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  1. the downfall of the economy under yhe leadership of barry.

  2. what's bad about this is the athletes will suffer,at the expense of a few horrible people in the administration.
  3. lsu baseball declining

  4. time for usc to fold
  5. screw tanner go zona
  6. rather see arizona win it.
  7. even though i don't like usc gotta pull for sec.
  8. add ar-kansas to the list,but usc is still there,hope your watching pm.
  9. so i have been asked to join the coaches committee,but i can't see contributing ,1,500. a year to listen to pm make excuses about why his teams haven't prospered under his leadership,and the resources and support given to lsu baseball,why his teams are only average every year.first blamed it on pitching staff,now it's lack of talent,and his interview on wbrz,was nothing more than mind boggling,about hitting coaches are over rated,and he would try players at different positions,sounds like he is lost and just can't fix problems.
  10. i agree and not recruiting well, and not being competetive is not what is expected from a program like lsu,and doing some roster changes isn't going to fix the problem.
  11. Not spoiled under Skip but i think Manieri could take some lessons on how to produce good teams. I guess Manieri throwing his players under the bus was ok with you., To state that a hitting coach is overrated is just crazy , if that title is overrated then why pay his godson Javi a high salary , just get rid of the man and save the school money.,per wbrz news chad sadabie.
  12. been a season ticket holder for 12 years and it's looking more like smoke laval is back
  13. well if javi is not the problem than who is.