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  1. The Democratic Presidential Field

  2. The Democratic Presidential Field

    btw, burnie got 60% of the vote, but he likely will not "win" nh.  they have 8 6 (oops, had number wrong) super delegates which appear to be pledged to hilliary.  if so, she "wins" nh. actually he shouldn't complain. in fact, he should be thrilled.  after all, it is the socialist way.... giving others what they don't earn.  
  3. UTenn Self-Reported Violations

    beat me to it, hatch.  i know the feds stick their noses into a lot of places that all they are doing is posturing, but it still isn't good when that happens.
  4. Fire at A J 's In Destin

    looks awful.  glad no one was hurt.  i haven't been to destin in i don't even remember how long.
  5. The Democratic Presidential Field

    extremely frightened that people think there is such a thing as "free".  especially with the cost being in the trillions.  there is no such thing as free.  as margaret thatcher said, the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money. that the democratic party seems to be pretty much openly the american socialist party now is why several years ago, i left the party and became an independent.  yes, i was a democrat.  i grew up a blue dog dem with conservative leaning fiscal ideas and moderate social ideas.  but the party left me as it went further to the left.  now it has gone over the edge.  they have an avowed socialist that has no concept of economics, was never able to hold a job (in other words, was a shiftless bum) till getting elected to public office, has lived on the public dole in one way or another all his life, and has never had a bill passed in the almost 25 years in public office.  and did i mention he is a socialist? (imo) the best dem in the race (jim webb) could not get any traction and was the first out.
  6. State of the LSU Football Program/Crossroads

    forgive me if i am missing something (i blame a lack of coffee and a really [poopy] morning so far), but fire who? i am assuming alleva because of the "fire miles clause" mentioned, but i have been wrong about a lot of other things this morning...
  7. Ole Missy Charged with Rules Violations

    under freeze? see my shocked face?
  8. The Daily Weather Report

    I want to be where everything shuts down at a dusting of snow. Then I can go out to get my frenchtoast fixins without anyone else on road.
  9. The Daily Weather Report

    I still don't understand stocking up on perishables. If an outage widespread, then things will spoil. Ive often had outages last longer than the cold enough to keep food good. Plus, radient heating from sun can heat some foods.   French toast for everyone!
  10. UTenn Self-Reported Violations

    well, you can't say they don't play favorites with violations.  everybody at tenn got in on the act!
  11. The Daily Weather Report

    15 mph is a slight breeze.  we had 40 mph north winds on sun and mon.  temps were in the upper 30's or low 40's but that wind was cutting cold. my trash cans were all blown over, and they are the big heavy bin kind. today is chilly, upper 40's but only partly cloudy and a very slight breeze.  i need to put on a coat and go clean out the aspargus bed so it will be ready to shoot up tender yummy spears.  after waiting, it is now third year and i can start harvesting!   ok, the north wind is gusting at 25, so still feels cold.  did a bit of cleaning of said asparagus bed then got my ass back inside.  got the dried ferns from last year cut down and pulled away.  will rake and weed on a warmer and more calm day!  
  12. Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!

    also known as "tuesday" here.   i started out with my lil girl reminding me what it is like to get elbowed for a throw.  i bent over to pick something up right after getting out of bed and in her jumping around to go outside, she managed to jam her nose into my eye.  now i have a red eye, and got jabbed so hard, have swelling inside that side of my sinuses down through my nose.  you'd think the lil thing was going for a king's dabloon! finishing off the king cake today.  at least i got a taste of mardi gras this year.      
  13. so one of the pics i printed yesterday reminded me of the florida 07 game.  haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.  other than a now and then of once every few years, that was my first game back in a while.  it was actually the start of me making every home game. the whole atmosphere that day on campus has yet to be matched.  it was THE most crowded i have seen campus for tailgating.  trying to get anywhere or find anyone was next to impossible.  (i think i have some pics on one of my computers of that day.) "funny" side note:  the tickets were my birthday present.  off of stub hub, which was my first and never again experience with that market place.  we bought them early because we were flying down.  i got a relatively good price.  but then the tickets didn't arrive.  and didn't arrive.  it gets down to a week before the game and i am on the phone with stub hub who is putting me off.  finally, wednesday before the game, i went bitch from hell till i got a few levels up in supervisors and got someone who would help.  at this point, there were few tickets left, and they were crazy expensive.  luckily that supervisor was a sports fan and knew good and well the person who sold them to me decided to just get a better price and sell them for a higher price.  stub hub got me tickets just a few rows away from the originals, and overnighted on thursday so they were waiting at my hotel when i checked in on friday.  razor thin and down to the wire on actually getting to go.  i also was so mad when i thought i wasnt going to get to go (plus had non-refundable airline tickets) i punched a solid wood door.  two weeks out of a cast from reconstruction on my right hand and wrist.  my dr was not pleased.  sprained it, but didn't undo any of his handi work.  moral of that story is NEVER screw with me getting to see my tigers! we were in the west upper, second row from the top, almost to the south endzone.  and the game was so kick ass and the place so rockin, i didn't have time to think about my fear of heights.  when the usc score was announced, the west upper was literally rockin and swayin!  you could feel the electricity in the air.   and what made me think of all this?  hester.  mr david hester.  beast.  war daddy.  the man!  he willed his way into some of those runs, and wasn't taking "stop" for an answer.  even greenie remembers him in that game.  i can close my eyes and still see him grinding out yards. so for me, florida 07 was probably the best game i have seen in tiger stadium.  ever. were you  there?  roll call.  what are your memories of that day and game, there or not?  and what is your favorite game in tiger stadium? oh, and here is the pic.  ticket to the game, and picture with the man of the game!  
  14. NCAA New Academic Redshirt Rule

    herb, on that note, so many schools now have top academic "help centers" (for lack of a better phrase) because of the grade and graduation percentage rules.  i agree that this falls into the "another rule is not going to do anything" realm.   yes, these athletes are at the school to get an education and they ARE student athletes.  but the rules in place already force the institutions to make help for academics available.  and let's face it... many fail anyway.  one more rule will not help that.  if the money and lure of the pros is not incentive to do well enough to study and go to class until you reach a level to make bank, nothing will.  the old "you can lead a horse to water" thing applies here. but the other side of student athlete is athlete.  many are at the university to learn their sport better.  that will essentially be their degree, unless they return later after their athletic career.  because they will not be there four or five years.  they have families they have to provide for while they are young and healthy.  why not just do what is required for all students at most universities now?  in core subjects, you test out of the lower levels, you take the required college level for any degree, or you take remedial.  let the institution work for what is best for each individual, not one size fits all.   like i said.  time to blow up the rule book and start over with the basics.
  15. "Pistol Pete" Statue Outside the PMAC

    exactly.  and if i were a bettin woman, i would bet the shaq daddy would echo the same sentiments.   i wonder what the timeline is for completion?