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  1. OMG.  Alleva & Co. created this mega shyt show of epic proportions and then what happens?  Nothing.  Just wow!
  2. It Appears the End is Here

      No doubt.  I'm sure the Twitterverse is on fire even as we speak. 
  3. It Appears the End is Here

      True.  And his silence is still a definite sign that CLM is gone IMO.  But the longer this crap goes on the nastier the situation gets.  This thing needs to get done one way or the other SOON! 
  4. It Appears the End is Here

      This article sheds a little more light on what was said, although this thing has really turned into a real clusterf..k now.   http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2015/11/les_miles_says_saturday_is_his.html#incart_most-read_
  5. It Appears the End is Here

      And now maybe CLM denies he said anything about A&M being his final game.  In any case, it still looks like it's just a matter of "when" not "if".  http://lsu.247sports.com/Board/59425/Contents/Miles-denies-reports-of-his-last-game-41435086
  6. It Appears the End is Here

      Here is a link from Rivals.  He apparently didn't actually say it was his last game, but maybe inferred it.  He told the Gridiron Club he would "miss them" and thanked them for everything they had done during his tenure as coach.  https://lsu.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1830884
  7. Jimbo. Where There's Smoke.....

       LOL!!!  That would be Rob Ryan.  Don't know if he ate the band (maybe part of it), but heard he liked to drink a LOT of beer down in the Quarter.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.   But I'd think Frank would get offered the Toolame job before Rob the Zeppelin did. 
  8. It Appears the End is Here

      I sincerely wish Coach Miles and his family all the best as well.  A class act in all respects and yes, he will definitely always be a Tiger.  He did a lot of great things at LSU and for the state of Louisiana as a whole.  I truly believe he loved it here and he will be missed.  But I do truly believe that unfortunately, it was time for a change.  Both for him and LSU.  Sometimes things just happen and that's the way it is.  Take care coach and thanks for all you did.  GEAUX TIGERS. 
  9. Jimbo. Where There's Smoke.....

      Just another sign that all this is coming to a head soon?  Let's get it done.    http://lsu.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Miles-to-be-fired-soon-41424873
  10. Jimbo. Where There's Smoke.....

      Have been seeing O, Frank & Corey Raymond retained as well.  If so, that would be the best case scenario IMO.  If those three end up staying I think the vast majority of this recruiting class sticks, which is critical considering how highly the class is ranked and the needs it would fill on a team that definitely has holes to fill.  And in addition to hearing that Coach O is possibly interested in the Syracuse job, saw on another board that Frank Wilson may be considered for the Tulane job along with Rob Ryan.  As for who would definitely be gone I'd say that Steele, Cameron, Peveto and Grimes are more than likely in that category. 
  11. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

