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  1. hahahahahaha *catches breath* hahahahahaha
  2. the spring game got called with 2:54 left in the first half. lightening. rest of game moved to indoor facility with press only. i only saw a couple of reports, but in general, they were quite positive about canada. looked like a few former players there. some for love of the ole war skule, others to promote their brand.
  3. at least today off. plus newman was warm but not used. i haven't gone through to look and see who went how long.
  4. rubber game on sunday at noon!
  5. bottom of the ninth mahan - 2-1 ground out to coomes at first. cottam - 2-0 base hit to ri..... NO! woooo.... deichmann with a laser throw! ground out to right! marshall - 3-2 juuust outside... thought they got a strike, but a walk and on first zeke lewis to run for marshall wilson ph for carson (a lh hitter) - 1-0 ground out to kramer at short. tigers win 4-3!
  6. top of the ninth deichmann - infield hit to second to lead off. coomes - hits into a fielder's choice, safe at first, deichmann out at second. one out one on watson - bunt's his way on, coomes to second. runners at first and second with one out. beaujo - 1-2 down swinging. two out two on smith - fly to center, two stranded. going to the bottomof the ninth lsu 4 ky 3
  7. bottom of the eighth pompey - stand up double off the cf wall to lead off white - fly to watson in cf, pompey to third. tying run 90 feet away reks - ground out to coomes at first, runner held. becker - deuces wiiiiiiild.... fly out to watson in center. no damage going to the ninth lsu 4 ky 3
  8. top of the eighth beaujo - 3-2 ground right into firstbaseman's glove. smith - 0-2 base hit to right. one out one on papierski - base hit to short. smith to short duplantis - base hit to right, smith scores, pap to ? blair didn't say. 4-3 lsu (edit: pap on second) meeting on the mound robertson - 1-2 foul out to first. two out two on freeman - loooong fly to the lf wall. almost but it wasn't a hand grenade middle of the eighth lsu 4 ky 3
  9. bottom of the seventh marshall - walked on a 3-1 carson - out on strikes and marshall caught stealing. two down heady - fly to missed who/where/count. but three gone going to the eighth lsu 3 ky 3
  10. top of the seventh robertson - 2-2 long fly to the lf track. almost but no cigar. freeman - 1-2 base hit to shallow left. one out one on deichmann - 1-2 down swinging. two out one on coomes - 2-1 base hit to right. two out two on at first and second watson - down on strikes. two stranded. time to streeeetch lsu 3 ky 3
  11. bottom of the sixth white - stand up double to the lf corner reks - 2-2 in the dirt and down on strikes. one out one on becker - another strike em out throw em out. two down one on mahan - intentionally walked. two out two on zack hess in to pitch for lange cottam - ground out to third. i think. i was in a discussion of strippers named "krystal". don't judge. going to the seventh, still tied lsu 3 ky 3
  12. top of the sixth beaujo - 1-0 base hit off the shortstop. e6. lead off on reports that tempsf alling fast smith - bunts his way on, but lead runner down. one out one on papierski - 2-2 down on strikes. on on with two out duplantis - down swinging. middle of the sixth still tied lsu 3 ky 3
  13. bottom of the fifth tiger pen stirring carson - fly out to center heady - 2-2 pop up to second pompey- 2-1 down on called strikes. up and down! going to the sixth lsu 3 ky 3
  14. i'll try not to zone again because their stats feed suuuuuuucks.