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  1. If we ever meet, I'm claiming to be the pool guy...just for the free damn drink.
  2. We damn sure didn't.
  3. Tomorrow is another opportunity for us to steal Aranda from you! Mwahahahaha! Oh and Happy New Year to you folks. I can still offer you Noel Mazzone as OC. (Damn if I'm not risking a ban hammer today! )
  4. Noel Mazzone is available. Hell you'll have the ball inside the one and line up in the shotgun......
  5. WOW! That is awesome.
  6. I think you guys win by a couple of scores.
  7. Just got home, how come Syracuse is hanging around? Disinterested?
  8. Not the first time that has been seen.
  9. Exactly. Hell the 1992 Oilers could have done that and so could have the Falcons and still bleeping won. This is what we refer to as a program shattering loss. I'm thinking about names for our next HC.
  10. First I went and threw up. I think my blood pressure has spiked and I am prepared to ritually Aztec sacrifice....something......I mean how in the hell do you emulate the Falcons and the 1992 Houston Oilers vs. the Bills and make it a microcosm of the last three years?......Mismanage the clock. Crap, I watch two high school games this weekend and in both games the coaches were able to correctly manage the clock. SMH, going to pour me a stiff drink. It would be rude to toss my tv out in the street, since that constitutes illegal dumping. Little kids couldn't "bleep" this up on NCAA football for an X-Box or Playstation.
  11. I would appreciate it if the Tigers would substantially extend this lead......
  12. Thank you Hatcher. It's all good.
  13. 20+ inches of rain at my house. Which means I'm not even close to your problems. Hope you fare well.
  14. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............
  15. Hmmm, the number to an escort service on your company issued phone....Adios! Never embarrass your boss. Ever. That's what the throwaway phone was phone. Frankly I think there were those in the OM administration who wanted to find a smoking gun in order to sacrifice Freeze to keep the NCAA at bay. Well the Nutt lawsuit triggered it.