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  1. Joe McKnight - Shot and Killed in Terrytown

    My God. When will this end? Another life lost over NOTHING! RIP Joe.
  2. FSU vs Bastards from Gainesville

    From ESPN :
  3. Per ESPN‘s David Ching, LSU and Aranda agreed to a three year deal. Terms of the deal are not yet official. Aranda’s salary for the 2016 season was $1.2 million, per Ross Dellenger of the Advocate. Aranda is expected to get a big raise as well the title Associate head coach.
  4. Happy birthday NSMom!

    Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite Mom! Do something you'll be ashamed to admit. You'll have a great day!
  5. Coach Orgeron's New Staff

    Nonetheless I am glad he is gone.
  6. Coach Orgeron's New Staff

    I thought of Paulie right away......"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli"
  7. Peveto Gone per Shea Dixon

    Shea Dixon ✔ @Sheadixon JUST IN: #LSU and special teams coordinator Bradley Dale Peveto have parted ways after two stints with the Tigers. …
  8. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

  9. LSU vs Texas A&M 6:30 PM ESPN/98.1

    Great - you now have permission to punk your boss for a whole year 'cause he'd do the same to you. Gig this!
  10. LSU vs Texas A&M 6:30 PM ESPN/98.1

    Wow - that's amazing. Our O line played very well tonight. And Guice did a lot of blocking, too!
  11. LSU vs Texas A&M 6:30 PM ESPN/98.1

    Guice makes me have a lot of hope for next season. He's really amazing and as much fun to watch as Leonard Fournette!
  12. LSU vs Texas A&M 6:30 PM ESPN/98.1

    I know what you mean, Fish, when it was good it was OH SO GOOD. But it feels like Fournette didn't get the happy ending he deserved. I'm sure he's the best running back I've ever seen in college football. But SEC Country said this, and I am in full agreement with it:
  13. Happy Thanksgiving

    I can't improve on the thoughts that have already been expressed so I'll just say Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so many things for which we are thankful.
  14. LSU vs Texas A&M 6:30 PM ESPN/98.1

    The season went by in a blur...and Goodlifetiger is right - it was a season of missed opportunities. I fully expected Leonard Fournette to contend seriously for the Heisman and the team to be in contention for the SEC Championship. Based on our returning players I think this was a reasonable expectation. But then again, things don't always go the way we plan or the way we'd like to see them go. Just a shame to waste Leonard's time here. And it really was a waste. He's a once-in-a-lifetime player and I will be sorry to see him go. A sad feeling this year for so many reasons.