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  1. Mid-week at The Box. This week the Lions of Southeastern Louisiana University travel down I-12 to Baton Rouge. It is going to be a beautiful night for baseball at The Box. The game time forecast is 80 degrees, a 1% chance of rain, and winds from the northwest at 5 mph (blowing left to right). SECN+ / 98.1 FM / Preview / Live Audio /Sling / Live Stats / Promotions / Tickets / Twitter
  2. merci. dank u wel. gracias. no stats tracker and running off my phone so didn't try to stream audio.
  3. deuces to the infiiiiiiiiinity.
  4. inning? i don't see a stat tracker for this game.
  5. damn! i saw the headline and only reason to post was for the girlfriend joke. but you already there.
  6. does she at least get lifetime car washes when servicing the car? if not, then he needs to get it together.
  7. won't have time to read for a couple of days (gotta slow down and get some down time long enough), but it looks quite comprehensive. thanks for links and information.
  8. i know nothing about the guy. y'all fill me in. will it be worth trying to get interested in basketball?
  9. the first time he brings home a girlfriend.... prime material!
  10. wow, i am more than a bit late. i blame the traveling. hope you had a great one.
  11. wow. amazing so many are still able to be scanned. there is so much information there! just think what all they will know when they analyze them. that they have only analyzed 400 of 6500 scanned makes me think the long term project is going to help scientists understand the explosions more than ever before. interesting find.
  12. happy birthday, sir! make the most of it!
  13. excellent weekend!
  14. Two in the books on this series, one to go. Time for a beautiful Sunday at The Box. Game time forecast is partly cloudy skies with a temperature of 79 degrees, a 15% chance of rain, and winds from the southwest at 5 mph (blowing out). SECN+ / 98.1 FM / Notes / Live Audio /Sling / Live Stats / Promotions / Tickets / Twitter