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  1. our road record is garbage.
  2. and the style in which the team gave him that win was amazing. congrats, coach!
  3. i was waiting for stray bees. with my luck, i'd be the one they would find!
  4. i am trying to get around and get my day on and get ready to take zoe to return dr appt. will type later on. but that was so worth freezing my ass off! and it was COLD with the north wind. as coach moffitt said, this is why you stay for the whole game!
  5. that was a cold ass game. a good game but even as bundled up as i was i froze my ass off. i was practically to hammond before i could feel my fingers and toes again. gilbert had a good outing from the pen. his first inning in should have been a lot quicker. unfortunately, that was when the fielding errors decided to make an appearance. i was holding my breath hoping he wouldn't get rattled but he kept composed and got out of a jam. i was very happy for him. some nice hitting. both nights. i am trying really hard not to get too excited thinking "tennessee". but it would be nice if we could show up like this for some tougher opponents. we got a couple coming up. the talk on the post game show was "who will start sunday" since cpm has not said. i just assumed it would be labas. both fri and sat he was with hess and hilliard on the bullpen mound for the national anthem, which is most often the three starters. we shall see. i get the feeling i need to bundle up today, too.
  6. i just saw the article about putting him in the pen. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_aa61e89e-3dcc-11e8-8c2c-63283a8c5129.html i i was thinking he started more games than he did last year, and they were sunday starts. but he only had 5 starts. however, in his 28 appearances he was 7-1. thats the problem when i sleep after a season. i forget way too much [poop]!
  7. gilbert got in an inning tonight. i kinda think we may see him on sunday and hilliard on saturday.
  8. agree hatch. a bit of good news today in that bryce's injury is not as bad as feared. looks like possibly bone bruise and not a tear. i haven't seen any more than that, or timeline for return, but relieved for him it looks like not season (or career) ending injury. any "not as bad as thought" news in the injury department a relief right now.
  9. injuries are indeed killing us. the infield gets shuffled a lot because of this. losing bryce is gonna hurt big. smith has supposedly taken some infield practice, but is not up to playing yet. hess did start off a bit slow, but he has make a GREAT adjustment from closer to starter. with gilbert, we went through this last year and just when it looked like dunn and cpm needed to find someone else for saturday (oops, meant sunday for last year) gilbert made a turn and finished the season strong. so much so, the late season and post season run would not have been possible without him. i am hoping for the same kind of turn this season. to do that, he has to get the atm start out of his head. we really needed the series at atm. a couple of weeks ago, i thought that would be possible. i am not ready to say that the season is gonna be a bust. but we need a strong finish. to do that, we need to get a couple of guys back from injury. losing more, we are getting really thin. and the bats just have to start showing production.
  10. bad news that may be REALLY bad. bryce jordan collided with the atm 1st baseman in the 8th. it appears he injured his knee, the one that kept him out all of last year. according to cpm post game, it "doesn't look good". coach was fighting back tears. i hate this for bryce. it isn't good for the team, either, but the main concern is jordan. btw, lsu lost the game 9-2. rubber game on saturday. gilbert had an awful outing. only went 2/3 inning to start. threw 32 pitches and atm scored 5 runs. not a good night for lsu in a lot of ways.
  11. a very good win. i almost forgot this was a thur series start until right at game time. now i'm gonna be confused the rest of the weekend.
  12. just to hopefully have an ongoing topic about all things lsu baseball. first up, what i talked about in another topic. teams left to play, standing in the sec, and series that will be a challenge. here is a new poll out today. USA Today Baseball Coaches Poll: 1. Florida 3. Ole Miss 8. Arkansas 10. Kentucky 15. Auburn 16. Vanderbilt 17. Georgia 19. Texas A&M 20. LSU 22. Mizzou This is the first time in the history of the poll that 10 teams from one conference have been ranked at the same time. coming up for lsu is ole miss, arky, atm, and auburn who are ranked. ole miss, atm, and auburn are on the road. those are gonna be tough series. besides getting a couple of guys healthy, the tigers have to clean some things up. (there have been some boneheaded baserunning errors lately that have been killers.) lsu isn't leading the pack, by any means, but after the top three teams (florida, georgia, and ole miss) things are tight enought that every single game in conference play is going to be critical. the tigers can be in the thick of it with a little luck and a strong second half of the season. will be interesting to see how things shake out as far as batting order and position players, especially once broussard and smith get healthy. season is half way over. time to see what the second half brings.
  13. looking at the schedule. ole miss who is leading the west is on the road. arkansas is at the box. both series are going to be a challenge.
  14. happy easter, dad. and happy easter to all. may your day be filled with family, love, and chocolate bunnies!
  15. well, i'm never here because between being in outdoor mode and going to games not taking time to sit down and type out a well thought out post. but i'll try to hit a few highlights since everyone seems to have forgotten about baseball. moo u was a needed sweep series. they are in disarray and were 1-6 in conf play coming in. the tigers are still coming together, and with a couple of injuries, the field and batting has been shuffled again. this was a series that with a sweep could have done a lot more for sec standing with just one game. don't get me wrong, i'm not panicking. but we need to get those wins against a couple of teams in the conference and get a better standing because i don't see us sweeping teams like arkansas. we are in good standing in the west, but 5th overall in the conference with some tough series pitching is improving, but the tigers cannot get a timely hit to save their lives. and on saturday, small had our number and we just flat out couldn't hit. 4 hits was pretty pathetic. not all of that is having a couple of guys injured. next week is atm on the road. a series win there would be huge in terms of conf standing, and shot of energy for the team. i think it can be done. get a couple of guys healthy and i think we can finish the regular season strong. just gotta work a few things out.