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  1. The truth is not in you.
  2. I got 30 out of 35. Some of those questions were really off the wall and had nothing to do with his movies.
  3. Can you blame him? She's gonna be home all the time now. Ouch.
  4. My Man Crush is gone. I'll pick a new one soon.
  5. I've kinda lost track - when is first game? TV?
  6. Hope you have a very, very fine birthday. Now - get out there and see if there are any redfish that have managed to elude you.
  7. I hear Keith Richards drinks embalming fluid. That would explain a lot.
  8. oh yeah - add Betty White - this time for real.
  9. Sadly, I think this is the year we lose Clint Eastwood. Not feeling good about Bill Clinton either.
  10. Now I know I'm sick. I found the above video distressingly humorous.
  11. Middleton never looked "right" but Lockett was brand new when I took classes there. It was just plain butt ugly. I am glad they are removing them.
  12. I knew her better as Laura Petrie on the Dick VanDyke show - gosh that was a long time ago! By the time she went to The Mary Tyler Moore Show I was out of touch with TV - working, mostly nights, in the restaurant business. I saw enough episodes to really like the show - especially Lou Grant and the interaction with him and Mary's characters. I think that at some time every young man of my age group was in love with her. I know I was.
  13. Those crazy Russkies!
  14. Nope. Emcee, they weren't coming to see you or your wife. As far as they are concerned it's not about you anymore. Don't worry, though. It's not your fault and there's nothing you can do about it. You have been upstaged by God's cutest creation!