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  1. The Democratic Presidential Field

    Sanders and Sharpton meeting: Dennis Miller said "They're both still sitting at the table because neither will pick up the tab."
  2. That's udderly ridiculous!
  3. Ole Missy Charged with Rules Violations

  4. RIP Leslie Nielson

    Surely you jest!
  5. Billy Cannon and Cam Newton

    Idiots left out Peyton Manning!!  Oh wait...
  6. Trey Lealaimatafao News

    The best part was hearing Donna Britt on WAFB pronounce his name...twice.
  7. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    Hatch, you read well.
  8. 26 years ago today

    Congrats to you! Condolences to her. 
  9. SEC Players Skipping The NFL Draft

    Why would gump players leave early and take a pay cut?
  10. Thank you, New Orleans!

    No teleprompter!
  11. Alan Rickman Passes Away

    "Schieß dem Fenster"    
  12. Alan Rickman Passes Away

    Great villain. Great hero (Bruce Willis). Greatest movie ever.
  13. Steve and Herb

    God bless him and his wonderful family.