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  1. lol, that is a shame. good to talk to you cajun!
  2. this thread should be called the "Loston and Welter recall"
  3. Harris enrolling early is a plus, he will push for the spot if he can gain some strength, but he has the arm.
  4. thank man, i appreciate that, im loving having them both.
  5. yea he is pretty big, 2 years and 6 months and he is the size of a 4 year old according to the doctor. 39 inches and 37 lbs
  6. the saving grace will be the offensive line, a lot of young guys this year will have experience next year along with the tremendous talent they have, its just figuring out who goes to left tackle honestly. But if we have LF, Hilliard, etc. We should be in good shape, believe it or not, even with OBJ and Landry gone, receiver will be a bright spot next year, its really on who plays QB and how well they do.
  7. This will be a team next year short on experience on offense and a little better on defense.
  8. all gone, Hill, Landry, OBJ, Collins, Freak if they get a 3rd round grade or better, they are gone.
  9. you will get the hang of it, the kind of guy you are it will come natural to you.
  10. thanks all, yes they keep me running and busy, but i love those guys. couldnt picture life without them.
  11. I'll definitely jump in now and then
  12. yes, yes they are trouble lol.
  13. thanks my friend and thank you all i appreciate the love. Son? Sons, now and they are doing great, keeping me busy . Jeremiah and Jacob
  14. I played all of them, this one should be a beast.
  15. Happy Birthday