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  1. Filet, baked potato and corn
  2. I hear you. I am taking phenergan with codeine for the cough. I cough so hard I throw up. I thought I was over that but it just happened again a few mins ago. Gonna be fun at work if it keeps up
  3. Cant wait for the first Tigalaya party at your place
  4. A cold and a bad cough
  5. I hate being sick.
  6. That sounds fun. I gotta go to San Antonio that day
  7. http://lsu.247sports.com/Article/LSU-Tigers-football-player-Arden-Key-taking-time-away-from-footb-51309215
  8. Taking a leave of absence from football for personal reasons
  9. i got 21 out of 35 - a couple i should have had correct but second guessed myself
  10. What does it cost to go to Spring game?
  11. Sounds good Okie. Am happy for you.
  12. Good luck to him. Hope he succeeds wherever he lands
  13. Ahem....check who started this thread
  14. What are those ring looking things? That is too close for comfort. My cousin who lives in Destin had one hit her house yesterday. Roof damage but they are all fine.
  15. Wow Dekes, I had no idea your brother went through that. Am glad he survived it