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  1. First Pitch at 7:00pm CT LSU is the 'Away' team today UNIFORMS LSU - White Pants/Purple Jersey's w/arched "Tigers" FU: TBA PITCHING MATCHUP LSU - Sr. LH Jared Poche 12-3, 3.33 ERA, 108 IP, 73 SO/38 BB, .231 opponent BA FU - Fr. RH Tyler Dyson 3-0, 3.55 ERA, 33 IP, 45 SO/8 BB, .225 opponent BA STARTING LINE UPS FU 2B Liput SS Guthrie 1B Schwarz DH Maldonado 3B India LF Langworthy C Rivera RF Larson CF Horvath LSU SS Kramer 2B Drank LF Twannie RF D'mann CF Doc Watson 3B Agent Smith 1B Nick Coomes C Papi DH BeauJo UMPIRES HP: Troy Fullwood; 1B: Heath Jones; 2B: Steve Mattingly; 3B: Greg Street; LF Line: Danny Collins; RF Line: Mark Winters
  2. Also..... Charlie Sheen sent Zack Hess his 'Wild Thing' Glasses that he wore in the Major League Movie(s) http://www.tigerrag.com/charlie-sheen-sent-zack-hess-his-wild-thing-glasses-from-major-league/
  3. I'll be posting lineups in the game thread but here's a heads up from LSU Baseball Instagram: Coomes Starting and 1st Base
  4. Amen
  5. same here kept waiting for the bus to roll
  6. B9. 4-3 FU Byrne pc=12 Papi: From left again; BKSS Ks Slaughter/PH Reid: BBBKK FO8 Kramer: SSBBF FO7 0R 0H 0E 0LOB
  7. T9. 4-3 FU Newman pc=24 Rivera - KBF FO9; 1 away Hicks - K GO6-3; 2 away Larson - KS GO5-3 0R 0H 0E 0LOB
  8. He was safe till 2nd tag
  9. B8. 4-2 FU Singer pc=106 D'mann: KKFFBB down left field line for double!!!!!! Slides in safely! Lead off on! Pitching change: Byrne tho 1.74era 15bb 91so Doc Watson: BK FO9; 1 out 1 on 2b Agent Smith: KKBFB ripped utm into CF RBI smith out at 2b dammit; 2 out 4-3 FU BeauJo: KB GO1-3 1R 2H 0E 0LOB
  10. T8. 4-2 FU Newman pc=9 Guthrie - KBKF GO6-3; 1 away Schwarz - S GO6-3 Maldonado - BBBB BoB Langworthy - K into RF over drank ; 2 outs runners 1 & 2 pr for Maldonado on 2b India: B FC5-4 0R 1H 0E 2LOB
  11. B7. 4-2 FU Singer pc=92 Slaughter: KKK Kl Kramer: K hit past 3b into LF for basehit! 1 out 1 in 1B Drank: FFB picked Kramer off stealing [censored]! 2 outs 1-2 count B 2-2; utm for single! 2 outs 1 on 1b Twannie: BB GO1-3 0R 2H 1E 1LOB
  12. T7. 3-2 FU Bush pc=38 Langworthy - BBK? Hit into RF for double [censored]! India - sac bunt 1-3; 1 out 1 on 3b Rivera - KBF in air utm RBI single; 1 out 1 1b 4-2 FU Hicks - FF dribbler towards mound GO1-3; 2 out 1 in 2b pitching Change: Hellooooo Newman Larson - BBBWPrunner to 3b; K 3-1 B BoB; 2 out runners corners Liput - KBSS! Ks 1R 2H 0E 2LOB
  13. B6. 3-0 FU Singer pc=67 Drank: KFS Ks #10 Twannie: KBBB deep BOOOM! RF bullpen!!!!! 3-1 FU D'mann: KBHolycrap he lost the bat!SK Kl #11; 2 out 0 on Doc Watson: HBP/catcher interference? I missed it; 2 out 1 on 1b Coach to mound Agent Smith: KBBBB BoB; 2 out 2 on BeauJo: BK ripped into LF basehit RBI! 2 out runners 1 & 2 3-2 FU Papi: BKF FO7 2R 2H 0E 2LOB
  14. T6. 3-0 FU Bush pc=31 Guthrie - KBS FO9; 1 away Schwarz - S FO9 shallow RCF; 2 away Maldonado - LO6 0R 0H 0E 0LOB
  15. B5. 3-0 FU Singer pc= Papi: BBFBKS Ks Slaughter: BB chopped to SS GO6-3 Kramer: GO4-3 0R 0H 0E 0LOB