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  1. Hmmm, the number to an escort service on your company issued phone....Adios! Never embarrass your boss. Ever. That's what the throwaway phone was phone. Frankly I think there were those in the OM administration who wanted to find a smoking gun in order to sacrifice Freeze to keep the NCAA at bay. Well the Nutt lawsuit triggered it.
  2. Won't make any difference.
  3. Florida snaps your incredibly impressive CWS final(s) streak. Figures it would take another SEC team to do it. Congrats on your campaign.
  4. Truth.
  5. I have an enormous amount of respect for LSU athletics. And I can't stand LSU. You guys winning at Olsen in 1989 sticks in my (and every Aggie of my generation and older) craw. But that is the nature of competition for you. Y'all won fair and square. In fact last year I actually met Mike Bianco, your catcher on that team and now the OM baseball coach and actually got to talk to him for a bit in a restaurant. He was a good rep for LSU but also for OM as well.
  6. I told my brother prior to the start of the CWS that if I were a neutral and putting money down on any team, it would be you guys. Now you're in the finals. As an Aggie, it makes me sick. But dammit, you guys get to Omaha and know what to do. Mucho respect.
  7. It was around midnight when I pulled up to the house. I figured with the 4 or 5 run lead LSU had, it was over. When I got up the next morning to no surprise I found that the Tigers had advanced to Omaha.
  8. I was actually able to pick up both of your SR games this past weekend.
  9. Yeah, it's frustrating. Perhaps I'll get some lucky AM bounce. I've picked up games on the radio 800 miles away with some luck.
  10. To any of y'alls knowledge, will SiriusXM have tomorrow night's game? I'm going to be on the road.
  11. That was a fascinating read. Thanks for posting the link.
  12. Well at least you guys can take your kids to Disney and the Bowl game. I'm rather "meh" on trying to go to the Texas Bowl. Safe travels for any of you folks heading to Orlando for your bowl game.
  13. You kicked our asses again. Period. Full stop. Have a good weekend.
  14. As an Aggie, PETA can **** off. Please get Mike VII. It's a great tradition you guys have.
  15. Houston Nutt Dennis Franchione I keed I keed!
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