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  1. Most of my feelings on CLM have already been stated, I would add that Miles through all that happens, all the press and fan scrutiny, Miles his teams fighting right along side him. His players never give up and always are right there to support him. His players genuinely love him and would walk through fire for him. You don't garner that type of respect without having some pretty special qualities.
  2. T hat is absolutely hilarious.
  3. I know that this is not going to be a popular answer, but I am forced to take off my P&G homer glasses. I think, even though we have addressed most of our question marks from the past 3 seasons, unfortunately none of them have had the opportunity to ring the bell yet, that if we pull off a better than 9-3 season I'd be greatly shocked. As much as I want us to make a SECCG and MNC run I just don't see it. Our schedule has got to be one of the toughest in recent history. Having to play both of the participants in the previous yrs MNC game, 1 on the road, 4 BCS Bowl teams, 9 bowl teams from the previous season, and an SEC gauntlet from hell, I just think the schedule isn't there for the possible run. I hope I'm wrong, but that's how I see it, even if some teams may have a drop off.
  4. I would put put the MWC and the WAC over the Big East. Both have more BCS wins over the past few yrs, better OOC records against BCS conferences, and better bowl records. Now granted the shake up of the MWC and the WAC will probably bring them down and TCU going to the Big East should improve them, but until it happens that's the move I'd make. Also CUSA doesn't even make the cut, I'd put Sunbelt in the conversation before them.
  5. I agree on the point of respect. I have always respected Bama, whereas AU is pretty much classless. Bama fans on the other hand lend a certain air of arrogance the AU doesn't have. Then again Bama has somewhat earned that reputation. For me though, having watched games in TS since I was 5, and watching Bears Tide rutinely beat our Tigers built into a hatred 2nd to none. As I said though, we hate em all, and whether some want to acknowledge it or not, the SECw goes thru LSU, Bama, or AU. You win those games and you win the SECw. My point about the time line divide, I did say most, not all, but as you can see many that are putting AU 1st are talking about more recent things as to their reasoning, whereas those who have Bama talk about a long history.
  6. This. Much of the memorabillia I have is KF's. He is my all time favorite. "All eyes on #3", yep a 180 with the Pats. He has been one of the staples of their backfield for over a decade, yet never harolded as great. His SB rings say different. Quite an amazing person and player. He will always be my favorite Tiger,and that says a lot, because in my 40+ yrs as a Tiger fan I have seen some great players.
  7. I voted JJ and Ware. Ware, easy, he has the most tools to be the starter, as for the QB position, until JJ loses the starting role it is his. The decision for him to lose it will not be during camp, it will come in live game action, where he is most inconsistent. We already know he always looks good in clinics and practice. It's his game time decisions that will be the deciding factor.
  8. I find it interesting the time line divide amongst us Tiger fans. Those that have been around since before the 80's lean more towards Bama, those after the 80' lean more towards AU. After watching Bama dominated us for close 20 yrs, it's not even close for me. AU hasn't dominated us, but has been a big factor in just whether or not we have a successful season. Mind you they are a close 3rd for me. Ole Piss is 2nd, although they have been irrelevant much of the past 10 yrs. Old haunts don't go away and they have been a hated foe for a long time. The biggest problem for us Tiger fans is we don't have a natural rival, our rival is the entire SECw and some of the SECe, we hate em all. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!
  9. When the story 1st broke about Ore I was oh here we go, now we know how they all of the sudden started to rise to the top. Odd thing is now, instead of being worried that Miles and Haley may have put the program in jeopardy, all this has done, for me, is tell me Ore may have done nothing wrong. Miles runs a clean program and wouldn't allow the payoff of some questionable service that could cause us any issues, like pay for play or paying off agents to get certain recruits. Miles would have and Alleva would have had to sign off on those checks, and if it wasn't on the up and up, neither would have. This Tiger fan ain't worried.
  10. Yes we did. Let's just see if they reward us by having the same respect for CSF as they did before the series.
  11. Simply put, as stated above, a better team will cause the team feeling pressure to commit errors. That is the way you successfully pull out a weekend sweep ladies and gentlemen. You fight thru 2 games and break their will, thus dominating game 3. Great job Tigers. As I stated to a friend the other day, this team has the potential to be scary good. Of course those in charge of the polls will look at CSF's overall record and say, well they are obviously not as good as thought to be.
  12. I accidently checked AU can it be changed to Bama. As much as I can't stand AU Bama is my bigger disgust. The rivalry has just been too long having watched us get handled by them throughout the 70's just built into a hatred I can't put behind.
  13. Having won the series is excellent, way to GEAUX TIGERS. Now we need the sweep. So far this series has lived up to expectations and given a good indication of just where we are. This is a solid Tiger team with a huge upside. We need to continue to build and eliminate some of the mental errors. I am confident they will, some of it comes with being young. The team has done a good job of proving they have the moxy and swagger to battle thru adversity, that's important. That and our clean up positions are ok, but need to be more consistent at not leaving runners stranded in scoring positions. We're lookin pretty solid headed into conference play.
  14. Nootch great pbp my man. Great game and exactly what I expected and sorta hoped I'd see. As Okie pointed out we had to battle through some issues yet still won. One of the things I wanted to see was how we would fair against some of the best pitching in the country, rattling off 7 runs is a solid performance. Seeing us get down in the game and have to battle back is the other thing I wanted to see. Showing dtermination and the resolve to fight is key to this teams potential. Great job Tigers, now lets keep it goin. An extra shout out to Matty, great job and congrats.
  15. Watching Luck last nite made me jealous. Could you imagine what we would be like with him as a QB. Ooooweee momma. All of the analysts are raving about him, comparing him to and saying his is the best QB prospect since Elway. Having seen him a couple of times this year, I wouldn't say that is a stretch.