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  1. Agree that frank guy at alligator bar in 1st epi was acting really suspicious too
  2. The GOP Presidential Field

    Just order one with a pic of poo on it; that should suffice
  3. Last week during the airing they did a voice over asking for more tips. Glad to hear more epi's ordered. Can't remember what 'week' they are up to....
  4. Freezer Bern

    Only one I really liked was Wavy Gravy - hard to find in 2001 and haven't seen it anywhere since
  5. The Tigalaya Movie topic

    Dachsie if you know anyone in Iowa ask them.... Seems Trump rented a theater somewhere up there so Iowan's(?) could see it for free before their caucus.
  6. SEC Network Baseball Schedule 2016

    I'm in same boat Nootch. Maybe someone with a chicken wire antenna can help us out
  7. GTech Prank Lead to Jail

    Yes, GT/UGA rivalry is very real. Have friends on both sides of it. My ex-husband was of the GT variety.  Spent many Saturday's in flash card section.  Bill Curry was the HC in 1964 when GT left SEC
  8. $1.5 Billion Lotto

    4.3 after taxes
  9. Steve and Herb

    Hugs and prayers
  10. 2015-16 NCAA Champ Game Bama vs Clem

    My late MIL was HPL's first cousin......  
  11. $1.5 Billion Lotto

    Another thought is that with 1.5B$ divided by 300Mil US citizens is $4.3Mil per citizen would equal the end of poverty.....
  12. $1.5 Billion Lotto

    Ate pseudo Chinese in lufkin today after the hubs stress test so HAD to get tickets using numbers from our fortune cookies...... at our age will choose the cash option if we win instead of annuity (single winner with annuity will get $3mil+ a month for 30 years) we'd set up college/trust funds for all our grandkids, give our daughters a mil or two each, donate to several deserving charities that are close to our hearts (I would personally donate enough to TAF to get a room/facility for lsu gymnastics, softball, baseball and football named after me - lol) then we'll buy an island somewhere, build facilities on it to go totally off-grid and GTFOoD..... (Hubs says if Bernie or Killary win election we'll GTFO period... Somehow, somewhere)
  13. 2016 Presidential Election Humor

    We watched mtv ridiculousness
  14. 2015-16 NCAA Champ Game Bama vs Clem

    Yup they were. Pre-game AND during game. Wonder if they pay royalties......
  15. My last years mancrush http://lsu.247sports.com/Bolt/Kipers-All-Rookie-Team-42625942