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  1. Two More for the Gumps Up to No Good

    It's ok, he didn't intend to:
  2. Clinton Will Skate

    Hmm, if I just read the topic title...I hope the ice is really thin
  3. Happy birthday, Watson!

    My sentiments exactly! Hope you had a great birthday Watson.
  4. Clinton Will Skate

  5. Clinton Will Skate

  6. Clinton Will Skate

    FBI consulted Ouachita Parish DA Jerry Jones who revealed that Hillary Clinton spent most of her adolescent and teenage years sweating while we were all in air conditioning.
  7. Mandated Sexual Harassment Classes at LSU

    Hold the hell up..."harass" is one word?
  8. Semi-Annual Site Expenses

    Hmmm, two Auburn fans had trouble with the site...coinky-dink?
  9. I've always wondered why he would want to use the "F." in his name. It's ripe for misuse. Like naming your kid Mike Hunt.
  10. I eat a big breakfast when I'm at the beach. Then I can sit on the beach all day until supper time.
  11. Watson, thanks for keeping us abreast of the important stuff
  12. TTU finishes it Walk off Pick off

    I balk at any attempt to define a balk...
  13. Possums!