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  1. Iron Bowl

    Early on, Bama throws an obvious lateral pass to the right side. Receiver tips but misses the catch, ball goes out of bounds. 4 yard loss Right? Nope. Not a word, no replay, no question. Bama now has 3rd and 2 instead of 3rd and 6, and they make the 1st down. Gary Danielson, of all people (Saban c-sucker), raised the question that it was a lateral without a doubt. However, CBS and Gary must have gotten the call from the SEC offices. Gary dropped it and no replay was shown even to allow Gary to make the point that the refs blew the call. Imagine if that was any other team. Even if the refs didn't call it, CBS/Gary would've shown the video confirmation 10 times and said how (insert team) really got away with one.
  2. Happy birthday NSMom!

    Late, but Happy Birthday and hope you had a great day.
  3. This is why to hate Ole Piss

    It's tough being little brother. Last year OP was 7-0 and ranked #3. Lost the next 3 SEC games and got crushed 42-7 by TCU in the bowl. For Ole Piss, that's a great season and Freeze is a genius.
  4. All this talk is great. Here's what happened to our Tigers:  
  5. Les is blamed for everything. If Les was at Ole Miss, they'd want to fire him for that 4th and 25 lateral that helped Arky beat them. "We could've won the SEC West if Les hadn't let that lateral play happen! Dammit Les, how could your team not be prepared for that? Les sucks!"  
  6. Happy birthday, sav!

    Happy birthday late!
  7. Check the record books...Bama finished 3rd in the SEC. That's proof. If opinion is proof, why play at all? Just award Bama the title every year.
  8. Bama wasn't in the top two in the SEC.
  9. Les should simply resign, not because I want him to. Because the poor guy can not get a break. He's got enough money to relax and enjoy the family he loves very much. He's had great success at LSU, but for so many that will never be enough. In 2011, Les led LSU to the greatest season in college football history. Rolled the PAC10 champ Oregon, the ACC champ WVA on the road, rolled everyone in the SEC, won the Game of the Century on the road. All this during the 1st time in history the 1, 2, 3 teams in the country were in the SEC West. Rolled the SEC East champ to win the SEC Championship. Nobody has had a season like that, with one of LSU's greatest wins ever over Bama. So, what does he get for a reward? He gets to play a re-match with the toughest opponent of the season, a team that he already beat in the Game of the Century, a team that didn't win its conference division, didn't play for a conference championship. Nope, not enough for Les Miles to beat a great team once. Loses the BCSNCG to that team with all the incentive, having to beat a great team twice. To top it all off, many LSU fans jumped all over his ass for losing a re-match that should have never happened! /rant
  10. I'm going to put this here because I'm LMAO and it's just a silly story. Do gumps have to sign an agreement to never criticize Saban? A FB friend that grew up in BR but loves Saban posted about Les Miles admitting the Arky loss was his fault  and saying "of course it is". A couple of Miles haters joined in of course. So, I asked "Ole Miss beat Bama. Who's fault was that?". He said "that doesn't deserve an answer". WTF? I asked why not? he says "Saban did more for LSU than you've forgotten". I said "so what? Answer my question". Then I proceeded to list things Saban had done for LSU, like lose to UAB, crushed by UGA 2004, lose to Zook's Gators, lose last minute to Arky, lose last play to Iowa... Logged off. When I logged back on to see his answers, he unfriended me! LMAO! I'm tempted to tell y'all his name so you can bombard him with friend requests then ask him whose fault it was when Bama lost to OM.
  11. Fans leaving

    I remember the gumps filing out of Brian Dennehy early 4th qtr losing to Ole Miss.
  12. CBS/SEC Announcers SUUUUUCK

    On Bama TD pass to Ridley, another Bama player ArDarius Stewart flies downfield to block. Verne screams "ArDarius Stewart hustles downfield to complicate Ridley's play!". Umm, Verne don't you mean "complement"? I know it's hard to think when you've pissed your pants.
  13. Missouri Football Players Strike

    WTF happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"?
  14. Missouri Football Players Strike

    and "we need to be paid"