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  1. Miles and Cameron Fired

    How will our current players react to the change? Les has always been a class act kept his cool on the sideline and never threw his team under the bus no matter how bad the play ! Was it time to leave ? I'm sure it was no one does the same job without some change for ten years .
  2. 2016 Tigalaya Man Crush

    If he is available I'll take Dee Anderson ...................Based on nothing more scientific than I have a jersey with his number on it !
  3. How long before they do it again ?
  4. LSU @ Mississippi State Sat 9/12/15 8:15pm ESPN

    Just have to get control of the senseless penalties and sustain the momentum all possible same game minus the freshman mistakes LSU 35 Moo U can have the field goal 22 no problem I think Les was right the players did what was asked of them the coaches got some work to do !! Happy we won !!!! Maybe it'll catch and grow
  5. It's here!

  6. Did anyone make the trip? No pics posted
  7. Just got home from work and thought mine would be ready but it would seem tonights gumbo needed a trip to Laplace La. to visit Jacobs for fixins Half Time gumbo !!
  8. LSU vs. Bye Week (November 1)

    Was kind of glad for the break as I have to close at work But it presented me with a delima I seldom have on Saturdays Sept - Jan . What to wear to work Settled for Last years Outback Bowl shirt as it is long sleeved and I'm chilly
  9. Got my TV on SEC Network Tacohell now all I need is some Tigalaya Chat and some LSU FOOTBALL!!!!!!!
  10. I came to work in my normal gameday finery which has prompted much discussion. I have spent the day deffending my beloved Tigers and Coach !!!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!
  11. Safe travels Dachsie and Hope NSMom for your mothers continued improving health.
  12. wish they'd brig back that gas price!
  13. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Might catch some game time chat !!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. is this where i introduce myself?

    Welcome! Game time chat is great always need more cheers