      Well said Fish and my thoughts exactly.  Les doesn't have the fire anymore like he did through the 2011 season.  I honestly feel like Bama ripped out a part of his his heart and soul in that NCS game.  He definitely hasn't been the same coach since then.  And while he will still pull out a "Mad Hatter" play on occasion, his offenses now are nothing remotely close to the pre-2012 seasons and especially 2005 - '07.  I remember the offenses back then and they were balanced, prolific, dangerous and an opponent had to be on top of their game to stop the Tigers back then.  Now, not so much.  A LOT of predictability and staleness now and that won't cut it in a league like the SEC.  And maybe a little complacency by Les as well?  I don't know but the decline the last four years is real.  The record in the SEC and in bowl games doesn't lie.      And definitely agree about LSU not demolishing/dominating teams like they used to.  Prior to 2012, LSU didn't seem to have a problem with beating the ever loving crap out of other teams when the opportunity presented itself.  The bowl games against Miami and GT were mentioned previously.  LSU manhandled those teams and Les never took his foot off the gas.  That's not the case now.  If he gets a 14 point lead he wants to sit on the lead and run the clock with the run game.  CLM is satisfied to win games by 3 or 7 when he could've won by 21.  Granted, the Tiger run game is usually pretty good but like you said, when teams are ready for and built to stop it that strategy doesn't always work.  Many times, as we've seen the past several seasons, all that accomplishes is take the wind out of the offense's sails and leave the defense on the field way more than they should be.  It's cost us some games and almost some others.  Why all the concern about not completely dominating an opponent now when the opportunity presents itself?  The top programs don't give three shyts about hurting the other teams feelings and neither should LSU.  I believe in respecting your opponent, but when you have a chance to dominate, destroy and demoralize the other team you do it!  Period.  Never take your foot off the other guys throat and let him back in the game.  The tendency by Les not to do this is now is something that drives me completely bat [poop].  I guess it's a good thing I'm on blood pressure meds.      And yes, Les is a great recruiter.  Always has been.  He has undeniably recruited some wonderfully talented players to LSU over the years.  But the current deficiency's in depth on the DL and at LB mentioned previously are ridiculous and ultimately fall squarely at CLM's feet.  I'm still trying to figure out how he let that happen.  I can understand you'll have kids who are recruiting busts on occasion (Garrett), but when you don't even recruit certain positions (LB) for an entire class or two it's absolutely mind boggling.  Recruiting QB's hasn't been exactly stellar lately either.  All of that has combined to put LSU in the situation of not being a balanced team personnel wise and it's hurting, as the records show.      Up until the Arkansas loss I considered myself as a Les Miles supporter.  I still like and respect him as a man and a coach.  You just don't run across a lot of folks who are better human beings than Les and in many ways I hate to see him go.  But the Arkansas and subsequent Ole Piss losses broke my confidence in him as a coach.  There is no way anyone can tell me that Arkansas should've beaten LSU by 14 points, at home, and that Ole Piss should win by 21.  Yet those were the results.  And the saddest part to me was that the team played both of those games with no apparent passion or interest.  That shouldn't have happened after the first loss of the year to Bama.  LSU still had a hell of a lot to play for the last three games of the season.  The opportunity to go 10 - 1, a great bowl and still a possible shot at the playoffs.  But yet they fell completely apart and that's coaching IMO.  What happened?  Something obviously did because even with it's flaws, this LSU team was good enough to beat Arkansas and Old Mrs instead of losing by a combined 35 points.  All leading up to the first three game losing streak since '99 and the first three game losing streak by double digits since '66.       Needless to say I'm ready for a change, even though I wish we didn't have deal with it.  Like I said earlier I like CLM and wish he wasn't in this situation at all.  But he is and it's all on him and I don't think he's the man to right the ship.  I know there are risk making a head coaching change.  We all know the one's who haven't went well.  Tennessee, Nebraska, Florida, Miami, Michigan, etc.  But there's also been successes.  Ohio St. (Meyer), LSU (Saban & Miles), Alabama (Saban), Michigan (Harbaugh) and possibly Florida (McElwain) to name a few.  IMO LSU has to make the move.  And soon.  Giving CLM another year to set things right would be worse than making the change now after all that's gone on the last week or so.  Being a probable lame duck wouldn't do him or certainly LSU any good.  And it looks (and sounds) like the wheels are already in motion and have been for a while.  I certainly hope so.  This issue needs to get resolved if the decision to let Miles go has already been made.  If not, this years amazing recruiting class will absolutely fall apart and make the situation worse than it already is.  And that can't be allowed to happen if at all possible.      All the message boards are absolutely on fire with news from those who might know something to those who don't know crap.  From all appearances though, it appears we'll all find out what's going down by this Sunday or Monday.  Seems like Jimbo Fisher is the hot name right now to be LSU's next coach.  Don't know if that happens or not, but if it does I think it puts LSU back on the road to the top.  Just my two cents worth...........     
  12. Devonta Jason, WR 2018

    Welcome aboard Devonta!
  13. Travez Moore DE 2016

      I'm really hoping he can get the academic side of the house straightened out soon before LSU runs out of spots in the '16 class.  We need LB's desperately and as Dad says, there's no doubt about his ability on the playing field.  Adding him to the LB's already in this class would be awesome to say the least.  LSU would be set at LB for the next 3 to 4 years.  Additionally, and "if" he gets the grades in order, getting him in this years class would be huge because he's a high profile kid from NELA.  If LSU could end up pulling Cam Lewis, Rashard Lawrence and Moore in this class, I'd say the Tigers would be well on their way back to locking up recruiting in NELA again. 

      Awesome Fish and thanks for sharing that with us.