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  1. Please Nooooooo, southland conf blows, their numbers look better then they were.
  2. Done, is there a way to get Tapatalk working as I use that with many more forums so it's easier. Thanks for taking care of this!
  3. He's got a long ways to go before the NFL imo.
  4. Our Catholic Diocese will be sending a check to the Catholic Charity. My dad talked with our priest today and our church alone raised thousands and thousands of dollars. They are guessing with all of the churches in the Diocese they will be sending a check for $15-20k. Made my day hearing all of the work paid off. Hopefully that helps the right people down there.
  5. Actually, Klieman wasn't the one that groomed Wentz, got a qb coach that has been huge for him. The connections ndsu and Klieman have are actually very good. Paul Casey "Gus" Bradley ring a bell? Played at NDSU and is now Jaguars head coach, was also the DC at Seattle from 2009-12. Another one that is part of his staff is Todd Wash also was at ndsu. There are others as well. Anyways Herb states Fleck put 9 guys into the NFL? Klieman has 8 guys in the NFL and a few more after this season. We got Klieman from uni (rivals) to leave from DC to a position coach, 1 year as pos coach then two years as DC now 3rd year as HC. Never will happen for him going to LSU, but wouldn't be against going after Gus Bradley and Todd Wash they got some good ties.
  6. I left Utah USC alone as I didn't get that pick in, i picked the other games if you don't want to count them either that's fine but thought I still would
  7. I'll pass it along and see what can be done
  8. Lot of money in there lots of 20s and 50s, glad to help y'all down there.
  9. Update: All of our parishes (churches) up here are each taking donations, other churches up here are doing the same!!!
  10. Jenkins will run a lot, they will try and spread the field.
  11. Any idea on the delay? We are in damn OT
  12. Might need LF7 out of the gates maybe just the first half? Really wish we would use the tight end more and spread things out, makes things easier on the qb and makes the defense have to be ready for everything.
  13. I saw fish had mentioned in another thread, don't sleep on this JSU team. I'm familiar with this team, from NDSU playing them in the FCS championship team. In the semis JSU hosted SHSU and jumped on them early had great field position and scored fast, winning 62-10. All we heard from their fans and local media we were in for a treat. We were going to see an offense ndsu hasn't seen all year. Once arriving in TX (wed and game sat) we didn't see a fan for JSU until Friday afternoon and kept hearing the same stuff. Pope was their #1 RB no longer there. They still have top QB in Eli Jenkins and top WR in Josh Barge who I think are overhyped from what I witnessed. Well JSU was not ready for a defense like NDSU, we blitzed and hurried Jenkins and that got them out of their fast past rhythm. We controlled the TOP 41 mins to 19 mins. I did not see this high powered offense everyone was saying we wouldn't be ready for. So key to keeping JSU out of the game, TOP and getting to Jenkins early and rattle him. Yeah they have talent on that team but pressure them, delay blitz, cause heck. Control the trenches, their OL last year was big but out of shape and very slow. Don't get to caught up into all of their transfers the chemistry from what I witnessed was awful when running onto the field/stadium before the game they came out in random groups not as a whole team together. Yes, they have a high powered offense but as long as LSU doesn't let them come out quick this shouldn't be a game. Fournette will run wild he should top 160+ yards with ease if LSU has their heads straight. I'm hoping to see Harris rush for 50+ yards. Stretch the field, use the TE and nice easy passes will open up the deep ball.