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  1. 2016 Presidential Election Humor

    I've been thinking about all the recent developments and have come to the conclusion that Democrats should NEVER, EVER use email.
  2. Your Favorite Tiger Ever (football only, please)

    Dachsie, the title says football only - BUT I agree that Shaq is - in every way - the finest ambassador LSU could ever have. He's a fine, fine man. And he's funny, too!
  3. Bregman is OFFICIALLY a major leaguer!!

    Very happy for a FINE Tiger. Here's to the beginning of a great career.
  4. Your Favorite Tiger Ever (football only, please)

    I mentioned the badger's shortcomings and they are severe - but for pure excitement on the field I've never seen better. Taking the whole package into consideration, Glen Dorsey would have to be the Man!
  5. Your Favorite Tiger Ever (football only, please)

    The Tiger that I found the most fun to watch was Tyrann Mathieu. There have been quite a few truly GREAT Tigers both on and off the field. Honey Badger had his off the field issues that damaged his career and image greatly. Still, I be damned if I can think of a more exciting player.
  6. Oklahoma and Okie St to the SEC

    I'm with Okie - those are not Southeastern schools. It's a real stretch to have A&M and Missouri. Kentucky doesn't REALLY fit either. No - I don't like it. Not at all.
  7. Happy Eleventh, Mike VI!!

    I would say "Go do something WILD", but that would be redundant. Happy Birthday handsome boy!
  8. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    Nice to have a goal, Okie!
  9. 2016 Presidential Election Humor

    Ok - it's late at night (for me) and maybe I'm just tired....but was that supposed to be funny?
  10. Bonstonker video

    Dang - that got me all hot 'n bothered for some FOOTBALL!
  11. Bregman MLB call up

    Geaux Bregs!
  12. 2016 Presidential Election Humor

    I made this one special!
  13. Miami PD shoot unarmed Behavioral Therapist

    I watched the video of this event and I was SHOCKED to see that the therapist was shot. NO excuse for this one. He was in a very non-threatening position and clearly called out to the cops and told them the situation. Not a good showing by the officer who fired his weapon. Thank goodness the therapist was not seriously wounded - and neither was his autistic patient.
  14. The Random [Poop] About Politics Topic

    One of the talking heads - after Cruz's speech - said, "Well, now you know why so many people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz. It saves time."