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  1. rice? that's inspiring.
  2. cold medicine helps. lots of cold medicine.
  3. very easy
  4. thank you guys, you are the best. birthday wishes even tho i am awol most of the time. it was a busy day, running errands, trying to get things together and ready for me to head south again on sunday. (got back to oklahoma on monday, so these turn arounds are getting brutal.) had to come back to get some things needed there for building, and to get more clothes. the evenings are getting cool on the north shore and all i had was shorts. so i will spend the evening digging around trying to find boxes of clothes for boots and jeans. never a dull - or relaxing - moment. we did take time to go eat sushi for lunch while out, and just getting to stop for a while and have a sit down dinner was a luxury. all in all i can't complain. chasing a dream!
  5. perfect! litter boxes are groooooossss. true story. we had a cat when i was a kid (he lived to be 21 so he was with us a long time). he taught himself to use the toilet. you just had to flush after him. he got to where he would look indignant if you walked in on him. if he beat me to the bathroom in the morning, i had to go back out to give him some privacy. my teacher in high school didn't believe me when i said "sorry i'm late, my cat beat me to the bath room this morning".
  6. i wish i could have been. the one week i am back in oklahoma....
  7. freakin penalties. gotta clean those up. a penalty on the kick off in both of the first two games? and by half time this game had almost as many/yards as all of first game. pass d for a while against chatty was awful. aranda did make adjustments, but god, they passed and stopping them was pushing them out of bounds.
  8. all i saw was brisket nachos in the concessions near me. and that did not sound good. and screw concessions. we got a tiger stadium miracle. the restrooms were renovated. much better/cleaner ladies rooms. ventilation and fans! and ventilation. and redone cleaner floors. and did i mention ventilation?
  9. sorry, i missed it. was on the road for two days.
  10. i had no problems seeing it. great first poll, and nice to see the results. thank you watson!
  11. that is not a small task. great pics and congrats on pulling off such an undertaking. btw, who are you?
  12. he's still breathing.
  13. i wanted bama and fsu to be a sinkhole. oh well, maybe next time.
  14. thank you. very serious food for thought and very appropriate. make sure the ones you love know. so hugs to you pm!
  15. yep. a lot of days i have to see what bed i am in to remember what state i am in. oklahoma or louisiana. hang in there.