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  1. Is Bennie Logan an unrestricted free agent this year? If so, he might be a good replacement for Nick Fairley for the Saints to consider.
  2. What does a "Recruiting Creative Coordinator" do...make animal shapes out of balloons?
  3. Yeah. It was a placeholder written in advance in their system so that once the anouncement and opponent were official they could do a "find and replace" to fill in those details then push live. Someone accidentally pushed it live before it was completed or before it was time.
  4. Guessing this was not yet supposed to be published: DO NOT PUBLISH!!! LSU basketball team earns spot in NIT; Will Wade, Tigers will host XXXX on Wednesday BY SHELDON MICKLES | SMICKLES@THEADVOCATE.COM MAR 11, 2018 - 7:30 PM (0) Facebook Twitter Email Buy Now LSU coach Will Wade guided his team to a National Invitation Tournament bid in his first season with the Tigers. ADVOCATE STAFF PHOTO BY PATRICK DENNIS Facebook Twitter Email Print Save Sheldon Mickles Will Wade had two main goals in mind for his first LSU basketball team when the regular season began back in early November. Both goals, he thought, were very attainable: Not having a losing season and earning a spot in a postseason tournament just one year after taking over a program that went 10-21 in 2017. Wade’s team accomplished both. LSU, 17-14 overall, secured a non-losing season last month and was rewarded Sunday night with a National Invitation Tournament berth and a home game in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on XXXX night against XXXXXX. The NIT 32-team field, which is made up of four eight-team quadrants, was announced shortly after the 68-team NCAA tournament field was revealed. LSU was one of four Southeastern Conference teams to earn spots in the NIT to go with a league-record eight NCAA tournament berths — which means 12 of the conference’s 14 teams are in the postseason. Waiting on the call: Will Wade, LSU hoping to get to postseason with NIT bid, home game ST. LOUIS — Will Wade firmly believes his LSU basketball team deserves a spot at the National Invitation Tournament’s 32-seat table. Also set for the NIT are Louisiana-Lafayette and Southeastern Louisiana, who received automatic bids as regular-season champions of the Sun Belt and Southland conferences, respectively. UL-Lafayette will play XXXX on XXXXX night and SLU will play at XXXXX on XXXXX night. Last week, after it became apparent LSU was likely out of contention for an NCAA tournament bid, Wade notified NIT officials that he and his team would be “excited and fired up” about participating in their event. Wade, who was reluctant to talk about his team’s postseason possibilities until it had secured a winning season, said playing in the NIT would be an important step in the development of his program going forward. “I think from where we were last year to where we are now is a big improvement,” Wade said last week. “For us to continue to play in the postseason would be important. “Our guys want to play. Our guys are excited to continue to play,” he said. “Our guys like being around each other. Our guys enjoy what’s going on. … It’s my job as a head coach to, if they want to keep playing, make sure I do everything possible to keep playing.” It just means 'more': SEC men's basketball in line for league-record eight NCAA tournament bids By now, you’ve all seen and heard the slogan the Southeastern Conference adopted nearly two years ago. LSU’s NIT invite comes two years after former coach Johnny Jones declined a spot in the tournament when his team, with future No. 1 NBA draft pick Ben Simmons, closed out a disappointing 19-14 campaign. LSU is in the NIT for the eighth time overall after previously playing in it in 1970, 1982, 1983, 2002, 2004, 2012 and 2014. The Tigers are 4-8 all-time in the NIT, going 1-1 in their most recent appearance. They played both games on the road, defeating San Francisco 71-63 before falling to SMU 80-67. It takes three wins in the tournament to reach the NIT semifinals, which will be played March 27 in Madison Square Garden in New York City. The semifinal winners will square off in the championship game on March 29. The NIT bid will mark the fourth time in his five years as a head coach Wade has led his team into the postseason. He took Chattanooga to the CIT tournament in 2014 and the last two seasons helped VCU land a berth in the NCAA tournament — reaching the Sweet 16 in 2016. FOLLOW SHELDON MICKLES ON TWITTER, @MICKLESADVOCATE.
  5. I'm ticked off Guice was asked those questions...whatever neanderthal asked those should be banned from NFL jobs.
  6. Not at all. We've dropped to a Mizzou level in the SEC for recruiting. Our W-L record will follow fairly quickly. By the time the @$$clowns in charge make changes, it will take the better part of a decade to climb back up. Missing Miles yet?
  7. Just getting home after a long day at work only to read about this colossal "bed browning". Where is the forensic team? LSU recruiting is a bloody crime scene right now.
  8. Happy Birthday! May your birthday gifts include Tiger recruits!
  9. My understanding of the settlement is that $1 million of it was already due him for the "services rendered" during the 1st year of the contract. The $700K was the agreed upon settlement for the balance of his contract. It was actually a pretty good deal for LSU compared to what could have been owed if he was officially fired.
  10. Slowly circling back to Tennessee the back way.
  11. Could not agree more.
  12. I think was a much needed hire. Ideally - with proper coaching - I'd love to see Culp get some chances to salvage his reputation. Short leash, though.
  13. He was an incredible announcer and sports personality. Many many memories of watching games he announced.
  14. I would agree with HT based on the evidence at hand. Please note the caveat that no one outside of the staff can attest to the environment between coaches either way. Not one soul. There is no mass exodus of coaches due to personality conflicts. Grimes left for a promotion to OC. Canada left because of a rift between O and Canada. Aranda decided stay...had he left despite a compelling counter offer by LSU, then one could conclude there might be a toxic environment in the coaches room. The fact that Aranda stayed lends itself to an interpretation that it was probably NOT about the money alone.
  15. He's already got the colors down.