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  1. Future of Big XII

    at this point, with the drop off from texas, ou, and even oklahoma state, they could pick up new mexico and it would be the same caliber as many of the other teams. losing colorado and nebraska hurt them. what still blow me away is texas started the collapse with their flirting with the big 10. they were already married but damn near about to drop their panties. so nebraska and colorado took the sweet nothings from other conferences and left the conference and kids. texas said "just friendly banter with a friend" and came back putting the rest of the conferences balls in their purse. except atm. so when atm bolts, as the THIRD team to do so, they get blamed for breaking up the conference. wtf? texas was all over em when no one said poo about the potheads and the bug eaters. texas is like an emotionally abusive spouse.
  2. A glimpse into OC Steve Ensminger

    very good article. reveals a lot about his coaching history and side, and a lot about the man. thanks for posting!
  3. My Big Announcement Redo

    even more beautiful. piles of dirt. activity! things are moving right along now! in approx 3 months, or less, we will be pouring the foundations. went by there today after 3 meetings to tie ribbon on the pine trees i want taken out. the pad for the outbuilding is almost done and dirt being brought into fill in some spots and smoothing the property. the service drive is in with dirt (the gravel will come later) and a way for me to drive onto the property (finally!). i'm partly in shock that it is really happening, and elated. i am gonna be so stinkin busy for the next year! updates will be coming quicker!
  4. Dog's in motion

    that is hysterical!
  5. For this evenings meal

    i had late lunch/early dinner all in one. and it was deeelish. sort of a picnic real quick. fried oyster po'boy and lemonade from mandeville seafood. i should have gotten the full instead of the half. having not eaten all day until then, i am already hungry again. oh. and my picnic was at the worlds most beautiful construction site.
  6. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    My average is 6, but often 5. I wanted more than 8 to bank some!
  7. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    so my plan was to get extra sleep last night to catch up because it has been a long week and before driving 10 hours i only got 5. got to bed early, slept hard, but an hour before my alarm went off some jackass rang the room phone once and hung up. was just drifting off and it happened again. unplugged the phone since i forgot to when i first got in the room, but by then, awake. so much for that extra hour of sleep. grrrrrr...... i guess just gonna have to find a way to call it an early evening this evening after i get back from a long day of meetings. at least i got 8 hours which is more than i have been getting.
  8. Every Type of SEC Football Fan

    whole thing was spot on. that guy does them perfectly.
  9. The Topic About Anything [2014 - present]

    i saw this one the other day, and kept watching. over and over. and could not stop laughing. that was great!
  10. The 2016 Tigalaya Music Topic

    going over that river whenever we go to oxford always brings that song to mind. good pick for this weekend.
  11. Sports Trivia Topic

    for those little nuggets of useless information in case you are ever on jeopardy. for instance... on opening day of the 2016 cfb season, 35% of the players that were freshmen came from just three states. texas, florida, and california.
  12. Florida Just Cancelled It's Open Date

    that is perfectly hysterical! nice find!
  13. R.I.P Mike VI

    very kind words from a man who raised roscoe to eventually (even if not knowing it at the time) be coronated as Mike VI.
  14. College Football Pick 'Em Games - Week #8

    whew. just made it. been on the road all day and forgot last night. Virginia Tech Boise St Boston College West Virginia Northwestern Wisconsin Washington St Navy Miss St Auburn
  15. HEY OM

    iced coffee errrrywhere!
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