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  1. I just got back and this place looks GREAT! That portal page is stinking amazing! Nice work guys! Miss you!
  2. Amazing!
  3. I'll just stay out of this thread. Love you all!
  4. Prayers sent! Kyle, let us know when you hear something! Thanks!
  5. I had TWO phone calls! I bet you're jealous!
  6. Poor puppies! I hope they all start feeling better! Nothing worse then seeing sad puppy eyes!
  7. Anybody know where I can watch the game online? It is streamed on ESPN but they won't let me because I have DirectTV. Any ideas?
  8. Done! (even though I got no reminder text from Okie)
  9. ^This made me cry. So sweet.^
  10. I knew it was loud. At one time in the 4th, one of the cameras starting swaying. By the position of the camera I am assuming it was a camera that is bolted down, meaning the stadium had a sway to it. That happened at Florida 07...Okie can vouch for me, I was a little freaked out that we were going to take her down that night. They got off that camera quick. What a game.
  11. However, read some of the comments under the ones they want you to read. It really amazes me how much other fan bases hate Miles and call him "lucky" and think he is a crappy coach. Really makes them sound like sour grapes when they are losing to him.
  12. Welcome! Glad you are around! This is a great place, even if I can't hang out as much as I would like!
  13. Because I am a busy woman! And Okie loves me...so back off bubba! And you do too.
  14. I missed it. Can someone contact me (Okie...lol) when the next one starts...I am not always on and I didn't catch this one. Thanks!
  15. ^That never gets old...AMAZING!^