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  1. my bucket list contains going to see games played in the cape cod summer league. the huge drawback is going to mass.
  2. god knows i feel that way. i still love the man and will always be grateful for what he did for lsu, how he represented the school, and the fact that he is just a damn good man.
  3. that was sobering for father's day. i can't imagine losing my dad at a young age.
  4. sorry just now replying. been too busy swooning.
  5. love it! that is one stealthy cat! some serious stalking instincts on that one. i wonder if the prey, i mean visitor, was there for fb camp or a recruit? i noticed carrying cleats. if a recruiting visit, i hope being stalked by a tiger leaves a good impression.
  6. no. not the same thing. i hate fricking bama and they need to be swallowed by a sinkhole. in baseball, it's the gators. the thought of fla taking another step towards back to back gags me.
  7. there is nothing wrong with going for the soft serve first! it will melt if you wait!
  8. the better the sec does, the better it makes us look next year if we beat em.
  9. and those "faggots up in norman" (don't go all sjw, i'm quoting a ccw song!!!) were stomped by moo u. i slept well last night. five sec teams in the supers. would like to keep this going through the cws. i honestly want the sec (except for the gators) to do well.
  10. yep. but a late one tonight. first pitch 2100. and against oregon state it's gonna be a tough game. good thing i have lots of root beer in the fridge.
  11. even though i think we are sunk without hilliard or labas, if they have to be benched for their health and their future, that is how it should be. time for everyone else to step up.
  12. yes. he had stiffness in his arm after his last outing. what i seemed to gather was much more than normal tired. it's a bit of a concern to me. of course, i am touchy about hands, arms, elbows, and shoulders, for good reason. but if inflamed, he could do serious damage if not fully rested. i hope he is living with a cold circulation pack wrapped around his arm. (those things are a god-send. i need to find mine.)
  13. i don't think they can. i thought it was a rule now. maybe unwritten, but it just won't happen. and with so many other sec schools in ahead of us, they got the better draws.
  14. there was no way we were gonna be a host. the sec tourney was just to play our way into the tourney, imo. four of the 8 national seeds are sec teams and so many sec teams in there were not a lot of places left for us to play. ten teams from the sec is a lot. i don't think it was so much shafted, but just the draw of being so far down in selection. i was hoping for someplace closer like texas or coastal carolina. but where i am usually throwing a hissy fit over something with the selection committee, i just figured something like this would happen. i mean, when you play your way in and to a number 2 seed in basically 6 days, you don't get the benefit of the whole season's body of work. at least that is how i see it.
  15. corvallis regional 1. oregon state 4, northwestern state 3. san diego state 2. lsu last team announced.