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  1. looks like rain all weekend. if sunday's forecast stays the same, i would not be surprised if we play two on saturday. we know this coach. i'll be there!
  2. fmd. that was not the kind of day at the ballpark i had hoped for. it got ugly. but. first series. it isn't the end of the world. now this team knows what it needs to work on. which is pretty much everything.
  3. i only took like 3 pics. i was all butterflies last night. i love being at the box.
  4. thank you greg! really appreciate it since we all know i am not the IT person! now time to get ready and in a couple of hours head to baton rouge and just soak up being at the box!
  5. thank you greg. i was checking with people i have contact info for to see if i could get info on who is having problems and more specific since i am not having any problems. i appreciate your attention to this. *two paws up*
  6. testing. seeing if i can still post when reports of others cannot. edit: i can and can edit. this is a testing from pc.
  7. It has come to my attention there are some issues currently going on with the site. Please bear with us while we try to get the problems corrected. Thanks!
  8. all just for the good of the forum. i mean, gotta keep the accountant healthy. indeed. selfless.
  9. happy birthday. hope the proper presents roll in.
  10. update because i forgot to post. been sick with a respiratory infection that won't go away. hosting bill paid. software payment coming up. i am expecting a check, so after i get that i will know where we stand. thanks to all who donated.
  11. understand the swamped. good to hear you are doing well and getting a big project in your rear view mirror. sound like a major accomplishment. any attaboys were well deserved. i hope your friend beats cancer. they are lucky to have you in their corner. i am still awol a lot, but i hope we both have time to post more as we get some projects done.
  12. i think i took a pic of the student section. theirs are just plain carboard with gold foil (no "jewels") crowns, but there were a helluva lot of them. and on little girls. it's definitely a thing!
  13. found the topic, thanks to hatch. there were rules for the parents, which i was getting scrambled. this has more details, so now i remember the full story. http://www.tigalaya.com/topic/14326-chris-sciambra-out-for-the-rest-of-the-season/?tab=comments#comment-75413
  14. thank you! my mind was blank. for some reason i was thinking his parents had something to do with why lsu plane could not be used. but it was bugging me not being able to remember. you're aces, hatch!