throws when he needed to. Culp nailing those kicks was huge too.
  5. This lsu team feels like the 4-8 notre dame team from last year. I guess with the hurricane it will be like nd vs. nc state where nd lost 10-9 or something like that.
  6. N/M
  7. Y! sports says Alabama basketball might be next. Edit: their associate AD in charge of basketball has already resigned! Another report says Miami is under investigation(they were university 7 in the report that was bidding on a player but didn't get him). A major agency has been raided that has like 50 NBA players. The Nike AAU camp EYBL has been raided. That's one of the most important AAU tournaments around. This is fricking huge right now.
  8. I'll take Greedy
  9. Honestly Jones was probably the worst power 5 coach out there. It sucks that I have to say that about another LSU grad but I can't think of a p5 coach worse than him. The move should have been made last year because if you cant make the NCAA tournament with the number 1 recruit, you're never going to be able to recruit any player that skilled again.
  10. Lockett had the worst and most uncomfortable rooms. Pain in the ass to get out of them unless u get lucky with one having an exit to the stairs.
  11. Let's be honest, orgeron will "keep the cupboard full" at worst and maybe shock us and get to 11-2 or 10-3 at best. I'm in the camp that he isn't elite to win a 'ship but he's not bad enough for us to fall off the map.
  12. Orgeron must have learned nothing from Les miles. Buh bye.
  13. Orgeron didn't build the o line or put us into the qb situation we are in. The question lsu has to answer is whether or not with orgeron they can land a coordinator that can fix those problems or if an outsider could without losing a really good defense. I think we're stuck in a spot where lsu won't tolerate a rebuild either.
  14. I thought the 4th down calling the runner down and not a fumble was a big call not to go in our favor. It would have been 6 points had they ruled it a fumble and it would have stood on review I think rather than have been overturned.
  15. That's actually not a terrible spot for it. They aren't really displacing anyone since there aren't any that tailgate inside of it.