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  1. Just read this, hour he is alright, sad to hear about the two that didn't make it. Thoughts n prayers to the family, friends, and team/players.
  2. Tapatalk

    Anyone else struggling to use Tapatalk after the newest update some error pops up. I emailed Tapatalk and they said its up to the forum for some plugin.
  3. Feleipe Franks Decommits

    If we were to even consider that and he sticks with UGA, Franks would be pissed and would definitely not switch back.
  4. Les Miles

    Now that we know he is staying. After watching how he handled all of this I have even more respect for him. He loves this university, the boys he helped mold into men. I do not want to seeing him go without another chance. That being said he needs to adjust and change some things. First off get someone here to help with building a qb, someone to take over the offense. I want to see the fire from the team week in week out.
  5. This is where Les needs to improve/adjust he needs to keep Beckwith there is no need for him to go to the NFL and get lost
  6. If Towson states was a team I'd agree with you B)
  7. Guy made a great point not many coaches would have 8-10 wins after losing the number of players to the NFL. But miles needs to change that Simon was not ready for the NFL same as others. Beckwith is not either he'll get lost out there. If Les Miles stays he needs to adjust and hopefully that's what they're trying to do to him warm his seat up causing adjustments.
  8. Feleipe Franks Decommits

    I think it had to do with how we played Alabama imo, not throwing against that front 7 and opening it up.
  9. Not offended, due to how body feels in the cold? Sorry to hear your missing out, been trying to get Fish and Lsufan to visit but they are whimps in the cold.
  10. Well there is a big air force base 10 miles from Grand Forks (I'm sorry you had to witness [poopy] Grand Forks). cavalier is a little over 1 hour northwest of grand forks. Anyone of you are always welcome to come and visit and if you come for a football game I can guarantee you a ticket.
  11. Yeah I know but I still think he needs a pocket passer that is 6'4+. I know you'd love to have NDSU qb right now if he wasn't hurt ;)
  12. Been a fan of LSU since the 99/2000ish and funny how but I started playing with them on Xbox and started liking them so stuck with them since then been. I don't miss watching any games I go out of my way to watch whether it is recorded or not. Last week was 2:30 game and so was ndsu I left our game at halftime we were up 41-0. started watching the recording then got live and joined chat.
  13. I understand that and I even said that to friends around here asking me. I tell them the boosters don't always know what they're doing as far as a situation like this. I will question them if they get rid of Miles and don't get the right coach. There isn't many coaches out there to take over. I want Les back but understand why people are frustrated, but if he comes back he needs to change a lot of things and how he attacks his coaching etc.
  14. Well at NDSU we lost our starting SR qb (who is projected to go end of first or second round) to an injury. We started our backup qb who is a RSFrosh. First 2 games they handcuffed him from passing, but still let him run and got 100+ yards on the ground. Now they are letting him pass and opening things up. I personally think they should be doing the same with Harris. Harris can make throws, screen passes etc imo. Take the handcuff off.
  15. Alright here goes...... We all know going 13-0 then playing Bama in 2011 wasn't necessarily fair due to Bama not winning conference or playing in conference championship game, but they were the 2 best teams. After that game it definitely seems something has been taken from Les, his way he attacked games, that swagger he had when he had that team playing so well. When we played a high powered offense in Oregon, I have yet to see that Les since that 2011 season. The team played with so much fire, hunger, passion. Then after that every year we saw the effect of players leaving early which took a toll on the rebuilding and performance. As a head coach it is his responsibility to get his team to have that fire in them, play loose and have fun which imo turns to better play and performance. Next, it is his job to make sure the guys that aren't ready to leave early understand every situation and maybe some of them would of stayed back. I understand them wanting to leave early, but Les has to be honest with them and make sure they know they would be better off coming back. I understand Miles has that old smash mouth style, but at times you need to adjust your style. So now let me ask you... If you were part of the big time boosters paying that salary would you be happy with your investment and having 3-4 conference losses the last 4 years? would you be happy about being 0-5 in last 5 games vs Bama? Losing to Arkansas, Ole miss, Miss St like we have the last few years? Would you take notice in the performance from players and notice no fire, hunger, motivation etc out on the field? Yes, we all can agree since Miles has been here there have been many great things we have witnessed from big time wins, championship, to the father he was for the players and everyone around him. Now I do not want Miles to go, but can understand why there are many unhappy boosters. That being said IF Miles stays many things need to change, he needs to take charge and get leadership and swag back onto that field. Needs to make sure the wrong players that aren't ready to leave early take a hard look at their decision and if he has to bring up the ones that have left early that haven't made it so be it. He needs to get in control of his coaches and if issues need to be addressed well take charge (such as poor special teams play this year, imo players out of position on defense). If coaches aren't getting it done or control of players take over that job and prove a point. Become the leader and one with fire you were before and have fun out there, doesn't seem to be having fun.