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  1. The Saints And The 2016 NFL Draft

    Would have LOVED to have seen Eric Reid as a Saint.
  2. The Saints And The 2016 NFL Draft

    You meant Vinnie Sunseri not Kenny Vaccaro, right?
  3. Civil War Sites, Then and Now

    Speaking fo Williamsburg, this is nearby: http://www.history.org/almanack/places/hb/hbwol.cfm    
  4. Civil War Sites, Then and Now

    First off, great thread.  Really cool looking at the then and now.   I live within a few hours drive of many major Civil War battlefields and the only one I've really spent time in is Gettysburg, unfortunately. (And I have a history degree!) I wish they had photography during the revolutionary war to bring that reality into the consciousness of people today. Would love to see photographs of places like Trenton, Saratoga, Bunker Hill, etc.  
  5. What TV Shows Are You Watching

    Finally watching 'The Wire' on Amazon Prime.  Can't believe we've not watched this yet seeing that I work in Baltimore.
  6. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/guitarist-singer-lonnie-mack-dies-age-74-tennessee-38603621        
  7. Cornbread Aficionado Topic

    Glad you liked it.  I might try a variation with some canned corn kernels in it. 
  8. Happy birthday, dachsie!

    Happy Birthday, Dachsie!!!    
  9. Rest in Peace, Prince

    This is odd:  
  10. Rest in Peace, Prince

    Confirmed http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/prince-dead-57-music-legend-found-estate-article-1.2610011  
  11. Chile Relleno sauce?

    I still dream about this place from my Denver days...nursed many a hangover on Saturday mornings here:   http://www.eltacodemexicodenver.com/  
  12. Aranda Q&A 4/1/16

    Maybe because Big 10 football is regionally off of the radar of most SEC fans whereas Clemson is very much on the radar due to regional proximity?  Just throwing that out there.
  13. Chile Relleno sauce?

    PM, In the Southwestern states, it's all about smothering Chile Rellenos with green chile. http://www.focusnewmexico.com/recipes/rec5.htm http://www.food.com/recipe/traditional-style-new-mexico-green-chile-sauce-28467 Green chiles can actually be fairly mild, so the sauce can be made to augment flavors rather than be hot.