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  1. Top 9th 10-3 LSU Reid in at SS, Strall at 2B,, lots of other changes Hunter Newman pitching I think my video is skipping big portions of stuff Zabojnik - 1-0 fouled back 1-1; curve for strike called 1-2; called strike 3! 1 out Easley - 0-1 up and in 1-1; another out somehow........ 2 outs Jones/ PH Booker - vid frozen: ball high 1-0; called strike 1-1; misses low 2-1, fouled 3b line 2-2; breaking pitch called strike 3! BALLGAME TIGERS WIN TIGERS WIN
  2. Bottom 8th LSU 8-3 Pitching Change and other defensive changes no clue 3B Smith #4: FO i think? 1 out 2B Drank #8 - PH Woley. 3-0 count called strike 3-1; outside * in dirt for BoB; 1 out 1 on 1B CF Twannie #20: swing & miss 0-1; goes high 1-1; fouled off 1-2; grounder past 3B E?; 1 out runners 1B & 2B, ruled E5 SS Kramer #3: inside 1-0; breaking pitch catches outside corner (197.975 season high score today for LSU GYM!) launched into LF bounces off wall 2 RBI Double! 10-3 LSU! RF Watson: strike 0-1; aired shallow LF FO7; 2 outs 1 on 2B Pitching Change i missed it....
  3. Top 8th LSU 8-3 LF Watson/RF Breaux/C Coomes/P Doug Norman 3B Ready #5: hit high slaughter practically dove into dugout to catch it; 1 out RF Jones #2: swing & miss 0-1; inside at knees 1-1; swing & miss on inside pitch 1-2; something happened 2 outs i think a swing & miss? 1B Haslam #3: inside at hips 1-0; breaking pitch called strike1-1 (Hunter Newman is warming and has best hair on team) fouled back into net 1-2; lifted infield FO4 on infield dirt. 0R 0H 0LOB
  4. Bottom 7th 7-3 LSU Soph 6'7" Michael Rieker now pitching for Air Force SS Kramer #3: fouled into box 0-1; outside corner for strike 0-2; check swing tip 0-2; (Norman getting ready in Tiger bullpen) didn't go around on check swing 1-2; smacked high gets down into LCF for basehit single! 0 out 1 on 1B RF Deichmann #7: foul 0-1; pitchout 2-4 not in time kramer slides in under the tag (4th of day for tigers 1st of season for kramer); 1-1; ball 2-1; inside at hands 3-1; swing miss for full count; way upstairs for BoB and Beans. 0 out runners 1B & 2B 1B Slaughter #5: .called strike 0-1; vid skipped 1-1; (ump got 4 stitches in top of his head) outside 2-3 deichmann back to 1B Kramer to 3B; runners on corners 0 out count 2-1, hit hard RCF gets down for rbi single! Tigers 8-3 0 out runners 1B & 2B meeting on the mound Pitching Change:................ RHP Jeff Gerlica Watson PR for Deichmann at 2B DH Adams #44/PH Thom ?: fly to LF FO7 . 1 out LF BeauJo #24/PH Breaux: watches strike 1 0-1; ripped foul into seats 3b dugout 0-2; inside corner called strike; 2 outs 2 on PH Coomes: called strike 0-1; outside 1-1; smacked to LF FO7; side retired 1 run 2H 1E 2 LOB
  5. Top 7th 7-3 LSU Fr Todd Peterson on mound for LSU (ump in good shape and is at game to watch the rest of it) LF Jones #13: swing & miss 0-1; dog has to go out, sorry........ dammit he lied... there's 1 out 2B Robb #25: 1-1 FO9; 2 outs C Dau #9: misses low 1-0; outside 2-0; misses high at letters 3-0; inside corner called strike 3-1; misses upstairs, BOB. 2 out 1 on 1B CF Groesbeck #1: swiiiing & miss 0-1; lifted into RF near line FO9. side retired 0R 0H 1LOB S T R E T C H
  6. Bottom 6th 6-3 LSU Fr LHP Will Jones pitching now for Air Force LF BeauJo #24: called strike inside corner 0-1; lifted shallow RCF FO9; 1 out C Papi #2: fouled back 0-1; inside 1-1; (Peterson will be next pitcher for LSU) missed inside corner at knees 2-1; swing & miss on offspeed pitch 2-2; in & low 3-2; line drive foul into left seats, count stays full; launched high behind 1B FO3. 2 out 3B Smith #4: outside 1-0; outside corner 84 on gun 1-1; outside 2-1; outside 3-1; fouled rt side 3-2; payoff well outside; red beans fulling Smiths pockets. 2 out 1 on 1B 2B Drank #8: smith steals (his collegiate 1st) on first pitch 2-4 nit and out of glove 1-0; inside 2-0; over his head and ducks 3-0; breaking ball across the plate for called strike 3-1; jones turns looks smith back to 2B; drank patting his tat; smacked hard basehit into LF RBI SINGLE! 7-3 Tigers! 2 outs 1 on 1B CF Twannie #20: called strike 0-1; upstairs 1-1; toss to 1B NIT; pitchout drank steals 2b 2-4 NIT; 2 outs 1 on 2B 2-1; stroked in air right at CF FO8. side retired 1 run 2 hits ?errors 1 lob
