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  1. I apologize if out of line...

    not out of line at all, Strychnine! It is very evident that Les loves LSU and the majority of LSU loves him back. He is very devoted to his players on a personal level. They are all his kids. And a lot of them see him as a second father - some of them probably as the only father they've really ever known. There's not a better man in the game. Better coaches? Well, maybe in some ways that's true. But as a moulder of young men I believe he is without peer. I'm glad he's staying. But I DO hope he works on the offense a LOT!
  2. Iron Bowl

    It's been an interesting game without too much bammer favoritism shown so far. Don't think Aubie has a prayer with 7 or so minutes left,,,but they have played a good game against Bama.
  3. LSU vs aTm Saturday 11/28/15 SECN/98.1

    I'm very glad to hear that, Dachsie - not the part where you cried - but that the fans are showing CLM all the love he deserves. Also happy to hear his response. Dang it, you're 'bout to make me cry, too!
  4. My advice to LSU fans

  5. Happy birthday NSMom!

    Well , well, well! Another year younger! Congratulations. 
  6. LSU vs aTm Saturday 11/28/15 SECN/98.1

  7. 2015 Thanksgiving menu

    Smoked turkey breast candied yams - - - my personal recipe Asparagus w/ cheese sauce - - my Mom's recipe green bean casserole - everybody knows this one! little red potatoes mashed up with butter and a little sour cream cornbread stuffing - my Mom's recipe - uses sage pistachio jello salad corn bake - my friend Kevin turned me on to this recipe. It's really, really tasty! Iced Tea by the gallon yeasty rolls  Guess that's about all - except of course pumpkin pie and pecan pie for desert
  8. What Happened According to Fishhead

    Fish, I couldn't agree more on all these points. And especially about the statue. 
  9. Johnny Football

    There must be an Aggie joke in this story somewhere. I'm too bummed this week to find it. Anyone?
  10. Issue / Upgrade / Further Issues / Out of time

    I haven't had any trouble with any upgrade that has been made - ever. It's worked fine for me.
  11. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    Good thoughts, Houtiger. I think that's a direct result of different life views. Not saying that one syle is better than another....except maybe on the field. I think we all see Saban as a cutthroat business man and Miles as George Bailey.  With Saban it's not personal - it's business. With Miles, everything IS personal.  Not sure I expressed my thoughts completely here, but you get my drift.
  12. Eric Reid still has it

    89 will be feeling that for a few days. Ouch.
  13. D-Fence

    Yes - I was saying that Steele's D doesn't seem to be confusing to anyone other than his own players.....offenses seem to do quite well against him now that they have film.
  14. Coach O to Syracuse ?

    Maybe because he knows his days at LSU may be coming to an end??? I don't know why else. Well - more money, of course, and being a HC instead of an assistant. There's that, too.
  15. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    or worse, without any KY jelly......