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  1. Another valentine's day

    Damn strong news!
  2. Justin Thomas 2013 DL Commits

    Wasn't Sidell Corley, a big DL, also from Mobile? Think he was in the same class as Phelon Jobes was and transferred out as well. Hoping the Tigers have better luck with Ferrell and Thomas than they did with the other two.
  3. Justin Thomas 2013 DL Commits

    Nice pickup for the Tigers and welcome aboard Justin! Seems to be a great fit at DE in Arnada's 3-4. And Dameyune Craig just continues to prove he's a beast recruiter, especially in the state of Alabama. I like that. It's about time LSU is finally able to hit the Mobile area hard and effectively. Hoping the Tigers can make the Gumps and Aubie work as hard to defend Mobile like LSU has had to in Monroe. It's not a one way street anymore.
  4. JaCoby Stevens, Safety, To Choose Today

    Totally agree Hatch. An early signing period for football, just like they have for several other sports, would be ideal for both the athletes who want to sign and get it over with as well as coaching staff who are recruiting them. If a kid knows where he wants to go for the next four years to play football, why can't he go ahead and sign his LOI? I've never understood why the NCAA does not allow that for football. but do for other sports. Sure would make life for the coaching staffs easier as well since they wouldn't have to continue recruiting kids they know are locked in and concentrate on those who are undecided, or just want to wait until the last minute and do a hat show.
  5. JaCoby Stevens, Safety, To Choose Today

    Fish I believe it's actually the number two & three safeties in the country according to 247, with Stevens being #2 and Delpit #3. Sure hoping the Tigers can pull Todd Harris in to join those two. That would be sick!
  6. Lsu DE suffers serious knee injury

    Terrible news for both LaCouture and Washington. Hope both these young men can recover and resume their careers next season. Now those incoming freshman on the DL better get ready as they will likely be asked to contribute even more now.
  7. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    Welcome back and glad you're a Tiger again big man. LSU really needs you now with Lacouture and Isaiah Washington going down with knee injuries.
  8. JaCoby Stevens, Safety, To Choose Today

    Huge to get him back in the class. All hail Austin Thomas and welcome BACK aboard Jacoby!
  9. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    It's happening. Valentine is now in Baton Rouge and LSU is processing is paperwork. He could possibly join the team as soon as tomorrow.
  10. Ed Alexander

    I hate "hurrying up and waiting".
  11. Ed Alexander

    Just saw where it could possibly be as soon as tomorrow.
  12. DT Valentine To Visit LSU

    Great news! Don't know how much he'll contribute immediately, but hoping it's a bunch. As long as he's in shape and ready to go by November for the Bama, Old Piss, R-Kansas stretch. That's when we're really gonna need him.
  13. The State of the 2017 Class (as of 7/25/16)

    Ponamsky on BBI is saying no more than 25 for '17 due to schollies being tight. He may be right, but I'm hoping he's wrong and LSU signs 26 or 27. The way this class is shaping up the one or two extra spots could be critical for the next few years, especially on the DL and at LB. LSU is at 18 right now with at least 7 spots left. On the DL there are currently three commits; Tyler Shelvin, Neil Ferrell and Aaron Moffitt. And they're still looking at several more in Marvin Wilson, Isaiah Buggs, Phadarian Mathis and another Alabama kid, DE Justin Thomas. Dameyune Craig is Thomas' recruiter, along with Coach O, and LSU is really trending up with him at present. The Tigers could land Thomas. "IF" they got all four, that makes 22. Even three out of the four puts LSU at 21. At LB, the Tigers are looking at K'Lavon Chaisson, Dylan Moses, Levi Jones and Chris Allen. Reading where it's looking more and more like Allen is leaning to Bama, so if LSU gets the first three of that group, they're up to 24 or 25. Then there's Todd Harris and Jacoby Jones at safety. The Tigers are favored for Harris and are now trending up with Stevens again. Both are definitely takes and that would put LSU up to 26 or 27. Is there anyone I've missed? Is there a second RB in the class (Akers, etc.)? A second RB in the class puts the Tigers up to 28. Obviously there's a chance we don't get all these kids, and you can always lose a couple. But the way this class is filling out, as Dad mentions, that extra spot or two can make a lot of difference. In any case, this is shaping up to be one hell of a class for LSU. In all respects. The level of talent the staff is currently putting together in this class is phenomenal in all areas, ranking right up there with some of the best ever at LSU.
  14. 2017 LSU Verbal From DT Neil Farrell

    Wow! What a damn strong pickup for LSU! In all respects. This is really like a shot out of the blue. I didn't even think the Tigers were in the picture for this kid and Coach O & Coach Craig just reel him right in. Shelvin & Farrell are a strong tandem at DL for this class, but I don't want to give up on Marvin Wilson. Welcome aboard Neil to what is fast becoming DLU!
  15. The State of the 2017 Class (as of 7/25/16)

    Damn strong summary by Shea D.