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  1. At 5pm today, I will be at the North Texas vs Rice game. Today's game: MILITARY APPRECIATION DAY - Join the Owls in honoring veteran and active military personnel throughout the game. I go in with some of the coaches I know on the staff. I get a wrist band. Allows me to eat and drink before, after and at halftime. They have a spread of food and drinks. I sit with the coaches family, or a bench pass. The AD at N. Tx use to be a friend of mine, Rick Villareal, he was a TE's coach at LSU before moving into the AD's office. Last time I talked with him was at an LSU game, when N Tx was playing the Tigers. I have to set to record the LSU game. Don't know if I want to find out the score before I get home. Might just start from scratch. Enjoy the game folks, Geaux Tigers
  2. BLM group tried to get on the field. They did get onto the field after the game. Really a good game, down to the wire. Eastern is playing good ball. The sportscasters continued long after the game, covering the protest, not as much about the game. It was a peaceful group.
  3. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Those jobs tell you what you don't want to do for a living
  4. More..... Sophomore lineman Toby Weathersby did not travel to Auburn with the rest of the LSU football team, a source confirmed to The Advocate. Weathersby, the Tigers starting right tackle, sprained his right ankle in the first half of the game against Mississippi State, and he sported a walking boot on the right foot Monday. Coach Les Miles declined to reveal Weathersby’s status earlier this week, but said sophomore Maea Teuhema will replace him in the starting lineup if he couldn’t go. Teams can only travel 70 players to Southeastern Conference road games. No. 17 LSU (2-1, 1-0 Southeastern Conference) plays at Auburn (1-2, 0-1) Saturday. LSU spokesman Michael Bonnette did not immediately reply to a message for comment. Teuhema, like Weathersby a Texas product, is a seasoned backup. He played the entire second half against the Bulldogs and started 11 games at left guard last year. He started at right guard for the then-suspended Josh Boutte in Game 2 against Jacksonville State. Teuhema emerged from spring practice as LSU's starting left tackle before an ankle sprain over the summer slowed his progress. Miles this week cited "HIPAA," the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, when asked if Weathersby had practiced. On Monday, he cited "Homeland Security" as a reason that he could not answer a question on Weathersby's health. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_3453e7ec-81d5-11e6-86a7-ebe95427d141.html
  5. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Spent many years as a Machinist, also spent many years in the oil industry. Started doing electrical with my Dad, during my younger years. My first home was built by a good friend from Breaux Bridge. Having built homes for many family members, something I have enjoyed over the years. Been knowing a number of coaches over the years, like I said, a close knit group. You know a few and from there, you get introduced to so many. Have had a great life, very thankful.
  6. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    THis is not good. Some were getting a mold certificate, paying for these things. Getting the moisture content at or below 15%, is the key. Some older homes with Aluminum Wiring are having to get up to code. Many homes are not worth the repairs. Some are getting them Demoed. All too often, people are upside down on a note. Some of the older, have no note at all. But don't have the money for repairs. Too many factors.
  7. Brandon Harris Receiving Death Threats

    I think it's time to revisit that movie
  8. Starting QB Thread

    Stage fright?
  9. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    Drove into La for a few days, trying to talk and see as many as I could. To help in any way. I called a friend I grew up with. Her parents have lived in the same house for 60 years, never flooded. Well, it took on around 4 feet. My friend was told, too much to rebuild by talking with a few companies. But she wanted to hear it from me. The guy next door walked over, told me he had his house up for sale right before the flood. He was looking to get about $85k, to rebuild my friends house, $75k or so would be needed. Then, it's not known now what the value would be once finished. It's hard to tell people the truth, but sometimes, I have no choice. A good friend of mine was thinking of selling his house right before the flood. If you come South on Stanford, pass the LSU lakes on your right, come into the houses right before Highland, this is where his house is. He was going to ask $425k, after this flood, he raised asking to $485, and looks like he'll get it. Never flooded. Talking with a real estate friend, she has been talking with appraisers, they are trying to figure this one out. Does a house that's never flooded go up that much in value? I'm thinking it goes up, but how much?
  10. Starting QB Thread

    Josh Booty was a great practice player, Rohan Davey not so much. But when the lights came on, Rohan could play with the best of them.
  11. Brandon Harris Receiving Death Threats

    It's only a game... " Everytime I call it a game, y'all want to call it a business, and everytime I want to call it a business, y'all want to call it a game!" Taken from the movie, "North Dallas Forty."
  12. Starting QB Thread

    I know a little, and know a few people. Not much about what I know, just an opinion like most. Never wrong, often mistaken. I do have an LSU bias, sometimes, not good to have. I do think Les is a top 15 coach, of all the guys out there coaching, can't think of 15 to replace him with. But then again, I look more at the on and off the field stuff. Has he been good for his coaches, kids, the public, etc. When I have talked with Les, you don't have the same guy you see when the camera lights are on him. He is the kind of guy you want to have a beer with. The guy can talk about anything. He can close the deal on a recruit, also close on a family. Petrino is a great on the field coach, off the field, another story. He hurt his own family, and a few outside his family. Lied to his bosses, more than once. I would not want him at LSU. Former Tiger Todd McClure at one time thought of him a the biggest POS. Lots of players and coaches see him the same way. I thought Cholly Mac was a great coach, he just had to go up against the Bear every year. Much of what is going on now. Took a long time to recover once he was let go. Tenn is still trying to recover. UGA and Fla had to take a step back when looking for a coach, Strong wasn't UTx first choice. Fla St did well, Jimbo Bowden, I mean Fisher, was a home run hire. We will never know how good Bo Rein would have been. Stovall was a good person on and off the field. Did UGA mess up by getting rid of Mark Richt? Time will tell. Sorry, I ran on a little too much. I did ask the guy I talked with yesterday, could we just fire Mickey Loomis and get you to make all the Saints draft picks? I often talk about the football coaching profession being a tight knit group. Most Asst coaches will never turn in another, for recruiting violations, you migh need to get on a staff that might have that same guy on it. A good friend of mine has had around a dozen coaching jobs, been fired from 4, is he a bad coach, nope, that's part of the business. Everytime, he and the entire staff has been let go. Jimbo Fisher was let go with the entire staff at Auburn. It's not just the guys, the wife and kids have to make friends. Knowing one day, they may have to move. The nature of the profession. Sorry, once again. I'll shut it down
  13. Starting QB Thread

    Like I said, did anyone see the Pats/Houston game tonight?
  14. Gas Shortage

    Most of this gas use to go by barge, years ago. Here in Houston area, $1.70/gal
  15. Starting QB Thread

    I know nothing. I did talk with a guy today. Tre White is playing his way into a good first round. He said, Adams won't last past the second round. He has been breaking down film. We did talk about a few others. Detillier did say today that talking with a NFL team rep., Key was the third best player in the SEC. Fournette, Miles Garrett then Key. Also saying Key would be the highest LSU defensive player drafted ever. Tyson Jackson went #3, so Key would go number 1 or 2 in 2018.