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  1. I hope you have a great day!! Enjoy your family and hugs to you all!
  2. Hope you have a wonderful day! Have a beer or two....
  3. Mo Claiborne to the Jets http://jetswire.usatoday.com/2017/03/16/report-jets-sign-former-cowboys-cb-morris-claiborne/
  4. I got it back. Not sure what happened. I keep the browser open but usually its minimized if I am not home
  5. really? That is strange. I will shut down browser and try again.
  6. This is a great place and is much appreciated! There have been many fun times in here so not sure why you think people don't appreciate it.
  7. Why does the site look like a blue Ole Miss page instead of having Purple and Gold?
  8. Some people are fortunate enough to attend the games. Some of us were fortunate enough to get together during the games and feel like we were there together. That wont happen on a forum. Hopefully we can find another outlet to chat in
  9. Hmmm - my alma mater was not match for the Tigers.
  10. I will certainly miss it. I had more fun in there during games.
  11. Oh that sucks!! We need to have a chat party one night before its gone tho
  12. Such a terrible tragedy. I am sure the community will rally around their families. May they rest in peace.
  13. The article says free
  14. I wanted to but have to go to Louisiana this weekend for my great aunts 92nd b-day