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  1. Mercy F*
  2. #Can'tTackleAnyoneU #Can'tCoverAnyoneU
  3. HAte to say it, Dru, but you are correct. This is an abject failure on every level.
  4. I don't have the words to describe what is going on down there.....
  5. Sure would be nice to see a 3 and out here - - - c'mon D!
  6. Did Aranda make the trip to Starkvegas? I see his body but I wonder where his plan is tonight? D players look frustrated and confused.
  7. Our D is getting played far too often tonight. Too many wide open receivers!
  8. Ok - don't want to panic just yet - but WTF with the penalties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I support the medical solution for cowbells: turn them into suppositories. Ouch.
  10. One of my favorite movies - though a bit dated. A real eye-opener at the time it came out.
  11. Hope your birthday celebration hits the target!
  12. Saw a trailer for a new Ken Burns film about the Vietnam War. It would be hard to make it "as good" as the Civil War film (my all-time favorite) but I hope it's a good one!