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  1. For this evenings meal

    Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon topped with sauted mushrooms and onions, with pasta in jalapeno cheese, and Bushs' fiesta beans. And washed all that down with baked chocolate-chip cookies and milk. Induced coma like symptoms immediately.
  2. QB Gunner Kiel !

    I am so down for that! (and up as well)
  3. Im Over it Now

    Here's a link to an article that shows that Coach Miles never really believed in the 2 QB system that he so religiously preached. http://www.theadvertiser.com/article/20120115/SPORTS/201150345/Miles-mishandled-LSU-s-two-QB-system-
  4. Thread of Wrath

    I recommend watching Ole War Skule again to help renew your faith in LSU Football. It cured all my ails.
  5. Bobby Hebert

    Well it seems apparant that Georgia Southerns QB is an option QB. And I'm gonna got out on a limb and say JJ is not.
  6. Thread of Wrath

    Well said! (or written) lol I guess the only thing Lee did wrong was violate the wrong team rule. He should've just smoked some pot or got arrested and everything would have been forgiven in a week or two.
  7. Season MVP

    How about the entire defense for MVP? Those guys played their collective hearts out last night and have been all year long.
  8. It seems as though there were alot of players who didn't take a snap tonite.
  9. Season MVP

    Yea, how's that 'shot in arm' JJ working for you now? That's the point of inserting another QB in when it's obvious the other QB is not cutting it.
  10. What did Jarrett Lee do to Les Miles to deserve the most disrespectful treatment of a QB in the history of College Football????
  11. Thank god for small victories like no more JJ!
  12. Miles is a dumb ass!
  13. LSU's next OC - Sources say Kragthorpe

    Gus Malzhan?
  14. So, do we lose Miles?

    I agree that for the right amount, Coach Miles would unfortunately head north. And who could blame him.