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  1. LSU got triple boom today at the Boys from the Boot as three players from Evangel HS in Shreveport committed to the Tigers. The three were David Cotton, a 4* 6' 1", 260 DT, Micah Baskerville, a 3* 6' 2", 218 ILB and Ar'Darius Washington, a 3* 5' 10", 175 S/CB. All three were highly sought after, ranked in the top 20 in La. and great additions to LSU's 2018 class. I'm especially excited about the additions of Cotton and Baskerville, as you can never have too much talent and depth in the front seven, especially at LB. Baskerville projects as a MLB. And from what I've been reading, Washington is no slouch either as a DB. Huge pickups for LSU today, especially coming from the Shreveport area and Evangel. Welcome aboard boys and GEAUX TIGERS!!
  2. Nice read on Nelson. This kid WANTS to be a Tiger!
  3. Outstanding read on 2017 LB Tyler Taylor, who committed to LSU on NSD. I've got a feeling that this kid is going to be special during his time at LSU, whether or not he's "the next Kendell Beckwith" or not. I just want to see him playing next to Jacob Phillips and/or Devin White. He was a huge pickup and the Tigers are so fortunate to have him in this class. Oh, and his Mom is something else.
  4. And former Kansas commit Nelson Jenkins, a 6' 4" 3* DT from Plaquemine HS just committed to LSU today. Guess Tony Hull and them Kansas Jayhawk's ain't all that after all.
  5. A 6' 4", 290 3* DT from Plaquemine HS has flipped his commitment from Kansas to LSU. Looking like that Kansas thing was maybe just a passing fad. Not that highly ranked right now, but gonna trust Coach O here. Welcome aboard Nelson and GEAUX TIGERS!
  6. A 6' 6', 250 OLB/DE from Bastrop HS via Copiah-Lincoln Community College has committed to LSU as a member of the 2018 class per Geaux247 Sports and The Advocate. Was a class of 2016 prospect out of High School, but academic issues forces him to take the JUCO route. Huge commit for the upcoming class and a strong addition to the LSU front seven. Should have two years left to play and will be an early enrollee. Welcome home and welcome aboard Travez!!
  7. Nice read and thanks for sharing Dad. Can't wait to see what for spring ball to start and we get a glimpse of Canada's offense. What gets me though is that nobody ever mentions Lindsey Scott, who might end up being the best option to run Canada's scheme. We'll see pretty soon.
  8. Nice reads on both Coach Robinson and Coach Joseph. Welcome aboard!
  9. Also coached with Les at Dallas.
  10. Agree. Greg and Fish aren't what I'd call "extras" around here.
  11. Nice read on both new coaches.
  12. Nice read on Mickey Joseph.
  13. Here's Sonny Shipp's post on it: "Here's a few things that need to be addressed...... The coaches did not meet and aren't supposed to meet just to talk about the LSU deal, they meet pretty regularly and discuss a lot of things. The LSU situation was originally on the agenda and after several coaches spoke to others involved about the situation it was removed from the agenda. However, it is still being discussed amongst some of the coaches. One source told me David Johnson told the coaches it was a horrible idea to boycott LSU over this ordeal because getting fired was a part of this business. Now, will some who were super tight with Juluke have an issue, I'm sure. However, once they realize that Orgeron did Juluke a huge favor by reassigning him instead of firing him so he can still get his medical benefits for his ailing wife, a lot of those tunes should change. A high school Coach in NOLA told me word is already getting around about who will be taking over NOLA and all will be well since he is a NOLA guy." David Johnson, a New Orleans guy, is currently the RB Coach at Memphis and he was offered the RB Coach job at LSU, with a raise from what he was making at Memphis. He declined the offer and stated that currently, Memphis was the best place right now for his family and for him to grow as a coach. Maybe he just feels comfortable at Memphis and is not ready for the LSU/SEC pressure cooker. In any case, it seems he helped diffuse the the situation to an extent and sooth some ruffled feathers.
  14. Sonny and Shea reported on 247 that the boycott is pretty much over before it began. Not gonna happen. While there was some initial negativity about Juluke's "reassignment", that was tempered for the most part after folks found out what was going on and that coaching is a "business". Also, it wasn't the whole area in the first place. In any case I think it's a non-issue now.
  15. Appears it's now official, Tommie Robinson and Mickey Joseph join Ed Orgeron's staff at LSU. Robinson will be the RB Coach and Recruiting Coordinator while Joseph will take over duties as WR Coach. Welcome aboard!