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  1. Wow! That was some really fast responses. Thanks guys, for the help. Yeh, If I do decide to bring the camper out there, I was definately going to get the Honda EU. Its true, they are very "pricy" but I think its definately worth it for yours and everyone else's sake. And that is a good idea about the shelter for the generator. I'd also have to figure something out about the exhaust stack. Well, thanks again for the good advice and keep it comin' if there's anyone else with knowledge on the subject.
  2. I am new to the site so I'd like to say I'm glad to be on here and I'd also like thank any and everyone for whatever help I can get with my tailgaiting question. My question is for people who tailgate in the RV lots. I am wondering if it is "frowned upon" when people bring travel trailers or fifth wheels and use portable generators. What about the quiet generators? I know I've seen travel trailers and fifth wheels out there so I thought I could bring one out there and enjoy the atomsphere but I don't want to be a NOISE problem to my fellow fans. Anyone with any thoughts?