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  1. Problem with Settings and "Quote" Function

    It's letting me quote on Mozilla Firefox, but I not on Microsoft Edge. Couldn't access my settings on either one.
  2. Problem with Settings and "Quote" Function

    It's still doing the same thing. Just tried to quote you just now and it won't work. Hope someone can figure out a fix.
  3. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Maybe so, but did the fans at Nebraska have to set up a Maalox IV when they watched the games like LSU fans have done for the last five years or so?
  4. Noticed today that I cannot click on my "settings" function. It's highlighted all the time and I can't click on it to go there. Also, I can't seem to "quote" anyone now. Tried several times today to no avail. When I click on the "quote" button it takes me down to the response box, but there's no quote there. Anybody help me out with this? Thanks in advance.
  5. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    Petrino is not my #1 candidate by a long shot, but I'd take him over Art Briles any day of the week.
  6. LSU Head Coaching Candidates

    I'm gonna list Herman and Jimbo because they are likely (and popular) candidates. I'd be VERY happy with either one. BUT, I wouldn't be surprised if Bobby Petrino isn't at least considered. And I bet he'd likely be interested as he might want to come back to the SEC. Not saying he'd get the job, but I bet he put's his hat in the ring sooner or later. Ole Bobby's an azzhole to be sure, but he definitely knows how to win football games. Ask Jimbo. Just sayin'.............
  7. Miles and Cameron Fired

    Part of me is sad as well as it's the end of an era, even though I was for change last year. Les is a fine man and there's no doubt about that. He loves LSU, his players and has represented the school and state of Louisiana with the utmost integrity. But when you get paid that $4.3 million a year you got to win football games and play for championships, especially with the talent that LSU has. Les has been slipping in both categories the last few years and last night was the last straw. For some reason he refused to change and adapt things on offense and now it has cost him dearly. While I thank Les for his service the last 12 years and wish him well in the future, I'm glad a change is being made and made now.
  8. Just a matter of time

    Coach O, Aranda and Corey Raymond are keepers for me. I'm on the fence right now with Grimes. Although injuries have definitely been a problem on the OL this season, so have mental errors and untimely penalties. That's coaching IMO. Guess we'll see, but if the new HC kept the defensive staff I'd be ecstatic. And just to add, the same source on Geaux247 that I ref'd in my original post said the only things considered "up in the air" now are minor details.
  9. Just a matter of time

    . Just saw a very highly reliable source on Geaux247 Sports post that Miles is definitely done. There is nothing left now that will save his job. It's now just a matter of LSU looking at the various financial options they have to figure out the timing. More info possibly later on tonight or tomorrow. Can't say this should be a surprise to anyone. It's almost a relief.
  10. Lowell Narcisse is a TIGER

    Wish this young man the best of luck in his recovery and look forward to him being a Tiger. Hope he has a great and injury free college career at LSU.
  11. What's up guys?

    Well said Salty and totally agree. F'King Alexander should have his azz kicked for effing up the Jimbo hire at the last second. Now LSU is right back where they were after "the swoon" last season. Feels the same, looks the same, sounds the same. Same damn place all over again. All the talk of changes, adjustments and "tweaking" were just that. Talk and lies. And we shouldn't be at this place again. Jimbo Fisher should've been the LSU coach this season. Hopefully, lessons were learned from last seasons shyt show performance to ensure it won't be repeated this time. Do it right this time and make it happen.
  12. I know I'll likely get hammered for this but here goes. As most of you probably remember, I was firmly in the "Fire Les" crowd last season. And I still am. I wanted Jimbo to LSU and still wish he was here. He should be too. F..k F'King Alexander for screwing the pooch at the last minute. We just saw the same old shyt from Les that we've seen in years past, particularly since 2011. He stuck with Harris until the bitter end, even though it was obvious Brandon had his head up his azz pretty much the whole game. And LSU paid the price. Shades of Jordan Jefferson all over again. Miles absolutely refuses to change QB's during a game for some reason. Why? Bullheadedness. Could Danny Etling possibly have played any worse than Harris? If so, I'm not sure how. The Wisconsin defense had absolutely NO fear of Harris hurting them with the pass. They loaded up the box with 8 or 9 the whole game to stop/slow down Fournette and that's how they won. Harris couldn't consistently hit passes to save his or LSU's life. They knew that, and they've given everyone else on the schedule the blueprint on how to beat LSU unless some drastic changes happen. Brandon Harris will not and cannot beat you with the pass. Period. I don't know if Danny Etling or Lindsay Scott can, but hell let's see. The defense fought hard, but they were on the field the whole game. They simply wore out. LSU had no business losing this game, but in the end Wisconsin wanted it more and that's sad. Miles needs to go. Period. And the sooner the better IMO. Agree with Herb that he's a great individual and recruiter, but I wish he was long gone. I'm sick and tired of his bullheadedness and resistance to change. Hope we're not in for a long season, but sadly it's looking that way from what we saw today. Rant over.
  13. 2017 QB Myles Brennan commits to LSU!

    Yeah, he's the real deal. Completed 27 of 40 passes for 248 yards with five TD's and rushed for two more in a 49 - 26 victory over St. Paul's, a 5A power from Mobile, Alabama. Wish he was already in Baton Rouge. http://www.sunherald.com/sports/high-school/article98287022.html "LSU commit and Elite 11 quarterback Myles Brennan was on point. Brennan rushed for touchdowns of 11 and 2 yards and threw five more touchdowns." “I think Myles was off the charts,” Conides said Brennan, who completed 27 of 40 passes for 248 yards. “His completion percentage was way up there and we threw it a lot. He made some big-time protection checks and executed everything we talked about in our meetings.” Read more here: http://www.sunherald.com/sports/high-school/article98287022.html#storylink=cpy Read more here: http://www.sunherald.com/sports/high-school/article98287022.html#storylink=cpy
  14. Another valentine's day

    Damn strong news!
  15. Justin Thomas 2013 DL Commits

    Wasn't Sidell Corley, a big DL, also from Mobile? Think he was in the same class as Phelon Jobes was and transferred out as well. Hoping the Tigers have better luck with Ferrell and Thomas than they did with the other two.