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  1. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    The whole conference tourney in baseball, basketball, etc is redundant. They need to go away.
  2. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (Game 1)

    A pleasure to drop by. If I weren't overwhelmed on so many fronts I'd stop by more often.
  3. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (Game 1)

    Thanks Okie.
  4. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (Game 1)

    Is the suspended game from Thursday going to be played?
  5. LSU Baseball @ Texas A&M (Game 1)

    Solid win for us tonight. Better performance than our hoops team out in Disneyland.
  6. Bad night for our special teams. And uncharacteristically so. No change coming there.
  7. While I've been wanting a number of the A&M offensive coaches walking home from BR, the way Miles has been treated is still deplorable. He deserves so much better than the way he has been treated. Now I need to get back to figuring out who I want A&M to hire as offensive coaches. Good win for the Tigers.
  8. It Appears the End is Here

    Lots of folks I associate with in Aggieland are absolutely shocked at the way Miles has been treated. "Disgraceful" is the word most commonly used. I find it reprehensible.
  9. Thanks Les!

    Dachsie/Herb: Both of what you stated, taken together makes sense. Or more accurately: it's insane. Those morons are going to screw it up for you guys and put you back into the wilderness
  10. Thanks Les!

    The possibility that Miles will be fired/released/retire/whatever is rather bizarre to me. To go from the cusp of the playoff to losing 3 in a row and facing the sack doesn't make a lot of sense. Who over there wants him gone? And why?
  11. New Polls Out...LSU #5

    Right now you guys should be #2. Who has Baylor played that has a pulse?
  12. The Upstanding Values of Baylor

    Absolutely disgraceful behavior by Baylor
  13. LSU @ TAMU Men's BB

    I thought the game tonight was played like a must win game on both sides. Great win for us, but not necessarily a bad loss for you guys. Good luck in the remainder of the regular season.
  14. LSU Basketball: Important Stretch coming up for the Tigers

    Tuesday night is big for both us and you guys. It has the feel of a "must win" game on both sides.