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  1. absolutely. i recommend starting NOW with tree management and saving good specimen trees, keeping them clear of trashy undergrowth that will choke them out. looks like a pretty piece of property. lots of hardwoods!
  2. deichmann had that homer and had a really nice hit in the second game too. had the perfect hit and run and really laid it to the ball, perfectly placed. he was aggressive at the plate and showed zero mind games from taking a ball to the face bad enough to end up needing surgery. he's a tough young man, and i don't mean just physically.
  3. just now seeing this. we watch as a family every year. to us, it is one of the best events of the year. to make it to the garden is a high honor. love watching both nights. all the breeds in the different groups. naturally, i am partial to the sporting group. i heard that rumor (and yes, she was named after the adele song) came out of a one year retirement to come back to showing, and is now really gonna retire and settle into mother hood. who knows though... she may make another comeback. the oldest bis winner ever was 10 at the time. this is one time when it is definitely good everything go to the dogs!
  4. a few asides about today, and military salutes. both of these happened in game 2. first, we saw one of the lsu media people come up into our section and then very carefully left with an older gentleman and what looked to be his son. the older gentleman was wearing an 82nd airborne cap, and had his medals pinned to his dress shirt. obviously a WWII vet, and i knew that is who they were going to honor, and i gotta admit... i got a little something in my eyes. sure enough, he was. the gentleman (i dont remember name or rank) flew 40 missions in "The War", 3 of them behind enemy lines. to say he got a standing ovation was an understatement. and you know how the team normally files out in line and shakes hands of the military personnel being honored? this time they practically mobbed him. i couldn't even see him because he was surrounded by lsu players shaking his hand and thanking him. the second was when between innings, the army players came out of their dugout and lined up on the third base line for a tribute to their training for service to our country and what they were prepared to sacrifice. then the lsu players lined up and went down the line thanking each player and shaking their hand. a wonderful show of sportsmanship and recognition for those young men. made me proud of the ole war skule.
  5. it was also announced after the game, that this was the 2500th win in the history of lsu baseball. so quite a milestone, and capped by the no-no!
  6. hou, it is incredibly peaceful. very quiet and i just relax when i am there. thursday i got there at 8 am to meet with the builder and take some pics and the framers were already all over the place hard at work. friday, they were at lunch when i got there so i got to walk around in "my house" (as it is) and just soak it up. a lot of work to be done on the property even after we move in, but it will be a labor of love for a couple of years.
  7. so finally got down here to do some work, picking out materials, etc. (windows finalized and ready to be ordered, doors well under way, brick picked out, roofing material determined.) last time i saw the place it was just the dirt pads waiting. things have changed! this is standing on my back porch looking at my back yard. i was pretty sure i wanted a porch swing. now i know i do. this will be a good place to sit and drink my morning coffee. and ignore the thumb. this is from my kitchen looking out across the back. the living room and breakfast areas are all glass for a nice view.
  8. i was sad to hear that. i have not read the book, and ordered it just a few weeks ago to add to my collection. rest in peace, sir. thank you for your service.
  9. sounds fun. i can't wait to get down here with all the food festivals! i have no idea if i will be in oklahoma our louisiana that weekend. i hope i am down here for the pontchatoula strawberry festival since it will be close by.
  10. and if anyone wonders, the reason army dh instead of airforce, army, air force, as originally scheduled, army and tulane got rained out last night and are playing dh today. the two visiting teams don't have time to bus back and forth for two games today (obviously) so our guests are having to make the most of it too. i am happy both schools are able to host two of the academies in cooperation though, and show them some louisiana love!
  11. final, tigers come in second. but look at that score.
  12. got side tracked with business. come on tigers
  13. looks like the tiger pride has a lot of make up work to do, and needs some luck on their side. thats a good lead by ou. and gotta over take uga too.