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  1. Throwback Jerseys this Weekend

    Kentucky had checkerboard s this past weekend
  2. Danny Etling

    From today's presser ""Danny is one of the more athletic guys we have on our team,” Miles said. "In what was our coaches workouts, the workout time after recruiting and just before spring ball, he was one of the guys that dominated the workouts - from start to finish. He has the ability to move and has the knack for recognizing when someone comes in there and he has to move out." yet BH got the start and full game vs whiskey?????
  3. Replay on SECN at 1:30pm CT today (Sunday 9/18)
  4. And Etling needs to finish the route.....
  5. Tomorrow Night to be VERY Telling

    From Twitter:
  6. MANCRUSH DJ Chark

    ICYMI my MANCRUSH got some playing time last night vs MooU. a touchdown: and a pretty awesome catch:
  7. Tomorrow Night to be VERY Telling

    It also looked like there was someone else calling the plays in. at one point the qb on sidelines with headset was relaying to Etling what the next play should be and Etling looked at the kid like 'wtf?!' Then when the play was run we were all like 'wtf?!'
  8. And I missed it..... Doggie bladder break
  9. And we open with run run busted play/keeper for a 3 & out...
  10. Tomorrow Night to be VERY Telling

    If we don't curb stomp em I bet boosters will fill that plate to the brim
  11. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #3

    Even tho I picked Free Shoes U to win I'm giddy that Louisville is kicking the Semiholes butts 42-10 in the 3rd qtr eta: FYAC
  12. Say Cheeeeeese!

    Nothing better than a sharp cheddar on a slice of apple pie!
  13. Starting QB Thread

    Figured this was the place to put this (if not would a mod put it where it should be , please?):
  14. College Football Pick 'Em - Week #2 Games

    My blind monkies don't throw darts... they throw poop (obviously)