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  1. Continuing with the word play. Only if we get to "drill Saban, drill".
  2. Beef back ribs cooked 6+ hours in a slow cooker with a dry rub thwn basted with BBQ sauce and finished in the oven +
  3. Whatever his personal issues are, I hope he masters them. Life itself is always much bigger than football.
  4. In some strange way, I miss Hee-Haw.
  5. Having spent 10 years in Colorado and having married a Nebraska girl, part of my soul will forever drift with the winds in the plains. But...the exposure they want is not associated with Jayhawks.
  6. Glad to see that this was more likely a case of the media looking to peak interest to sell more ads rather than an actual issue. I'm sure Coach Eaux's phone is always open to anyone in his profession that has something they want to talk about and clear up. Now we just need to have someone talk to those kids that seem interested in Kan'sAss.
  7. Last week another talented musician passed away. John Wetton was a bass player and former lead singer of Asia and King Crimson, among other bands.
  8. One of the many pictures my brother took yesterday.
  9. Well, I hope this does not turn into a race thing.
  10. I'm officially losing it.
  11. Good news for Saints fans! A two bit drunk is now calling plays for their nemesis.
  12. May your hook always get a bite! (or something like that.)
  13. I care about 2 things: 1. Can the guy develop talent? 2. Can he recruit? I really don't know this guy, but I googled him and found some articles written by people who probably sit around and watch corn grow. :-) He hasn't been offered a job. I'm just assuming he's recruiting kids from the turf he knows best and I don't know that we can read into any motivations beyond that. But if these kids go to Kansas, they are dead to me (aka Tiger Bait).
  14. Debo had a good game. It was good to see Tyson Jackson still playing. Jalen Collins was hot and cold, and had he shined we'd be looking at a different outcome. Holding penalties kept killing the Dirty Birds. I slept well...if only they both could have lost.
  15. What is it about Hull that you don't like? The guy used to work for NASA and gave up a career in aerospace engineering to coach at Warren Easton and try to make a positive difference in kids who have almost zero advantages. If his recruiting is above board, it looks like he can recruit circles around people like Juluke.