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  1. Don't beat Bama 2 years in a row...
  2. Horrible day...never forget
  3. Even tho I did do, I won't say done because if I did say done I would be tooting my own horn which, although I wish I could toot my own horn, would show me to be a braggart of sorts proclaiming my greatness at donating hard-earned money (not really, I work for the state) towards this site in order to partly claim that I am responsible for its greatness when in fact the admin and members are those that make it the best place for Tigahs, tho it could not exist without my donation so I do indeed say DONE and you're all very damn welcome!
  4. Sept 2015 I was doing just that, hardly anybody on the beach. Heard a man talking, looked back towards the condos and saw a man talking on a cell phone while his dog was walking free. Back to my book on the beach...ahhhh so nice... until the damn dog snuck up on me and put his wet nose on my elbow. I [poop] myself, cursed, and jumped all the way to Cuba...
  5. VHSTiger
  6. Standing ovation!
  7. Very sorry to hear the devastating news...God bless
  8. Happy birthday young lady!
  9. The Greatest Generation...
  10. Thanks, but I'm doing fine, just like long ago. In 1976 I was wearing socks and carrying my 1.5 year old nephew Geoff down stairs. At the landing to turn left I slipped and holding the kid with both hands bounced down the last 4 steps on my back. It made a loud noise and my bro-in-law (his dad) came running in and hollered "Geoff are you alright?". I'm still holding him up and hoping to walk again...but yes, Geoff is alright and enjoyed the ride.
  11. NC players were loose, probably because they didn't have to worry about going to class today...or any other day.
  12. Happy birthday Brayden!
  13. Has any university ever fired/replaced the football, basketball, and baseball coach in the same year?
  14. Is that pronounced "chasin' hineys"?