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  1. Virginia Tech Visit

    FOr years grass was grown outside Reliant/NRG stadium, then moved inside.
  2. The Buyout and "Worst" Case Scenario

    Worst case, for them to let Les go, then say, we have hired a search firm. 
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Great job Greg, checks in the mail.  Thanks to you for all you do. Much appreciated.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, long day, back home in Pierre Part/Belle River. A stop in Gongales, two stops in Central, and one in BTR. Might be in New Orleans tomorrow for lunch.
  5. 2015 Pick'em - Week 13

    Iowa Baylor V Tech Stand Wiskey Jimbo St Zona St UCLA MooU More Cow Bell Choklahoma and Stoops for the win.
  6. Agree my friend. Quick one. A few years back a couple of former LSU coaches were talking, one was an OC, the other the AD at N. Tx., the AD said that he was now looking for a Head Basketball coach. TheOC said to get a resume from Johnny Jones. The AD remembered the name but couldn't place it. He was reminded of pickup games at LSU. He then called Jones, interviewed him and hired his coach. When Johnny got to LSU I told Johnny the story of how he got the job. He said the AD Rick Villarreal had told him somewhat the same story.  A few years back, NTx was playing LSU in Tiger Stadium, I was walking out and saw Rick, I hadn't talked with him in years. Last time I saw him was in the mid 90's. 
  7. Jimbo. Where There's Smoke.....

    Jimbo has a good staff at Fla St, a couple I know. Rick Trickett coached one year at LSU with nick, a very good OL coach. Vic Viloria played at John Curtis, he also played under Phil Bennett at SMU. Vic studied under Tommy Moffitt at LSU. Vic is the head S&C coach.  Jimbo has a good staff, if he was to take the job, I want to see who he fills his staff with. 
  8. There is no guarantee with anything, that's my point. This is common sense. 
  9. Hiring cheap? How do you know? Have they hired anyone yet? Remember who was here when nick was hired, he's gone. Cheap, let's look at last couple hires, Johnny Jones and Niki, broke the bank?  They will have to break the bank with the hire, it better be the right hire. It's not that easy, very few sure things
  10. No major change is what my friend just texted me Okie
  11. Last game for the Tulane coach, he has been let go, he will coach this last game.
  12. The Coaching Carousel Is Going to Start Turning

    Tulame looking for a coach
  13. Well the 8 people in the stands at the Tulane game will get searched, shouldn't slow down the flow of the lines.  Ok, I'll see if I can get some more info.
  14. I'll try this one again. Barn has 2 SEC wins this year, 5 losses, playing bama next, could finish with 6. Anyone can run the offense of Gus, guess not.  Sumlin, another offensive coach, can't miss. He lost to barn, yep, Gus beat a&m and Ky. his only two SEC wins.  Mullens at MooU, has lost to A&m, bama and LSU, that's it. Some would like to hire him to replace Les, how many times has Mullens beat nick and bama? None, yep not one time in 7 years.  McElwain won the East in his first year, the guy is playing with house money, can't lose. Anything he does this year bad, Muschamps fault. He can't lose, wait till next year, only place he can go is down.  Some talk about LSU having Jr's leave early, anyone remember before Les got here? Trev Faulk? Never drafted.  Everyone thinks they are going to make it in the Pros, just ask them. Every backup is better than the starter, just ask them. Remember this, after LSU forced out Mac, help Mac pack. LSU had to fire Stovall, Archer, Hallman, Gerry D. Two coaches in all that time, walked out on their own.  Anyone can win at LSU, tell that to those guys. 
  15. As for nicks coaches, same retreads, Bo Davis, Lance Thompson, Bobby Williams, etc. Coaches work for him, pad their resume and move on. If you can work for him, you can work for anyone. A few have worked for him and left after one year, some after one month(John Thompson).