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  1. #4 pick returning? Let's get serious boras.
  2. Sure was and I think that's when niswanger took over at center the next week. If Saban had kneeled the ball up 24-0 or whatever it was it would have been prevented as well.
  3. Vanderbilt game. Although I do think it's difficult to question coaches about players in the game when there are lots of reasons for keeping players in that we could never know. Players get hurt. [poop] happens. It's the nature of sports. Except for soccer.
  4. i know, right? of all people.
  5. cmon ramah. not here.
  6. j/b will take like 2 secs and let your try any app for free. forever. highly recommended. especially all those garage band type where you can learn all kinds of instruments and learn to read music. but yeah, mine is full of ebooks which is text files basically so you can probably put a gazillion even on a 16gb.
  7. hiding that flask is going to hurt.
  8. did spurrier throw out his shoulder there? sure looks like it. better calm down, dude or that driver is gonna have a serious hook.
  9. swagger is better than arrogant. but i love our arrogant special teamers.
  10. you look good with long hair.
  11. i dont think toxins from the air are going to kill her. im pretty sure she will die of fatty liver disease. maybe she should work on herself, the much more pressing issues first. and a shower wouldnt hurt.
  12. a good homemade salsa on eggs is not too shabby either.
  13. i think that could be the mother lode. this could be payback. i will not stop and get peanut butter, i will not stop and get peanut butter. not quite as funny anymore.
  14. i got the 32 and its not full at all but it was pretty full when it was j/b before i had to update the firmware. if you are going to j/b it a 32 may be worth it. you can get movies and everything else on it for free. and you will likely put movies and music on it eventually. its too convenient and great for traveling. its like an iphone where i like to be able do all kinds of things with it from apps to movies, but when it comes to actually using them, not that often but fun to have the option. its more about the chase for me and figuring the stuff out. then i get bored.
  15. excellent point. maybe you get some collateral prayers, who knows.