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  1. Thanks y'all. Already been a great day. Getting to spend it at the beach makes it even better. Hope all of you have a Great Day, too.
  2. Looked even nastier in person. Particularly while being serenaded by tornado sirens.. I really hate that sound...
  3. Thanks Y'all.. I appreciate all of the birthday wishes..
  4. We live in Cumming.. Actually closer to Alpharetta.. It's not too bad.. about 30 minutes to everywhere we want go go.. But.. It ain't S. Louisiana by a long shot..
  5. Nice little boat. Lots of potential there for sure.. As for this... To paraphrase Stephen Stills' "If you can't fish for the ones you love, love the ones you catch"...
  6. Truer words were never written..
  7. If CNSpots could find a way to get off work while continuing to be gainfully employed, both he and Mrs. CNSpots would definitely be there. We would love to have a taste of home right about now.. Hoping we can work something out for the SECCG.. In the meantime, we have been very fortunate that all of the games have been televised here so far.. Wish I could say the same for the Saints..
  8. This... It is impossible to apply rational thought to irrational acts.. I have experienced depression, both in my life, and the life of people I care about.. It is difficult to understand the depth of it.. And it isn't always apparent to others..
  9. Leaving Arlington this afternoon headed back to Prairieville.. My wife was headed out of town this week as well, but cancelled the rest of her trip and headed back today. Gotta get the cars fueled and everything buttoned up at the house.. Thankfully, that shouldn't take too long.. Then just hunker down and wait. Hopefully not another Gustav.. Everybody be careful.. Take care..
  10. Way to go Tornados!! Is Gregg Williams on the sidelines for Purvis?? Wondered what he was going to do for the next few years.. Y'all put a bounty on Favre??
  11. Early Wednesday, as it stands right now..
  12. Well, just to be a little contrary, I'm gonna say Panama City - Apalachicola 8/30/2012.. I'll agree with the Cat 2 prediction.
  13. Just trying to help you out, mi hermano..
  14. Well, I can safely say it's more than you.. by my calculations.. It is day 234. I've been on the road for 146.. so.. That would make it 88 days at home..
  15. Let's see... Leaving Arlington on the 31st.. Thinking I'm gonna get a few weeks of downtime.. and.. right on cue.. Isaac shows up.. Yeah.. sounds about right... Well.. winter in Florida isn't all bad.. Hope it defies Fish's prediction and becomes a "Fish" storm of another sort..