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  1. Last week an officer of the TTU Police Department was murdered by a student. A friend's husband accompanied the fallen officer back to his final resting place in El Paso. Her son's comment is the title of this post. Sometimes it takes a child to eloquently say what we really feel. Officer Floyd East Jr., R.I.P.
  2. Congrats. I will retreat to my bourbon now,
  3. Hoping for a hard hitting, injury free game and unparalleled success for both teams after today's game.
  4. 1. Vandy 2. Virginia 3. Memphis 4. Texas A&M 5. UCLA 6. Northwestern 7. Minnesota 8. Texas Tech 9. Utah State 10. Illinois
  5. You should be in at all set up for Thanksgivings!!!! Great holiday to start with.
  6. 1. Duke vs. Virginia 2. Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse 3. Minnesota vs. Purdue 4. Miami-FL vs. Florida State 5. Tulsa vs. Tulane 6. Arizona vs. Colorado 7. Washington State vs. Oregon 8. Stanford vs. Utah 9. Hawaii vs. Nevada 10. Temple vs. East Carolina
  7. Oh my, I missed it. Happy Birthday and hopefully you will soon light up your new home instead of just a candle.
  8. These are nephews of a friend, (who also has another nephew who was a 5 star recruit this year). The twins will play against each other for the first time ever later today in the Stanford SDSU game.. Pretty cool story.
  9. Saw this on a pet page: Housebreaking a Shih Tzu can take six to eight months, or longer depending on the dog. Crate training can help speed the process, but some owners prefer the breeder housebreak the dog before bringing him home. Shih Tzus can be a handful to train, but once they realize there are rewards involved, generally come around rather quickly. They can stubborn and won't do anything unless they know what's in it for them. Training should begin early, sessions should be kept short, and activities should be varied in order to keep the dog interested in what is going on. Lots of excited praise and treats can help motivate a Shih Tzu to learn new behavior. If he is 7 I am guessing he would be on the longer side of the curve.
  10. My friend who took the above and below photos is stuck at Tortola, BVI.
  11. This is where a friend is, still trying to get back to the US. They saw 185 MPH winds with gust at 206 MPH according to the local measurements. How he got there is somewhere out there
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