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  1. Happy Birthday, Herb. Hope it's a great one for you.
  2. He was brilliant in "Deadwood" as Cy Tolliver. A really despicable bad guy!
  3. Is that what they mean by "jumping the shark"? Cannot unsee what has been seen.
  4. Congrats to Mom! She surely did a wonderful and amazing job of raising her kid!
  5. Old? You bet your sweet Bippy I'm old!
  6. prayers for Reid and the family are on the way!
  7. I'm pulling for Patch. This horse is blind in one eye. Gotta love an underdog. Also McCracken - that's the name of the county I live in!
  8. Or maybe this:
  9. Thanks, Deceks! I can always use the business. I really appreciate it. All is well here in Western Kentucky!
  10. Thought you were going to slip by without us noticing you're a year older? Not a chance!
  11. worse than "no chest". At least I'm pretty sure it is.