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    Marcus Spears
  • Birthday 05/02/1957

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  • Website URL http://eq4bits.com
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  • Gender Female
  • Location: Milam, TX
  • Interests LSU Tiger Football/Baseball/Softball/Gymnastics, SciFi and other geeky stuff, php & mySQL... coding in general, AQHA, Reading, Fishing, Hunting
  • Favorite Team LSU
  1. Game topic

    Lions and tigers and bears oh my
  2. Damn embed! if u can zoom in you can see they are planting a fake cat skeleton with purple & gold beads on it (representing mike vi's death)
  3. Need to make FU PAY for this CLASSLESS act:
  4. R.I.P Mike VI

  5. Favorite Commericals

    During Tennessee game Peyton was in booth with announcers and one of the announcers had Peyton's housecoat on over his suit
  6. Southern Miss vs LSU Post game survey 2016

    Mine too please move them? moved posts to game topic
  7. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    Thanks for explanation. They should just say that and leave '15 yards' out all together.
  8. Favorite Commericals

    Peyton On Sunday Mornings crack me up.
  9. LSU vs USM...Payback Time!!!

    Lol'd at announcer(S) just prior to half-time discussing 'what does CEO need to say to team in locker room'; the other replied "I don't know but whatever it is it'll sound like a tablesaw"
  10. MANCRUSH DJ Chark

    Chark's total yards for game was 100 I believe (per a dellenger tweet)
  11. MANCRUSH DJ Chark

    FYAC!!! Christmas Attck instead of CHARK ATTACK??!!!! FYAC
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