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  1. The Greatest Generation...
  2. Thanks, but I'm doing fine, just like long ago. In 1976 I was wearing socks and carrying my 1.5 year old nephew Geoff down stairs. At the landing to turn left I slipped and holding the kid with both hands bounced down the last 4 steps on my back. It made a loud noise and my bro-in-law (his dad) came running in and hollered "Geoff are you alright?". I'm still holding him up and hoping to walk again...but yes, Geoff is alright and enjoyed the ride.
  3. NC players were loose, probably because they didn't have to worry about going to class today...or any other day.
  4. Happy birthday Brayden!
  5. Has any university ever fired/replaced the football, basketball, and baseball coach in the same year?
  6. Is that pronounced "chasin' hineys"?
  7. If only...
  8. Hope you had a great birthday Emcee!
  9. Hope you had a great birthday Hatch!
  10. I'm on a small board, got 14 of 16 yesterday. One of my BILs got all 16. I'm convinced he has the Russians hacking into his bracket and placing the winner there when each game's over. I have Oregon winning it all but I'm not sure they're all they're quacked up to be.
  11. Special guest Warren Beatty will announce Jones is staying with a huge pay raise.
  12. Sorry for your loss. Relish in this statement.
  13. Should have a pic of OJ on there
  14. Happy birthday! 101? Wow...I was thinking you're still in your 90s...time flies
  15. Falcons: They got lucky! We're still the best team! They don't want to play us again! Four more quarters!