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  1. Just hoping we put up a good showing. ULM needs to protect NE-Louisiana recruits from bolting south and out of state. I can tell you this, ULM will fight to the very end. They will not quit.
  2. There will be some opportunities for sure. ULM uses a unique 3-3-5 high pressure defense that leaves it's corner 1 on 1 to make plays on the football. Players to watch on offense #15 - Freshman QB Kolton Browning #22 - Junior WR Luther Ambrose - The fastest man in the state and 3rd in the nation #81 - Freshman WR Tavarese Maye #7 - Freshman RB Jyruss Edwards Players to watch on Defense #37 - Junior DB Darius Prelow #35 - Sophomore LB Cameron Blakes #6 - Sophomore DB Robert Nelson #52 - Junior DE Ken Dorsey ULM will start/play in the neighborhood of 10-15 Freshman or more.
  3. Who voted for ULM?