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  1. He's definitely one now.
  2. Am a proud aunt! http://www.emccathletics.com/sports/mgolf/2016-17/releases/20160926sm7yf4
  3. This is one thing I always wonder about when i see someone say former Tiger. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger in my mind.
  4. Miles and Cameron Fired

    East is always worst than the West tho
  5. Miles and Cameron Fired

    I figured we would regardless
  6. Miles and Cameron Fired

    I did - how would I know it was Caddy who voted?
  7. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Do you really think we are going to see that much difference on Saturday?
  8. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Well, like you said, much of this could have been avoided then if he had resigned. I think that would have been a better way to handle it. As for offensive changes, maybe you are right - it just looked like change since we saw something different.
  9. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Actually the two reasons I voted no were because i didnt think the timing was good even if it were needed, which i have said I understand why it was done and the second was so that whoever voted yes, wouldnt be by themselves since i felt it was done too soon. And i wonder if you had put a poll up prior to the Auburn game if the results would have been the same. We will never know
  10. Miles and Cameron Fired

    So here is a question to ponder. We all saw how poorly Harris did. He was pulled. Then we got Etling. With Harris we definitely saw the same stuff but with Etling we were seeing some different things. Different things for a guy who had not played SEC football. Things Harris wasnt capable of giving us. So did we really give enough time to see changes with a little less than 3 games? Especially when the QB we started with wasnt capbable of doing the things we started to see and the new guy was just that - new. I think they wanted to do it regardless after last years debacle and they were looking for an excuse that Auburn game gave them. They didnt want to see if we could get change. i also think they should have told Miles last year that we would not renew Cam's contract. Miles never had a chance with these clowns IMHO
  11. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Nailed it.
  12. Remembering the good times

  13. Miles and Cameron Fired

    I know. My dad used to use it on my brother and step brother. I just havent heard it in a long time
  14. Miles and Cameron Fired

    I haven't heard someone called T-boy since I was a kid. I want the answer to the question that was asked right before that tho