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  1. Johnny Trainwreck

    Makes you wonder at what point in time will Manziel surpass Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell as the biggest QB bust of all time. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/05/21/emaciated-manziel-moves-even-farther-away-from-an-nfl-return/ If he does not give a crap, why should we?
  2. Two More for the Gumps Up to No Good

    You can easily tell which Louisiana kids are defective...those are the ones that want to go be a gump.
  3. Tragic Start To Preakness Day

    That's aweful.
  4. With those man boobs you have to wonder which bathroom that person should be using.
  5. Happy Birthday 'erb!

    No worries, PM. Okie...that cake looks like an incentive to NOT blow the candle out.
  6. Happy Birthday 'erb!

    Thanks, everyone. I have way too many of these birthdays...happy to give all of you a few of my extras!
  7. Home Brew Beer

    Hatch, are there any homebrew shops near Lafayette? Huge believer in supporting local businesses. I see one in Lake Charles (https://www.facebook.com/TheBrewShopLaTx/?rf=289742437801086) and one in Baton Rouge (http://www.lahomebrew.com/). It might be worth calling one of those and seeing if they will sell you a brewing basics kit that does not include the fermenters. You could then try to find a couple of glass carboys locally (Craigslist). Shipping would be much kinder without all of the glass. Also, looks like there is a strong homebrew club in Lafayette: http://www.deadyeast.com/. You can probably go to their next meeting, sample some homebrew, and maybe brew with someone that is a member before you take the plunge. The homebrew club I belonged ot in Denver (no longer in existence - "The Unfermmentables") had 3 people that would up either working as professional brewers or started their own Brewery...one was The Great Divide Brewery in Denver. Here's a homebrew kit on Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping): http://www.amazon.com/DP-GFZY-7I2K-Homebrew-Gallon-Glass-Carboy/dp/B01467U8KY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1463682659&sr=8-2&keywords=homebrew+starter+kit. The Papazian book is also in a kindle format. That book is very light hearted and humorous, but still has a lot of info and good advice. There is also a book by a guy named Greg Noonan called "Brewing Lager Beer" that is more on the technical/chemistry side of things for when you're ready to step up your game. I'm sure there are many other books that have sprung up in the last several years that are excellant as well. For a starter recipe kit, if there is an option to get a liquid yeast packet, I'd highly recommend that over pitching what is overglorified bread yeast. There is a plethora of liquid yeast varieties around for every type of beer you'd want to brew. Just make sure that you're getting an ale yeast unless you have the refrigeration equipment to ferment lagers at the correct temperature range. Liquid yeast will be a huge improvement in the flavor profile of your beer over the dried yeast packets. For sanitizing, you can use 1.5-2 ounces of regular household bleach (not the scented stuff) per 5 gallons of water. keep in mind that you need to rinse off bleach solutions before letting anything that has been soaking in bleach touch your beer...the bleach can kill your live yeast. A lot of people freak out about that, but I brewed for years sanitizing with a bleach solution with no issues at all. I just do a quick rinse with hot water out of the tap to wash off any bleach solution. Note that the sanitizers you can get at homebrew shops are not that expensive, but you can do with what you have around the house instead of buying something you might not use up if you don't stick with the hobby. At the end of the day...have fun with it and enjoy the fine, tasty beer you will craft!
  8. Home Brew Beer

    The big reason why I recommend doing 5 gallon batches is that your yield with a one gallon batch will probably be about 9 beers (as opposed to about 48 with a 5 gallon batch). Given that it takes about 6 weeks from brewing start to drinking, you want to have enough to enjoy over time while your next batch is fermenting. When you brew 5 gallons, you get 2 whole cases of beer.
  9. Home Brew Beer

    Most kits make 5 gallons. Looks like that will make 1 gallon but includes a 1 gallon glass fermentor. I'd suggest looking at a starter kit from a homebrew supply store and get a 5 gallon recipe kit to brew in that. The tried and true beginner kits consist of a can of hopped malt extract syrup, a pound or two of dried malt extract, and a packet of dried yeast. Having said that, you can probably make your own brewing kit that would be better than one you pay about $100 for. All you really need are: 2 glass 5-gallon carboys (you want glass so you can sanitize them: one will be your primary fermentor and one will be your secondary fermentor. Plastic can get scratched, which can provide good places for bacteria to hide.) You should be able to find carboys locally somewhere. 2 rubber stoppers (with holes) for the carboys 1 large funnel A brewing hydrometor A floating dairy thermometor 1 three foot section of food grade 5/16" tubing (blow off tube) 1 six foot section of food grade 5/16" tubing (siphon tube) 1 carboy brush 1 five gallon stainless brewing pot (can be cheapest you can find) bottle filler and tubing Optional: Fermentation lock 5 gallon bucket (new, food grade) racking tube
  10. Home Brew Beer

    Probably best to start with an extract syrup + DME kit for your 1st brew. Once you have that 1st process under your belt, you can start experimenting with steeping grains in the boil, adding hops, etc. Or you can dive right into all-grain mashing. Keeping your fermentation temp under roughly 67 degrees will avoid having fruity esthers in your finished beer. I used to have a chest freezer hooked up to one of these: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/refrigerator-thermostat-control-analog.html.
  11. Home Brew Beer

    I've been an all-grain homebrewer since 1991. It's all about methodology and making sure anything that touches the chilled wort (through fermentation) is sanitized. Get the Papazian book. Reminisce about that old VW bug while reading it.
  12. Two More for the Gumps Up to No Good

    My hunch is that he'll plead down off of anything with mandatory time due to his celebrity football status. He'll wind up copping to something equivalent to "driving while stupid".
  13. Hope Zach lands on his feet...he had a Tiger's heart and I will never forget him scraping himself off of the field to try to get his team in a position to win.