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  1. The Tigalaya Movie topic

    My kids loved Jungle Book, so did I. Mowgli 
  2. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    Geese.  They will eat your young.
  3. Lowell Narcisse is a TIGER

    Great news  http://www.nola.com/recruiting/index.ssf/2016/05/lsu_lands_massive_commitment_f.html    
  4. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    Yes Vince does kill in there !!!!!!  (Seen Vince lately?  He been eating well)
  5. Post Pictures You Have Taken

    The photos I posted don't do justice to either place.  We had a picnic after the visit to Hoover Dam at a spot on Lake Mead that was unbelievable
  6. The Daily Weather Report

    I-49 in north Lafayette Parish / south St. Landry Parish yesterday.  It had to be closed.  First time I recall that happening
  7. The Daily Weather Report

    I need to see the sun soon.
  8. Happy birthday EQ!

    Happy Birthday
  9. Post Pictures You Have Taken

    Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas
  10. Post Pictures You Have Taken

    Both sides of Hoover Dam
  11. 2016 Presidential Election Humor

    Bernie Sanders is beginning to lay campaign workers off.  Even socialists run out of other people's money.
  12. Ole Miss And Laremy Tunsil, Not Good

    Hugh Freeze threw down a challenge over 3 years ago.  Not sure any other coach did that, but he did.  http://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2013/2/1/3942420/hugh-freeze-ole-miss-challenges-recruiting-ncaa-cheat-violation
  13. For this evenings meal

  14. For this evenings meal

    Ladies and gentlemen I bring you: The Most Interesting Man In The World.