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  1. My Itailian great grandparents settled in Bayou Goula. My grandfather worked in the fields at Nottaway when he was young. My dad let the land that the family had go to a Sheriff's sale because no one wanted to pay the taxes.
  2. On Tuesday I got a call that my stepmom was found unconscious and life-flighted to Lafayette thinking she had a stroke. Then she was life=flighted to Baton Rouge when they realized she had an aneurysm. Blood covered all 4 quadrants of the brain and it didn't look good. They did surgery and she has been in ICU at Our Lady of the Lake. I got a call yesterday that they are not hopeful and will most likely have to take her off the machines. So I am headed to BR today to go say goodbye. I am also recovering from hand surgery and technically am not supposed to drive that far but my doctor approved it and gave me some tips to do to keep hand from swelling. So asking for prayers for my step mom and my step-sister/brother that they can let go and do the right thing for Judy. And also for me that I will get there safely with no problems with my hand. Thanks all!
  3. The Trophy came to CS this week. Of course, I can't drive so couldn't go see it.
  4. Happy Independance day all!
  5. Emcee she is beautiful! So glad to hear from you. Hope things continue to get better!
  6. Doing ok. Meds make me groggy. Have had friends stopping by checking on me. Pain seems to be under control. its starting to itch now tho.
  7. On Friday, I will be having surgery on my left hand for a torn ligament. Will be off work for a month. Prayers appreciated.
  8. He did it!
  9. LOL - what money? Biggest concern is the surgery I am having next month. Have a torn ligament in my hand and will be out of work for 4 weeks and then therapy and such to get it back to full function.
  10. Ok, I will have to pull for Audible. Audiologist.....Audible.
  11. I love my Breville water kettle! I've had it for almost 2 years now. I take it with me on retreats and everyone uses it
  12. I was thinking I was going to go but not sure about that pricing
  13. Thanks guys! It was a good day. Flew back home from Nashville that morning and got to CS just ahead of the Bush funeral and stood on side of road with everyone else as they passed by. Then went out with some friends that nite. A good day.
  14. Happy Easter all! Been occupied with my new family member Fitz
  15. I used to live near the Swinging Door. Highly recommend them!