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  1. Yeah, LSU definitely has depth. Your two-deep on the defensive line and in the secondary is great, and you had the depth to weather some suspensions just fine. As for our losses, I believe we can overcome the losses over time, but we don't have much time on our side. The offensive line potentially could be more talented, but until the game is in progress it is difficult to know whether the unit has gelled or not. Our wide receiving corps needs some players to step up as well. As you alluded to, Jeff Maehl was a tremendous player for us, and he won't be replaced by week one. Hopefully Josh Huff is 100 percent going in, he's a potential game changer for us. Rahsaan Vaughn is an interesting player to watch as well, but this will be his first major college football game coming from JUCO. One defense we are still playing catch-up due to the loss of sheer experience. Of course, the trade off is more size and athleticism, but blown assignments will kill us against you guys. It also sounds like Kiko will not be playing, which is potentially a big blow. We have experience at MLB behind him, but Kiko is the type of player that could have changed the entire game. Inside we lost Bair and Clark who were criminally underrated nationally, so we'll see how that plays out. Heimuli is very talented, and players like Taylor Hart and Kellikipi have looked solid in Fall camp, but those guys penetrated the passing lanes at will, and were solid in rush defense. Again, we can replace these guys since talent is coming in, but I won't look at it like its a foregone conclusion. Of course, there is also Cliff Harris being out for the game, but I'm actually not too worried about that. Terrence Mitchell may only be a RS Frosh, but he has been consistent throughout Spring Practice and Fall Camp. Spencer Paysinger even said that he thought Mitchell was the next defensive star for us during last season, so this guy is pretty good. As you can see, we have our own holes to fill before the LSU game. That's why I'm not thinking about you guys so much. Good luck and Go Ducks!
  2. Yeah, college football sometimes is just a game of opportunity. Plus, Lee has plenty of experience so we know the stage won't be too big for him.
  3. No, not really. Obviously there are a few idiots out there that believe that, but most Duck fans realize just how deep LSU is across the board.
  4. I'll try to answer the question in the best way possible, and I would like to add that I have appreciated your answers about LSU on DucksAttack. Anyways, our most significant loss was Jeff Maehl. Whenever we needed a big play from one of our wide receivers, Thomas usually looked Jeff's way. Not the most dynamic athlete, but he had a way of finding space and getting open. Very quick in-and-out of his cuts, and precise route runner...if only we had him for one more season. We also lost DJ(Drew) Davis, who was a team leader and probably our best blocking wide receiver. In the spread, your wide receivers need to seal off the edge in order to give the running back a lane to run through, and Davis was great at doing just that. Plus, he was a good chain mover, and had very dependable hands. The incoming talent is spectacular, but I'm not about to assume that we can plug and go. On the offensive line we lost Bo Thran, C.E. Kaiser, and most importantly Jordan Holmes. In order to have a great offensive line, you must have continuity and it remains to be seen whether we will rekindle this early on in the season. This group was not the most athletic bunch, but they worked together and did great things at Oregon. Our offensive line this season is more athletic, but it may take time to gel, hopefully it will not. Lastly, we also lost Nate Costa who was our backup quarterback. Most would say this is a negligible loss, but he had a big impact as a leader even though he was hurt for the majority of his career. Just thought that was worth noting. Hope that was helpful Bud.