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  1. Thanks y'all!
  2. Went out with friends tonite and they told me about this. Its hilarious! Had to share.
  3. Looking forward to it. Geaux Tigers!!
  4. I believe it. Program appears unstable and it's being highlighted by our opponents
  5. Why can't you push for all and if one doesn't get in I. Time, its his problem for not committing sooner. I know, that's not how it works. Just frustrated at these fickle millenials
  6. Hope you have a great day! Get some fishing in.
  7. I wonder why Jimbo didn’t try to get him to A&M
  8. Would he be doing kind of what Austin Thomas did?
  9. There are also several restaurants in the Rice Village area. Churrascos is a Brazilian steakhouse that is good. There are all kinds of places near the Galleria as well.
  10. Going with the psychology thing, I wonder how much "We dont have any kickers" played into the psyche of them, particularly with one of them being so highly ranked. Hopefully a coach can instill more confidence in them
  11. Sci Martin is leaving too
  12. Here is his statement
  13. should you change her to O?
  14. One of those articles posted last nite said O wants to run a "pro I formation" offense. Didnt we just fire the most winning coach we ever had because he ran that offense? My other concern is this: Emsnger hasnt been an OC in 20 years. He admittedly used the playbook from Miles when he ran the offense as interim. Where and how is he going to come up with an innovative offense if he hasnt had one in 20 years?
  15. Well, that is depressing