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  1. I fly to AZ in 5 days and have so much to do between now and then. I have to pack up my living room so it can get painted while I am gone. Going to The Woodlands tomorrow. Have 2 parties on Sunday and one on Tuesday nite. Ack!
  2. Cregg coached with O at UT and USC.
  3. We got 4 here, some places had 5. It was pretty and fun. Its gone now
  4. So far have gotten 3-4 inches of snow and its still falling. So pretty. Fun watching everyone post them on facebook
  5. Reports are Tennessee is hiring Pruitt
  6. I made some really good crawfish etouffee with garlic bread
  7. THat's because they havent hired anyone yet
  8. We are screwed. Headed back to mediocrity. Thanks Alleva.
  9. From Dandy don.com...Head coach Ed Orgeron and tight ends coach Steve Ensminger reportedly went in-home with 5-star QB Justin Rogers yesterday, while recruiting coordinator and running backs coach Tommie Robinson visited with 4-star QB target James Foster. Notably absent from the coaches listed above is offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Matt Canada.
  10. With Devin White getting defensive player of the week 4 times, I am surprised he didn't get defensive player of the year
  11. We tied in 2014 and you won the tiebreaker
  12. At the encouragement of the HC Rumor is Canada is looking at ULL
  13. were we in Citrus last year? I remember seeing video of the players in Disneyworld and the Citrus in in Orlando ETA: i just looked it up. We were.
  14. I would choose none of the above. LOL
  15. W 8 L 2