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  1. At LSU Peveto rose to his level of incompetence; in the right position I think it's a good hire for the recruiting aspect. Speaking of former assistants, where is Chief these days? Still in Aggieland?
  2. I can already see that he has a good future in toothpaste commercial modeling. Hope he can throw!
  3. Didn't classes start this week? Was Guice in class? I am surprised he has waited this long to declare. God, I'm gonna miss him!
  4. Is The Prez really attending? Great! Maybe we can get him to help Make LSU Great Again. As for the game, I REAAAAAAALLY hope it's Georgia. Don't think I could handle another round of smirky nick photos.
  5. Great! Flynn is a good looking guy! Happy for all of you.
  6. Wish I could give this one two or ten more likes.
  7. And.......they're off! I don't know enough about either player to be very analytical but it seems to me that Lowell is - physically - more prepared to play. Myles looks like a gangly kid - so much so that I worry about his durability. I also have the impression that their two styles are nearly entirely different - Myles is a pocket passer (size not that important if he's protected) and Lowell is built like a stockcar - and ready for the demolition derby that results from being a dual threat very mobile guy. I don't know which style we'll need next year - sort of depends on the eventual OC. Your thoughts? I know most of you know a lot more than I do. I'm a fan - not a student of the game.
  8. No doubt our red zone "offense" is offensive and ineffectual. Who is that on? Execution? Play call? Can't be on the Defense since we apparently have red zone trouble with EVERY defense. What do you suggest, Nootch?
  9. Not making excuses - but I wonder how much difference Arden Key would have made? Or the linebackers who were out for various reasons? I mean - it's kinda like going to a Beach Boys concert these days - -so many subs it's not the same team.
  10. Hmmm - fielder's choice - should I bitch about the missed field goals or should I bitch about needing to attempt field goals? I think I'm gonna go with the Daily Double and bitch about both!
  11. Hmmm. I see your point. Taken individually, root beer, anchovies and Gorgonzola are wonderful. Mixed together they'd knock a buzzard off the gut wagon.
  12. When did coordinators become demi-gods? It's only been in the last 10 or 12 years that I could even tell you the name of the coordinators. Just curious - was I just out of touch for a long, long time or have coordinators just recently become a big deal to anyone but their organizations? Is ESPN a factor in this?
  13. Canada seems to be a "genius" who doesn't understand why everyone doesn't appreciate his "greatness". He's leaving the best paid OC job in the country...might not be his idea. I don't know.
  14. Be careful on the road, Fish and have a great time!