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  1. This.
  2. The Charknado was named 2nd team All SEC
  3. Go to above link to vote for Chark for SEC play of the year
  4. Still in md anderson hopefully home this weekend maybe if nothing else happens
  5. The Chark is up for SEC Play of the Year: https://247sports.com/college/lsu/Bolt/Vote-LSU-for-SEC-Play-of-the-Year-111563067
  6. Quick shout out: MD Anderson as a whole is having a shortage of platelets. So hubs can't get platelets today. Sooooo if you or anyone you know in Houston area can donate platelets it would be much appreciated.
  7. Quick update in a regular room (w/bathroom!) now in leukemia unit. His dx is atypical CML w/4 mutations. for updates we have this set up: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/larryjackson3 he's getting at least 1 unit of O+ blood and 1 unit of platelets daily; his appetite is good.
  8. Took hubs to local ER for ekg yesterday at 2pm (country hospital w/maybe 50 beds) cuz of previous cardiac issues and shortness of breath, tired all the time so of course figured 'heart'.... well after standard CBC they transferred him at 3 this morning in ambulance with me following from Hemphill to md Anderson on holcombe blvd in Houston - arrived at 6am. WBC whacked platelets whacked RBC whacked ...... we're probably looking at 4-6 weeks in-patient then 3 days a week out patient of chemo... havent slept since I got up Monday morning at 6:30 waiting for bone marrow Bx and then set picc lines.... someone drink a fifth of the good stuff for me please
  9. 11/11/17 vs Arkansas
  10. So.... are your you shaving half of it off now?
  11. Seared ham steak with sliced turnips & sliced sweet potatoes (cooked on top of ham steak), turnip greens, white beans (with big ham bone), scratch cornbread it does a body good
  12. Beat the Yanks in a 3 hit shut out last night 4-0! Minute Maid was rawking! Bregs got a single (only got to see one of his AB cuz flipping between LSU/OM game. Here's a vid of a Bregs throw to home:
  13. Can we PLEASE tackle????
  14. Defense laying down 4 missed tackles on that pissy TD
  15. Jorah