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  1. I guess Troy can claim to be the best football team in Alabama since Troy beat LSU, who beat Auburn, who beat Bama.
  2. Since the 2011 re-match is my biggest pet peeve, I love this article:
  3. Greatest song ever...
  4. Yes, love and hugs to you eq...
  5. Grrrreat...the pessimist in me says TN rallies and plays great
  6. That's what she said...
  7. Kind of good timing for this. Heard talking heads about Penn State is out of it after losing a close one to OSU. They're out of the conference championship game unless OSU loses 2 games, very unlikely. Therefore, even tho (as I heard them say) "PSU is still the 2nd best team ion the country", that loss eliminates them from the FBS playoffs despite what the experts "think". Same type of loss happened to some other team in 2011, when there were only 2 picked to play, unlike 4 this year. But nooooooo, PSU lost and are eliminated from FBS playoffs since they don't even qualify for a conference championship. Unless of course you're... Forcing LSU to rematch in 2011 was the 2nd biggest injustice forced on an any team in the history of athletic competition. #1 is 1972 Olympics giving Russia 3 chances to score the winning basket to steal the Gold from the USA team.
  8. I sure miss Chavis defending those last Auburn drives...
  9. Die Hard Blazing Saddles Rinse and repeat...
  10. New

  11. Thanks, but it's not until December and I'll be a tad over 21...
  12. Happy birthday! Beach...great choice!
  13. You left out the Democrat who hunted down Republicans and shot them intentionally...remember how you libs screamed not to lump y'all in with him? Pot meet kettle.