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  1. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    It said purple lot in the article which I thought was weird, cause I thought we were the only ones there too. Glad to know you could have pretected us if they tried to fight us lol
  2. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    did anybody else hear about the LSU fans at the WVU game that got beat up? A coworker pointed me to this story. Apparently it happened in the purple lot after the game. http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/09/26/lsu-fans-victims-of-assault-after-west-virginia-game/
  3. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    Yay for northern Va LSU Fans!!!
  4. Another week of work :(

  5. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    By the way, I had an awesome time meeting and tailgating with ya'll, I hope we can do it again some time.
  6. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    I love how all these pics are of the side of my head.
  7. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    See ya'll tomorrow, we are heading out this afternoon, it's about a 3 1/2 hour drive for us, so we should be in town by dinner time.
  8. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    Sorry to hear that, but excited we get to meet and tailgate with all of you this weekend!
  9. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    ok we were just checking, tailgate music is important. you know how us LSU Tigers fans tailgate! ha
  10. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    will there be music at the tailgate?
  11. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    We plan to bring hot dogs and possibly some of my husband's cajun hamburgers, if he can prepare them before we leave. We will also bring chips and beer to share and also bottled water.
  12. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    Ok So I guess we should just look for people at the purple lot in Lsu gear?
  13. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    Ok we can definitely do that, you said you will be in the purple parking lot? We've never been to WVU before, I was told we can park in the maroon lot for $20.
  14. Ready to see my tigers play!

  15. Tigalaya Tailgate - WVU Trip

    Yes, we have a small coleman propane camping grill we can bring and also a large cooler. Is everyone bringing food to share? Should we bring beer to share?