  7. Top 6th 6-2 LSU Zach Hess on Mound for LSU CF Groesbeck #1: strike 0-1; foul tip 0-2 94mph; fastball missing outside 90mph 1-2; swing miss for Hess first K! 1 out 0 on 3B Ready #5: slider 82mph for strike 0-1; swing & miss off outside corner 0-2; breaking ball just missed low 1-2; outside 2-2; upstairs 3-2; grounder to 3B 5-3 in time!!! 2 out 0 on. RF Jones #2: got a piece of it 0-1; smacked high & deep hits foul pole and bounces back in for solo home run...... 2 outs 0 on 6-3 Tigers 1B Haslam #3: misses inside 1-0; hit right back at him hit his knee smith tried to bare hand it but slaughter couldn't handle it... not sure if errors counted? 2 outs 1 on 1B SS Zabojnik #21: outside corner for strike looking 0-1; misses just outside 1-1; throw to 1B NIT; little high & outside 2-1; WP/PB runner to 2B 3-1 Papi to mound;inside corner for strike called 3-2; (Strall in bullpen) high and inside for ball 4. 2 outs 2 on 1B & 2B; Dunn to mound DH Easley #23: swing & miss 0-1; (11,129 paid attendance today); swing and miss chasing outside 0-2; fouled back into net 0-2; inside & low papi keeps it infront 1-2; runner goes to 3B runner to 2B Batter HBP Hess never turned to look. Bases loaded, 2 outs 1-2 count (Strall is ready) ruled Easley was swinging so hbp doesn't count and runners have to go back... i'm confused... swing & miss for strike out tag out. side retired 1 run 1 hit? ?e 2lob
  8. Bottom 5th 6-2 LSU Pitching Change: Jake Gilbert Soph RHP not much action from him as frosh - no stats given SS Kramer #3: outside & low 1-0; outside & low 2-0; called strike 2-1; fouled OOP right side into suites 2-2; chopped up middle 6-3 in time; 1 out. RF Deichmann #7: inside corner called strike 0-1; low & outside 1-1; smacked into LCF drops in for a single! 1 out 1 on 1B 1B Slaughter #5: high fastball swing & miss at letters 0-1; misses low 1-1; balk. Deichmann to 2b, 1-1; breaking pitch catches corner 1-2; low & inside 2-2; inside corner called strike; 2 out 1 on 2B DH Adams #44: swing & miss 0-1; upstairs 1-1; swing & miss on offspeed pitch 1-2; fouled off OOP right side 1-2; inside just off plate 2-2; chopped up middle 1-3 in time 0R 1H 0E 1LOB
  9. Top 5th 6-2 LSU Walker on mound LF Jones #13: called strike 0-1; grounder 3B 5-3 in time; 1 out 2B Robb #25: FO? for 2 outs vid skipping pitches =S C Dau #9: low & outside 1-0 (1 bob in 16 ip for lsu) ball 2-0; swing & miss 2-1; fouled back and ump got caught with bat..............blood! top of his head 2-2 pause in action while EMS assesses ump both teams in dugouts/off field....... Update: Ump Ray Miller on way to hospital, leaving game with 3 man crew, Grigson ump moving to HP others shiting between 1/2 and 2/3. Continuing Dau's At Bat: 2-2 count with 2 outs 0 on base...: missing at knees, full count; called strike 3 outside corner! 0R 0H 0LOB
  10. Bottom 4th 0-2 Them Devries on mound for Air Force SS Kramer #3: fouled back 0-1; strike; drops into CF for leadoff single! 0 out 1 on 1B RF Deichmann #7: fouled back 0-1; toss to 1B nit, throw to 1b nit; throw to 1b nit; breaking pitch misses inside 1-1; BOOOOOOOOOOOM to the Diamond Deck! Tie GAME! 0 out 0 on 1B Slaughter #5: upstairs 1-0; misses above letters 2-0; lifted foul 1B side can't catch, 2-1; sharp grounder gets past 2B into CF! shouldn't be an E cuz it was hit HARD; 0 out 1 on 1B DH Adams #44: fouled off foot 0-1; offspeed swing and miss 0-2; swing & miss; 1 out 1 on 1B LF BeauJo #24: hard hit grounder to 3B 5-3 in time; 2 out 1 on 2B C Papi #2: swing miss on offspeed delivery 0-1; sharp hit to 3B gets into field slaughter over runs but gets back in time before tag... very dangerous! 