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  1. Berge added a post in a topic TGBFTL at the greatest game of all   

    Like the Super Bowl halftime, they will be brought in for halftime and leave right after, I'm sure.

    I went to the New Orleans Bowl and I was asking the same question on how the bands could sit on the floor with the smaller floor-space. I guess my question was answered.
  2. Berge added a post in a topic RBR's: Meltdown Time   

    The actual blog RBR was responsible for this:

    Stay Classy Alabama
  3. Berge added a post in a topic I Hate the Thought of a Rematch   

    When it comes time, depending on the situation, whoever is calling the PAC-12 Championship game or the Oklahoma State-OU game would have to really push for a 1-loss team over Bama, like how Gary Danielson got Florida into the BCS Championship in 2006.

    The best thing OU has going to them is that their game against OSU is the same day as the SECCG, meaning they don't have two weeks without playing like Michigan and Ohio State did in 2006, and they will be playing, and Alabama will not.

    Also, it is a bit ironic that the LSU-Oregon game may have helped Bama more than LSU at this point.
  4. Berge added a post in a topic Hell of an Article About CLM   

    It's funny, but I don't think many schools have the "relationship" that we have with Miles. I mean, recently I told someone how awesome it has been to see him "grow as a coach" over the past 7 seasons. He started as a guy who was thrown in over his head, and then had a hurricane to deal with, and responded almost perfectly.... ALMOST. He kicked off his star player. He has dealt with "replacing" coordinators flawlessly, even if he did make the mistake of putting them in positions they couldn't handle. He had inconceivable coaching lapses in 2009 and 2010, and followed those games with last minute comebacks weeks later. He had to suspend his starting QB. He now is coaching the #1 team in the biggest regular season game in LSU history.

    With all that, I read that article with a huge smile on my face because we have a special coach in Baton Rouge.
  5. Berge added a post in a topic It's Official - LSU@ Bama to be 7pm on CBS   

    ESPN will want something in return for this.
  6. Berge added a post in a topic The Honey Badger takes what he wants...   

    Honey Badger tokes what he wants.

  7. Berge added a post in a topic Anybody catch this?   

    He very much is the best analyst I have seen. He knows and understands the game. He frequently tells you what will happen on a play before it happens, and he sees the entire field every play. Fans hate him because he shares his opinions. Guys like Gus Johnson are fan favorites because they live in the present and have exciting voices, but he brings nothing to FOOTBALL. That is why Johnson can be plugged into any sport (insert Verne "OH MY!"). Danielson, on the other hand, is a football analyst, and he is damn good at it.

    LSU fans have zeroed in on that Ware isn't in Richardson's class (which he isn't), but they also seem to miss that about 10 times Saturday, Danielson said that he cannot find a weakness on this team.
  8. Berge added a post in a topic Anybody catch this?   

    He's right. Ware is a good RB. Richardson is an elite RB.

    You are not an elite RB when your career long run is 26 yards. Richardson had an insane run today that showed he was on another level. Don't get bent out of shape about Bama having a better RB. Ware is not the best in the country, but he is good enough to win a championship with.
  9. Berge added a post in a topic What "they" are saying about LSU   

    Just pity Boise and their fans. Imagine that our schedule included Georgia, then 11 straight Western Kentucky's with a Vandy thrown in there for good measure.

    I would much rather watch the 2010 LSU team play big games (and lose a couple) rather than be a Boise fan.
  10. Berge added a post in a topic Tennessee Volunteers   

    That lasted a whole 2 games. 60 yards against UF. 6 minutes until halftime.
  11. Berge added a post in a topic Boise State/Toledo   

    I was saying these exact things to the TV. If Moore was wearing purple and gold with the #12, few LSU fans would have seen the difference. Lee has proven he can complete a very high percentage of passes against weak teams. Two of his TD passes tonight were lame ducks that were just begging Toledo to intercept.
  12. Berge added a post in a topic Boise State/Toledo   

    It depresses me when Boise's 2nd toughest game for their final 11 games is @Toledo. LSU just played a much much better team in MSU last night, and we arguably have 6 games that are tougher.
  13. Berge added a post in a topic LSU vs Mississippi State Game Topic   

    Field position had an impact as well.

    LSU's starting field position:

    LSU 19
    LSU 28
    LSU 5
    LSU 24
    LSU 10
    LSU 22
    LSU 26
    LSU 20
    LSU 28
    LSU 21
    LSU 18

    All inside our own 30 yard line. MSU, on the other hand, had 4 drives start outside the 40 yard line. LSU suffocated them on those drives, giving up only 3 points (they started at the 50, and gained 25 yards).
  14. Berge added a post in a topic Making the Cut for Tiger Band   

    I started in 2004, with a large influx of freshmen. I think it was the largest number of cuts Tiger Band has ever had to make that year, with most of them coming from the woodwinds. Conveniently for me, I was a clarinet player. I did make it, but that was more than nerve-wracking.
  15. Berge added a post in a topic TIgalaya Fantasy League Archives   

    Chavis 60
    Ford 288
    Beckham 100
    Mingo 15
    Gore 48