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  1. 2016 LB Erick Fowler

        You got that right.
  2. The Signees 2016

      Thank you Lord.
  3. The Signees 2016

      Supposedly will sign with LSU after today.  Just read on BBI that he wants to sign with all his family present and I guess that wasn't possible today.  Apparently his mother has also been in the hospital lately.  Sure need him after losing Fowler. 
  4. The Signees 2016

    Drake Davis is in per Dandy Don!!
  5. The Signees 2016

      GOT to pull Fulton in today, and I'll feel a lot better when Lawrence fax's his LOI in. 
  6. The Signees 2016

    Supposedly, the staff didn't even know until they watched the announcement on periscope. 
  7. 2016 LB Erick Fowler

    Flipped to Texas.  Tough loss on signing day.  Staff supposedly didn't know until they watched the announcement via periscope. 
  8. The Signees 2016

    OL Lloyd Cushenberry in!!
  9. The Signees 2016

      Cameron Lewis in!!
  10. The Signees 2016

    Rahssan Thornton in!!
  11. The Signees 2016

    Glen Logan in!! 
  12. Just for fun prediction

      Trayvon Mullen committing to Clemson.  Damn, hated to lose him.  REALLY, REALLY hoping we get Fulton now. 
  13. The Signees 2016

    Donavaughn Campbell in!!! 
  14. The Signees 2016

    Willie Allen is in! 
  15. Layton Garnett LB 2016

     Coming to LSU as a preferred walk-on and bleeds purple & gold.  Happy you're a Tiger Layton!