2 outs runners on corners 3B Smith #4: swing miss 0-1 (AF bullpen busy); outside & in dirt 1-2 (missed a strike somewhere with vid skipping) lifted deep goes YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! his first career HR! 2 out 0 on 5-2 Tigers! 2B Drank #8: not sure of count gets a Double! slides into 2B! 2 out 1 on 2B CF Twannie #20: fouled into seats OOP 3b side 0-1; drank takes a big lead; breaking pitch called strike outside corner 0-2; weird pitch behind twannie, drank goes HOME! no paly attempted till last second... drank slides in safely! 1-2; either a PB or Wild Pitch not sure which; fouled to Kramer in ondeck circle, 1-2; offspeed well outside 2-2; called strike at the letters. side retired 6R 6H ?E 0LoB
  11. Top 4th Zip Zip Walker on Mound for LSU Top of the order: CF Groesbeck #1: first pitch FO9 shallow RF; 1 out 3B Ready #5: basehit into LCF; 1 out 1 on 1B RF Jones #2: ball 1-0; inside 2-0 Papi to mound; misses low & inside 3-0; called strike outside corner 3-1; throw to 1B NIT; swing & miss 3-2; throw to 1B NIT; fouled into 3b dugout full count still; got a piece of it 3-2; breaking pitch misses high; walk; 1 out 2 on 1B & 2B 1B Haslam #3: Papi & Dunn to Mound; misses low & outside 1-0; breaking pitch misses high 2-0; misses low & inside 3-0 (no action in tiger bullpen but heads turning); called strike at the belt 3-1; fouled OOP 1b side, full count; fouled down 3b line on fastball; still full; grounder to 3B 5E-4; 1 out runners on corners SS Zabojnik #21: fouled OOP right side 0-1; called strike 0-2; upstairs 1-2; slow roller fould 3b side 1-2; misses high & outside 2-2; bullpen getting active Strall for one; fouled back into net 2-2; throw to 1B NIT; 60th pitch for walker, lifter into LCF for RBI single; 1 out runners 1B & 2B DH Easley #23: fastball called strike 0-1; chopper to SS 6-4-3 DP side retired 2 runs 2 hit 1 errors 1 lob
  12. Bottom 3rd No Score Devries on mound for Air Force 3B Smith #4: misses high 1-0; breaking ball slapped into..... caught at track FO9 very hard hit and missed by a couple feet going out....... 1 out 2B Drank #8: fouled back 0-1; check swing foul 3b side 0-2; (walker with 37 pitches thru 3 innings with 25 strikes); fouled into 3b dugout 0-2; low ball 1-2; grounded to 3B 5-3 in time; 2 out CF Twannie #20: misses high 1-0; lifted high shallow CF FO8; side retired 0 runs 0 hits 0 errors 0 lob
  13. Top 3rd No Score Walker on Mound for LSU (think I just saw Okie during AF Salute) LF Jones #13: called strike outside corner 0-1; heater down the middle 0-2; inside at the knewws 1-2; called strike 3 over outside corner (latish call); 4 Ks looking so far. 1 down 2B Robb #25: 1 hopper up the line and 5tag applied in time; 2 down C Dau #9: misses outside 1-0; swing & miss 1-1; swing & miss 1-2; upstairs inside at chin 2-2; misses just outside just above the letters 3-2; pay off pitch and swing and miss! side retired 0 runs 0 hits 0 errors 0 lob
  14. Bottom 2nd No Score DeVries on mound for Air Force 1B Slaughter #5: fouled back 0-1; sharply hit to SS 6-3 in time; 1 out DH Adams #44: ball 1-0; ball 2-0; ball 3-0; catches corner 3-1; misses outside for red beans for Adams; 1 out 1 on 1B LF BeauJo #24: smacked high to CF FO8; Adams back to 1B; 2 outs runner on 1B C Papi #2: fouled down 3b line 0-1; well outside evens the count 1-1; lifted into shallow LF FO6; 3 outs 0 runs 0 hits 0 errors 1 lob
  15. Top 2nd No Score Walker on mound for LSU 1B Haslam #3: Swing & Miss 0-1; fastball outside corner painted for strike 0-2; lifted high RF FO9; 1 down SS Zabojnik #21: just misses outside 1-0; inside fastball fouled off his ankle 1-1; lifted into CF FO8; 2 down DH Easley #23: fastball low & inside for ball 1-0; breaking pitch fouled into net behind plate 1-1; fastball misses low 2-1; fouled right side 2-2; fastball called strike 3! 3 down 0 runs 0 hits 0 error 0 lob