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  1. A Tropical Disturbance in the Force

    Meanwhile temps in Green Bay, high of 72, with a low of 61 tonight.
  2. Moo State Starting CBs Injured

    Tough one, hope for quick return for both kids.
  3. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Send me a little more info on the car. PM. Thanks
  4. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Been working in a friends house, he had no flood insurance. Has a daughter that was premature at birth, and has continued to have problems. I've made stops at a number of homes, giving pointers. Giving out names and numbers. Got a call last night, roof leak at one of the Aunts house, so today I get a raise, up on top the house. Another friend, he and his wife had their house flood. A friend of theirs got them a travel trailer to use, but he needed it hooked up with power. I was unable, so I called a good friend of mine in the area to hook them up. We were suppose to head back to Tx Tuesday, but, couldn't leave all this. Will continue to work and help through Sunday, head back to Tx late Sunday night. Ive had a few call me for new and used cars. So many lost these. Just trying to help anyway I can. Hope all is well on this board.
  5. Another transfer

    Please stick around Dru, I find this to be a great board. All too many know football and LSU sports. I do enjoy your posts
  6. Skunks

    Tough to get rid of. If they do spray the dogs, tomato juice bath, will get the odor out.
  7. Another transfer

    From my friend Matt...looks like he's thinking along my lines. Wonder if he read some of my post?
  8. College Football Pick 'Em Contest

    In, will make my picks when/if I get back to Tx
  9. Another transfer

    Sure, right now, Weathersby and KJ are your two OT's. KJ a Jr and Weathersby a Soph. They will be here next year for sure. Teuhema has been hobbled. But he to has a shot at the OT position. Okeke is one that they really like. So, as I've stated before, kids are the best player at their school. They get to college, they are a good player, but, they think otherwise. They want to play now. Nothing wrong with that. But they want to play now. But at times they look at the guy or guys in front of them and say, I'm better than him. I wish him only the best, haven't had time to get into what's going on, but these are only things I know for a fact. He is behind a few good players, most of them, if not all, will be back next year. What are his chances next year? Also look at the guys coming in this class and the next. Years back LSU had a few that waited till their turn to play as a RSSr. Look at the number of players drafted out of LSU on the OL, since Les has been here. Now look at what Grimes has had drafted, two this year. La'el was a first round pick, the off the field stuff, not his fault got him. Pocic will get drafted. Clapp, Maea and who knows whom else. We are starting to get OL depth. Long over due.
  10. 2016 Preseason Football Discussion

    Ed Alexander, say it again, Ed Alexander.
  11. Another transfer

    The handwriting on the wall. Best of luck to him.
  12. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Prayers for all, NS Mom
  13. Jhamon Ausbon has given his verbal to the Tigers
  14. Checking in on our Tigalayans

    Off to sleep, another long day ahead. Long story short, if someone needs something, let me know. I'm here to help.
  15. Checking in on our Tigalayans

    Blonde moment is the least of my problems. I was talking about claiming on income taxes, the loss during this flood. Several people today asked about this.