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  1. Anyone know a link to the entire game video? Or highlights
  2. “By the way, we play in an arena. Not a gym.” “Well, since they don’t get to play us very often, I thought they should sit there and enjoy the opportunity to play us.”
  3. "You really think Tigalaya can survive our hack?"
  4. Hate to hear that you're sick. I volunteer to rub Vick's Vapor Rub on your chest... Let us know if the site needs more $ to pay any bills.
  5. Fish's birthday? BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. He was working as a special DB coach for the Saints Sunday...
  7. Unfortunately she said neigh...
  8. Yes, seems like there was a name for that place/race...can't think of it. Check this out:
  9. So...after losing the only tough game on the schedule, Nick wins a game by 3 in OT, a game he's favored to win, neutral field, against a team coming off a grueling OT win on the west coast with less than a week to prepare, inserted a QB the opponent didn't prepare for...and he's a [censored] genius greatest ever blahblahblah... After beating Oregon, WVA and stomping SEC opponents, Les Miles wins a game by 3 in OT, the Game of the Century, a game in which he's the underdog, at the opponent's home field, the opponent had two weeks to prepare, inserted a QB the opponent didn't prepare for (but should have)...and Les is an idiot, he got lucky, he didn't win big enough, you don't want to play them again, that wasn't an interception, it only proves the opponent didn't have a kicker, 4 more quarters, you're scared to play them again, we deserve a second chance, we're the best team...
  10. Took my boys a few times for moto-x at the Superdome years back. Lots of fun, hope you have a great time!
  11. Cool how Layman is both her last name and her occupation...
  12. Seems like March was a "get busy" month for Mom & Dad...
  13. Everybody passes on Chief...especially Bama with less than 2 minutes to geaux...
  14. Happy birthday late! December birthdays are the and Greg think so!