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  1. In Saint Jeaux we trust.
  2. Exactly, I don't know what Narcisse is thinking here. Surely he doesn't think he has earned the starting job or some shyt like that. He was going to get plenty of PT this year and have the opportunity to grow, learn and improve his passing behind Burrow and then compete against Brennan. Now, does he think he's not going to have to compete wherever else he ends up? Does he think he's just going to be handed the starting QB job somewhere in the SEC, etc.? Sad to see him leaving, but the kid has some growing up to do. GEAUX JEAUX.
  3. Several posters on 247 with cred are saying McMillan has quit the team and Narcisse is looking to go the JUCO route at Gulf Coast CC. Not surprised that McMillan is making a move of some sort, but was sure hoping that Narcisse would stay with Brennan red shirting this year. Hopefully the staff can talk him into staying. If not, all aboard the Burrow Train.
  4. Exactly. The strength and conditioning coach was definitely a first class prick. Hard to believe a lot of the crap he pulled was evidently condoned or just ignored by the rest of the staff. Hope he never finds another job in athletics anywhere. In any case, sounds like he was Durkin's chief enforcer in the reign of terror. And it wasn't working 'cause Maryland football pretty much sucks.
  5. Here's the background on what has been going on with the Maryland program and has led to Durkin's placement on administrative leave. Some of this crap you just can't make up.
  6. Interesting. Apparently DJ Durkin turned the program into a shyt show with one of his OL dying during summer workouts and is on administrative leave, likely the first step before he's fired.
  7. They all looked pretty sharp to me.
  8. Along with Micah Baskerville and Damone Clark. The freshman are going to get some PT.
  9. How stupid and ridiculous can these kids get? Do they even have brains?
  10. Huge pickup for Coach O and the Tigers, especially being a player out of Tangipahoa Parish. Now the staff has to try and pull Devonta Lee next and then Sopsher. Great day to be a Tiger!!
  11. Was expected. Not surprising news at all. With LB's Donte Starks, Marcel Brooks and Kendall McCallum committed, not a huge loss IMO. Will likely end up at Moo U. Opens up another spot from some higher ranked in-state recruits that LSU still has a shot at and needs room for.
  12. Agree. Emery and Kimbrough are the two least likely to end up in this class. If LSU can end up pulling Sopsher, Lee, Palmer and Parker to go along with Noah Cain, I'd be pretty ecstatic.
  13. The 6’ 1”, 225, 4* LB from John Ehret HS in New Orleans and the #3 ranked LB in the country according to 247 Sports, has committed to LSU. Huge pickup for Coach O, Coach Aranda and the Tigers, moving LSU up to the #3 recruiting class in the country. Welcome aboard Donté and GEAUX TIGERS!
  14. If LSU can finish with this class, I'm good!!
  15. Hurts made the passes when he had to, especially during his freshman year on the way to a Natty, and also last year up until the NC game when he was a bit off. Tua came in and made things happen, and Bama wins the game. No doubt Tua likely won the starting job with that performance, but Hurts is an elite QB IMO. Not a prolific passer, but if Parrish can come close to performing at the level Hurts does, that would be impressive. And LSU's offense likely would be as well. I'm pretty excited about Parrish, but only time will tell of course.