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  1. Felony burglary - arrested on April 1. Xbox, cash and apparel. Returned Xbox/games but not rest
  2. I dont have that channel paid for so thought I wouldnt get to see it. But when i put it on the sports mix i could listen to it and see it in small scale. Never did figure out the final score but know they lost.
  3. Your son sounds like he is determined to do good no matter what position he plays. I bet he does great!
  4. Thanks y'all!
  5. Thanks y'all. It was a good day!
  6. That is too funny.
  7. Welcome Yarddog!
  8. Oh Dekes - that is terrible! I am so sorry.
  9. That's my mancrush
  10. Roasted leg of lamb, Parmesan scalloped potatoes, corn casserole, asparagus wth hollandaise and mixed berry pavlova for dessert. You can see a pic of the dessert on my Facebook page i had some friends from church over
  11. April the Giraffe is in labor. The feet of the baby have come out
  12. Nice article http://lsu.247sports.com/Article/LSUs-31-year-old-GM-Austin-Thomas-is-changing-the-game-52160550
  13. I really cant believe this happened again to someone I know. My cousin was pregnant with her first child and due any day now and the baby had no heartbeat so they had to deliver her and laid her to rest yesterday. This is the 3rd person in a year that i know this has happened to. I am just heartsick for them.
  14. I was just trying to get into the superstitious thing. From what I've gathered, I agree with Fish - they just arent that good this year. But glad they rallied back.