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  1. Any updates on Sci Martin?
  2. NCAA New Academic Redshirt Rule

    I think this rule or set of rules does not help.  There are a lot of kids from impoverished neighborhoods who went to really poor schools and whose parents did not have the skills to overcome the odds for getting a base level education. These kids make millions and millions of dollars for the universities. Year after year. I don't see why the NCAA can't start a blueprint for remedial education programs for these kids where the NCAA and its member institutions commit to ensuring that by the time these kids spend 3 years playing football for them that they at the very least have the education they SHOULD have gotten in high school and the goal being that these kids leave for the draft with the equivalent of a 2 year associate degree from a community college. I hear the argument that "this is not the job of the universities", but the IS the reality of these universities. A reality that they are more than happy to exploit for the Gloire of their institutions.
  3. To all revelers:  stay safe and warm!!
  4. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

    He could probably join the coaching ranks tomorrow if he wanted to.
  5. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

    Cam apparently can't handle losing gracefully...gets up and walks out on post game presser: http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14737653/super-bowl-50-cam-newton-carolina-panthers-says-tepid-performance-was-special-did  
  6. Les Miles Q&A.

    What continually amazes me is how grounded Miles is despite the swirl of manure that constantly erupts from a significant part of our fan base.  He is amazing at tuning it out and focusing on his job as a coach and father figure to the young men under his charge.
  7. Some big props to Cameron Lewis from Detillier. 
  8. Happy birthday Fishhead!!

    Happy late birthday, bro.  Hope you had a good one.
  9. Johnny Trainwreck

    The only advice Charlie Sheen should give him is to always wear a condom.
  10. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

    When the game 1st started, I could tell by the look in Newton's eyes that he wasn't ready for the big stage. Also, this might have been the 1st time that a team winning the Super Bowl had a fired former head coach of theirs on its staff. Speaking of Wade Phillips, they should put him in the NFL Hall of Fame now. That guy has been the architect of several great NFL defenses. He's like the Energizer bunny...he keeps going and going, team after team.
  11. Super Bowl 50: Broncos vs Panthers

    A little dab'll do ya!
  12. Meet your College Football Recruiters

    But it did the job any reporter has: it sold advertisements on that page.
  13. Keep in mind that Devin Voorhies moved over to LB from safety.  Also 2016 signee Cameron Lewis could probably play LB in a pinch. I think under Aranda's system we might also see the lines blurred between some of the DEs and OLBs. If we get thin on ILBs, we could stack more safeties in the game. Fowler would have been a nice addition but his heart ultimately was with the Longhorns. Can't blame him...just would have been nice if he was more upfront with the coaches about his possibility of choosing Texas over us. Water under the bridge.
  14. Johnny Trainwreck

    I guess Okie doesn't think he could be a top in jail?
  15. The GOP Presidential Field