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  1. Happy birthday! 101? Wow...I was thinking you're still in your 90s...time flies
  2. Falcons: They got lucky! We're still the best team! They don't want to play us again! Four more quarters!
  3. LSU had a Library?
  4. I just stepped in a poodle
  5. They got lucky! We're still the best team! They don't want to play us again! Four more quarters! Signed, Democrats and Gumps
  6. Damn Russians!
  7. I reely hope you find one...
  8. Yes he was #88 at Chokelahoma
  9. My hair is turning gray...but it ain't turning loose. I don't like Rat Face either!
  10. My youngest sister, 31, was in town and at my mom's house for Christmas, near City Park. The house had a gas wall heater in the bathroom, you had to strike a match, turn the knob and light it. Since it was so fricking cold, she went to light the heater to take a bath later. Just as she stuck the lit match in and the fire lit with a whoosh, Exxon blew. Ha, she probably aged a few years right then, but laughs about it now...nervously.
  11. Over the Christmas season we all get some lbs...oh wait
  12. Happy birthday Dad! Appreciate all that you bring to this board. December birthdays rock, heck even Jesus knew that.
  13. It's a great day for a birthday! On this day in 1817, Mississippi became a state, thereby leading to the creation of your favorite university...Ole Miss! Also, 2 great Tiger fans were born a few years apart.
  14. Reminds of age 30 playing flag football and I pulled my left hamstring. That crap hurts! To top it off, I had to drive 20 miles or so up Greenwell Springs Road to get home, and I had a 5 speed manual truck with a heavy clutch spring. It killed me every time I hit a light or had to shift that mf.