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  1. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    We will see how this all turns out.
  2. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

     The first 7 games of this season were a vast improvement over last year.  This is a young team and they still put that together. Go read some of our own threads.  We were leading the SEC West and were #2 in the country. Even though you now point out how that wasn't that big of an accomplishment , the committee and pollsters at the time certainly disagree with you.  Our QB play had improved from last year and of defensive line was getting pressure on the quarterback.  And yes attrition has takes a huge toll on our team.  Why do you think we lack so much depth and play so many true freshman?  Miami and USC also are up there with numbers of players leaving for the NFL. How are they doing?  Coaches can only do so much.  If a players wants to leave early not much can be done.  Thanks to Miles' efforts, Mills, Alexander and Hawkins came back this year.  I posted a tweet from from Trey LMFAO and he points out that early exits and injuries mean something.  The players get it, they know this team better than any of us do.  Guarantee you that you cannot find a single player who would tell you Miles needs to go even if you tell them Jimbo is the replacement.  Hell he's has players he kicked off the team in his corner.  But its a moot point because at some point after the A&M game Les Miles will be fired.  And all of our wonderful fans can be happy. I didn't mention Alleva's propensity for cronyism at Duke, the author of the article did. I found that while doing a little research on Alleva and it renewed my questions of why we ever hired the guy in the first place.   I hope to God my own fate never is in the hands of Joe Alleva. And the fact that the Doooook lacrosse stuff happened 10 years ago doesn't change the fact that some serious lapses occurred. What he did in response to the incident and his testimony was horrible and reflects a serious character flaw and lack of judgment. That kind of trait doesn't just go away.  And we all need to pray that Jimbo says yes.    You can have all the confidence in Alleva that you want, I don't  and never will.  If plan B ends up in his lap were are in deep shyt.
  3. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    Caddy from everything we hear there is no "if", Miles is getting fired. I guess some last minute things could happen but we will know for sure after Saturday's game.  Miles' buyout is structured and is offset by any compensation he receives in another job.
  4. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    From Jalen Mills' mom:    
  5. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    You're a slave driver.
  6. Eric Reid still has it

    He sure does.
  7. LSU @ Ole Miss Sat 11/21/15 2:30 pm CBS/98.1

    Yeah I'd agree with that too.
  8. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    No, country music singer John Anderson. He never lets me down.
  9. I'm ready for Third & Chavis

    Can't miss Les' last game as the LSU coach.
  10. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    I have it on pretty good info at least for my comfort level that; a. Les is gone because big  boosters couldn't keep their mouths shut;  b. Jimbo is mulling over overtures from LSU meaning he's listening but faaaaaaar from a done deal, as in he is not the slightest bit committed and can say "no thanks" at any point; and c. there is no plan B unless "oh shyt" counts.
  11. Coach O to Syracuse ?

    Trust me he would love to be the HC at LSU but its not in the cards for him at the moment.  Needs to out and prove himself more as a successful HC then maybe he comes back.  Les has never tried to stand in the way of his assistants moving up. It will be a loss of O goes.
  12. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

      I laugh every time I see that commercial         Anybody who hasn't seen the movie Shane ought to see.  A great movie happens before this final scene    
  13. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    Over the last 4 years, LSU and Auburn each have an SEC Championship with Bama having the other two.  I guess everybody in the SEC needs a new coach then. Look I understand your logic.  And if Nick Saban had hung on to Drew Brees in Miami, Miles would be the most celebrated coach around. But due to Saban's failure as an NFL coach he came back to our conference and in our division.  
  14. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    In my view out of conference games matter.  We started out the 2013 (TCU) and 2014 (Wisconsin) seasons and beat ranked opponents.  That has to count for something.
  15. What Happened According to Fishhead

    I haven't heard that Fish or seen it discussed either recently or in the past, so I can't comment on it.  But if Jimbo is the target and if he is unhappy at FSU that would certainly help get him here.