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  1. I am not saying it has anything to do with talent, no we shouldn't get blown out or lose at home to Troy. Getting 5* and mixture of 3/4* with good coaching goes a long ways. They need to coach them up and get them to use their full potential. Get them to buy into the system. They let their guys they hired coach the positions and run the offense/defense. Source
  2. No need to get defensive, all i did was ask a few times to prove the statement. I even said you were making up numbers but you kept bringing up the 80%. I do not think MState and Troy are more talented, they aren't. Yes, I'd like to have a good amount of 5* players but mixing in 4* to 2 * players who have good chemistry, leadership, will to learn and get better adds to a team. Now to enlighten you.... 52 percent of 5-star players get drafted and that 75 percent of those draftees are retained. Coming out of high school, a 5-star recruit thus has a 39 percent chance of "sticking" in the league. Three of every five will not.
  3. I have looked it up, so like I said show me the 80% for 5*. I agree 5 stars are best to have but 80% do not make the league.
  4. Show me the facts on this 80% 5* stars making the league or are you just guessing and making up numbers?
  5. Sure its better to have more 5* but doesn't mean everything. There can be a 5* that does well in college but fail in the pros. Just because you're a 5* doesn't mean you'll pan out in college or NFL. Sure you may be talented in HS but could just be that far ahead but once at the next level its different. There are many players that were overlooked in HS but are a 2*/3* that does better then 4*/5* and that's because they have something to prove, that extra drive in them, etc. Now there are 5* talent wise that are unbelievable but never show it because they don't put in the effort to get even better, talent can only go so far. Now yes with a good coach you can take that player and help groom him.
  6. Myles will be real good imo, just lack of experience now.
  7. He seemed to vs BYU and Mississippi State? And if he had full say during BYU, would have never worked vs Bama.
  8. Hahaha what???? Where did i talk about the NFL?
  9. Absolutely and Joe was not that guy. Hopefully people are starting to see the end of the tunnel for Joe.
  10. On top of that he took a program transitioning from Division 2 to Division 1. Many people doubted NDSU making the move, the problem there was people didn't see the big picture they were to short sighted and conservative. Gene and the President weren't like that at all. They took all the programs and had them competing at the next level and some at the highest level very quickly. He had a vision and insight on what moves to make and be done and he did that.
  11. Technically Stars are rated on how many teams and what teams are going for that player, but yes which ends up showing their potential. If Coach O is not doing his part neither are the other coaches imo. Someone needs to step up and get something going. Get these guys fired up and wanting to compete.
  12. If you want a good loyal AD go get my boy Gene Taylor, what he did for NDSU was unreal. Left NDSU and became assistant AD at Iowa then this year became the AD at Kansas State. The guy is great at what he does.
  13. 4 and 5 Stars are cool and all, but those stars don't mean [poop]. I am sure you're trying to point out the level of talent on this team and understand there is more to just the 4/5 stars. Stars don't make a player have a will to win, motivation, determination, leadership and many other things. NDSU has a mainly 2 stars or less, a couple 3 stars, and maybe a FBS/Juco Transfer here and there. I'd say they are better then half to if not 3/4 the FBS teams out there. Sure, you can say they don't have a FBS schedule, but why does the home FBS team always look dead in the 4th quarter with guys hands on their hips or bent over?
  14. Yes this all starts from the main guy in Coach O and I don't know all the behind the scene stuff. Not sure how the other assistants and coaches are getting to the players, but there is lack of motivation, desire, discipline on this team. It's brutal to sit back and watch. I can tell you this much many former players are disgusted with how they're playing on that field. The players should be embarrassed and should step up and call a players meeting (if there haven't been any already) show some emotion and fire out on that field and show that you give a damn. The talent is definitely there, but yes I have seen players make many mistakes and with the younger players it will happen from time to time. I am not seeing any leadership out there or any guys wanting to take over. There is absolutely no fire under these guys. Yes, that does start from the head coach, but if he's not getting it done not sure why other coaches or players don't step up and try and get them fired up. Maybe I am missing something and no one cares for Coach O at all? Personally, I don't know if Canada is calling all of the plays or if he's handcuffed but I can tell you what they used vs BYU would not work vs Bama AT ALL.
  15. Remember when Miles was on the hot seat and the team came out and gave it their all for the win, that's running through a brick wall for your coach. I disagree with your thought on players don't want to play for a losing team that's an easy pitch to get recruits come to LSU. All you need to do is pitch to them, look back a few years when we had guys like Eric Reid, Mathieu, and many others from that undefeated team. Get them to want to play for a program that was on the top and make them believe they can help get you back on top. USC was a terrible losing team, now they're killing the recruiting field.