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  1. Three LSU players accused of shooting paintballs at pedestrian I hope it was a case of mistaken identity meant for a friend. But, come on, guys...
  2. Well, in the end, Florida deserved it. Great season for LSU. Just not quite enough in the end.
  3. LSU just can't catch a break here. 1st and 3rd with nobody out.... and nothing.
  4. Have the bats finally woken up? I hope so! Come on, LSU! You have to grab this game!!!!
  5. Well... absolute right call... What a boneheaded play. (!#*)(@&$_!#(!_)#!*#!(
  7. Base hit!!!! Better than the bunt, thankfully!
  8. Failed bunt situation....
  9. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smith RBI!
  10. Do something with this runner, LSU!
  11. Dammit. And.....I'm wrong.
  12. 9-pitch at bat walk to lead off. Here we geaux! I feel it!
  13. Yeah, lots of routine flies in the first 4 innings.
  14. Bottom of the order, it would be nice if you can start breaking up this Florida pitcher's day. It's time to explode!