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  1. Dang, the days get by to quick. Done also. Thanks for those who do all the work to keep the lights on.
  2. You are in my prayers and thoughts. My friend from Auburn has her husband flying to Houston and MD Anderson for his treatment at this time. I will say without equivocation you are in skillful hands.
  3. 5-5 I think I had the largest % improvement this week......
  4. Twas an excellent night. As usual, the CBS crew seemed unprepared to do anything but promote bammer, even to the point of bringing Kirby into the discussion..... KJ's condition will probably remain a secret all week, but rumors abound. sabear lobbies for inclusion, even though this would be the SECOND time he would get to play without even winning the West. I am going to enjoy this moment, and the consternation that is consuming supporters of the scandal plagued university of alabammer tuscalooser. BTW, great finish to your year. I love seeing you do well and the identity of the Bayou Bengals. Geaux Tigers!!!
  5. I am so Thankful for those in my life. I sit here and my father is the hospital, my brother's father in law passing away last Saturday. It wakes you up to all those times you go through the moment rather than living it, taking for granted that what has been will always be. We have treasures to be thankful for, but none more precious than the time we have to make a difference in another's life; to share ourselves and let others share with us. I thank each of you for the opportunity to share so much with all of you, my Tigalaya family.
  6. Class of 2019 Heard from some folk at my old HS in Wichita Falls, Texas. Sounds like we have running back this year. Foster had 277 yards on 22 carries and 4 touchdowns. He now has 2760 yards for the year which is both a school and WFISD record. This is information from the Times and Record News. Kid is close to a 3000 yard year Some video They play Lubbock Estacado this weekend in Abilene. I may have to make a road trip.
  7. Track 'em Tigers, just like beagles, Give 'em Hell you War Damn Eagles! Hey!! I have been working way too much lately. I need this game.
  8. 2-8, except for the time I forgot to submit an entry.......
  9. 3. Texas A&M vs 8. Arizona State vs.
  10. So many serve and then slip out of our thoughts. For some those tours of duty never end. For some families the tours of duty never have an end. While we remember those we know and care for, take a moment to remember and reflect that there are so many whose name and faces we do not know. To many souls need a hand.
  11. I kinda need one of these:
  12. At a very dark time for my son a horse came into his life and gave him transport back to us. Run free my friend. You will live in our hearts forever. Those of you with a child having a disability or ASD, remember to always keep trying. Though we had horses in our backgrounds the idea of therapeutic riding had not crossed our minds, we were so overwhelmed. One of the people who were trying to work with our son, the one he still works with today, had said I just can't reach him. She suggested we contact someone she knew and a new relationship was started. As I mentioned before, the first day he threw a leg over a horse I saw a light in his eyes that I had not seen in well over a year. When he finished his first ride he asked, in a nervous, yet happily excited small voice, "Now, how do I get down?". The people at the center did not expect him to be perfect, and he responded so quickly. Learning to drive tractors, how to medicate the stock, getting the combination to barn so he could take a turn feeding the stock, and helping with other kids. And it all came back to Streak. The horse knew when my son was not well and carried him. He knew when they could run. He taught my son that he had a responsibility to take charge and keep both of them safe. He taught my son anger and frustration had negative implications for him and others. He showed my son how something so big and powerful can respond to a gentle hand. He helped my son develop a skill to plan ahead in the middle of an activity. He taught my son how to accept and deal with unplanned events while keeping an eye on the objective. My son became a rider, not a passenger in life. Most of all, he reflected to my son who he was. And that person climbed out of the abyss.