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  1. For this evenings meal

    I like Papa Murphy pizza - I just wish it wasnt on the other side of Bryan so i could get there easier.  I discovered Marco's pizza this past year.  I really like their thin crust
  2. The Democratic Presidential Field

    Interesting.  I remember when Bush and Cheney ran, there was talk about Cheney having to register in Wyoming instead of Texas
  3. Aaron Nola

    Good.  I am glad he is not in the farm system
  4. Aaron Nola

    Is he playing in the majors?  I was wondering about him a couple of weeks ago
  5. The Democratic Presidential Field

    ABC   But I have to say I was quite shocked when I got home and saw Cruz was out.
  6. The Democratic Presidential Field

    The Pres and VP candidates cant be from the same state either
  7. Oh - dont mess with a mama goose.  I was enjoying my lunch one day by a pond watching some geese and goslings on the other side.  The goslings decided to move my way so the parents decided to get between me and my car.  Not until the goslings moved away a little more was I able to get to my car to get out of there
  8. For this evenings meal

    I stopped last Monday on my way home.
  9. Happy birthday EQ!

    Hope you have a great day!  
  10. For this evenings meal

    Stuffed pork chop from Best Stop, baked sweet potato and asparagus with hollandaise
  11. Pet Pics and Stories

    Poor Spanky   
  12. Will Farrell pulled out of the movie i heard today
  13. Both of my grandmothers had Alzheimers.  With both of my parents dying of cancer, I once told my family I was probably going to get one or the other.    My aunt fussed at me for saying it but its in the genes.
  14. What has happened to our society

    Thank God someone came to their senses
  15. Random Thoughts About Food

    Best Stop's cracklin's over all of them.  They are well seasoned and spicy!  Don's are bland.