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  1. You mean as in.... "Leave the gun. Take the Cannoli."?
  2. The Green Mile ("We all owe a death") Shawshank Redemption ( "Get busy living or get busy dying." ) My Cousin Vinny ( "Are you sure?") John Wayne - any - (Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.") Galaxy Quest ("OOH - that's not right.")
  3. ?? For Example..........?? You see, when it comes to LSU football, this is LSUDAD:
  4. Pretty sure it's a joke, Dru. Dad's word IS the law.
  5. So, then, you are saying you were both wrong.......
  6. This is not just a boom - it's a
  7. I do agree with you on this, Fish, but I was just wondering why LSU has had a recent problem getting good kickers when our FG kickers used to be so reliable.
  8. Apparently, though, he is correct. Why we don't have a "money" kicker is a mystery to me.
  9. But seriously - do you think LSU will get rid of him?
  10. A random act of Evil. No way to understand this. Prayers to all those who were affected.
  11. Kind of like the kiss of death, huh?
  12. Makes a lot of sense and outlines the steps needed to correct the situation.
  13. His magazine educated a generation - or maybe more.
  14. October will be a nightmare. Maybe November, too. Not being negative, really - just realistic. This is a learning year. Next year might be one, too. The year after that is too far out for me to predict. Marcus might be right.
  15. maybe add an N/A to field goals....none attempted
  16. Holy cow, man - maybe he should also play WR. Great hands. or maybe not....
  17. maybe this is his "injury" that's keeping him out of tomorrow's game?
  18. Mercy F*
  19. #Can'tTackleAnyoneU #Can'tCoverAnyoneU
  20. HAte to say it, Dru, but you are correct. This is an abject failure on every level.
  21. I don't have the words to describe what is going on down there.....
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