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  1. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    bless you, dad. you help so many! if you know of someone in need of a used car they know has not been flooded, pm me. i have a friend in mississippi selling hers because with two young children she needs something more for hauling kids and dogs and groceries. is is a 2014 accord so not cheap, but she is not asking an unreasonable price. she has taken good care of it and i can vouch for her and where the vehicle has been. i will keep my ears open for others. i know that people are going to need something reliable to get around now with so many vehicles flooded out and totaled.
  2. A Tropical Disturbance in the Force

    i put this in the weather topic. should have put here instead.
  3. Ole Miss And Laremy Tunsil, Not Good

    immunity? could the ncaa be serious about this? now if they would get serious with bama, all would be right in the world.
  4. Pet Pics and Stories

    nope. nothing cuter than puppies my friend had to evacuate with the floods. took her two trips to get the dogs out because some went to a friends house for safety, and then went back for the other two and the cat plus some personal belongings. when she led the second two out the water was almost up to her knees. from a couple of inches to that in just under two hours. luckily the house and kennels are really raised (the house is raised 36 inches) so the water came just a couple of inches under the door of the house, and only got into the lower kennels and runs. and very fortunately, greta was at the co-owners house way out of harms way. so this is a nice boost for my friend. healthy puppies and a safe delivery.
  5. Pet Pics and Stories

    back to miss greta, the female my friend that raises show weims is the breeder of, and is part owner. miss greta is now a mom. here are the first puppy pics of the little furry bundles of love.
  6. College Football Pick 'Em Contest - Week 1

    yes! cheering for the sinkhole! often my fallback plan.
  7. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    i do not dare let the dogs after it. if it goes anywhere but up a tree, a weim will follow and all else will leave their heads. and sometimes i think my lil girl would go up the tree following. and then good luck trying to get her down. besides, last year my male weim killed two rabbits catching them. well, technically he only killed one. caught it so fast the whip of it broke its neck. the second one he grabbed by the leg and ripped the bunny's leg off. we had to finish the job on the poor mangled thing with a .22. and then wash the blood off the dog, the patio, and the patio door where he brought it to us as a present. i'll keep playing chase the squirrel before i let them at it. of course, maybe they have all three hatched a plot and that is the entertainment for all of them.
  8. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    i know, right? every once and a while there is the cringe story. looting. scams. but every time i turn around i find a good story of people helping each other. they just go out and do it! laundry is not a fun task normally. to take clothes in that condition, not your own, and to handle such a dirty, smelly, and incredibly unsanitary, task, is a labor of love for others. and to give people trying to rebuild their homes one less thing to worry about. give them clean clothes as they try to get back to work and rebuild their homes and lives.... what an invaluable service. i know tide brought in a huge semi truck loaded with washers and dryers, with a team in place to run them. they will do two loads per house. the truck makes rounds setting up at various locations. that is a wonderful form of corporate giving to make peoples lives easier. i applaud them. but this was the first i had read about normal every day people doing this to help others in the community. bless them.
  9. 2016 Baton Rouge / Lafayette Flood

    we know about the cajun navy. now the laundry angels are at work. disasters bring out the best in people, or the worst in people. it is good to see the best is outnumbering the worst.
  10. Coffee

  11. Skunks

    i like! but it would have to be within site of a door. all windows are fixed glass. now to find the trap....
  12. Skunks

    not only carriers, but passive carriers. they do not have to have symptoms to carry the virus. skunks are nocturnal. but if you see one during the day, off him. as quickly as possible. that generally is an indication it is rabid. i kept the dogs in until daylight hoping he would go away and to where ever he has a den. if he had still been in my yard, i would not have any other option than to take a chance of being sprayed after sunup. but it is the passive part that is my bigger worry. i can't have a dog getting into it with one in the middle of the night even though they have had their shots. and i am always outside when they are so it would put me at risk too.
  13. Skunks

    yes, and i normally have no problem. but skunks start coming up to the house and it needs to be discouraged. skunks are passive carriers of rabies as well. that is the one critter i don't like having around. squirrels, deer, turkeys, racoons, possums, you name it, no problem. we have all kinds of wildlife and i love watching them, except skunks. skunks... problem. they are too much of a pain in the ass when getting sprayed or dogs getting sprayed. plus the whole rabies thing is higher so that is another reason i would rather not run into one. dad, there is also a recipe. mix 1 qt hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 tablespoon diswashing soap that cuts grease (like dawn). pour that over the dry but sprayed dog (or person), lather up and rinse. repeat if needed. when the dogs and i got sprayed a few years ago, i used this recipe. the skunk spray is an oily base and this cuts through the oil, plus deodorizes. when i got through bathing all of us, you could see the oily film on the grass where i washed us off.
  14. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    i am about there. (j/k, but he is gone from cute to crazy little bastard. lol) all of us are out of patience with the little bastard. what seems like 500 times a day, he comes up to the window on the front porch and taunts the dogs. he's gotten so brazen that just opening the door does not scare him off now. one of us has to chase him. but he always comes back.