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  1. I can set a reminder on my iphone using SIRI or manual entry and it works as expected. Wife has exact same phone/IOS but reminders don't work, here's what happens. A reminder is set, then the  date/time is set, press Done. I see the reminder I just set, with the date/time just below it. After 2 seconds, the date/time disappear. Go into details for the reminder and date/time is blank. Set it again, back to list and see the date/time...2 seconds later they disappear as you watch it. With no date/time, the reminder obviously doesn't work. Reminders are allowed in Notifications. I upgraded her IOS last night so her phone has been restarted. I don't have her phone with me, so I can't try anything right now. But, if anyone has seen this or has ideas, I welcome them.
  2. Didn't OM beat Bama 2 years in a row? Hmmm
  3. Happy birthday, dachsie!

    Late, glad you had a great birthday!
  4. New Louisiana Sales Taxes

  5. every gump is nodding "yes!" Petition Urges NCAA To Reverse Results of 2016 NCAA Championship UNC fan Michael Kline posted it at, saying this: "This game was poorly officiated from the tip off to the end. It was a one sided called game all the way through. The officials called fouls against UNC that should have not been called and never called Villanova for the fouls they committed. The officials never called Villanova for multiple travel violations either. Also I want a complete investigation into the officials as it was them that decided the game not who played better."  
  6. Personal foul! 3 seconds in "the lane". Too much dribbling between the legs. Ball hog! That's not what "post up" means. Alley-oops! Definition of "and one".
  7. Mess with the Golden Girls and be ready to deal with CajunLostInCali!
  8. After a crushing oh-so-close 3 point loss, UNC coaches, players, and fans unite in a chorus of "we're the better team!", "you don't wanna play us again!", "2 more halves!", "you got lucky!" and are granted a re-match. Oh no wait, no athletic team in the history of sports competition did that...except the gumps.
  9. PC Run Amok Topic

    To sum up hou, If I hate what someone says but I have enough character to ignore it without rioting and destroying [poop], the speaker is ok. If I hate what someone says, and I riot, break laws, and destroy [poop], the speaker is bad and should be stopped.  
  10. Racist.... Food?

  11. LSU Baseball vs. Alabama (Game 3)

    Did we dog pile?
  12. What is it?

    Some kind of scale would help maybe. How big is it?