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  1. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    [censored] Florida AND [censored] TAMU
  2. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Semi-Final)

    Let's GEAUX! #PossumPower!!!!
  3. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    Read an article last night (about the 14 innings vs UF) where Hoover concession folks were/are rooting for LSU cuz business is better as long as LSU is in Tourny.
  4. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    Acc does a pool (or so i read somewhere last night)
  5. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    Agree. This tourney set up sucks. There are 2 3-0 teams, us and ol piss that should be the only game tomorrow.
  6. i thought in SEC play there was a 'pitch clock'
  7. I think hudsons right turn thing is a new yoga pose.... squatting bulldog
  8. sorry i don't see that.... sole of shoe was against side of bag!
  9. great stop by kramer good job by deichmann to not let it get by him
  10. Dew my ass... one of the basehits from a Tiger last night had so much water flying up off the grass it looked like smoke last night
  11. Good job Papi on the RBI Sac FO8