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  1. Most people know me as the guy that's been extremely loyal to Miles. Two sesons ago, I said I wouldn't defend him ever again. It was the ole miss "clock it" incident that caused me to jump ship. However, I have done my best to not criticize him up to this point. Now, I'm full out "anti-miles". I supported letting him go last year to hire Jimbo. I saw it as trading up...significantly. We didn't...he kept Cam (and gave the SOB a raise). I hoped and prayed like everyone else that Miles would make significant adjustments...he didn't. In in a year where it was expected that we'd look better, due to the guys being a year older and more experienced, we look to have gotten worse on offense, and our special teams still suck. I couldn't be more disappointed. A new OC isn't the answer, even though I'd love to see Cam gone. How many coordinators do we have to go through before the fans figure out that it's Miles that is holding us back. I've never seen a program that sucked as bad as we do at QB development. It's amazing how we can take elite 11 quarterbacks, and make them look like no-talent two stars....just amazing. I officially give up on Miles. I now see his remaining the HC as hurtful to the program, so I'll take every opportunity to actively work against his employment. The best thing for LSU is for Miles to leave. Period.
  2. Hey! I was invited in...I even remembered my password on the first try.
  3. Some dude from Gonzales was giving me a hard time, so I thought I'd drop by. Since he never posts here himself, he may not notice though. It's good to see some familiar names. looks like I'll be getting in a lot of deer hunting this year since I honestly couldn't care less about the rest of the season. This year will probably be painful to watch. Curse everyone involved with keeping Miles over Jimbo. Lambeau was a cool place. The trip up was a lot of fun. The game...not so much. I'll hang up and read now.
  4. Hey Hatch....sorry if any visiting fans ever landed on you man. Carry on.
  5. This.
  6. Good thread guys. Thanks Chase. Miss you SF...will be looking for you next weekend.
  7. The Dude joined us Saturday. Great meeting him and his kin. Somehow I ended up with a pretty good cigar from him least BB said the Dude gave it to me. Good guy!
  8. I tried to keep a few gumps out of the stadium...but appearantly, JJ and Nootch kept me from What a day...that I can remeber anyway. Don't eat the gummy worms!
  9. What a freaking day. Only one obvious thing kept it from being perfect. GEAUX TIGERS! Also...a lot of rum, toxic gummy worms, and my hatred for all things bama are a dangerous combination!
  10. Lunch with the guys...and gal...on Friday. Sounds good to me...I'll let you guys pick the place since the only resturant near campus I've eaten at is walkons. What is the name of the rib place..TJ Ribs? They're good. At least they used to be.
  11. The sister needs a scholly offer now! Not tomorrow...TODAY! What other purpose is there for title 9, if not to sweeten the pot for football recruits? LOL...seriously though...she gets an offer no matter what...alabama would do it, if they haven't already. As a matter if fact, he can pick one additional player from his team to come down south also...I don't care if it is the water boy.
  12. I can't see him coming back this year. Maybe the bowl game...but technically that would still be next year (it better be). The fact that he is willing to talk about him tells me that we may indeed see the HB again.
  13. Great thread for bringing back memories! I would gladly take a lifetime of last year's game. It wasn't competitive in the least, but it the most fun I have ever had at an AU game at home or on the road.
  14. The band should play the theme music from Chips everytime he takes the field.
  15. If we have could scored one or two more times last night, I was prepared to chat and post away. As it turned out, I was too busy downing beers to calm my nerves to post anything. We got out of AU with a win....doesn't happen often, and that is all that matters!