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  1. CPM owned it: http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_394a6616-5adf-11e7-b2c9-a3bd1f21a7c5.html
  2. And Guilbeau is nothing but a If the guy has an original thought it would be purely an accident. Don't ever waste your time reading any of his blather.
  3. T I G E R S !
  4. Dang. Left RR in a little too long and we still almost beat 'em. Go Tigers
  5. Wow. That's crazy.
  6. Unless they are lying to him, he is going to play RB: https://www.seccountry.com/lsu/lsu-tae-provens-talks-commitment-position-future-baton-rouge
  7. I pray for the victim and that she can deal with all the trauma related to what happened to her. May God ease her suffering +
  8. Would prefer it be a team we've haven't faced this season. But whatever. Just win
  9. All very good questions. Very limited in who he can start tomorrow and I guess he went with experience hoping the moment won't be too big and he can give us quality innings while hopefully the O scores some runs.
  10. I'm not starting the new thread for the championship. 5th year senior Russell Reynolds getting the start tomorrow. Good luck to him, the team and Geaux Tigers!
  11. Welcome aboard https://www.seccountry.com/lsu/breaking-lsu-lands-commitment-florida-te-zach-sheffer
  12. Congrats and cheers!