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  1. Your Favorite LSU-Auburn Game?

    Barn Burner, no question. Close second, Earthquake game
  2. That is just a crime against humanity
  3. Petrino Fired - Wonder what Petrino was up to?

    I am a little behind, but is the big stink because he crashed his motorcycle, or the fact that he crashed his motorcyle with a 25 year old hottie on the back?
  4. Skyrim

    I would only get it if you have the time to really play the game, there is so much depth, so many things that you can decides besides just the main storyline. Of course the game is beautiful, the combat is really well done, and the Dragons are friggin awesome! I will post some of my screenies when I get home.
  5. Just for Fun

    Curses! I am blocked at work as well, will give it a shot tonite.
  6. Contest - Predict Lee's Regular Season Stats

    1923 passing 15 passing TD's 4 rushing TD's 6 INT's
  7. Jarrett Lee

    Every 4 years seems to be the key, 03/07/11
  8. Jefferson & Johns Arrested, Suspended from Team

    It's a sad situation in the way that Lee will get his shot, he should have gotten it sooner. Hopefully he will make the best of it in his last year.
  9. Les Miles' contract to be amended

    I don't think he is all about the $$$ either, didn't Michigan offer him a substantial pay raise to come there?
  10. Mark Ingram

    If Ingram gets some good ball time when the regular season hits, I think he can be the #1 back for the Saints by the end of the year. That TD run he had in the first game was very nice.
  11. 2011-2012 LSU Golden Girls

    :drool: :drool:
  12. My new avatar...

    I am hoping as well to see more of Lee this year, I would like to see the Berger get some experience against the SEC defenses, though I don't see him getting any serious playtime until JJ is gone. Give him his sea legs in DIV 1 against one of the DIV 2 schools this year!!
  13. Texas A&M to SEC

    If the SEC is expanded, I think they should do it by an even amount, adding 1 team would give the SEC 13, seems like someone would lose out. But the Aggies would be an awesome addition, maybe TCU also, keep the SEC in the SE please.
  14. Eric Reid

    The next Patrick Peterson? or the first Eric Reid?
  15. Stevan Ridley

    Ridley had a great game last nite for the Pats. It's always great to see former Tigers kickin' ass in the pros.