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  1. Finished it tonight and fixing to start rewatching it ETA: FYAC
  2. Mindhunter on Netflix
  3. G E A U X ! ! ! !
  4. there was also a good article in tiger rag about a former NFL guy,McMahon(?,) who does loads of film study and coaches the coaches (he can't coach players). But I can't find the link now
  5. 23 Auburn - 27 LSU 10/14/17
  6. 4thQtr the Charknado goes 75yards on punt return to make it 23-21 .... just a field goal away to get the lead
  7. Dammit DJ!!!! hold on to the damn ball!
  8. Just realized all are comedies... though an eclectic range....
  9. New

  10. Bull Durham A Fish Called Wanda Animal House Galaxy Quest Monty Python & the Holy Grail
  11. Jacob Hester's wife's grandfather/great-grandfather
  12. I'm thinking that 1-8 will host super regional IF they win their regional; 9-16 will be alternate SR sites as needed depending on 1-8 ps: I hate my qwerty
  13. Perfect day: LSU beat gators and the semiholes got beat too
  14. Sorry just st saw this, chat is too difficult using my phone =S
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