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  1. As of this morning: Definitely getting better organized:
  2. Tough enough to predict a very organized hurricane, even more difficult to predict an organizing wave of tropical weather that has yet to form into a tropical depression. Hopefully it doesn't ruin too many Memorial Day weekend plans.
  3. #20's last ride on Victory Hill. RIP
  4. If you like analysis, here it is: https://www.seccountry.com/lsu/lsu-film-study-joe-burrow-ohio-state
  5. Pretty sure the game is going to get back up again.
  6. Team never gave up and found a way to win.
  7. Same color teeth
  8. SEC site showing start time for LSU game now 5:40 CT assuming no further rain delays.
  9. Talking to some friends they think state is a lock for a regional regardless of the outcome of the game. Hope they come to the game with that attitude. Miss State that is, not my friends.
  10. Heading to NOLA for Bayou Country SuperFest for the Memorial Day weekend. King George! Woop woop
  11. Amazing:
  12. What a group!!!! Jimmy Taylor, Jerry Stovall, Charles Alexander, Tommy Casanova, Billy Cannon, surrounding Y A Tittle:
  13. Looks like Nick Bush will get the start: http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_b60b2828-5c84-11e8-b07a-535ad8ca717a.html Tough draw for us. If we best State (who just swept Florida) then we play ... Florida. Both LSU and State are 15-15 in conference and probably need some wins in the SEC tourney to make the NCAA tournament. In fact, the winner of the game might make it in and the loser not. We are capable of beating both teams, but we have to play better than we have as of late.