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  1. Joseph locked in and looking extremely good on Chase. Still appears LSU holding the edge on Surtain. Who knows on Foster or Goodrich. Just wish it was Wednesday already.
  2. Former ULL Receiver/QB Coach and Offensive Coordinator Jorge Munoz will be joining the LSU Staff as an offensive analyst. Coach O filling out the shadow staff.
  3. A poster on BBI is saying Nussmeier is being added to the LSU staff as an offensive analyst. If true, great news for sure. Haven't seen it reported anywhere else as of yet though, so wondering how accurate the info is. Has anyone else seen or heard anything on this?
  4. Any ideas on if/when this is going to be a done deal?
  5. Hope this happens. Soon!!
  6. The former LSU QB will return to the SEC. Mizzou and LSU don't play again until 2023, so unless the two meet up in the SEC Championship we won't see him. Best of luck.
  7. Great news. Glad to have bruiser back on the OL next season.
  8. Absolutely!!
  9. Looking like a possible Surtain, Chase, Goodrich finish for LSU. Two 5*'s and a 4*. If that's how it ends up, I could live with that.
  10. According to reports on Jamar Chase's visit this weekend, he and his family love Sullivan. That can't be a bad thing.
  11. Injuries and passed up by younger players. Saw the hand writing on the wall.
  12. This is a post from (somewhere else)that I saw while browsing BBI. Salty posted it there. I have no idea regarding the validity of the info but it's very interesting, and sad if true, to say the least. Hello, Tiger Fans. Allow me to shed some light.Posted on 1/8/18 at 9:20 pm 47411 This post will hopefully shed some light on this entire situation. I usually get restless on my flights and find myself browsing your boards when im not posting on 247. The severe lack of information on this board is what convinced me to write this up for you all. This is the timeline of the events that transpired. Steven Ensminger was offered the OC position, and declined. Orgeron set his sights on Briles, and was shut down before he could get the words out of his mouth. I know because I work alongside the men and women who donate thousands to this great University. Gilbert was never interviewed. Gilbert was contacted and before anything, asked to bring his own staff in. Orgeron said no. And that was that for Gilbert. I certainly have no idea where that Gilbert rumor stemmed from if not from this board. I caught wind as it made its way to 247. It was confusing. Orgeron contacted Lane Kiffin with the approval of Alleva and offered him the same contract as Dave Aranda and was turned down, but not without Kiffin basically planting the briles idea into his head. Briles would be the last attempt at an OC. Ensminger accepted the position after being told that they were turned down by the other prospects (the prospects being Lane and Briles). This process took quite awhile because Ensminger was on the fence about the position. There is no "Its taking forever, its not Ensminger". Not even Ensminger wanted the OC to be Ensminger. He was in a sense taken advantage of. The divide in this administration is catastrophically bad. It was awful during the Miles break up , but we have reached an entirely new level. Multiple rag tag loose cannons have been let go for false information leaks. Some of which are backed by the side that does not want Ensminger. It is much too late for that. Ensminger will lead the offense , and Orgeron will have a hand in the running game. The passing game will not be handled by Orgeron. Dave Aranda has a few intersting marks in his contract. He cannot entertain an SEC school until 2020. Period. He was given a HCIW tag as well (meaning he will be the first person evaluated and interviewed in the event Orgeron leaves). Orgeron is well aware and expects him to stay on staff. Most of us up here dont expect Coach Orgeron to make it to 2019. Not with how the boosters are reacting. Much like you all. Defeated and depressed. Well. Thats it for my first post. The layout for TigerDroppings is much better than any other board ive been on. I will probably stick around with you guys.
  13. This is what bothers me the most. Orgeron just walked back his biggest promise when he got the HC job. “We’ll hire the best coordinators in the country.” NOT! I like Steve Ensminger. Great coach, great recruiter and Tiger through and through. But “best coordinator in the country.” NOT! LSU is going to hire “cheap & comfortable”, and that’s sad. Ed O has just signed his walking papers at LSU if Ensminger is going to be his OC. And deservingly so, IMO.
  14. Getting this kid was huge, especially in regard to recruiting the state of Louisiana. Now if the Tigers can pull Surtain, Goodrich and one out of Chase and Joiner, it'll end up being a damn good class.