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  1. LSU vs aTm Saturday 11/28/15 SECN/98.1

    so much to report but i need a couple of days to get home and catch up.  the whole day was just weird.   but the love shown to miles from the fans, the students, and the players, blew me away.  i truly believe in my heart it is a small, vocal,minority, with more money than brains, that wanted him gone.   the game was sloppy and a lot to work on, but there is no denying the love for the head coach of lsu. 
  2. Les Miles

    and greg, nice touch on "the hat". thank you, my friend!  
  3. Les Miles

    i have so much to say but have to get a few hours sleep.  don't know what i will be driving into once i get into central oklahoma tomorrow.  all i know is 1/2 inch of ice and trees down all over the metro. it may be a couple of days before i can really post my thoughts.  but i have a helluva lot of them!  
  4. Alleva

    alleva need to be gone.  the "regular" fans/season ticket holders, need to withhold the philanthropic donations until alleva is gone.  let those that thought they had all the answers pay for everything until he is gone.  maybe a few grand here and a few grand there will add up if it is 100,000 people that do that.   and it isn't just what he did to miles, it is what it did  to the team.  i am still convinced this all was a part of the head cases they were for the ole miss game  they just didn't give a [poop] and i think it was because they knew (or the case was at that time) they couldnt even play to save clm's job.     alleva [censored] over a lot of people and cause my alma mater a lot of embarrassment making us look like fools to the whole nation.    
  5. My advice to LSU fans

    I'm here and ready to cheer on my tigers and stay for the Alma mater one last time this season.   GEAUX!    
  6. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    From beautiful tiger stadium, welcome bayou Bengal dad. Make yourself at home.
  7. It Appears the End is Here

    Co, I just posted in another topic the consensus from everyone I have talked to on campus, or people they have talked to is no matter what happens with miles, FIRE ALLEVA.
  8. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    General consensus I am hearing on campus is no matter what about miles, fire alleva.
  9. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    Like the way you think. I told the guys this morning that miles getting alleva kicked to the curb and getting the AD  gig is my wet dream 
  10. Happy birthday NSMom!

    Hey sweetie.  Have a great day and hope it is everything  you could ask for, and more.
  11. The world has gone crazy. A total lack of emotions. Lime the beginning of the zombie Apocalypse lack of feelings for others.
  12. The Buyout and "Worst" Case Scenario

    i like the quality capitalist thinking in that thought and i have a sincere want for it to happen.
  13. It Appears the End is Here

    i want for sale signs from all over baton rouge in alleva's front yard by monday morning. note:  i will be back in oklahoma by then, so it wasn't me.     but BRAVO to whoever does it!  
  14. It Appears the End is Here

    as are we.  most of the nation thinks we are idiots.  and they are right.  
  15. I'm ready for Third & Chavis

    amen, ccgw.  amen!