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  1. College Football Pick 'Em Contest - Week 1

    To cover tie-breakers etc? From Last Year
  2. A Tropical Disturbance in the Force

    Yes, I know, but the west side gets all the trashy crap............... I'm with Okie in hoping it goes up the Atlantic Seaboard..........
  3. College Football Pick 'Em Contest - Week 1

    South Carolina vs Vanderbilt Colorado St vs Colorado Ole Miss vs Florida St Notre Dame vs Texas BYU vs Arizona North Carolina vs Georgia UCLA vs Texas A&M Clemson vs Auburn Georgia Tech vs Boston College USC vs Alabama
  4. A Tropical Disturbance in the Force

    Hoping that 'purple' line doesn't end up being the track.... west side = 'trash' side.................
  5. Checking in on our Tigalayans

    How about Chase?
  6. Not too many details but Scivicque (High A in Detroit system) is now an Atlanta Brave and will be 'fast-tracked' to debut in Braves MLB 2017! The Braves traded their current fill-in Shortstop for Scivicque to make room to move Dansby Swanson up fro MiLB. They wanted Scivicque because 'he's good with young pitchers; also because while at LSU his BA was .300 every year.
  7. HOF Brett Favre

    The Hamcock High School band raised over $30k so they could go play at the ceremony. BF went to HS there (his dad was the coach at the time). A shame he refused to help them at all with fundraising to go honor him. Maybe that football he signed years ago for my daughters HS basketball raffle (my hubs won it) will be worth something now. (One of the booster parents was a contractor on the mansion BF was building in Hattiesburg and got BF to sign the ball for the booster club - and it wasn't Hancock High it was for Pearl River Central High).
  8. Jared Poche Returning!

    Geaux!!!!!!!! Freaking GREAT News! Been hoping for this!
  9. Former Tiger = 6 years in prison

    .....and what saggy below the butt pants really mean......
  10. Clinton Will Skate

    I *heard* that He is Trumps AG choice (I just hope that doesn't mean Christy will be his vp running mate)
  11. Afternoon with a Tiger

    Just spent the last couple of hours at former Tiger Donnie Bozeman's (#71 1967-1970) house; got the tour of all his memorabilia. The year they didn't go to a bowl game because they didn't get chosen for a 'good' one, Coach Cholly gave each player a small 'special' trophy .... CCM signed it ... It had a big screw on the top of it because they 'got screwed'. Left my phone in the car so I'll get pics next time. Negreet HS just retired him the other day so he's a bit depressed - my grandgirl was with me and got him to sign an lsu cap which lifted his spirits. His health is somewhat declining - he has to go to Natchitoches daily for hyperbaric chamber treatments. Foot problem - I'm guessing due to diabetes - he's in a walking boot.
  12. http://lsu.247sports.com/Article/Trey-Lealaimatafao-has-been-sentenced-to-six-years-in-jail-46195367
  13. Clinton Will Skate

    When did 'ignorance of a law' become an acceptable defense?
  14. Dallas shooter - multiple officers down

    Dad - glad your friend is okay. Prayers to all officers and their families that were affected by this. I don't want to draw any 'assumptions' until official reports are made (Dallas Chief said holding their cards close until they figure things out?) but questions *I* have: Was/were the gun/s used *legally* purchased? If so is this another instance of folks 'slipping through the cracks'? If not legally purchased... well gun control has no control over the criminal elemant.. hope the gun/s weren't from the fast & furious operation... Was this a 'hate crime' against police in general or only 'white' police?
  15. 200 Piccolos

    Saw the topic title and automatically thought of this: