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  1. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    Thing is , last time 'we' won the SECW & the SECCG it didn't really matter did it? The media pushed the flipping rematch with bama who won neither their division nor their conference (obviously since 'we' did)
  2. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    Verne and whatsit kept talking about a $15M buyout .......
  3. Pet Pics and Stories

    My sis & her hubs had a black shorthair when I was a teenager. Cat named Isadore. He was a mean MF. Hated me. I would babysit for nephew (baby baby.. As in not crawling yet, still in a crib) baby woke and started crying. That damn cat wouldn't let me down the hallway to get to nursery - attacked with fangs and claws - I finally resorted to throwing a screwdriver at him he kept sideways and I booted him down stairs to basement and slammed the door. I was bit and scratched to hell; and i'm a CAT PERSON; cats ALWAYS love me. But.not.isadore. Later that year Isadore was hit by a car, and after who knows how much money returned home from extensive vet visit less one leg and one eye. Isadore became the bastard 3legged 1eyed demon from hell. Isadore continued with his vehement hatred of me (even after I helped nurse the black arm of Satan to health). Damn thing even KNEW the engine sound my car made and when I pulled into sisters driveway that damn demon would sit at front door, with his back toward the door, and growl.
  4. Happy birthday, sav!

    Happy Happy Birthday!  
  5. 2015 Pick'em - Week 12

    Indiana at MarylandMichigan at Penn StateGeorgia Tech at MiamiDuke at VirginiaUSC at OregonUCLA at UtahLouisville at PittsburghColorado State at New MexicoMississippi State at ArkansasBaylor at Oklahoma State  
  6. For this evenings meal

    Porchetta style pork chips with roasted potatoes, & carmelized scallions Fyac
  7. The toll of Obamacare

    You want to know about 'government' run healthcare? Look at the VA.
  8. Question about traveling

    And insure it. Con-goers travel with swords a lot; usually have them peace-bonded as well
  9. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    Kennesaw State is not far outside Atlanta (GA) metro area
  10. Fans leaving

    Because I had not chance of actually attending a game.....
  11. LSU Ole Piss Game Time Announced

    Rescind that probation! I decided to do the free Farmer's Market (8am-noon) instead of coughing up 'booth fee' for the other (8am-9pm) (and at the Farmer's Market I have enough signal to watch some of Game Day or SECN game morning shows on my cell phone)
  12. Syrian Refugees in the US/Louisiana

    You must be very talented to rope that fill hole on the end of the balloon!
  13. Fans leaving

    Same here. But...   I might try to hide out and just stay in Tiger Stadium all night...........
  14. The toll of Obamacare

    All I know is I can't afford *any* coverage, yet I can't get a penny of subsidy... The $695 penalty for 2015 is gonna hit me hard too, but not the $1600/month quote I was given (WHY they are scared I might get pregnant and need OB overage I have no idea..... no uterus, no ovaries, fallopian tubes, no cervix)