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  1. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Restore your faith in humanity and good people: http://www.theadvocate.com/louisiana_flood_2016/article_260eb61a-7ab1-11e6-9c6c-cb129bce6940.html?sr_source=lift_amplify
  2. Okie, looks great and reminded me of something VERY important: Confucius say "man who fart in church sit in pew"
  3. The only team that would be granted the reversal.................................Bama
  4. Happy birthday Valleytiger!!

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday VT!
  5. Skunks

    Catch in trap/cage. Throw blanket over cage. Tube or hose from gas engine under blanket. Run engine. Dead skunk. Toss.
  6. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    To my wonderful Tigalaya friends, I apologize for not checking in. My area, Central was the first really devastated by this flood, which has devastated many more areas now, and I haven't been on the computer. Thankfully, my house was spared any flooding. My oldest son's brand new house of his dreams held on but finally got about 3 inches in his house, and had to ride a boat out to us waiting to bring him to our house. Bad, but very manageable. My daughter, married last May, had 3 to 4 feet in a house/area that had never flooded. There's not much worse than your daughter calling at 5am crying that her neighbor told them they need to leave. They couldn't drive out, so mu youngest son drove his parents as fa as we could get, and we walked in the rain through front yards to get to them. Carrying a few bags and dog Daisy, we made it back to the truck. Standing on the corner with 2 tubs and a 8 month old baby was a young couple looking lost. We told them to get in and we took them to our house. They stayed a few hours and a relative came to get them. It's what people do in times like these. My daughter and hubby had been working the last few years to update, and add new furniture to their modest home that they were very proud of. My whole family, along with in-laws and cousins, have been working night and day to demo the inside. We're making great progress and luckily they can stay with us. We will make it through this! Sadly, our situation is nothing compared to thousands of others who have lost everything. We don't need anything except positive thoughts for us, and prayers for those in worse shape than us. We pass along the same to others devastated by this mess. Your friend, DJ
  7. Proof he actually exists!!

    Which one is he?
  8. A Brief Announcement

    Congratulations! God bless y'all!
  9. Lsu DE suffers serious knee injury

    [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop] [poop]
  10. Trent Richardson: He Gone.

    Poor guy back to driving his crappy gump ride:
  11. Tyrann Got Paid

    Sorry TR, in the real world you don't get voted a second chance after you've failed.
  12. Two More for the Gumps Up to No Good

    It's ok, he didn't intend to: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/alabama-ol-alphonse-taylor-arrested-for-dui-185207457.html