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  1. You can’t get reusable pods for the Nespresso that you can put your fresh grind in? thats what I do with the keurig compact. Also have a frothier thing I got at BB&B a few years ago that froths hot AND cold has two different ‘spinners’ for it one really froths itthe other is for less frothiness (lol it’s hard to e plain) here’s a link to it if anyone is interested: https://m.bedbathandbeyond.com/m/product/capresso-reg-froth-max-automatic-milk-frother-in-silver-black/1047387164?keyword=capresso frother i want a French Press! Thanks for heads up on electric water kettle and temp (we always use bottled/filtered water)
  2. You think that’s scary? Take a look at the VERY scary AI bots (a la WestWorld) that are being developed (mostly sexbots in Asia but one model is now walking!)
  3. Smith pulled last night and slaughter put in. Hearing it’s issue with back though I couldn’t see anything in his movement but CPM indicated his back and had ‘that look that means not good’ on his face.
  4. That’s what I’ve always calledTom Brady (I have no clue as to where in draft he was picked back then... but he’s always rubbed me the wrong way with the arrogance)
  5. Arden Key is off the board... some team traded up to get him... I just can’t remember which one. I’m kinda brain dead lately
  6. Hope on top of hope that Okie’s ManCrush gets drafted by the Unemployment Team! i had ‘heard’ that both JA and CEO will be gone.
  7. And my MC goes to the Jaguars in 2nd round(!)! from Ross Dillinger tweet: ”DJ Chark's projected contract value: $4.4 million with a $1.3 million signing bonus. Said Chark: "It’s not about the money. I’ve got to show everybody else what they missed, but the money is going to be pretty cool.”“
  8. We don’t mind driving. He has a craving for crab -cooked any way at all.
  9. Here in Houston (well sugar land actually) till Friday 3/30 prior to hubs admit at MDA for SCT. He wants boiled, barbecue, fried, broiled, crab. Where’s the best reasonably priced place?
  10. Will probably be taking a long break from forum and pbp. this is hubs bday weekend and family coming in Saturday and leaving sunday afternoon, then we leave for MDA in Houston on Wednesday 3/21 for pre-admin testing etc with admission as inpatient on 3/30 (his late mom's bday). Heavy duty chemo for first few days inpatient with Stem Cell Transplant happening on 04/05. first half of April gonna be rough for him (and me too stress wise). He'll be inpatient approx. 30 days total then upon discharge we have to stay (somewhere =S) within 30 minutes of MDA for 100 days... Already know MDA doesn't have SECN and the wifi can be a bit crappy so I'll be lucky to stream on my ipad on watchespn, can't remember if they have ESPNU/News/2/whatever though they do have main espn channel. Already found at various hotels we've stayed in that only main espn available and the free wifi at hotels is REALLY crappy (unless you pay for higher bandwidth and at this point I'm not paying for anything I don't absolutely have to.) I'll check in here when I can. me and daughters will update the caringbridge and the youcaring websites (as well as sharing on our fb's) as this process continues. Keep us in your prayers.
  11. very glad justice was served
  12. Top 9th 2-4 LSU Bain to Pitch 1-1/w-l 1s 7.2ip 6h 1 r/er 4bb 11k / Slaughter to 1B for Cabrera Vierling - single to RF (2-2 BSFBF); lead off on (CPM shoulda challenged just because) Samples - Ks (0-2 SFS); 1 out 1 on 1B Cornelius - Ks (0-2 SFS); 2 out 1 on 1B Brumfield - GO6-3 (3-2 BFBSBF) great play by Hughes at SS and great stretch by Slaughter at 1B to receive take a riiiiiiiide on the #BainTrain Bain gets the Save TIGERS WIN TIGERS WIN
  13. Bottom 8th 2-3 LSU RHP Ball now pitching 1-0/1-l 3s 10.1ip 6h 2r 0er 0bb 7k 2-2b Reid: single to LCF (3-2 BSBB); lead off on Cabrera: BoB (3-2 BBSFBFB); 0 out runners 1b & 2B Hughes: CPM calls time to t/t 'Hal Ewwwes', maybe gonna lay one down?; (I don't like the house of the rising sun pattern on the field =S I figure I'll do 'color' too since nobody here); GODP6-3 (1-1 BF) Reid to 3B; 2 out 1 RISP Watson: double down the LF line!!!! RBI (0-1 S); 2 out 1 on 2B 2-4 LSU Broussard: BoB (3-1 BBFBB); 2 out 2 on 1B & 2B pow wow on the mound Twannie: GO4-3 (0-2 SF); side retired 1R 2H 0E 2LoB
  14. Top 8th 2-3 LSU Bush pitching 17pc 4bf 1bb Sikkema/PH Berler - Ks (3-2 BBSBSS); 1 away Bond - FO8 (2-2 BBSF); 2 away Hanna - PO4 (0-0); side retired whew 0R 0H 0E 0LoB
  15. Bottom 7th 2-3 LSU Sharp now pitching 1-0w/l 11.2ip 10h 2r/er 2bb 16k 1-2b 2-3b /Samples to 3B for McDaniel ? for Montes? Broussard: triple to LCF off the wall!!!! (0-0); lead off on Twannie: FO7 (0-1 S); 1 out 1 RISP Bain: BoB (3-1 BFBBB); 1 out runners on corners Pitching Change: Sikkema LHP 1-0/w-l 10.1ip 9h 2r 1er 3bb 14k 1-2b Feddy: Kl (0-2 SFS); 2 out runners corners BoJo: FO9 (3-2 BBSFFFB); side retired 0R 1H 0E 2LoB