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  1. beat me my something like 13 minutes. gonna be ineresting to see who all is here withing the next few days.
  2. i'm waiting for half of it to be covered with coke ads like in tiger stadium. i noticed that within days of the last home game, the old scoreboard was gone. i also noticed during the last weeks of the season, things were being changed a bit around the hitting facility to get ready to start consruction on the expansion. i would love to tour the new digs.
  3. i mentioned elsewhere when this first came out that i hate the 11.7 scholly rule with a burning passion. that said, i would go back and look at roster again. not sure that is who i would cut. i have some thoughts and want to look at stats, but i don't think it would have been reid.
  4. me neither.
  5. that sucks. that's all i have to say about that.
  6. just saw this on the advocate and geauxtigs beat me to the post. that said... FREAKING IDIOT! some young people are determined to throw away their whole life. it also bothers me that it said this happened in may (in georgia) but that lsu just found out? i'd like to know more about that part of this story.
  7. powdered donuts for everyone!
  8. jfc. seriously? when i started reading the title of the topic, "creatures" was not the word in used for them. lol these are the same little twits who think they discovered room mates and water fountains. seriously.
  9. my thinking is just the opposite. a couple of down years ( few was overstating) i believe would be the best chance of getting rid of alleva first. i think what he and the administration has shown with their asshattery and incompetence is a hinderance to any coaching search. i think an AD change (and hopefully to a good one with a good rep) would be more attractive to potential HC's. would the near term hurt? yep. but looking long term, there are some changes that need to be made. as long as we win, pocket books stay open. as long as pocket books stay open, alleva stays.
  10. i honestly have no idea what to expect from this season. i have heard a lot of predictions of 7-5. if that happens, O is gone and all hell breaks loose in a coaching search, especially after the clusters in that department of the past few years in the way it was handled. i am almost of the mind i would rather a few down years (with the side benefit of the bandwagon clearing a bit) than trust the powers that currently be with another coaching search. i am afraid of what we see as down now, could look good if we have to depend on them. the games they play with that process has backfired twice now. but, whatever, i am along for the ride. i've been through this rodeo before. it definitely makes me appreciate the good years.
  11. i am so sorry i failed to post the pics for you. i got side tracked and was just getting ready to when scrolling, i saw you posted. getting ready for another round of company and i am way scattered.
  12. it was attrocious at times. the facepalming in the stands got to be quite predictable.
  13. i missed that about leon landry. thanks for info.
  14. http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&ATCLID=211735845 “We have a lot of work to do. We are going to get to work this fall in practice. It’s going to be a very intense fall. August 12 is the day that the new freshmen will be arriving and moving into their apartments … We will have meetings the week of August 19. We will have individual practices for four weeks. Then, the third weekend of September we will begin our fall practice. Fall practice will have a bit of different flavor. We will now be able to play two baseball games against other schools in the fall, which do not count against our 56 games. We have entered an agreement with the University of New Orleans, coached by Blake Dean, to play a home and and away, which will be really great. We are going to give the first taste of college baseball to all of our players. Besides that, we will have a lot of scrimmages as normal. We will finish with our Purple vs. Gold World series, which will be the Thursday, Friday and Sunday surrounding the Alabama football game.” see article for more, including a few specific players and the 2019 coaching staff. looks like ochinko is the hitting coach still.