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  1. I can never hear this song and not think of my Dad and his best friend who both left went to Nam in 69. My Dad came home, his friend was shot down 1 week before he was to return home. Words in this song that convey so much more than words alone.
  2. I read this and I think of those who are not as fortunate; those that do not have someone to watch out for them and take care of them during their declining years. We are truly blessed whenever we can help.
  3. Small price to pay for the impact she will make. My daughter did something similar. You should be very proud of her. And I am very appreciative of the step she is taking.
  4. OK, bought 875 rounds today to go along with a few hundred shot shells. Ced is going to Houston later this week to shoot skeet with an uncle who is a state champion class skeet shooter. Then they will turn to a M1 for a bit of history. After that it will be a play day with his AR-15, S&W .38 special, and my old Mark 2 Bull Barrel with a fresh brick of .22's I will slip in some tannerite to keep them amused. They are going to introduce Ced's new Canadian BIL, who has never fired a gun in his life, to a Texas State of Mind.
  5. I don't think they wanted me to switch to those itsy bitsy pitchers that are so small you keep the salt on the back of your hand and the citrus in a slice....
  6. The parents of these two were heroes at the CWS The fathers of an LSU pitcher and the team’s strength coach are being credited with saving the life of an 87-year-old unconscious man at the College World Series on Monday. Jerry Poche, father of hurler Jared Poche, gave the man chest compressions while and firefighter Jimmy Roy, who is coach Travis Roy’s dad, started mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, reported. The incident unfolded during the sixth inning of Game 1 of the College World Series Final in the concourse near section 117, reported. A concerned parent called out to Poche when she saw the elderly man slump in his chair. “The man died,” the elder Poche, who has been a doctor for 25 years, told the Advocate. “He didn’t have a pulse; He didn’t have nothing. It looks like, luckily, we got him back.” The unidentified man was taken to Nebraska Medical Center where he was listed in fair condition as of Tuesday, reported. “The main thing is, when he left in the stretcher, he was conscious and nobody was doing compressions,” Poche told the Advocate. “It looked like he was going to make it. They brought him to the emergency room and I talked to the senior paramedic over here at TD Ameritrade, and he said the old man is stable. That’s awesome.” It was the second fan-related incident for Poche, who helped a young fan who was hit by a foul ball on Saturday. “Instincts kick in,” he told “You do what you got to do.”
  7. We took a chain to desks so they would look distressed after we finished them. Doing that really bothered me, but I guess they couldn't claim they were damaged during shipping.... The house is looking great.
  8. done This is really the easy part. Keeping the site up and running is the hard work. A click here, a click there, not much to it.
  9. Welcome to the best site on the net. No finer people will you find. And those are worst thing I can say about Tigalaya.
  10. We have now moved all but 200 of our servers to the new data center, soon I get to breathe again....
  11. So many years ago we transferred our son to public school where we thought we would find better resources to deal with his Autism Spectrum Disorder. We entered with a son who teachers had to ask him to let others answer questions. We withdrew when I found our son, alone in a cafeteria, walking in a small circle while pushing a pencil with his foot, not speaking, but falling into my arms when he recognized I had come to him. From being banned from lunch recess because “I don’t have enough teachers to watch him”, and “teachers deserve lunch too” to “he can’t take this AP class because he has an accommodation”-(said in front of his attorney) (the accommodation was using an Alpha Smart to write his assignments). From the lies told to justify actions that lead to injuries to our son, and I say lies because I have documentation of events from the same people who directly contradicted themselves later in ARD meetings. FERPA violations, discussions at social gathering of my son and his issues by school officials to people they were unaware were friends of mine. Insight to what was really happening to our son was revealed in those talks, ironically, by people who automatically threw out the privacy concern issue when refusing to answer our questions. I will spare you the 30 page version of the events, but not the slanderous statement that my son had the hollow look of a serial killer. This was not a sentiment shared by the school psychologist, my son’s private psychologist, or the consultant hired from our local major university. I can only imagine the impact that statement had on others at the school. It was suggested, by the few who did watch out for our son, that we find an alternate place for him as the people at the school did not have the skills to work with our son. The journey back; therapeutic riding, speech therapy, range time and many hours of just letting him know he was safe. Sitting in his room with him when it took hours to write a few sentences, finishing a math test in 40 seconds (I don’t read the questions, you just look at the equations and you know the answers). Weekly sessions with his psychologist, who said “I just love his mind”, and “it breaks my heart that so seemingly minor things can trip him up so”. I guess the administrators who said our son would never be able to keep up were right. With a chance to gather himself and grow my son will now graduate from High School in a few weeks with a 4.3 GPA. I am so proud of him for refusing to just keep up. More importantly, as I write this, he is in the room next to me laughing while talking to his best friend. There was a time I thought I would never hear that laugh again. To use his expression, “Today is a very good day”.
  12. Tornado about 15 miles south of my parents just a minute ago. It is East of them and my brother. About 6 miles from my brother. Missing Wichita Falls.
  13. Okie, Earlier from the Texhoma region near Wichita Falls
  14. On this Mother's Day your Sister, Reid, and all family and friends impacted by these events remain in our prayers.
  15. Fish, your family stays in our prayers.