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  1. Got it. I thought maybe something happened wrt the game itself...have been avoiding the news lately.
  2. Virginia Tech BYU Boston College West Virginia Northwestern Wisconsin Washington St Navy Miss St Arkansas
  3. MANCRUSH Malachai Dupre

    Dad, Honoring the maxim of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...how do you speculate Harris would do under Ensminger as OC? I'm not suggesting we yank Etling and put Harris back in, but it might be interesting to see how Harris performs under this system with the changes Ensminger has put in if Harris were to be pressed back into service.
  4. LSU vs Ole Piss 8:00 PM Kickoff

    Just for Greg:
  5. Play Action

    Jump ball.
  6. From here on out...

    FWIW: Tim Brando: LSU, not Texas A&M, is greatest threat to Alabama during regular season Veteran sportscaster Tim Brando was the guest speaker at the C-Spire 1st & 10 Club in Mobile on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016. (Creg Stephenson/cstephenson@al.com) PrintEmail By Creg Stephenson | cstephenson@al.com Email the author | Follow on Twitter on October 17, 2016 at 10:36 PM, updated October 18, 2016 at 2:54 PM First things first — Tim Brando believes Alabama is the best team in college football and is picking the Crimson Tide to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff once again. That's true even if the Crimson Tide loses a game during the regular season, the veteran sportscaster said following his speech to the C-Spire 1st & 10 Club at the Mobile Marriott on Monday. However, if Alabama does lose between now and the SEC championship game, Brando said it's more likely to be to twice-beaten LSU on Nov. 5, rather than vs. undefeated Texas A&M on Saturday. "For (Texas A&M) to beat Alabama, they're going to have to make dynamic plays defensively," said Brando, who now calls games for Fox Sports after nearly two decades at CBS. "They're going to need to get explosive plays ... that's losses of eight or more yards defensively, which means sacks. Those two ends are really, really good, but they also give up a lot of yards. Tennessee just annihilated them in College Station. They gave up over 600 yards. So, you're going to get big plays against them, whereas LSU defensively is a team that plays a lot like Alabama plays. They're going to play in phone booths, between the hashes, hit you in the chops and say 'come on back, come on back.' "Physically, [LSU goes] into the game knowing they're as good as Alabama. I think even Alabama knows that LSU believes physically that they are the equivalent of Alabama." LSU was 2-2 and coming off a loss to Auburn when they fired head coach Les Miles on Sept. 25. The Tigers have looked like a different team in two games under interim coach Ed Orgeron, however, outscoring Missouri and Southern Miss by a combined 87-17 and averaging 546.5 yards of offense per game. The Tigers have made some offensive adjustments under Orgeron, utilizing more spread formations with career college assistant Steve Ensminger now running the offense rather than deposed NFL veteran Cam Cameron. But the difference in LSU's team under Orgeron is more psychological than schematic, Brando said. "They're so loose now," Brando said. "The Miles thing is behind them. Orgeron is a lightning rod. All the kids love him. It's just like 'hey, guys, play every play.' That mentality wasn't there with Les. Les did a marvelous job, had a great career, but I think there was a level of soap opera and tightness. Players react to what's going on. It's hard not to react to what's at stake for our coach if things don't go well. "Well, now that's all gone. I think there will be a no-holds-barred attitude for LSU going into that game, which makes it a possible classic." Alabama is unbeaten this year, but has lost at least one SEC West game in each of the last five seasons. In four of those years (all except 2013), the Crimson Tide was in the national championship hunt at the end of the regular season — winning the title in 2011, 2012 and 2015. Brando said the Alabama's recent history under Nick Saban is a big reason it could earn a playoff spot despite one loss. Brando's picks for the playoff are Alabama from the SEC, Ohio State from the Big Ten, Clemson from the ACC and possibly a second team from one of those three conferences — Texas A&M, Michigan or Louisville; he believes the Pac-12 and Big 12 will be left out this year. "Even if Alabama loses a game, I believe they don't drop that far," Brando said. "And they still have the sweat equity and the branding — people think that's a negative when I bring that up, I'm not discounting them at all when I say that. You earn the reputation to be in that position, to fall fewer spots, when you're Alabama, when you've won four of the last seven national championships. That's something you accrue over time. This (playoff selection) committee is not using computers. They're going by what they see. When you hear the references to the weekly beauty pageant, that's what the College Football Playoff is." Brando: Malzahn 'should be' safe based on recent play Veteran sportscaster spoke Monday in Mobile One thing that does separate this Alabama team from others, Brando noted, is at the quarterback position. Though he stopped short of saying this was Saban's best Alabama team, he heaped praise on Jalen Hurts, calling the Crimson Tide's true freshman quarterback "Deshaun Watson in waiting." To get to the level of the Clemson star, Brando said, Hurts will have to continue to prove himself as the season goes along. To this point, Hurts has often been carried by Alabama's defense and special teams, which have accounted for 11 touchdowns in seven games this season. "I want to find out what Jalen does when they're pushed to the limit and he's got to make plays in stressful situations in the fourth quarter," Brando said. "To this point, he hasn't had to do that really. I think that despite the come-from-behind victory at Ole Miss, that game was so strange in the way that it turned, that by the latter portion of the third quarter, you knew that Alabama was the superior team. They were playing as though they were the far superior team. I'm talking about, game on the line, can you make the plays down the stretch? We still don't know that about Jalen. "I do think he's up to it; he's certainly given every indication that he is. But to this point, I think Alabama's dominance is more what the defense and special teams are doing consistently, game-in and game-out, to aid the offense."
  7. Letters: LSU not the villain in saga of Tigers' game with Florida James Carville OCT 18, 2016 - 2:00 PM (7) Advcoate staff file photo by MATTHEW HINTON -- Political commentator James Carville. Steve Helber New SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey speaks before an NCAA college basketball game in the quarter final round of the Southeastern Conference tournament, Friday, March 13, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn. Sankey replaces the retiring Mike Slive as commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. (AP Photo/Steve Helber) ORG XMIT: TNMS102 Having some knowledge of what was going on internally in reference to the Florida/LSU game, I was completely taken back by the remarks of SEC commissioner Greg Sankey. Every LSU fan knows that the SEC has literally been in the tank for Alabama the whole time, but now we can add Florida to that list. Why Sankey would want to make LSU, a charter member of the SEC, a villain — I have no idea. The truth of the matter is that LSU officials offered the Gators more than their fair share of options, among them hosting the game in Baton Rouge and flying Florida to Baton Rouge, playing in Tallahassee and even going into Gainesville and out the same day so hotel rooms wouldn’t be an issue. They offered to play the game on Saturday night, Sunday or Monday. Fact of the matter is, they didn’t want to play. Commissioner Sankey and Mr. Foley were demanding that our athletic director Joe Alleva and President F. King Alexander bend to their will and force our players to play three road games in a row against top 25 teams between Nov. 12 and Nov. 24. That's insane. The LSU high command rightfully and justifiably stood up to the bullying of the University of Florida in the SEC. If they want to declare war on us, then so be it. I would advise Commissioner Sankey that there are friendlier venues in this conference for him to attend games than Tiger Stadium. He’s deemed us persona non grata in the league offices. The good news is our players will settle this matter on the field of play. When Earl Long was governor, a legislator said to him “Governor, I'm with you when you're right.” Long told the legislator, “I don’t need you when I’m right. I need you when I’m wrong.” LSU can count on me when they're wrong, but in this instance they were not wrong. They were 100 percent right, and our fans, students, faculty and staff should take their hats off to the administration for standing up for our student athletes. Forever LSU. James Carville political consultant New Orleans
  8. HEY OM

