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  1. Bad night for our special teams. And uncharacteristically so. No change coming there.
  2. While I've been wanting a number of the A&M offensive coaches walking home from BR, the way Miles has been treated is still deplorable. He deserves so much better than the way he has been treated. Now I need to get back to figuring out who I want A&M to hire as offensive coaches. Good win for the Tigers.
  3. It Appears the End is Here

    Lots of folks I associate with in Aggieland are absolutely shocked at the way Miles has been treated. "Disgraceful" is the word most commonly used. I find it reprehensible.
  4. Thanks Les!

    Dachsie/Herb: Both of what you stated, taken together makes sense. Or more accurately: it's insane. Those morons are going to screw it up for you guys and put you back into the wilderness
  5. Thanks Les!

    The possibility that Miles will be fired/released/retire/whatever is rather bizarre to me. To go from the cusp of the playoff to losing 3 in a row and facing the sack doesn't make a lot of sense. Who over there wants him gone? And why?
  6. New Polls Out...LSU #5

    Right now you guys should be #2. Who has Baylor played that has a pulse?
  7. The Upstanding Values of Baylor

    Absolutely disgraceful behavior by Baylor
  8. LSU @ TAMU Men's BB

    I thought the game tonight was played like a must win game on both sides. Great win for us, but not necessarily a bad loss for you guys. Good luck in the remainder of the regular season.
  9. LSU Basketball: Important Stretch coming up for the Tigers

    Tuesday night is big for both us and you guys. It has the feel of a "must win" game on both sides.
  10. LSU vs Texas A&M

      And by the same token, helps us. Of course we might just throw away any goodwill with a comeback win with a bizarro loss to Mizzou mid week.
  11. A&M Contacted Chavis?

      We are spending half a billion on Kyle Field.  We can buy out a contract.
  12. A&M Contacted Chavis?

    All kinds of smoke on Chavis to A&M. And as an Aggie, I damn sure hope it's true. Nothing personal guys, it's just business.
  13. Bowling, Anyone?

    Please kick the Domers asses. Thank you.
  14. Michigan: In Pursuit of Les Miles

      I think this is spot on. Plus he can win more National Championships or at least be in the hunt for them at LSU-right now. At Michigan, no.