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  1. Every Type of SEC Football Fan

    LOL. That is so A&M
  2. R.I.P Mike VI

    Cotner got to come to LSU for the game last weekend for the Mike tribute http://www.kalb.com/content/news/Man-who-raised-Mike-VI-visits-LSU-to-say-farewell-397681781.html
  3. LSU vs Ole Piss 8:00 PM Kickoff

    At the time I wasn't processing this. I may actually make it home to watch the game with it being this late
  4. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Huh? http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/lsu-football/charlie-strong-at-the-top-of-lsus-wish-list/
  5. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    i had read OU was adamant against UH coming in.
  6. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    That happens every once in a while. There was an article posted yesterday i was reading that got formatted all wonky too.
  7. HEY OM

    i am waiting for Greg's annual rant about Ole Piss.
  8. From here on out...

    Wasnt there some kind of sign posted by Miles when Sam Montgomery wasnt putting forth the effort?
  9. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #8

    Miami Boise St Boston College West Virginia Northwestern Wisconsin Washington St Memphis Kentucky Arkansas
  10. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

    http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/lsu-football/lsu-qb-commit-puts-unbelievable-numbers-high-school-game/ Hope we hang on to this kid
  11. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Sarkinson, anyone?
  12. Steve posted this on Facebook so thought I would share. He also said to tell everyone hi. He doesnt have a computer and its too hard to get to the site from his phone but wanted to say he hasnt forgotten us and will see us on facebook
  13. Purdue fired Hazell

    I'll be honest. I don't want to see him coaching anywhere else. He's got enough money. Go to ESPN
  14. Favorite Commericals

    There was this commercial that used to come on for Pampers I think. It played this song So when my dogs hear this, they think its time for treat. So we are all in my recliner, they are sleeping and this commercial comes on - they whip their heads around so fast and look at me. They made me get up and get them a treat. They wont stop barking until they get it. LOL
  15. Favorite Commericals

    Absolutely - love the one where he calls Eli
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