    I hope you didn't run out of toilet paper.
  9. PETA Lobbies for No New Mike

    Too bad we can't just set captive tigers free (in PETA's offices).
  10. From here on out...

    Kelly is an ass, but he's going to make some NFL team very happy.
  11. From here on out...

    I know it is doubtful, but running that table would be amazing and equate to an epic season.
  12. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I actually had forgotten about all that. Don't know the answer to your question.
  13. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Just throwing another potential candidate out there: Dana Holgorsen. WVU is undefeated but the meat of their schedule is coming up with TCU, Oklahoma State, Texas, Oklahoma, and Baylor all on the horizon. Notables they have beaten so far include Mizzou, BYU, and Texas Tech. I always liked Holgorsen back to his OC days at Oklahoma State and figured WVU would be his proving grounds. Now that Oliver Luck is no longer AD at WVU, I think he's pretty poachable. Depending on how he does with the rest of WVU's schedule, he could win his way into consideration. Bringing up an older one I mentioned immediately after Miles was fired, keep an eye on P.J. Fleck and Western Michigan (also undefeated). The critique against Fleck is that Western Michigan to LSU "is too big of a jump", but if this guy is the real deal I really don't care where our next coach comes from.
  14. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    I really think the Florida game fiasco affected this team in the 1st half. I can't imagine what it is like to study and prep for an opponent, then be expected to "unlearn" that for a different opponent instead of purging that on the field against the team you prepped for. Glad we laid down a spanking on this team in the end. Aranda's defense has averaged giving up a single TD per game (6 games, 6 cumulative TDs allowed on the year) if I read that correctly in the Advocate. I'm liking this defense with one exception: INTERCEPTIONS No. Yards Avg TD Long Tre'Davious White 2 21 10.5 1 21 Donte Jackson 1 40 40.0 0 40 Rickey Jefferson 1 0 0.0 0 0 Total.......... 4 61 15.2 1 40 Opponents...... 4 43 10.8 0 43 We have no more INTs than our opponents. DBU needs to do better than that.
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