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  1. Drew Bianco

      Welcome aboard Drew.  Just got to wonder what the old man thinks about it.  Plus, who knows if he'll stick and actually sign.  Guess it may kinda like Les Miles' two oldest kids, and maybe a third, who decided to leave home to make their own way.  Some kids just don't want to play for Dad.
  2. Lowell Narcisse is a TIGER

      Here's a nice read on Narcisse.
  3. Lowell Narcisse is a TIGER

      Just read where Narcisse will be an early enrollee, joining the team in January 2017.  Great advantage for him in getting a head start on learning the offense and adjusting to the college game.  Brennan won't arrive until June of '17 as his HS, St. Stanislaus, isn't set up for kids to graduate early.  That's OK though, with at least one of them going through spring practice. 
  4. Lowell Narcisse is a TIGER

      Tremendous pickup for the Tigers and welcome aboard Lowell!    The 2017 QB class of Narcisse and Brennan is just what the doctor ordered to enhance and develop the position at LSU for several years to come.  Both are really talented, smart and highly mobile players who potentially bring a lot to the table.  Plus, both have said that being part a two QB class is not a problem and that competition is a good thing to have.  Adding both these two to Justin McMillan and Lindsey Scott gives all four young players the time to watch, learn and develop behind Harris & Etling without being thrown in the fire.  I really like both QB commits in this class and think both stick until NSD. 
  5. Ole Miss And Laremy Tunsil, Not Good

    Tunsil's new helmet at Miami.  
  6. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

      Nice read Hatch.  And ht, he's still got time to drop some weight during the summer.  I'd think he'd probably need to be down around the 325 range to play.  But IF this happens, what an absolute wrecking ball he could be as the nose in Aranda's 3 - 4.  If I remember correctly, when he was at LSU it was mentioned on numerous occasions that Valentine was almost unblockable in practice. If that was true then, and hopefully still is now, I would love to see him wreaking havoc in the middle of the DL with Godchaux on one side of him and Key on the other.  Going to try and not get too excited about it, but definitely going to keep my fingers crossed.  Man I hope this kid has finally got all his shyt together 'cause LSU could sure use him. 
  7. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

      Thanks bits.  Sounds like a potentially ugly situation for sure.  Myles sounds like he's a solid Tiger and definitely hope he sticks. 
  8. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

      Shea Dixon at Geaux247 Sports reporting today that Coach O will be visiting Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College this week to check in on both Travonte Valentine and Isaiah Buggs, both playing the DL at MGCCC and with ties to LSU.  The article says LSU will continue to monitor Valentine, a former player at LSU, and that if he keeps his grades up and stays out of trouble the door could open back up for him at LSU.  And Valentine has made it clear that LSU is where he wants to end up.  Buggs on the other hand, while definitely interested in LSU, has offers from over 20 schools and says he will take his time in making a decision.  LSU and Coach O will continue to recruit him hard until that time.  LSU recruited Buggs, from Ruston, pretty heavily before he ended up having to go the Juco route for college.  Stay tuned. 
  9. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

      Can you provide any details?
  10. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

      I'm pretty excited about this kid.  He REALLY wants to be a Tiger and is pretty excited about it.  He also seems to have a pretty solid head on his shoulders and is not remotely interested in all the drama, hats on the table, etc.  I like that, in addition to him having the potential to be a pretty damn good QB for the Tigers.  If LSU can also pull Lowell Narcisse in this class, I really like those two combined with Lindsey Scott as LSU's QB's for the next four years or so. 
  11. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

      You're right Hatch.  Hopefully the second one ends up being Lowell Nacisse. 
  12. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

      Here are a few links.  He had several nice offers including at least two from the SEC, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.  Believe Moo U was showing some pretty strong interest as well, along with Okie St.  
  13. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

    . Being reported by Geaux247 Sports that Brennan, a 6' 3", 180 3* pro style QB from St. Stanislaus HS in Bay St. Louis, Miss. has committed to LSU.  Can't link from my phone right now.  Over the last two seasons he's thrown for 11,045 yards and 117 TD's!  Welcome to Tiger Town to Myles and the Brennan family.   
  14. 2017 OG Edward Ingram Commits to LSU

      And also if LSU ends up pulling at minimum Ingram, Adrian Ealy and Austin Deculus at OL in this class, I can't wait to see them join Donavaughn Campbell on LSU's OL in a couple of years.  Pure out and out nastiness!  Grimes is well on his way to building the type of OL LSU has to have to beat Bama and win championships. 
  15. 2017 OG Edward Ingram Commits to LSU

      And this is two years in a row LSU has gotten a commitment from a highly ranked player from DeSoto HS, as Ingram joins WR Dee Anderson from the 2016 class.  Actually, you can say three overall as I'm pretty sure that Jalen Mills came out of DeSoto as well.