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  1. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    I am for whatever outcome helps lsu get a national seed. Haven't had time to sit down and figure that out. Who wins today may not even make a difference.
  2. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Semi-Final)

    I repeat. Baseball is a cruel, cruel sport.
  3. Spiders

    Grew up next to a good man. But he was an alcoholic. I was a kid and didn't know better. He would send me to town, well under 18, to buy him beer. Well he got really drunk one night and literally shot his truck with a 12 gauge shotgun. His son ended up being an alcoholic as well, another good man who died way too soon.
  4. LSU vs Wisconsin Game Time Kickoff

    Looks nice Dad
  5. 2016 Football Magazines Are At The Newsstands

    Can't get completely into football mode yet. But that sounds about right. In the SEC all you have to do is win to move up anyway.
  6. Spiders

  7. LSU Baseball vs. Florida (SECT, Semi-Final)

    And we won 3 out of 5 against them. Hashtag LSU should be a national seed.
  8. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    Yes, 8 teams, single elimination and be done with it in 3 days.
  9. Memorial Day 2016 And Heros of America

    Dank der besten Generation unserer Zeit , keiner von uns kann diese Perle .
  10. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    Maybe USCe has the right attitude, 2 and BBQ, and then rest your bats and arms.
  11. Todd Walker

    He is from Bossier City. My son played in a Little League state championship there when he was 12. Todd came out and threw out the pitch for the championship game. Classy guy all the way. Happy to hear it.