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  1. If and when Coach O needs to be replaced, Joe Alleva better not be the one making that hire. He's done enough damage to this program, it's past time to show him the door.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, the Gators ace would have less rest than Lange if we made it to a Game 3. Am I right?
  3. What does our rotation look like for these three? I think I heard Poche for game 2, and I know we won't see Lange until game 3, if we see him at all. Who's going tonight? EDIT: Okay, it's Russell Reynolds tonight
  4. Time to wake the bats back up. I was hoping Poche would cruise with his 3-0 lead, but that was clearly not to be.
  5. TIGERS!!!
  6. Not a bad matchup for us, in the regional or Super Regional. Are we going to throw one of our top two on Friday, or should we throw the third starter? Seems more like an argument of keeping your rotation intact versus going with what you think will get you 3-0.
  7. I know it doesn't really matter, but was Florida's resume more impressive?
  8. I assume we'll get to see the results after you close it?
  9. Bam! Our first big win of next season!
  10. Sorry, missed this thread as I was starting mine. Not sure if mine should be merged in here. Glad to know we'll have Lange back for one more year. Would love to have Poche' too, but not counting on it. I'm really worried about all of the bats that were drafted and where that will leave us if most of them go pro. I'll also admit to know NOTHING about our crop of commitments.
  11. Below are the LSU players that were drafted: Lottery Round B (77) - Jake Fraley - Tampa Bay Round 14 (414) - Jared Poche' - San Diego Round 15 (438) - Jesse Stallings - Cincinnati Round 18 (551) - Cole Freeman - Los Angeles Dodgers Round 24 (719) - Riley Smith - Arizona Round 26 (783) - Greg Deichmanm - Minnesota Round 27 (803) - Parker Bugg - Miami Round 32 (962) - Kramer Robertson - Cleveland I haven't compiled the players that are LSU commits yet, but I wanted to get opinions: Who of this list is gone, who's back?
  12. Just sad. Too many wasted opportunities to mention.
  13. Got out of another inning. Let's go get some runs!! #RallyPossum
  14. Poche's settling in. However, we continue to be unable to string hits together when we get runners on.
  15. Why is it a 2-0 deficit feels like it might as well be 6-0?