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  1. in my best annie voice... "well if that wasn't the damnest thing i've ever seen."
  2. considering how some in birmingham feel about both teams, i think they would eject everyone on both sides if possible.
  3. big momentum change after the hit and ejection.
  4. Pet Pics and Stories

    pm, that is probably the best thing about working for myself. having my furbabies in the office with me every day.
  5. lsu won the toss and defers.
  6. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    some days people remind me how i became a not so much a people person.
  7. Joke Thread

  8. i have a problem with that. they should have cut all the cameras and not given them attention.
  9. up at 5! i thought the game was at 5??? wait... pm.... more coffee please. (and time to go to work.)
  10. Starting QB Thread

    i missed that one. i only know what i heard driving down to br in august.
  11. Starting QB Thread

    i agree with all of this. i keep coming back to the interviews i heard not just from coaches, but from many players (offense and defense) from fall camp. that maturity, how much better bh was, etc etc, was not coach speak, or polite words. that is why i think that bh is a completely different player in practice. why i call it his safe space. it is familiar. but that he goes mental when he faces the unknown of a real game. what i heard from other players was not "he is coming along", or "see improvement". the other players talked about him in almost glowing terms of how much he had matured and developed. i mean, these guys know him best. they are not only with him at practice, but after hours too. i think the whole facade just crumbled when it came down to showing it all in a real game situation. so yes, i agree with all of what hatch wrote.
  12. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #4

    USC vs Utah California vs Arizona St South Carolina vs Kentucky Georgia vs Ole Miss Florida vs Tennessee Arkansas vs Texas A&M West Virginia vs BYU Louisiana – Lafayette vs Tulane Wisconsin vs Michigan St Stanford vs UCLA
  13. Home Brew Beer

    does it taste like satisfaction though?
  14. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    not sure if mine can be restored. but i am reading the stories a few at a time. i can't take more than a few at a time. while they are about the best in people, they are also very emotional and heart breaking.