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  1. Memorial Day 2016 And Heros of America

    thank you for your service as one of the greatest generation. rest in peace, sir. Rector, hoping to return to the base, decided to leave his home in Barefoot Bay, Fla., to visit Britain as part of a travel program organized by the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. "He planned it for like the last six months," Darlene O'Donnell, Rector's stepdaughter, told Florida Today. "He couldn't wait to go." Susan Jowers, who accompanied Rector on the trip, said on May 6 he stepped foot on British soil for the first time in 71 years and visited RAF Uxbridge in London. After Rector toured the Battle of Britain bunker, a command center where airplane operations were coordinated during D-Day, he told Jowers he felt dizzy. There, right outside the bunker, Rector quietly died on the soil where he risked his life to defend decades ago. "He walked out of that bunker like his tour was done," Jowers told Florida Today. "He completed his final mission." Rector's daughter, Sandy Vavruich, said he never got to visit RAF Snetterton Heath again, but “he couldn't have asked for a better way to go.” Before his remains were sent back over the Atlantic, Jowers was honored in a special service filled with servicemen and women from the U.S. and British Armed Forces, Stars and Stripes reported. The American Embassy in London donated a flag to drape over Rector’s coffin. "I do know of his sacrifice and his family's sacrifice, so you do him and his family a great honor by being here today,” one American serviceman said. Rector’s funeral will be held in the U.S. at the First Baptist Church of Barefoot Bay on June 9. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/05/27/memphis-belle-gunner-revisits-england-dies-during-final-mission.html?intcmp=hplnws
  2. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    well i'll be damned. the fla/moo u game was run ruled. 13-3 in 7 played. i guess the sec does, while the ncaa doesn't. so i was wrong about the sect. i was hoping that game would go 14 innings! looks like we play florida. again. shore has not started yet, so i am thinking we face him.
  3. Todd Walker

    need to find out what game so i can try to get tickets. actually, i would love season tix but i doubt that i would be high enough on the waiting list for the two that might become available. it's just a damn shame that every game there are so many gold seats empty.
  4. Memorial Day 2016 And Heros of America

    however, you did what your government asked of you. you, and all others who served, deserved respect. maybe that one was not one we should have been involved in. but the next day could have seen the start of something to directly threaten our freedoms, and you, and other who served would have turned around and been the ones to fight for those, too. disrespect is unwarranted for those willing to put their very being on the line for their country, and countrymen.
  5. Memorial Day 2016 And Heros of America

    co, what makes me sad is that for so long after that, it seems that even younger people came to realize that even if you don't agree with a war, you support those that are fighting. because they are the ones that are willing to to put it all on the line for the freedoms of ever citizen in this country, and even elsewhere. but the millennials (at least the younger ones) are as bad almost everywhere as what you faced. the vile vindictive things said, and the disrespect shown to our military saddens me. thank you for your service, sir. and welcome home.
  6. Mike VI has cancer!

    none. i don't know anything about when he starts radiation. i follow his fb page and see pics that he is out and about in his yard etc, on what looks like a normal routine. i guess for right now he is still feeling good.
  7. Memorial Day 2016 And Heros of America

    here, here. well said, hatch.
  8. Memorial Day 2016 And Heros of America

    this is not about our memorial day, but what memorial day is all about, to me. everyone knows my love for the netherlands and admiration for the dutch people. they remember every single day. to me, this is a beautiful story, and it may thousands of miles away, but it hits home. the greatest generation gave all over there, to keep evil from reaching here. (long but excellent read)
  9. Three Day Weekend!

    what's a weekend? other than when baseball games are scheduled? i will be working.
  10. Mike VI has cancer!

  11. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    atm whipped vandy. final was 13-3. vandy done. atm and ole miss meet in one bracket of the semi finals.
  12. SEC Baseball Tourney Talk

    the whole team needs rest for the regionals. to me it is more that there are too many teams in the tourney.
  13. LSU Softball @ James Madison, Super Regionals

    work interrupted the game. jsu won, 3-2. tigers have to win the next two to advance to the wcws
  14. LSU Softball @ James Madison, Super Regionals

    jmu got bases loaded with two outs, and then struck out to end the inning with no damage. going to the second and the tigers back at bat, no score. game on espnu
  15. LSU Softball @ James Madison, Super Regionals

    middle of the first no score