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  1. How much do you eat for lunch?

    Popeyes, Canes, Popeyes, BK Double Whopper, Popeyes, Wendy's double, Popeyes...sometimes Popeyes
  2. Missed call

    There were 2 unbelievable targeting crap calls in that game...both favored Bama. The hit on Noil was definitely head down crown of helmet directly into Noil's helmet/facemask. Reviewed and called "not targeting". Shocking. Later an Aggie defender after an interception was running and Bama player had grabbed him and was trying to tackle him. Another Aggie flies into him with his shoulder and de-cleats him. No flag thrown. But they review it. Yep, of course, it was called targeting and the Aggie, one of their best defensive players, was ejected.
  3. Sports Trivia Topic

    65% were not...
  4. Bert Jones to be Honored During OM Game

    A good friend of mine at the time, Ray, and I listened to every game, sometimes driving out to campus and sitting on top of an Indian Mound so we could hear the game/crowd. He told me someone had an extra ticket and he was going to that game. I stayed home and didn't listen to the game. But my dad religiously listened in his bedroom in back of the house. I remember him almost running into the front saying LSU had won on the last play of the game, that it was the best game he'd ever heard. Although happy the Tigers won, my first thought was about Ray being there... SONOFABITCH! Raw, but clips from that game:
  5. It's a "reproduction" of art work by Fallopius.
  6. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I'll go with the Neon...
  7. Hmmm http://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/2016/10/06/guilbeau-column-sec-commissioner-greg-sankey-blew/91687794/
  8. What if they were playing Bama? Hmmmm
  9. Mike VI to be Euthanized/Cancer has Spread

    Except for my daughters perfect wedding in May............2016 SUCKS
  10. Luther Heggs' son Brandon?
  11. Remembering the good times

    9/10/2005 My older son was a walk-on kicker for Northwestern State in Natchitoches which was not affected by Katrina and played a home game that night. Me, wife, 2 other kids went. NSU lost big, but it was fun seeing son dressed out on the field. We stayed awhile to see him after the players came out, so it was a late drive south on I-49 back home. Everyone asleep and I find the LSU-ASU game on radio, volume low to let them sleep. However! LSU gets back into the game with 2 blocked punts that I was yelling silently and fist pumping. Then, the last pass for the winning TD was tough, but again I went even crazier silently with more fist pumps, silent TIGAHS!!!, happy for such a needed win. I am proud that I was a Tiger fan that also loves his family hahaha!
  12. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Restore your faith in humanity and good people: http://www.theadvocate.com/louisiana_flood_2016/article_260eb61a-7ab1-11e6-9c6c-cb129bce6940.html?sr_source=lift_amplify
  13. Okie, looks great and reminded me of something VERY important: Confucius say "man who fart in church sit in pew"
  14. The only team that would be granted the reversal.................................Bama