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  1. a couple of members have indicated they are sending checks. if you can please pm and let me know when they are mailed, i will watch for them. thanks!
  2. One year ago today. Targeted for the badges they wore. Brad Garafola, EBRSO Matthew Gerald, BRPD Montrell Jackson, BRPD RIP, sirs. Still battling for basic recovery: Nicholas Tullier, EBRSO
  3. i am awol because of so many things going on in my personal life right now. but a quick update: the hosting fees have been paid, and we are close to having what we will need to also make the software payment. thanks to all!
  4. i was hoping the same as eq, but with an injury like this, if he gets drafted he may be gone so he can give it a shot. i think the only way he comes back is if he feels he definitely needs a year to dust off the rust and improve draft status.
  5. i have been out of town so have not had time to reply. we are very close to our goal. thanks to all who have so generously donated.
  6. zoe will escape from anything. i found out that a few trips ago to camp she pushed her little cot they give dogs (so they don't sleep on the floor) over to the front of the kennel, was standing tippy toe on it, using it for a step to try to escape over the top of the kennel. zoe now gets to sleep on the floor. but baby gates, they are magic. she can figure out how to open them, but wiill not go over one. NO ONE TELL HER!
  7. what a dumbass thing to do.
  8. lone survivor is a movie i want to see (i have the book, have not had time to read). there are some movies i need to really have the time to absorb. and haven't had that. so much courage. so much sacrifice. rest in peace, sirs.
  9. i hurt for him that his last outing as a tiger ended the way it did. we were lucky to have had him. i hope he achieves his every goal in life.
  10. of course we made it because of him. i just feel bad for reynolds and hope no fans blame him for being left in longer than should have been. i spent yesterday morning looking at game stats for his games this year. there is a reason three was his longest outing that i could find. i am glad cpm owned up to it.
  11. good. because it IS on him. i feel bad for reynolds.
  12. Pretty simple concept. It is a best two of three series. Tigers are down one. Win and force to three. Lose and it is over for the year. Time to find out what Tigers are made of.
  13. a reminder there is more to life than baseball.
  14. three. unearned. runs. unless i'm wrong, and i could only find stats for 5 of his games, reynolds longest outing this year was three innings. coach got greedy with him.
  15. i know someone who did that to distress a church pew to make it look old. i left mine all original. and thank you.
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