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  1. Maybe they should get a group of flash plankers on these mobs
  2. Nah. At that level of inebriation, I convinced myself I was sober
  3. I hate it when my wine glass is half empty and then spend 20 minutes looking for my keys to go to the store to get another bottle only to find out the keys are already in my hand. I also hate people who drive under the influence
  4. They should open up the playbook and practice more downfield passing the first 10 of 15 plays. It was a joy to see it last week. I like it. I love it. I want more of it
  5. I don't know if you are talking strictly football, but in basketball, a case can be made of Lester Earl or Randy Livingston. Though Livingston's problems were injury related
  6. Would be nice if the uncertainty caused Peterson to stay another year. Blackwell probably stays. Wouldn't mind seeing Cam Newton bolt though
  7. I'm with ya Salute to our men and women in iniform
  8. Hello. Newbie here. This site seems like a good place to visit. I'm noticing a sense of civility that is severely lacking at other sites. Cheers to one and all Oh, and GEAUX TIGERS!!!