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  1. Dachsie, I'd be crazy during a remodel. I'm such a creature of habit. Hope it goes well for you!
  2. Did they "escort" him from the building? A BAD DAY FOR OLE MISS IS A GOOD DAY FOR ME!
  3. Maybe not alone....but certainly not part of a large group. The show is sort of like a soap - if you start at the beginning it's easier to get involved. It really is a great story.
  4. I'm glad someone else remembered this day, First thing I thought of this morning! Do you remember where you were when the Eagle landed? I sure do!
  5. He's not the only one who thinks so..... http://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/19804797/phil-steele-why-sec-was-dethroned-college-football-toughest-conference
  6. Thoros of Myr to the Hound: "Why are you always in such a foul mood?" The Hound replies: "Experience". NSFW
  7. OTOH, maybe the White Walkers will win........
  8. That's an interesting list. I've been wondering if Gendry would show up again - and he is Robert Baratheon's son...... I think Tyrion will have his revenge on Cersi at some point in the story. At least I hope so. My money is on Daenerys to sit on the throne. I'm not sure there will be a happy ending for Jon Snow. Or anyone else for that matter.
  9. Y'all come on over - bring crawfish, tents and, of course, your favorite adult beverage.
  10. Great season for the Tigers! Proud of the way the team represented LSU - even though the eventual outcome was not quite what we wanted. Getting to the finals is a real accomplishment.
  11. Holy [poop]! Cole is FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. TIGERS!!!!!!!
  13. GEAUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Don't get over it! Enjoy every second of it!
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