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  1. Isn't Viagra a "performance enhancing drug" ????
  2. They even won the fight after that game !!!!!
  3. The greatest coaching effort in the history of college football belongs to Les Miles and his staff in 2005...without a doubt because no coach in the history of college football faced what Miles and his staff did. Despite civilization crumbling around the team, Miles kept his team focused enough to finish number 2 in the nation...winning the bowl game against Notre Dame...and following that season up with a top 5 recruiting class despite the fact that no one knew where all the Louisiana recruits evacuated to. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!
  4. Bad attitudes have to go. I'm with Okie...I didn't like Orgeron, but I've done an about face. Lets just hope his role in the Janzen Jackson saga is in the past.
  5. Don' talk bad about Mississippi around me.....I mean, if it wasn't for Mississippi, we'd be last in EVERYTHING.
  6. Wake me when it's over....LOL Seriously, I Hve such confidence in Les Miles' ability to consistently produce top 5 recruiting classes that address needs that I don't have to follow recruiting as closely as in the past. IN LES WE TRUST !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If fans expected the same perfection from themselves, from the educational system, from the political system that they do from 18-21 year olds, we'd be living in utopia. But last time I checked, we're stuck up to our necks in the mud of Louisiana.
  8. It's Obama's fault !!!!!
  9. Not a good run is it.
  10. I've always thought that The draft was a huge distraction i n the middle of the CWS....a tourney where the difference between first and last is very small. So much of baseball is mental, it has to be a distraction. LSU has to blame themselves for their horrible performance yesterday, and I know it's a big distraction for everyone else, but I think it plays a part. MLB should move the draft until after the CWS, but they won't and they probably never will because they'd rather have prospects being coached by their coaches in the minors. So their attitude is screw college baseball. I mean, how many of us would pay attention to our jobs if we just found out we inherited 1 or 2 Mil;lion from an old aunt we never knew.
  11. The best teams in the CWS are the ones with the fewest draftees.
  12. LSU's high draft pics are just going through the motions because the MLB draft is in the middle of the CWS. What do they have to play hard for if their lifelong dream of signing a big MLB contract is achieved ???? MLB is trying to screw college baseball. They couldn't give a $hit.
  13. You kow what ticks me off ??? First base umps that delay making the call until everyone is looking at him. MAKE THE FREAKING CALL !!!!