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  1. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Jalen Mills Injured in Practice   

    The new "chatter" in the sports pages says he plans to be back by the Auburn game. IF he can...that's great. BUT if he can't I think we could even sit him down or work him in slowly over the next two weeks against out of conference Syracuse and Eastern Michigan. 
    This could turn out to be positive as he can light a fire under the new guys and get them READY and then come in and wreck things with them as the season heats up. I refuse to think negatively about our secondary...EVER. #DBU
  2. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Jalen Mills Injured in Practice   

    This is gonna make for one heckuva storyline as Mills prepares to step onto the field after overcoming this injury and lead his Tiger Defense in the Natioanal Title Game against TCU. I can feel the chillbumps now. Until that time...next man up. Geaux Tigers... 
    You heard it here first...remember that. 
  3. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Eddie Kennison   

    Thanks guys! I got it now. I will be seeing you guys this fall Im sure of it. 
  4. SonnyLoco added a topic in Member Introductions   

    Eddie Kennison
    I am not "new" to the forum but there are some things I never quite figured out so I'll ask in the greenhand or "worm" forum.
    Why does it have "Eddie Kennison" under my name? How do I get outta the Quad and into Death Valley? 
    In other words can someone explain how all of that works? I just be postin and stuff
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  5. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Terror in rural Louisiana - 2 years later   

    Thank you ALL for your kind words and for sharing in our grief as well as sharing your feelings and your stories as well. I am glad you guys recognized this for what it is. And my family never ever asked for pity during this situation....but we would love a little HONESTY. I found it on this forum...can't find it in Washington. 
    Good day to you guys! This country can be great again I have faith in that...AND the TIGERS can be great again too! I also have faith in that as well. 
  6. SonnyLoco added a topic in Boucherie   

    Terror in rural Louisiana - 2 years later
    Terror struck our family 2 years ago this week when a RADICAL MUSLIM held my brother and a family friend hostage in Tensas State Bank in St Joseph Louisiana. If you research this you'll see that the stories of the shooters in Tensas Parish and Chattanooga are almost identical. The media and our "leaders" may not wanna call it what it is. But you come on up here to the Louisiana Delta and ask my momma if this wasn't a TERROR to our lives. The shooter went to Yemen and came back to kill. Terrorism. From a Muslim. Nobody came here and protested. No call for gun control. And no hastags about what paritcular type of life matters. 
    We don't have bitterness. We do have pain. We do have questions. We do not have answers. Neither do the other families that have experienced this TERROR first hand. Chattanooga knows how we feel. We will never forget the day Radical Islam took my brother, and it will happen again because any sickness ignored will only spread. 
    Jay was 11 years older than me. I got my love for all things LSU and Saints from my hero. I miss you Jay Bird. See if you can talk God into letting us beat Bama this year. 
    Year 2 anniversary 
    Year 1 anniversary 
    Thank you to the tailgating crew that took the football from his funeral to all the games a few years ago. It meant a lot to me. Jay would've been very touched by that sentiment. GEAUX TIGERS!!!! 
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  7. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic La'el !!!!!!!!!   

    Way to geaux Saints....let one of the best to ever do it in the boot roll on out for pennies to the enemy of our state. This steal the Cowboys got away with when we had a chance to keep him at home is the new "Louisiana Purchase". Well...I cant even call it a steal because we just flat out passed on him. And now he will plow through our porous defensive line like a hot knife through butter in the summer. 
  8. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Baseball - LSU vs TCU, College World Series, Sun. 6/14/15 2:00 PM (Omaha, Nebraska)   

    Ready to get the REAL PARTY started Omaha??!!!
    It's about that time!!!!!!!!!!
  9. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic The 2015 College World Series Topic   

    Nothing like LSU Baseball. In my lifetime it has been such an intricate part of the spring and summer of my family. All the guys but me are gone now (father and brother both deceased) but I'm flying the flag high for this squad. Hope we stick around in Omaha a while. It would sure be good to see us win it all this year. 
  10. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic LSU vs. Florida - SEC Baseball Tournament, Semifinal (Sat., May 23, 4:00 PM - Hoover, Alabama)   

    Bring on home boys! Lets win it ALL this year. 
  11. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Not Just On The Field.....   

    When the kid came here and turned down (possible) millions I knew right then his caliber was high. Great to have him in purple and gold!
  12. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Baseball - #1 LSU vs Tulane - 4/21/15, 6:30 PM   

    Good thing we are playing Tulane or we might would get caught looking ahead to tamu this weekend. BUT...its Tulane. 
  13. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic Baseball - #1 LSU vs Tulane - 4/21/15, 6:30 PM   

  14. SonnyLoco added a post in a topic LSU Spring Game 2015   

    Not to give the gumps too much "quality time" over here in our house...but I have been checking my sports news all morning and can find NOTHING really in depth about their spring game. 
    That tells me it must've sucked...because believe me if ANYTHING remotely positive happened at the "a" game, then it would have been all over the sporting world. 
    Now back to our topic:
    All this talk about our game and especially our QB play has been great guys. Thanks for posting...my serious wants for our team this year if probably the same as everyone elses. 
    I want a QB who doesn't screw up royally more than 3 or 4 times a game and can actually throw the ball in the near vicinity of receivers wearing OUR jerseys. I saw a little improvement from what little I got to see but I also still saw a few TD's that didn't make the scoreboard because we overthrew the pass in the time I had to watch online. 
    I want a defense that pressures the QB. We have talented secondary players but we need to strike fear in opposing QB's again. I think Ed and Steele are mixing it up and we will be exciting again on defense but they will have to learn the new concept quickly. I do LOVE the fact that I am actually hearing names of high rated recruits like Bain and Neal being actually mentioned during play. We got talent there guys...we need the right scheme. So far...so good on the D-line. 
    I am not concerned that much with the secondary. It is what it is, and they will be a force by fall I think. I do want some Honey Badger like tenacity back there. And some INT's returned to the house a few times would be fun to watch again. 
    Last but definitely not least is my want for this to be the year that we BEAT BAMA!! Or else I may go to prison. 
    I am sure this post could be copy/pasted by 90% of the LSU fanbase so it's nothing new by any means. 
    Have a good day/week fellow Tiger fans.