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  1. From your lips to God's ears
  2. It's just too damn bad some people take things way too seriously. *eye roll*
  3. Do they not have a team doctor? ETA: Tell them to go see A&M's team doc if they dont. I went to school with him.
  4. Well, y'all had me convinced I was wrong to post it, but apparently he was since he took himself out of the game.
  5. needs to go west. We need rain
  6. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Hope you have a special day with your families.
  8. Me too
  9. Yea but I thought he was one of the starters
  10. Why is Poche going in?
  11. He may not pitch. Not good. http://www.wwl.com/blogs/bobby-hebert-deke-bellavia-sports-talk/mainieri-walker-injured-may-not-pitch-lsu
  12. Enlow was taken in 3rd round
  13. It was interesting. When we went into the rain delay, ESPN said we were delayed but their game said suspended. I immediately thought of football. Lol
  14. It's called a "stiff dew" announcers