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  1. Kiffen's recruiting jewel.
  2. Which restaurant? Was it 'Bayou Bob's'?
  3. Really excited for this. A much needed plug for a huge area of concern. He will be a short term solution for us, but I'm very optimistic that he'll be an immediate, positive impact.
  4. 340 is a lot of weight for a kid that young to carry. For his health, dropping a few pounds and toning up would be a good thing.
  5. Mike getting into it:
  6. Y'all...I PROMISE not to tell people up here that the schools were closed over this.
  7. It's nice to be in good company. I have to admit, there were a few games over the season that I could not decide on, so I peeked to see who Dachsie had picked!
  8. It should actually be a pretty good game. Was talking to a couple locals here in Annapolis who insisted this game had already been played this season. LOL.
  9. Sound advice. Here is the good I found in this season: this team gelled over time and started playing like we knew they could. Hopefully we can keep that momentum going into the recruiting season with a win over the Golden Domers.
  10. GO NAVY!!!!!!!
  11. Bama's best win was against #17 LSU. Seriously...we were the highest ranked team they beat all season (at the time the game was played).
  12. Sounds like an amazing time, Dad.
  13. I think the season can't be labeled as anything but a disappointment. We lost to freaking Troy and almost lost to Syracuse. Our overall record was respectable and we get to go to a bowl game (yay) but I worry about the future of the program and what the impact of this season will be on recruiting. The fence around Louisiana has a huge section fallen and be prepared to see Saban come in and rape us for whatever talent he wants. I don't see Orgeron's (overblown) recruiting reputation reversing that. As for Alleva, he probably saved himself with a great basketball hire so one of two things are likely to happen: the fan base at large will hit on the 'Louisiana Son' crack pipe and be content with mediocrity over winning because we have a native son leading the team or when the day comes to replace Orgeron we''ll get an equally poor Alleva hire for a football coach.
  14. Won - 8 Lost - 2
  15. Anyone ever make a pie crust type dough that contains cornmeal as a significant ingredient? Or does that make the crust fall apart? I'm wanting to make a 'BBQ Shrimp' pie (or some individial pie sizes).