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  1. Sure hope Jimmy Detail is spot on with this list. Would be awesome to finish out the class with this bunch, especially with a loaded 2019 class to follow it up.
  2. We REALLY need to pull the Juco OT Badara Traore in this class, especially if Weathersby leaves early.
  3. IMO the difference is the offensive lines. LSU's is young and struggling with pass protection right now while I'd imagine Bama's is more seasoned and veteran. Also, Hurts will hurt you a heck of a lot more with his legs than Etling will for sure. Having said that, I have no doubt that LSU will give Bama all they want and more in this game. Will they win? Odds are stacked against the Tigers but I'm not going to count them out. The good thing about our OL is that next year they will all be veterans and the depth will be much better. In the short term, I am worried about Bama's front seven abusing the youngsters on our OL and tormenting Etling all night on 4 Nov. We shall see.
  4. Interesting read. Coach O wants to beat these clowns in the worst way, and I think he'll have the Tigers ready to play.
  5. With the paper-thin depth on the OL right now, would be a great move. Question is, does he want to play OT. Have read in the past where he's dead set on playing DE/DT.
  6. They are definitely not waiting around for some kids to want to "play the game", stringing teams along and getting a spot saved until NSD when chances are you might get burned. Which has happened A LOT to LSU over the years, particularly during the Miles era. High risk, high reward I guess. LSU is still in on several highly ranked players though and is likely to land a few of them. As far as star ratings go, I'm all for LSU signing the highest rated players they can get. Signing a bunch of 4 and 5 star players is definitely a good thing. And LSU pretty much does that year in and year out. And I think this year will end up in much the same way. I wouldn't be surprised to see a number of current 3 star players currently committed to LSU get bumped up to 4 star status by the end of the HS football season. Plus, I'm going to trust the coaches to evaluate players and sign the talent necessary to make LSU a top tier program year in and year out and compete for championships. Orgeron knows the recruiting game and knows it's the life blood of a program. He also knows his job depends on it. Based on his past history, I'm willing to bet he knows how to evaluate talent. I'm also going to bet Aranda and Canada know a thing or two about evaluating talent as well. I'm not too worried about the way this class is shaping up at all. Even if the Tigers lose the remaining two players from Rome HS in Georgia. There's plenty of talent out there to replace them if they walk. When all is said and done this class is going to be just fine, assuming Coach can reel in Terrance Marshall, Patrick Surtain and a couple of others.
  7. Sooo does the addition of Sheffer mean that Glenn Beal, a TE from John Curtis that LSU has recruited for quite a while and long thought to be headed to LSU, has waited to long to commit? Or can he still end up in the class as a TE while Sheffer fills the H-Back role? With maybe only five spots left he may have missed the boat.
  8. A 3*, 6-0 220 RB from Many HS flipped his commitment from UCLA to LSU yesterday. Carter is LSU's third RB in this years class, joining Chris Curry and ATH Tae Provens. He is the top ranked RB in Louisiana and #31 nationally. A. J. also held 18 scholarship offers including Arizona St., Arkansas, Mississippi St. and Texas Tech in addition to UCLA. The addition of Carter now brings the Tigers commitment total for the 2018 class to 22. Welcome aboard A. J.!
  9. Nice pickup for the Tigers, now we need one more RB. Coach O is not waiting around for some of these kids to hem-haw around before picking a hat. If you want in, come on down. Otherwise, you may not have a spot when the game playing is over. Welcome aboard Chris!!
  10. Great win Tigers!! I like our chances with Alex Lange on Friday.
  11. A 3*, 6-4 210 ATH from Ferriday HS committed to LSU today. He is teamate's with Dare Rosenthal who also committed today. Really impressed the staff today while playing DE. Welcome aboard young man! http://Report: Ferriday duo Dantrieze Scott, Dare Rosenthal commit to LSU LSU beefed up its defense Saturday with commitments from Ferriday duo Dantrieze Scott and Dare Rosenthal, according to reports from 247Sports. http://LSU receives commitment from Ferriday athlete Dantreize Scott
  12. http://Report: Ferriday duo Dantrieze Scott, Dare Rosenthal commit to LSU LSU beefed up its defense Saturday with commitments from Ferriday duo Dantrieze Scott and Dare Rosenthal, according to reports from 247Sports. The 4*, 6-7 327 DT from Ferriday committed to LSU this afternoon. A one time Bama commit, Rosenthal chose LSU over the Tide and around 30 other offers. LSU now has nineteen commits in the 2018 class, which is currently ranked #3 in the country and #1 in the SEC. Great pickup for the Tigers and welcome aboard Dare. http://LSU receives commitment from Ferriday athlete Dantreize Scott
  13. Great pickup, just hope he sticks. Like Hatch says, long way to go yet.
  14. Hope Grimes can land another OT in this class. Depth is paper thin. Glad to see this young man join the class.
  15. The 3*, 6-6 271 OT from East Ascension HS in Gonzales has committed to LSU, the Tiger's 17th commitment overall and third OL addition to the 2018 class. HUGE pickup for the Tigers at a critical position of need, offensive tackle. Wouldn't be surprise if he's not a 4* by the time NSD rolls around. He also had an impressive offer list, holding offers from Alabama, FSU, Old Miss, Florida, Texas, Auburn, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Baylor and many others. Congrats Cameron and glad to see you're a Tiger!!