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  1. Haha fo sho not a fan of those greenies. I don't get too much time to hop on and post as of late. I appreciate the warm welcome and I would never drop in, drink all the beer and run. Just testing the water, I'll dive in before too long.
  2. They should put a little salt donw on that ice, might help hoodlums to keep their footing?
  3. Thanks fish. I needed a cold one. I guess I need to pony up and by a few rounds beings I'm the rook and all. Right?
  4. Well, how yall are? Me, eh I'm ok. I found this lil spot on the web and it looks to be like a bon temps. I'm a fairly opinionated fella and can be funny about my ways but one thing I'm sure we all agree is GEAUX TIGERS!! I like to fish, and hunt, and drink beer (and some tings I'm not sure we can say on here) and watch dem Tigers do what they do. I look forward to getting to know everyone on the board and making new friends in the meantime. oh yeah, and I play golf too!