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  1. baton rouge regional 1. lsu 4. texas southern 3. se louisiana 2. rice
  2. will put up all brackets when listed online. don't feel like typing.
  3. agree. i can't argue that.
  4. top 8 seeds 1 oregon state 2 north carolina 3 florida 4 LSU LSU LSU LSU! 5 texas tech 6 tcu 7 louisville 8 stanford
  5. Selection Show - Monday, 11:00 am central time. ESPN2 The Regional sites were announced last night: 2017 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Regional hosts NOTE: The top 8 seeds (teams that would host the Super Regionals should they advance) will be announced Monday. LSU (Baton Rouge Regional) North Carolina (Chapel Hill Regional) Clemson (Clemson Regional) Oregon State (Corvallis Regional) Arkansas (Fayetteville Regional) TCU (For Worth Regional) Florida (Gainesville Regional) Southern Miss (Hattiesburg Regional) Houston Regional (Houston) Kentucky (Lexington Regional) Long Beach State (Long Beach Regional) Louisville (Louisville Regional) Texas Tech (Lubbock Regional) Stanford (Stanford Regional) Florida State (Tallahassee Regional) Wake Forest (Winston-Salem Regional) a good link for information: https://www.seccountry.com/sec/2017-ncaa-baseball-tournament-selection-show-schedule-live-updates-tv-channel-watch-online
  6. i missed it. stupid business stuff.
  7. the ladies will be in okc when i will probably be in louisiana working. but i'm glad they will be here!
  8. thank you sweet baby lsu jesus!
  9. oh god. i'm about to hurl. come on newman.
  10. lost net for the top of the ninth. and no insurance.
  11. a great outing by walker. i would love some insurance in the 9th.
  12. why are we talking about "joshua tree" instead of calling the game?
  13. thank you. i want to see the game!