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  1. That was a fascinating read. Thanks for posting the link.
  2. Well at least you guys can take your kids to Disney and the Bowl game. I'm rather "meh" on trying to go to the Texas Bowl. Safe travels for any of you folks heading to Orlando for your bowl game.
  3. You kicked our asses again. Period. Full stop. Have a good weekend.
  4. As an Aggie, PETA can **** off. Please get Mike VII. It's a great tradition you guys have.
  5. Houston Nutt Dennis Franchione I keed I keed!
  6. No interest in playing on Friday either. Also us playing on Thanksgiving was to play t.u., not LSU. This always seemed forced and I never liked it. We need to play on Saturday night-in both places.
  7. More like nothing is vetted COTiger. Glad to hear Mr. Hawthorne and his wife are ok. Prayers to you folks affected by the floods.
  8. It always hurts to see your opponent celebrating wildly on your field. I know y'alls pain today.
  9. We need a rally possum in College Station. We are pissing it away.
  10. Thanks. But I still think the whole conference tournament is redundant. And congratulations to you guys getting the national seed. Of course it never hurts to have the tradition and huge crowds at Alex Box to win over any swing voters on the committee!
  11. The whole conference tourney in baseball, basketball, etc is redundant. They need to go away.
  12. A pleasure to drop by. If I weren't overwhelmed on so many fronts I'd stop by more often.
  13. Thanks Okie.
  14. Is the suspended game from Thursday going to be played?
  15. Solid win for us tonight. Better performance than our hoops team out in Disneyland.