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  1. Dekes you cut off the first game
  2. 1. Notre Dame 2. Auburn 3. La Tech 4. UNLV 5. UCLA 6. Michigan State 7. Virginia 8. Florida State 9. Oklahoma State 10. Iowa
  3. That was so awful. Poor little fella. Peace for all of them.
  4. Injuries reported. Hopefully no deaths http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/15/louisiana-oil-rig-explodes-injuries-reported.html
  5. Good to see you posting MC. You have been missed!
  6. 6 wins 4 losses
  7. Chark got a helmet sticker from Jesse Palmer on College Football final.
  8. Something I noticed, the stands were full
  9. I think we all agree on that
  10. Or does Alleva get the credit for telling O to let the coordinators run their plays? I am still not sold on O
  11. Very nice Okie. Bet you are looking forward to a warmer winter this year than you have been having.
  12. THey increased that ACT score to 25 or 26 a couple of years ago, my niece just barely missed it
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy that little bundle of joy. Hope we have an injury free game. Geaux Tigers!
  14. Oh Lord.
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