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  1. Virginia Tech Visit

    IMHO, this is one of the coolest things about Lane Stadium: http://www.greentechitm.com/pdf/AthleticPFD.pdf http://www.hunterindustries.com/site-study/hunter-plays-key-role-installation-nations-first-tray-system-turf-college-field-0 I wish the Louisiana Superdome would use a system like this.  They could literally grow the grass in the parking lot and re-assemble the field inside prior to game day.
  2. Greg, the only problem I see with your logic is that Miles "isn't going anywhere on his own accord" because he'd lose the buyout. Miles only gets the buyout if he's fired, but another school could offer a salary close to what he is making now and it might be enough for Miles to say "fuggit, I'll go somewhere where I am wanted and appreciated".
  3. 2015 Thanksgiving menu

    We've been invited to have Thanksgiving with the family of our son's girlfriend.  I'm bringing a 10 pound Turducken and real roux based gravy (not "pan gravy").  There will be a couple other turkeys, but not sure what else will be served.
  4. I'm ready for Third & Chavis

    This game is the game LF7 takes back the Heisman lead.  I feel it in my bones.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving

    Nothing like the 1st holiday meal in a new oven/range. When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, we made an investment in a great 6 burner range.  It's a cooking machine.
  6. What Happened According to Fishhead

    Dachs, No one is criticizing you for your passionate defense of Miles and I don't think anyone on this site wants him gone. Everyone cherishes your voice here on any and every topic. What I've read in replies to your comments are the evidence others see in the arguments coming from the anti-Miles crowd. Those people do have some valid points even if they reach a conclusion that is opposed to the conclusions that you, me, and every other Miles supporters arrive at. Unfortunately, the well has been poisoned by some BoS members and - like it or not - there is almost zero chance of everyone retreating back to where Miles can be anything but a dead man walking. The only thing we can hope for is that the most ideal sequence of events unfolds moving forward for everyone involved: Miles, LSU, the fans, the players, and whoever Miles eventual replacement is (should it come to that). All of this is nothing short of tragic because Miles is a great man, an effective coach, and a textbook example of the kind of person representing LSU and the state of Louisiana.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to some of the most insightful and passionate people I (don't) know!  LOL. Hope everyone has a safe, festive, reflective day devoid of any drama, trauma, or unpleasantness. May your day be filled with peace and happiness. I'm thankful for all of you.
  8. 2015 Pick'em - Week 13

    IowaTCU    Virginia TechStanfordWisconsinFloridaArizona StateUCLAOle MissOklahoma
  9. What Happened According to Fishhead

    A game I love playing!  
  10. Well, here is one scenario that perhaps the Miles bashers and BoS have not contemplated: USC makes an offer to Saban that is enough to make him decide to take the reins of the Trojan team. A newly released Les Miles gets hired by Alabama to take over a Saban team for the 2nd time. How many heads of so-called "fans" will implode?
  11. What Happened According to Fishhead

    Just playing 'what if', bro.  There were a ton of people who thought Les was a step down when hired.  Just sayin.
  12. What Happened According to Fishhead

    Rich Rod is a tier 1 recruiter and had that program clicking on all cylinders. I look at Pitt and WVU as a see-saw: if one does well, the other is in decline. I don't disagree with most of your post, but WVU started declining under Bill Stewart. It wasn't isolated to Holgorsen.
  13. Johnny Football

    Benched for drinking again. I figured his "rehab" was probably a PR move or his problem is more serious than he's willing to admit. http://news.yahoo.com/off-field-antics-nfl-browns-rethinking-manziel-move-203039683--nfl.html Can you say bust?
  14. Can't help but wonder if they are safer staying in jail.
  15. What Happened According to Fishhead

    So if there is no plan B and Miles gets canned, how would people feel about luring Dana Holgorsen away from West Virginia? He's always been one of those intriguing coaches that has taken WVU about as far as the program will let him and I think he has a higher ceiling than his current gig allows.  He strikes me as a guy that could handle what LSU offers. On a separate note - regarding Les' buyout - the thought struck me that another program might be willing to negotiate with LSU to "split" some of Les' buyout with LSU should they currently have or suddenly find themselves with an HC vacancy.