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  1. Here we geaux, LSU. Do or die!!!!
  2. Wait, not slow running. He was SAFE. But he came off the bag, which meant he was out.
  3. Nice hit by Smith. Slow running got him out. However, nice RBI there. Now two outs, though
  4. Yes, nice at bat, Deichmann! Way to keep your head in there! Lead off double. Now tear up that Gators' bullpen, please!
  5. Some good defense there. Now 4-5-6 is up. Time to generate some runs here, Tigers!
  6. Terrible decision by Robertson there... man... mental error on the bases.
  7. Man... just under that.
  8. Hey, we'll take it! Nice RBI single there, Jordan!
  9. Get a hit here, LSU! Make this ballgame within grasp. Beau, an extra-base hit would be ideal
  10. Duplantis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABout time, Tigers!!!!
  11. Missed bunt. Strikeouts. Got to avoid it all. Come on, Tigers. I believe!
  12. Let's geaux Eaux!!!! Nice back-to-back singles to start the 4th. Keep those hits coming!
  13. And hear it from Mainieri: "I got greedy and tried to squeeze out one more inning from [Reynolds]."
  14. Those 3 walks were VERY costly. Hope that LSU can find its bats the second time through the lineup. They'll need runs a plenty, I feel.