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  1. even though a few things to finish up inside and out, this was today...
  2. good morning, eq. love and hugs.
  3. oh god, sweetheart. i am so sorryl i'll let watson do the drinking and i'll send up prayers for hubs and you. and watson is right. MD Anderson is top flight. he is in good hands there. please know you have lots of love and prayers.
  4. to all here on tigalaya who have served... thank you. a willingness to serve others is the highest calling.
  5. jfc. just beam me up now. how stupid is she that she can't understand the menu? pretty damned.
  6. show off. drink one, or six, for me.
  7. for two months now it has been heat and eat stuff with once, twice tops, a week eating out or getting take out. i have no idea what tonight's selection will be, but this is old. i cannot wait to be able to cook again. will be a couple of weeks for just the basics. but even if just a grilled cheese sammich on my own cooktop, i want "home cooked".
  8. i finally quit falling for it in oklahoma. something about traveling down here as much as i do had a lot to do with that. now.... i am gonna be a p-i-g PIG!
  9. i am very happy to be back with my girl. and happier she is going with me this trip. i hate i am gonna have to leave her some more, but hopefully only a few more times.
  10. oh, kinda funny story. i cut greenie off of pics of the house a couple of weeks before we traded places last week. i wanted him to see the house as a whole, not bits and pieces. i mean, this is the man that just a couple of months ago asked if i had picked out countertops. yes, in february, and even sent him pics of what i picked out and then brought home samples. *eyeroll* he didn't even know what some things designed and picked out were. just left it up to me. he got there on tuesday and i got a text.... "chuck showed me around. i can't believe this is ours!!!!" lol. it appears he approves of my design sense.
  11. i am about to drop. i traded places with greenie. he is in louisiana setting up the business and i am finishing the packing. tomorrow or tuesday the moving company comes to do a logistical walk thru and figure out how to get everything down our long ass driveway and onto the truck. good luck when they get to louisiana as driveway even longer. then, if all goes as scheduled (which will be the first thing to do so), the moving company will be here for real in 10 days. my little miss zoe is going to see her new house this week. i am heading back to louisiana mid to late week with her. (i have a couple of last design elements i have to be there to help lay out and then do the walk thru.) with zoe, my goal is to get her slowly adjusted and with as little stress possible as when she gets too stressed she doesn't get enough oxygen with her heart problem. i don't want her here when all of her stuff leaves the ok house. my studio has my scent from staying there so much, and i am taking her things. the plan is to walk her in her new yard to get used to it, and do walk thrus of the house empty to start getting used to that smell, and where the door is. then when all of "her" things magically arrive (after all, everything is hers), hopefully she will be somewhat familiar with the structure and it will seem more like home. i also have a couple of trips to make back to ok to finish up some thing after the big move so the rest of the year is gonna be at this pace. and then there is the unpacking, while running a business. still saying i'll sleep in january.
  12. looking into my office...
  13. was everyone watching game, or just taking a [poop] on the game topic? j
  14. design work coming along. still need to do the backsplash when the materials come in monday. have basic idea, need to tweek it according to actual measurements now. getting close. i am hoping cabinets will be finished tomorrow or early next week.