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  1. 2014 Pick'em - Week 5

    Boaton College Maryland Miami (OH) Stanford Connecticut FAU Rice Miami (FL) Tulsa San Jose State
  2. 2014 Pick'em - Week 4

    Making my comeback
  3. I'm having to hear it from all these turds
  4. Domestic Violence... Double Standard

    It's soccer, so nobody cared
  5. I don't know... I just don't.
  6. Hey, held em to the 3....
  7. This is some horseshit
  8. DBU Boom!

    LSU has always had the effect of firing me up.
  9. That was the saddest hype video I've ever seen. It said they "win the football"... That's just embarrasing. But, I think they're already making "Dak for Heisman" stickers, too... So there's that.
  10. Week 4 NCAA Football Games

    Auburn can't seem to pull away. KSU inside the 10
  11. ios 8

    That's what I figured. Any reason to update?
  12. Winston Suspended for a half?

    that's my bad
  13. 2014 Pick'em - Week 4

  14. ios 8

    What's the big sell for it?