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  1. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I wonder if Herman is distracted by the LSU talk - if maybe his agent has already struck a deal and that's hurting his focus? Just a thought.
  2. Bert Jones to be Honored During OM Game

    My first LSU game was also the Aggies. 1969 at Tiger Stadium. I had a great seat - in the Tiger Band!
  3. Bert Jones to be Honored During OM Game

    I was lucky enough to have been at LSU to see two greats play - Bert Jones and Pete Maravich. I'm sorry I wasn't there for Shaq!
  4. Guess who's back!?

    Thanks for explaining "Bye, Felicia!" Those of us who are culturally ignorant when it comes to current stuff need help! Oh - and I think I might use that phrase myself.
  5. Congratulations LF7!

    What a great night for LF7! Congratulations, Big Guy!
  6. My Big Announcement Redo

    I love trees. Growing up in West Texas, a real tree is an almost sacred thing. When we bought our house, I wanted TREES! And we had them. But they started losing BIG limbs and I just paid about 3k to have them all removed from the back yard to protect our house, deck and car. The reason I'm mentioning this, Okie, is that you want to be sure no tree can fall on your house. Sure, the shade is nice, but don't think it's worth the chance of the damage it can cause. Just my 2cents worth.
  7. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    Happy for you, Nootch! I bragged about how much sleep I get but no matter how long I sleep I still wake up feeling OLD.
  8. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    One thing I can still do as well as I ever could is sleep. Any time. Any Place. Overnight, I usually get 8-9 hours. I love being retired!
  9. Sports Trivia Topic

    I heard that they wanted to call it "Tiger Piss" but good judgement got the better of them.
  10. Bert Jones to be Honored During OM Game

    My folks lived in Mississippi while I was at LSU - - when you drove into Louisiana from Mississippi on I-55 there was a sign that said, "You are now entering Louisiana. Please set your clock back one second." I laughed myself silly every time I passed that sign.
  11. HEY OM

    Sell the kids for food? I would - but who the Hell would buy them?
  12. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #8

    Miami (Fl) vs Virginia Tech Thursday BYU vs Boise St Thursday Syracuse vs Boston College TCU vs West Virginia Indiana vs Northwestern Wisconsin vs Iowa Washington St vs Arizona St Memphis vs Navy Miss St vs Kentucky Arkansas vs Auburn
  13. Favorite Commericals

  14. Dear Auburn

    Tie them to a chair, prop their eyes open and make them watch 72 consecutive hours of Swamp People. Sort of like Little Alex in "A Clockwork Orange"...