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  1. Notre Dame Auburn La Tech Utah State Oregon Michigan State Virginia Florida State Oklahoma State Iowa
  2. My wife and I are watching this also. Grooving on it so far.
  3. You sure its not at 6:15:04?
  4. Anyone also see that Syracuse beat Clemson? That kind of bumps the level of competition we've faced up a bit. Now we just need Troy to upset a team like Ohio State. lol.
  5. Denver's secret cuisine-wise is Mexican Food (or more precidely, New Mexican cuisine). Eat green chile early and often. Green chile is a gravy-like sauce ladled on top of Mexican dishes like burritos, chili rellenos, etc.,. It is made from roasted green chili peppers grown in Colorado and New Mexico. http://www.westword.com/restaurants/the-ten-best-places-for-green-chile-in-denver-2016-edition-7591364 There are also a plethora of BBQ and Soul Food places in an area called "Five Points": https://www.denver.org/about-denver/neighborhood-guides/five-points/ Denver has a pretty vibrant music scene also. If y'all can grab a concert at Red Rocks (might be too late for outdoor venues), do it. You can also just drive out to Morrison to see the amphitheater itself and try "running the steps": Speaking of exercise, Denver has more dedicated bike paths in the city than probably any city of its size. Renting a bike and riding around is a great way to explore the city. https://www.denver.org/things-to-do/sports-recreation/bike-trails/ The Denver Zoo and Denver Botanic gardens are pretty good to see also. Within 30 minutes of Denver are some great day hikes. http://dayhikesneardenver.com/10-easy-beginner-hikes-near-denver/ http://dayhikesneardenver.com/waterton-canyon-trail/ Boulder, Colorado gets a lot of derision (mostly deserved) for its granola lifestyle, wannabe hippie lifestyle, etc. ,. But it is still a cool place to visit. It's a university town, after all, and will remind you of Baton Rouge in many ways. If you head out that way, there are some cool things to see, like the lobby of the "Boulderado Hotel", a historic hotel from Colorado's wild west days: If you are meeting up with your USMC buddies for a "guys day out", there are limited stakes gambling casinos in Central City, Colorado. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, go to Central City over the "Oh My God" road that connects Idaho Springs to Central City. Idaho Springs is about 35 miles west of Denver (in the mountains) off of I-70. Here is a link describing the "Oh My God Road": http://www.dangerousroads.org/north-america/usa/728-oh-my-god-road-usa.html ***Note: recommended before beers only.*** (http://www.fasthorseinc.com/blog/2011/06/i-followed-google-maps-navigation-and-almost-died-in-the-rockies/) lol Misc links: http://www.colorado.gov/dpa/doit/archives/cap/first.htm https://www.denverlibrary.org/ http://www.thepeclodo.com/ http://eltacodemexicodenver.com/ http://www.hermanshideaway.com/ http://www.westword.com/location/my-brothers-bar-5160990 http://www.cherrycricket.com/ http://16thstreetmalldenver.com/
  6. Children everywhere will have nightmares.
  7. Make Fishhead take his shoes off if you ever have him over for dinner!
  8. Ole Piss North Carolina Navy Florida Arizona Maryland Michigan State West Virginia Utah State Rutgers
  9. New

    Welcome aboard! This is a relatively small but growing group of passionate LSU fans who pride themselves in keeping a fairly high level of civility in our discussions. You'd be hard pressed to find a more thoughtful group of people. One question...how far is the nearest beer store to you?
  10. Keep forgetting about his injuries. This is Etling's last year...we need more than one egg in the basket when he's gone.
  11. If this team keeps the "heart momentum" going and can work on trying to eliminate personal fouls, we can go toe to toe with just about anyone left on our schedule. I'd also like to see Lowell Narcisse worked into some series just like we've been doing with Brennan. I'm thinking an occasional wild cat formation and a series or two. There were a couple of time yesterday where I think Narcisse could have been a difference maker in getting key 3rd down/1st down yardage. Not to mention the fits it might cause defenses and force them to burn a timeout if Narcisse is in the backfield with another QB.
  12. And Coach Eaux thought his kickers suck.
  13. Arden Key is overrated as a 1st round talent.
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